How to Monetise Your Blog

If you're reading this then you have probably already started your blog and now you are looking for ways to generate income with it. Blogging about something you love and getting paid for it is one of the most awesome jobs you can have. But don't forget it is definitely a job. With the right tips and the right audience, you can make an income with your blog! Here's some ideas on how to monetise your blog:

Ad Networks

The first and most obvious option are ad networks. The most popular among bloggers is Google Adsense. The popularity comes from how simple it is to use and it is fairly successful. All you have to do is sign up for free and answer a few simple questions. Once you're done with that you can then create a new ad. There are many choices when you are creating ads, you have control over the broad subject you would like the ads to cover but Google ultimately decides what ads will be used on your site. A simple code is generated for you to throw anywhere on your blog, like the sidebar, in posts, etc. That's all it takes for ads. There are many ad networks out there and it is absolutely worth looking into each one's pros and cons.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically advertising with links. For example, you can become an Amazon affiliate and sell advertise products that pertain to your particular audience. For example, if you run a blog about fashion or something of the sort you can throw in a simple link to a makeup pallet. You'll receive a commission based on whether someone buys and you may even make some money from the advertising that is already on Amazon.

You can also become a member of the affiliate window (for the US, click HERE)which gives you access to a multitude of sites that offer affiliate programmes that work in much the same way that Amazon does. They include sites like Etsy and the like.


Merchandise is sort of tricky. It is admittedly a little tougher for a newer blog to sell merchandise. However, those with an established or a rapidly growing audience will find that offering merchandise is a great way to add a stream of income to your site. You can offer a lot of different products depending on your audience. Some examples include things like wearable merchandise like t-shirts or bags, or even eBooks.

When it comes to making money off of your blog or website there are so many options for everyone. While not every option will work for everyone, some combination may work for you better than another. Knowing how to monetise your blog will help you if you want to turn your passion into a steady income. Remember to get into every stream of income that you can handle. With each one trickling in small numbers, it will add up over time and you will be successful.

If you have questions feel free to leave them down in the comments.

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  1. Alli

    This is great advice for new bloggers or bloggers just starting to monetize their blogs. I wish this info would have been readily available when I started blogging. Great stuff!

  2. Jenny

    I have already incorporated affiliate links onto my blog. I know for the most part, it depends on what your readers are interested in and knowing your readers. This is something I’m currently working on.

  3. Terri Beavers

    These opps are a great way to help keep up with monetizing our blogs. I have recently started using an ad network on mine and am considering affiliate marketing. I’m still debating on that though as it seems overwhelming to me since I’m not sure how to start or where to begin.

  4. Heather @ Kraus House Mom

    I need to start monetizing my site. I wish I could be an Amazon affiliate, but it’s not allowed in my state. If we move soon, like we hope, I will definitely take advantage of that.

  5. Joanne Mallon

    Some great advice here! I tried Google Adsense on a site I run but even though the traffic is high-ish, the ads haven’t earned very much so far. And they look pretty ugly, so all in all it hasn’t been worth it for me.

  6. Kita

    Great tips. I use all of the above on my blog and on business. Products are the hardest like you said. For me it’s the lack of control of working with an online printing company. I like to touch and feel the items.

  7. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    Great ideas! I’m working on a line of printables to add to mine…I guess that would be considered merchandise?

  8. Liz Mays

    These are definitely some good ways to earn some income. I’ve heard about a few people earning tons from Amazon alone.

  9. Bri

    Finding different avenues to monetize a blog is really helpful to see what actually works for your blog. Google Adsense is really easy to setup and utilize.

  10. Melanie Edjourian

    Brilliant post, I have saved the link to read later as I’m struggling to concentrate tonight. I need to look into and figure out how to do this.

  11. Charli

    This is such a great post, I think even now I forget about the many ways that I can monetize my blog. I’ve bookmarked this and I’m going to come back to it tomorrow so I can have a proper look at some of the links you’ve got xx

  12. Mary - A Mary Road

    Great tip as I’m just starting mine. Will def try the GoogleAds.

