Karcher Window Vac: Review

karcher window vacI hate streaky windows – yet I am the queen of leaving windows looking worse than when I started, when it comes to me trying to cleaning them, so it was with great gusto I took on the challenge of giving the Karcher Window Vac a try, the outcome though left me Karcherless and my Mum using it on a daily basis.

The idea behind using the Karcher Window Vac is simple, you use the spray bottle with micro-fibre head to spray and wipe down your windows, then you vac off the water residue to leave you with sparkling clean, streak free windowpanes!

The set I was provided included not only the vac and spray bottle but also an extra smaller nozzle which although I was originally sceptical about has probably become the most used of the two. Set up of the Vac is easy just choose the right size nozzle for the job in hand, click in into place and you are sorted, as for the bottle, the micro-fibre head of the spray is completely removable for cleaning and just simply slips back into place when you want to use it, allowing for set up in seconds.

karcher window vacFor the last few technical specifications the water chamber on the Karcher Window Vac holds 100ml of waste water, and the battery will hold up for a minimum of 20 minutes. But while it's all well and good talking about the facts and figures; but how does it stand up in use?

The Karcher Window Vac is actually quite light in weight and offers a slightly quieter than a vacume experience on noise level and it allows for a simple window washing experienc. All you need to do is lather up either using the spray and wipe bottle included or with whatever your personal preferred method maybe and then you set about with the vacume, sucking instead of wiping away the water residue, leaving windows (even for me) streak free and sparkling like new.

Of course even with that result you may be thinking just how often do I clean my windows isn't it a lot to shell out for something that will be used just a few times per year? That's where this window vac takes on a life of its own, as it is fantastic for, cleaning up water spills, helping with cleaning the car and the one thing that is has become a daily use for at my parents, cleaning out the shower. This little beauty not only sucks up the condensation or water left after cleaning from any glass surfaces in the room, but also any mirrors and tiles.

The Karcher Window Vac is available in a number of different packages starting from £59.99 for the main body plus larger cleaning nozzle.

What do you think of the Karcher Window Vac – do you think it could be a good addition to your household?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Oh this is awesome and I would probably use something like this all the time! I had no idea such a thing even existed 🙂

  2. Kristi

    This is too ironic. I was just looking at my window this morning thinking, I need to wash those. But I am sick today and it will have to wait. I would LOVE to try a product like this. I like how it can be used for other cleaning jobs too!

  3. Laura

    Yes I definitely need all the help I can get in the window washing area x

  4. Jen

    This is such a great invention! It would make the process of cleaning windows so much more efficient.

  5. Rosey

    Look at it, it’s cute!! And useful. And I like it! I’ve never seen one, but we have this rotten weather that dirties up everything, so I know we’d get good use out of this. 🙂

  6. Akhil Sharma

    I am impressed with this one. What a brilliant product! Lightweight, cute, handy, and useful.

  7. Scott

    First time seeing a product like this, and perfect timing for Spring cleaning!

  8. Lady Lilith

    Nice. Looks very helpful. I like a great cleaning tool. You can never have to many 🙂

  9. Emily

    I need one of these! I am obsessive about clean windows, this little thing is right up my alley!

  10. Ronnie

    haha love what you said about leaving the windows worse than when you started. It’s the exact complaint I would hear from my grandma when she put me on the task of cleaning windows. How do you clean the outside side of the windows with this vac though?

  11. Amber Edwards

    I seriously need this! I think if it would make window washing so much easier, I would actually wash my windows! lol. I grew up where we had to wash windows once a week. I’m not that diligent now, but I really should be.

  12. Michele Butcher

    OOOOOOOHHHH I think my OCD self would love this! I can not stand a dirty window or mirror!

  13. Victoria


  14. Pam W

    This is cool! I have several glass doors and I bet this would make cleaning them so much easier.

  15. becca

    This is awesome Hubby would flip for this gadget off to see how much one would cost me.

  16. Jennifer Williams

    I desperately need this, I can not clean windows or mirrors without leaving a trail of streaks that makes them look worse than before I started. I want to try these out and see if they can keep me from leaving streaks.

  17. Tough Cookie Mommy

    This is great. I hate cleaning windows so I would love this to help make my life easier.

  18. Beth

    This looks like a really useful product! It’s not something I would use, but my mom might use something like this.

  19. Lawna

    I could definitely use this in my house! The kids go hard on our windows, so there full of finger prints. I bet this would have them looking sparkling in no time.

  20. Birdiebee

    This looks like a great little device. I would love to use it to clean the windows inside my vehicle. Nice review!!!

  21. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    I have a super hard time not ending up with streaks too! This might be the answer!

  22. Melanie

    Wow, when did they make this? I had no idea this was out there. I need it, will have to look for it now

  23. amanda ripsam

    I was also wondering where has this been ? I need one

  24. Lee @lifeonbalance

    I’ve often thought about buying one of these and I am rubbish at cleaning windows!

  25. Lee @lifeonbalance

    I’ve often thought about buying one of these and I am rubbish at cleaning windows!

  26. April

    I would definitely put this to use in my house! It would make window cleaning so much easier!

  27. Jo

    I’m so bad at cleaning windows, this looks like it might be really useful

  28. Nikki

    That is such a cool cleaning gadget! I’m all for anything that makes cleaning easier!

  29. Lorraine Tinsley

    I’m tempted to get one of these, but we’ve got a window cleaner and I feel bad if we put his out of a job. Also it would mean that my husband would have to clean the windows and who knows when they would get done if I waited for him!

  30. Eliz Frank

    I’ve heard about these and would love to own one… someday. Love your review. Thank you!

  31. dawn obrien

    my mum has one of these and she uses it to clean her windows, she swears by it, but I didn’t like how it did my large sun room windows, they were streaky! may have been the operator tho!

  32. Le-an Lacaba

    What a neat idea! Pun intended. Seriously though, I hate having to wait for my windows to dry, yet here is a product when I don’t have to wait! Plus with this, dirt wouldn’t stick on the windows after I clean!

  33. Anne | The Chef's Wife

    The fact that your mom took it from you is a perfect testimonial for the product! lol That’s awesome.

  34. Amber Nelson

    That looks like a very useful product. Thanks for sharing.

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