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Helping Hands Around the Home

One of the things that a lot of people asked for when I asked what people would like to see more from on my blog was how I cope with my day to day life with the issues I face. So I thought I would set about with talking about some of the equipment I have around the bungalow to help.

Helping Hands Around the Home

Picture of some of the equipment I use to help me, blue crutches to the left, kitchen stool and grabber to top right and bath seat to the bottom right


Ash has to help out quite a lot in the kitchen as I can't stand for long, I also have issues on remembering things are hot so I can go and grab hot items with my bare hands (yes I've even grabbed the kettle around the body instead of the handle). However, to help with the standing issue, I have a stool in the kitchen. This allows me to sit at a height that means I can still work on the kitchen counters, or wash up.


To be honest, I don't have anything extra special in the lounge, I was however very careful when I decided on which furniture to buy. The sofa is at a height that makes it easier for me to get off of. I have tables around me to place items on, within easy reach. For really bad days I have cups with lids, as you have no idea how many times I've dropped my tea as I can't hold it well, or my shakes were just too bad.


Again the bedroom was more just careful buying when we decided on which bed to buy, making sure it was at a height that wasn't too high or low for me.


Perhaps the bathroom is one room with the most adaptations, it is full of grab rails to help me get around easier in there, while we have had a shower installed which has a seat under it to make washing possible for me.

Garden and Outdoors

Again grab rails are found around our front and back doors to help me with getting in and out of the home. Once I am outside, I, of course, use my crutches for very short distances, while my wheelchair is brought out for longer distances. I am also thinking of upgrading to a mobility scooter such as these from Mobility Solutions at some point in the future.

So there are some of the things I use around the home and outdoors which help me a little in my day to day life, I am sure there are more things but it's hard to remember all the not so normal things I use as it is now so normal to me.

Do you have any adaptations to your home? How do they help you?

This is a collaborative post.


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Helping Hands Around the Home

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  1. A S,Edinburgh

    Very interesting, thank you. I suspect I would benefit from something high to sit on in the kitchen.

  2. bev

    Glad you can get into your garden now,

  3. Micaela Levachyov

    I think you’re so great for sharing your story and some behind the scenes information. Sometimes it’s simple things like the right height for furniture that makes all the difference.

  4. Cristina Coroiu

    Very interesting. I can’t even imagine how you live your life. For me people with diseases that are still keeping a smile on their faces are heroes. You need a lot of courage and strength to keep on going on. I’m glad Ash helps you a lot πŸ™‚

  5. Amber

    I’m glad you found ways to get yourself around the home. My Nana Jo uses some of these and they help her a lot.

  6. Kelly

    Great that you’ve kitted out the house with as much as you can to have as much independent mobility as possible. Sometimes I think these mobility assistance companies need to come up with more stylish (but equally functional) designs for young & cool people with mobility issues to suit modern homes. Its most important that they are functional and do the job…but still. You must let us know when you get the new mobility scooter and how you like it.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I totally agree with you, people keep saying how much a rollator would help and I’m like there is no way I just can’t – but they could make them so much more funky and then I might lol.

      • Vera Hall

        They have metallic red and metallic blue ones here. They are really cool. I heard a sweet old lady claim they were “too fancy” for her. No Way!

  7. Joanna

    You have adapted your home so well so that it makes life easier for you. These are things that I would have never considered, like choosing the height of the bed or of the sofa…

  8. Crystal

    Thank you for sharing! This is really helpful as I have a close family member in need of these things after his heart surgery. Adapting things around the house can feel overwhelming at first but this list is a great start!

  9. Stacie

    This is an excellent resource for anyone who is or who has a family member who needs a little help like this. A few items can make independent life a reality.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Every little helps in such situations it can be so hard knowing how to get on and make life as normal as possible when you are in pain and struggling.

  10. Mandee

    These are great! There are a couple of people in my life that could use these. I actually think some of these would make great gifts!

  11. Cherri Megasko

    Thank you for sharing these. It really helps put things in perspective. I’m glad you have help – both human and mechanical to assist you in your day-to-day activities.

  12. Natalie Allen

    Learning what works for you in your home is a real challenge, I imagine! This is a great breakdown of how you make it work, and a good guideline for others!

  13. Ashley

    I’m glad that you have help around your home. We don’t currently have any adjustments here but I know we would if we need them in the future.

  14. mj

    Adapting a home for disabilities can be so expensive. This reminds me of when we had to update my mom’s apartment so she can live somewhat independently. Her’s included a commode and shower attachments to the sink. All worth it to keep her at home.

  15. Everyday Made Fresh

    Those are great options for seniors that are still able to live in their home with little assistance. I’ll have to keep these in mind for my father, in the future.

  16. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    The only adaptations we have around our house right now are to keep the toddlers away from things than can hurt them LOL I’m interested to know how a mobility scooter would help you accomplish more! Sounds like a good thing to look into!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I think just having more freedom, I can’t self propel in a wheelchair and I HATE relying on others in a wheelchair and your at a level where everyone hits you with bags as well it’s not fun πŸ™

  17. hannah wood

    Theses are good tools as my Daughter uses items like this and can be so beneficial

  18. Livi

    These are such great helping hands. These are so beneficial!