  13. Angelic Sinova

    These are great tips! I just celebrated three years of blogging two weeks ago and I definitely need to step my Affiliate marketing up. It’s something I’ve always wanted to dive into more.

  14. Victoria

    I think there are so many options now to add that extra income if you want to and it’s great, no one straight path for everyone. I’ve took abit of a blogging back seat as it all overwhelms me but will keep this to hand for when I’m feeling brave enough to put myself out there again!

  15. Working mum Blog

    Great tips here Sarah! I’ve bookmarked as this is exactly what I am looking into with my blog at the moment. Thanks for sharing

  16. Miss Kitty Kaos

    These are some great tips o really need to use ads more on my blog it’s a trick I seem to be missing X

  17. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    I know some people don’t like sidebar ads, but I make enough money from them to cover my food shopping each month, so it’s definitely worth it.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      That is most definitely worth it then 😉 I think each to there own and I can understand not liking them if you aren’t making anything from them but if they bring in the pennies why not! x

  18. StressedMum

    There are some great tips here ideal for someone new to blogging. This is something I need to look into x

  19. Nikki

    Thanks for the tips sarah. I haven’t started thinking about making money from the blog but its good to know where to go when I start!

  20. Sarah, Things Sarah Loves

    I’ve been looking for a post like this for sometime (which explains things in simple English – I’m not good with a lot of jargon, haha) as I think about making money from my blog and changes I could make. Thanks so much for all your helpful tips!

  21. Seattle Travel Blogger

    These are some good tips.
    It is always worthwhile to pursue this topic of continual learning for us bloggers!

  22. Angela

    These are all great options for new bloggers. Right now sponsored content is my main source of income, but affiliate marketing is something I am also focusing on this year. Creating eBooks is on the horizon.

  23. Anosa

    I must admit none of these have worked for me so far but I am still building my following and viewership three years on. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Amanda Love

    Those are all great tips. I stopped doing affiliate marketing but I do have Google Adsense which I think I’m about to take off because I’m thinking of going completely ad free on my blog.

  25. Carlee C

    I really like Amazon for affiliate links. As for Ads, I should utilize this more however, I want to make sure that my site doesn’t appear too cluttered.

  26. Brandy

    These are fantastic tips to start making money with your blog, I loved that you shared this list. I think the hardest part is consistently implementing the strategies!

  27. Bella B (xoxoBella)

    This is great advice for someone that is trying to figure out all of this.

  28. Camilla @FabFood4All

    I was with Amazon for over 3 years and made less than £10 so wouldn’t recommend that one but Adsence is OK!

  29. Jeanine

    I am so lazy when it comes to affiliates etc, but I know so many people who do well with it. These are some great tips!

  30. Tanya

    Some great tips here, I want to work on monetizing my blog so this was a greatly timed post for me

  31. Emma Bee (@Emmabuzzybee)

    Loving the new look of your blog 🙂
    I like the idea of monetizing my blog, but, for me, its a past time/ hobby, something i enjoy doing in my spare time, if i monetised would it feel like work?
    nice post though and an interesting read, definatly something that i will be thinking about 🙂

  32. Sarahjane

    As a new blogger I found these tips very helpful 🙂 definitely something to think about

  33. Nancy L.

    Great tips for bloggers just starting out. When I first started blogging, I didn’t know anything about monetizing my blog. This is great for the newbie blogger!

  34. Rebecca Swenor

    These are great tips on how to monetize your blog. I love the idea of affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas.

  35. Rhian Westbury

    Great advise thanks, I’ve never signed up with affiliate networks it’s definitely something to look into x

  36. coolchillmom

    I have never done either to monetize. I have to look into them

  37. Life as a Convert

    These are some great ways to monetize. This is one question I am asked a lot about blogging.

