kikki.K new to John Lewis + Win

kikki.K new to John Lewis and Win

For as long as I can remember I've had a love for stationery, there is something wonderful about getting your hands on a new notebook and pen, though all too often I just keep them, rather than using them for their proper use.

A couple of weeks back John Lewis got in touch, excited by the fact they now stocked Swedish inspired stationery and gift brandΒ kikki.K and I couldn't wait to see what items they had to offer.

For anyone who is new to kikki.K, they look to embrace the Swedish design principles of form and function to help create a number of beautiful stationery, gift and organisation solutions. That also looks to inspire and empower the people who use them across the world.

What does John Lewis stock from kikki.K?

kikki.K Hello World Gel Pen

If you have ever come across kikki.K before you will know their collection is vast and so John Lewis have just taken a selection of items, which make for a perfect capsule sized collection.

Unsurprisingly the collection includes a number of pens, including the Hello World gel pen, from the image above, as well as different ballpoint and rollerball pens, which can be bought in sets or individually.

The collection John Lewis have chosen to stock is very much on the theme of inspiring and motivation yourself, from the Words to Inspire book, to boxes to help you form healthy habits, pads to help you get on top of your habits and more.

kikki.K Inspiration Scented Candle outer box

The range of course also features a number of notepads, notelets, journals and diaries, offering something for every stationery lover's needs. However, hidden in between all these wonderful delights I managed to spot the Inspiration Scented Candle.

Featuring an inspirational quote on the outside of the box and printed again on the metallic copper coloured outer of the candle itself, this candles is made of soy wax and is softly scented with Swedish scent.

kikki.K Inspiration Scented Candle

Personally, I was really impressed with kikki.K and I would definitely look to buy more for myself when I am in need, I think for instance my next diary may just have to come from them as I love the motivational quotes that are used across this range.

Of course, I mentioned in the title about a competition and I feel as though this range is all about sharing positivity so I have one of the words to inspire you books to giveaway and to be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is let me know:
What is your favourite item from the kikki.K range at John Lewis?

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Good Luck!

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  1. Michaela Smith

    I love the Kikki.k Scented inspiration candle and copper pen πŸ™‚

  2. Keri Jones

    Gosh I love the whole collection! My favourite is the A5 life journal in peppermint x

  3. Kim Neville

    I like the kikki.K Goals Journal, Blue

  4. Margaret gallagher

    Copper pen would inspire me to write my journal

  5. Laura Budd

    I love Kikki K, my favourite product on John Lewis is probably the gratitude journal.

  6. Harline

    Kikki k candle

  7. Jess

    Ahhhh! My colleague told me about Kikki.K at work! I’m definitely going to have to pop by John Lewis! πŸ™‚

  8. Lauren Lee-Bowers

    Quote Cards!

  9. Rachel

    I like the weekly goals and habits pad. Love a good list but these actually look useful instead of setting yourself up to fail!

  10. Tee simpson

    I would love the scented candle

  11. cheryl hadfield

    I love the Kikki candle

  12. ElizM

    I like the candle – although a new journal always feels good, so much potential!

  13. jade

    my favourite thing from the whole range has got to be the a5 peppermint journal

  14. Ben Robb

    cool designs!

  15. Annabel Greaves

    I love the inspiration scented candle x

  16. Sheena Batey

    The blue Gratitude Journal so I can write down all the things in life to be thankful for.

  17. Keith Hunt

    kikki.K 3am Journal, Grey

  18. Ann-Marie Gould

    i really love the look of kikki.K Goals Journal, my daughter would love this

  19. Hayley F

    love the kikki.K Quote Cards, Pack of 12 x

  20. RebeccaC

    kikki.K Goals Journal, Blue

  21. felicity smith

    kikki.K A5 Life Journal, Peppermint looks so cute


    Kikki k candle

  23. aj

    kikki.K Gratitude Journal, Blue

  24. Sam Rhodes

    Kikki.K Track your habits book πŸ™‚ x

  25. Katie Skeoch

    I’d definitely use the vision board kit!

  26. Jade Hewlett

    I like the Happiness Journal

  27. Lyndsey

    I love KikiK!! The inspire book is so cute and just what I need!!

  28. Ruth Harwood

    love this beautiful journal: kikki.K Mindfulness Journal, Turquiose

  29. Julie Camm

    The copper metal roller ball pen…..

