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I've learnt a lot through blogging this year, and one thing that really shines through is to do with my hair,  all my life I've suffered with greasy roots and frizzy ends for as long as I can remember, so I have always treated my hair as greasy, that was until a couple of lovely commenters pointed out the frizz was due to my hair needing more moisture. Since then I've gone for frizz head to more sleek head, the grease problem isn't solved but 1 out of 2 isn't bad.
John Frieda - Brilliant Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner and Full Repair Hair Serum
 For the past couple of weeks I have been using two members of the Brilliant Brunette Shampoo Range from John Frieda, I have been combining the multi-tone revealing moisturising shampoo (£5.29) with the liquid shine illuminating conditioner (£5.89).
I have to admit I've never really used a range of products aimed at my hair colour before, so I was intrigued to see what it would do.
The shampoo is formulated with crushed pearls and sweet almond oil to soften the hair, while helping to bring out the multi tonal colours and leave shine. It is a non – colour depositing formula that can be used on natural or colour treated hair.
The conditioner contains exclusive Crystalline Complex. It penetrates the damaged areas of your hair, while polishing the exterior of the strand to reflect the light and create a brilliant shine.
I've found this shampoo and conditioner amazing to use, the shampoo has a bronze look to it and lathers quickly while still being easy to wash out, the conditioner is a white colour and a little goes a long way.
It has left my hair feeling amazing, soft and silky without being weighed down, the ends of my hair seem to feel less brittle and my hair is still far from its old frizzy self. I feel confident that I can get away without straightening it, and know that I won't look like I have a bush on top of my head. I've actually felt proud of my hair (and that next to never happens).  I am definitely looking forward to seeing what continued use of this product turns out for me. *Fingers crossed* it all just gets better.
The last package in the picture is the Full Repair Heat – Activated Styling Spray (£5.99)
I'm not one to use styling products (I know really bad of me) but I did give this a whirl if it protected my hair I don't know, and as I said before my hair does look and feel in better condition, and although I put most of that down to the shampoo and condition due to more use, I can't pass by the fact this could have played a part as well.
It is designed to improve manageability, create natural movement and give a long lasting hold to any style.
I'm impressed with these three products, and I would be interested in hearing if you have tried these or others by John Frieda, and how you found them.

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  1. Bess O

    Does the range have a deep conditioning treatment? I have similar hair to you and go for clarifying on the roots and conditioning on the ends… but sounds like you’re onto a winner! B xox

  2. Kellina's Thoughts

    Been tempted to try out something from the freida range for ages!!

  3. Emma Tustian

    I use the brunette range too, but tend to opt for anything volumising.  I find the moisture shampoo/conditioner too much for my greasy roots, but occasionally it’s fine.

    I’m currently using the Full Repair shampoo & conditioner as I received it free to try as a BzzAgent.  I’d never have bothered with a repair treatment before as I don’t really get split ends, but it’s for fine to medium hair, and is also good for dyed hair – I never use colour shampoos ordinarily because they tend to be for dry hair.  So far, so good, it’s made my hair really smooth and soft, so will definitely be using this ongoing.

  4. aly7

    LOVE John Frieda! I’ve never tried these products before, but I think that like  9 out of 10 of their products are good!

  5. Emily

    This was my favorite line when I was a brunette! For some reason the blonde line isn’t as amazing as the brunette. I remember my sister and I both used it, so the bathroom counter was lined up with every piece of the line from gloss to wax to smoothing cream! And it smelled amazing to me! 

  6. Rachel Linaker

    Oh I actually do love the Brilliant Brunette range. I remember that my Mum & I used to buy some before our holidays. Those were the days 😉 Anyway, I can’t go for the moisturising shampoo so much because my roots tend to oil up a little too much (I’m the same, oily roots, dry ends) but I’d used the liquid shine in shampoo form and that was quite nice….Xx


  7. Katy Williams

    I tried the Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner a long time ago when I had my hair darker and I really liked it. It made my hair really soft and kept the color longer.

  8. Monica @MarinoBambinos

    I love this product line so much and have been a fan over the brilliant brunette smoothing creme for many years!  It seriously disappeared from all the drugstores in NYC, so I order it now (the cream, not the shampoo/conditioner and other products).  All the best -Monica

  9. Tara_St

    I love everything from John Frieda. There’s a fly away tamer that is like hair gel that you apply with a mascara wand and it’s amazing!
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  10. Chris Boss

    I have the same issues- grease if I don’t wash it every day, but it’s always been frizzy. The latest hairdresser has me washing my hair one day, then for the next two, rinsing it through in the shower and rubbing my head as though I have shampoo on there to clear any dead skin cells and ove the oil. It does work surprisingly well to redistribute the oils through my hair, so the roots are no longer full of grease, and the lengths are no longer quite so dried out. On the third day I wash my hair again (shampoo twice, lathering in my hands before putting onto my head, and condition once, combing through before rinsing). I don’t know if any of this is useful, but hey! It’s helped me a bit 😛

    Brilliant range though- I do occasionally nab some when it’s on a good offer.

  11. Sarah Bailey

    There is one in the Full Repair range (same range as the spray) – hope that helps, but the brunette range doesn’t have one itself. But I’m guessing you can mix and match.. Why can’t it all just be one thing hey lol xx

  12. Sarah Bailey

    I always thought they would be for mine I have to say that’s why I shyed away. But then I never was one for getting things right lol. 

    I might have to try the full repair – these have definitely done some good for my roots so I guess I never know maybe the full repair would be even more so? x

  13. Sarah Bailey

    I obviously live in the dark ages lol 😉 xx

  14. Sarah Bailey

    Aww thats no good – I wonder why there is a difference.. Haha I can imagine it definitely has quite a nice smell 🙂 xx

  15. Sarah Bailey

    Gosh to go back to being that age lol. x

  16. Sarah Bailey

    Seems to be a lot of love for it – I’m obviously wayyyy behind the times lol. x

  17. Sarah Bailey

    Thats a shame I wonder why – from all the replys here it seems so popular as well! x

  18. Sarah Bailey

    Ohhhhhhh I shall have to have a look for that – sounds like something I could use (a lot of) xx

  19. Sarah Bailey

    Ohhh I shall give that a try – whats they worst than can happen hey! *fingers crossed* I know it’s meant to be bad for you to actually wash daily so I try not to do that though I’m sure my hair could probably do with it. 


  20. Nicolthe pickle

    I love John Frieda shampoos. I use the hair serum for frizzy hair. It’s a teeny bottle that you can use for a long time, and it works!

  21. Sarah Bailey

    Ohh I’ll have to look out for it thank you 😀 

    Honestly I was such a bush head till this year without straighteners lol x

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