  38. Mandi

    Great tips, you must have read my mind as I have just signed up to affiliate windows and am in the process of adding it to my sites, I signed up for amazon ages ago, but never used it, so that’s another one to get on to.

  39. Rachel

    Some really good hints and tips here lovely, I never realised there was so many ways people can do this x

  40. Leanne

    These are some helpful tips Sarah. There are still some techniques that I haven’t tried yet but I plan to do so!

  41. Cassandra Mayers

    Great to know! Not started making money from my blog yet but thats a aim. Maybe I will start the the google ads 🙂

  42. michele d

    I’m looking into this. I’ve started to monetize my blog but I really need to find networks with a better payout not worth my time if they don’t.

  43. Carin Kilby Clark

    This is great advice for monetizing your blog. It can be really confusing for new bloggers so it’s good to have a resource like this.

  44. Tara| C&CO.

    Some great tips here Sarah, I definitely want to start making some more money from my blogs

  45. Harriet from Toby & Roo

    Great tips for monetising your blog – my big thing at the moment is getting sorted with ad networks, I’m useless! H x

  46. Stephanie of The TipToe Fairy

    These all work great for me to make money. With my ad network alone, I’m able to pay for preschool. I just started really pushing Amazon, and I found this awesome WP plugin for it. It’s this related products plugin, and you put a shortcode at the bottom of whatever post you’d like related products. I’ve already made more money using that in the last 3 days than over the last 3 months!

  47. Zoë IKIWN

    This is such sound advice, when I first started blogging everything to do with monetising it felt so overwhelming. I’m sticking to blogging more for pleasure than business for now, but if I do make the switch I will definitely refer back to this. 🙂 x

  48. Zoe L

    Great tips – I don’t really make money from the blog and certainly don’t from affiliate but keen to learn how

  49. Lisa Rios

    These are some great tips on monetizing a blog which will be so helpful for new bloggers. I am aware about Ad Networks like Google Adsense, but it is good to know we have so many options to try out. Affiliate marketing is a great idea as well.

  50. MadeFromBeauty

    I found this post really helpful, thank you Sarah!

  51. Amanda Winchester

    This is really great advice, I love the idea of merchandise, I didn’t even consider that! The only thing with Google Adsense is that you do need quite a large following for it to generate an income of any kind, so maybe not so suitable for a very new blog, but certainly worth considering down the line. And I second the comments above, wish this advice had been so beautifully laid out when I first starting blogging! Have a lovely day 🙂 x

  52. Jessica

    Blogging needs a lot of time and patience. Dependy on your purpose but sooner or later, it will lead you in monetizing it. Find your niche – that’s one of the keys! 🙂

  53. Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche

    I’ve never had much luck from affiliate links, I earn much more from ad networks! Most of my income comes from working with brands on recipe development though, which is the most fun part anyway 🙂

  54. Laura H

    I really want to get into affiliate marketing but I’m just not really sure how really. I’ve never made any money from them and feel that even if I wrote a post with lots of products in it that they wouldn’t translate into sales 🙁

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I try and only use them if I am talking about them anyway and it amazing the amount of times people do just click through, as long as your using them because you like something and not shoving them in just because you can it works I think 🙂 x

  55. Ann Bacciaglia

    I will have to share this with my Sister. She has been looking to do this with her blog.

  56. Louise

    Wonderful tips for those who have no idea how to monetize their blogs. I have found out about these last year and is still trying to make my way there. I have signed up for Google Adsense but it was removed because my blog became inactive after landing a regular job. But now that I’m back on track, I’m hoping to earn from it again.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It can be so hard getting it all together when it comes to monetising your blog. There is so much we can all do, but it is just finding the time to implement is sometimes that is hard. x

  57. Jane Allen

    To a large extent, I think blog monetization is a trial and error process. You might be surprised that some of the programs you thought would work end up not working. It’s all in the process. You just have to continue tweaking to get the one that works. Thanks for sharing!

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