  30. Susie Wilkinson

    I like the kikki.K Metal Rollerball Pen in Gold

  31. Lorraine Kirk

    I love the 3am journal, perfect to record dreams and thoughts.

  32. Natalie White

    The pack of quote cards! I love them all though πŸ™‚

  33. Kat Lucas

    kikki.K Inspiration Scented Candle

  34. Diane Cawood

    Book and pen look beautiful

  35. Danielle Spencer

    Fantastic collection! I love it all. My favourite would have to be the kikki.K A5 Life Journal, Peppermint.

  36. Jen Schofield

    The blue Gratitude Journal

  37. Laura Jeffs

    I love the kikki.K Always & Forever Metal Rollerball Pen

  38. Bethany Matthews

    Massive Kikki K fan, I love their planners (I have three!) Desperate to get my hands on the happiness and habit trackers!

  39. Jo Carroll

    Swedish/Scandanavian design seems to be taking over at the moment with this and Hygge? The Quote cards look nice…we can all do with daily reminders of inspiration and hope to counter the negativity in the daily media.

  40. Nickie

    Love the quote cards and the “go offline” notebook!!

  41. Paul Halling

    Paper Lovers Book – inspiration!

  42. Linda Griffiths

    go offline notebook

  43. Annie

    I love kikki k, all of their stationery is so lovely!

  44. Lin martin

    gratitude journal. Love ❀️ raising the game with gratitude and love ❀️ quality stationery

  45. Sally Collingwood

    i like the kikki.K Quote Cards, Pack of 12, looks fab!

  46. Lorraine Stone

    I really like the look of the range, have chosen this kikki.K 3am Journal, Grey

  47. Rachel Butterworth

    The Vision Board Kit.

  48. Stevie

    I like the kikki.K Metal Rollerball Pen in Chrome.

  49. amy bondoc

    Inspiration Scented Candle i love the copper colour πŸ™‚

  50. Kate Knight

    kikki.K Goals Journal, Blue is nice

  51. Solange

    i like the kikki.K 3am Journal, Grey.

  52. Rachel Craig

    Healthy Habits Box.

  53. Virginia C.

    I love the kikki.K Metal Rollerball Pen, Chrome

  54. Spencer Broadley

    I thinkthe kikki.K Goals Journal, Blue would be good for me


    kikki.K Decoration Kit

  56. Joseph Westhead

    I like the gold metal rollerball pen, looks fab!

  57. Victoria N

    I love the candle!

  58. Sarah Hughes

    Weekly Goals & Habits Pad for me

  59. Victoria Hall

    The goals journal is so lovely

  60. lynn neal

    The happiness journal is my favourite item!

  61. Louise Crocker

    I’m loving the gratitude journal

  62. Christine Lockley

    I love the “Gratitude” journal

  63. Zara

    The Happiness Journal is GORGEOUS!

  64. Zoe

    Oh gosh, the goals journal is #1 for sure

  65. Lauren Pringle

    The happiness journal looks awesome ?

  66. Jenna B

    It’s actually this words to inspire book, I’m struggling with depression at the moment and being able to hold the beautiful book and selecting a page at random would be really lovely.

  67. Jenny Harlow

    These are very pretty kikki K Everyday Ballpoint Pen, Set of 5

  68. Jessica Mellor

    The life journal in peppermint. I love that colour

  69. Natasha Kendall

    I love Kikki K’s gold baskets and stationary accessories. I was just on their site today πŸ™‚

  70. Nuala Rees

    Im loving the journals think the Gratitude one is lovely and inspiring and love the Happiness Journal. But I would definitely go with the Habits one to get me thinking of change in a good way

  71. Fatima

    Can’t decide between the quote cards and the paper lovers book! In love <3333

  72. Cazi

    Thanks for another fab give-away, I love the Gratitude journal and the gorgeous copper rollerball; as its easy to forget what we have when life throws us crappy stuff; its easy to forget the little things.

  73. Natalie Turner

    kikki.K Always & Forever Metal Rollerball Pen

  74. Melissa Lee

    I like the Gratitude Journal

  75. Rebecca

    I love the boxes of inspiration cards!

  76. Rich Tyler

    Happiness Journal

  77. maria

    healthy habits box

  78. Nusayba

    Quote cards!

  79. Carolin

    I love the look of the kikki.K Weekly Goals & Habits Pad. It looks super handy.

  80. Helen Thurston

    Love the Journals – especially the Life one in Peppermint.

