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Batiste Dry Shampoo
I was introduced to Batiste as a teen by my Mum, being one of those that didn't want to get out of bed in the morning for school, I would just about manage enough time for a quick dip in the bath, but washing my hair was out of the question as it takes so long to dry, so I would wash it of an evening, but by the morning it wasn't looking at it's best, so my Mum brought me a can of Batiste to try, and ever since I have been a bit of an addict, for those days where I just don't have enough time or when I want a freshen up of a night out comes my tin! All you need to do is spray onto the roots give it a rub and brush out.
Just before Christmas I won a competition for me and a friend to win a tin of there new shimmer range from there twitter feed which can be found at @Batistehair.
Batiste Shimmer Range
My friend who had never heard of the range was rather dubious of what I may have given her name for.. until it arrived and she tried it out, and I got a message saying:

EEEEEPP!!!! OMG the thingy u won came today I just used it and wow best sensation ever omg I have to buy it by the boxes full now its amazing!! thank u babes I loves it sooooo muchxoxoxoxoxox

I think she may have been a little happy! And maybe she says it in better words than I ever could.
 I have to admit even after this I wasn't sure exactly how I would like the new shimmer range, I had used sprays in the past that had added shimmer to your hair and well it just feel right off again and you ended up with it all over your body. I wasn't quite sure when to give it a try.. could it pass for an ‘every day' look or was it just for those evening outs, so I gave it a whirl on Christmas day, to add a bit of extra glitz. And I am just as converted to it as the day I was with non-shimmer range. Yes you do get a bit of glitter on you, but then after a whole day of it who wouldn't expect that! But in all honestly the shimmer stayed in my hair much longer than I could have imagined, the ‘cleaning' side worked just as well as any other product in there range. So I truly recommend this to anyone who wants to add a bit of sparkle to there night out!
And for more every day use check out the rest of there range! There is a scent there for everyone and for people with brown or black hair they do a coloured range so you don't have to worry about white flecks showing in your hair. Though being very dark brown haired myself I have never found it to leave white residue, as other makes do.
For more information on Batiste visit there official site at

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  1. Rachel

    I was a big fan of Batiste and then CoLab came into my life and it is just so much better x

  2. Stephen

    I am thankful I have never had to use this, the joys of short spikey hair!

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