  81. Lauren S

    The Weekly Goals & Habits Pad looks amazing. It would make sure that I’m organised.

  82. Ems

    I love the kikki.K Quote Cards

  83. Victoria Prince

    I love the kikki.K Weekly Goals & Habits Pad


    The metal rollerball pens in chrome


    The Mindfulness Journal

  86. Alison G Ellis

    Love the turquoise mindfulness journal

  87. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    I like the goals journal

  88. Lorraine B

    The happiness journal. For some of us at least, happiness is something we need to work on and I love the idea of this. Even the colour (yellow) lifts your mood!


    My favourite has to be the yellow happiness journal always good to have a journal to write stuff in and i love the shade of yellow too

  90. Craig Havery

    I love the Kikki candle

  91. Karen R

    I love the Yellow Happiness Journal :))

  92. Caroline Bourne

    The A5 peppermint journal

  93. Millie Clinton

    The Weekly Goal and Habits pad! I bet that’s really good to self motivate.

    Xo Millie

  94. Charmian Filewood

    Kikki.K Everyday Gel Pen, Set of 3

  95. Mary H

    I really love the copper rollerball pen as follows:

  96. rosie

    I love this pen, it’s such a gorgeous colour! kikki.K Metal Rollerball Pen, Copper

  97. Victoria Hill

    Happiness Journal

  98. Andrew Hindley

    Love the “Make time for what matter” kikki.K Printed Notepad

  99. Susan B

    The Gratitude Journal and the hank You Cards would be wonderful.

  100. Julie Edwards

    I love the kikki.K Go Offline Be Mindful Journal. Payday needs to hurry up so I can buy this!!!

  101. Sarah fielding

    kikki.K Mindfulness Journal, Turquiose

  102. sheri Darby

    The scented candle

  103. Gemma Cook

    Love the Kikki k candle

  104. Ian Murray

    Quote Cards are nice.

  105. Kim M

    Like the Everyday Ballpoint Pen Set x

  106. Angela Kelly

    I like the 3AM journal.

  107. Dale Dow

    The candle sounds lovely, I’m obsessed with candles

  108. Lisa B

    I love the Happiness journal

  109. janine atkin

    i like the quote cards

  110. Kerry Smith

    kikki.K DIY Inspiration Sticker Book is lovely

  111. Julie Scattergood

    Love the habit tracking notebooks

  112. paula cheadle

    kikki.K A5 Life Journal, Peppermint

  113. Robyn Clarke

    I love the kikki.K Slim Ballpoint Pens, Pack of 5

  114. claire little

    the A5 life journal

  115. Esme mccrubb

    I love the always and forever rollerblading pen

  116. MICHELLE Stewart

    Gratitude Journal

  117. carol boffey

    gratitude journal

  118. lindsey w

    Inspiration Scented Candle

  119. Rachael Sexey

    Any of the candles, they look amazing ?

  120. Hayley Todd

    I absolutely adore the Mindfulness Journal

  121. minnie

    The goals journal looks amazing – could do with one of those! πŸ™‚

  122. samantha buntain

    Make time for what matters printed notebook

  123. Tammy Neal

    Happiness journal i like x

  124. Jamie C Millard

    the Kikki candle


    I Love Kikki

  126. Yunqi Koh

    kikki.K Habits Journal!

  127. Kirsti Peters

    I just adore kikki.K Mindfulness Journal, Turquiose

  128. Maria P

    Weekly habits pad

  129. Sirley Young

    I love stickers πŸ™‚ kikki.K DIY Inspiration Sticker Book

  130. Victoria Allum

    I love the healthy happy habits box, think it would be great for my weight loss journey. Thank you very much for the opportunity to win!

  131. Amanda redpath

    My daughter was bullied in primary school & due to this lacks self confidence with her peers therefore I would love the diary book as I love that she would have lovely sentiments daily

  132. laura stewart

    Kikki k candle

  133. Kirsty Fox

    I love the Always & Forever Rollerball Pen

  134. Laura

    I adore kikki.K! I’m loving the goals journal! x

  135. Heather Tinkler

    kikki.K Weekly Goals & Habits Pad shame its sold out

  136. Josh Gough

    I like the weekly goals and habits pad

  137. Tamsin Dean

    love the kikki K Everyday Ballpoint Pen, Set of 5

  138. Adrian Bold

    I love the Kikki candle

  139. Diane Duggan

    The Healthy Habits Box

  140. Amy Dickson

    I love the happy healthy habits box

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