  19. Ana De Jesus

    Aw thank you for giving us an insight into how your condition can affect your day to day life as this will help others who might be seeking accessible solutions. My foster sister has some mobility issues so my foster mum had to modify her home to attend to my foster sisters disability and needs.

  20. rhianwestbury

    There’s so little awareness of how much support some people need just around the house so thank you for sharing x

  21. Ally

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your behind the scenes story with us. My grandma could absolutely benefit from some of these, I plan on sharing your article with her tomorrow.

  22. marysa

    It’s good to know what helps when you are in a similar situation. This is good advice for those who could use the help.

  23. Joan Cajic

    Thank you for sharing, it’s nice to know what happens in people’s lives and how they get through everything.

  24. Joanna Bayford

    Very interesting i’m glad to hear you have adaptations that make it a bit easier for you around your home. I think it’s a great insight on what is available.

  25. BONNIE G

    Thank you for sharing your story and what helps you around your home. I have a cane so far to help out when my feet just can’t take anymore during the day.

  26. Yeah Lifestyle

    This is a fab post Sara as so many people are struggling and if your post can help someone understand that it is not that difficult to move around than I guess its the best feeling ever. Thanks for sharing this.

  27. Veronica Lee

    So glad you found ways to get yourself around the home. You are amazing.

  28. Lisa Favre

    You did an amazing job in adapting your home. I can only imagine how challenging it was to do the bathroom – like you said, it’s all about the hand rails.

  29. Brandy

    I don’t have any adaptations, but I need some. The ceilings are high here, which means I need something to actually reach the lamps in the ceiling fans. I do have a step stool but I could use some other stuff to help me get around and reach stuff.


    It’s great that you are sharing this as I am sure this post will be useful for others with mobility issues. We have those grabbers they are super useful especially when I have to reach something high.

  31. Jemma Andrew-Adiamah (@celery_cupcakes)

    This is such a helpful post and very insightful. I know it will help many others with mobility issues.

  32. Alison Rost

    It’s good to have all these things at home to make your life easier and to be able to help out as well. I appreciate you sharing your life more with us! It’s good to get to know fellow bloggers more.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I’m trying to slow, for a blogger I’m quite private I guess as I assume people will judge but then it might help people too so I’m trying lol.

  33. Kathy

    These are some really neat products. I bet these would really come in handy too. I use to have one of those grabber things, but it ended up breaking. I need to get another! I loved it.

  34. The London Mum

    These are really useful. My dad has just been diagnosed with early on set alzheimer’s and I’m looking at ways to make sure his home is adapted to be more useful to him for as long as possible.

  35. CJ

    I am glad you are able to make your home somewhere you can thrive in! This is some great advice I know some family members of mine could use.

  36. Laurie

    Hi! I’m new to your blog, so I am just learning about you. πŸ™‚

    Beyond the mobility scooter, what else do you want or need as “helping hands” around the house? Are there different apps that you use?

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Hi Welcome! We have recently just got a dishwasher and I’ll tell you what it is amazing to have something where we can just turn it on and it will sort everything out. It feels awful leaving everything to Ash so it feels better having that, its the same with the dryer I can’t cope with heavy wet washing so the washer/dryer is a wonderful invention for me lol.

      I would LOVE to have a walk in shower, the one we have now is over the bath, you have to sit on the stool and then swing your legs around, which as I am also hypermobile isn’t awful but it can be painful and draining, so that would be my dream, that or a walk in bath as oh I miss bathbombs so much! I actually sometimes use them in the shower or just in a tub for my feet haha!

  37. Heather

    It’s so great to find so many things that help around the house. I’m glad you found what works!

  38. anosa

    I need to get some hand rails installed for my parents and maybe a stair lift for my mum.Thanks for sharing an insight into your helping hands Sarah

  39. Lynndee

    I admire your strength and I’m glad that you found those things that could help you around the house. Stay strong!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Thank you – it definitely makes a difference, someone came to look around the kitchen today and I was able to switch between sitting and standing thanks to the chair and crutches, prior to that I would have had to leave it to others.

  40. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    It is great to see all these options and tips when looking for ways to care for one’s self or loved one at home. I will definitely recommend this to my military wives group. It will help our service members for sure.

  41. Leah

    This is great. I would totally benefit from the thing that would help me get things off the top of the fridge.

  42. Stevie

    I’ve always wanted a shower seat after learning they’re pretty standard in Europe for all ages.

  43. Danielle

    My mum has had some access changes made around the house recently and it’s amazing what there is on offer now to help people.

  44. Laura Dove

    It is so important that our homes our accessible to meet our individual needs and that we have help there too. This was so interesting.

  45. Charli Bruce

    It was really nice to see a little insight into your life, Sarah. I’m so glad you have things to help you out around the home x

  46. Kim Lee (@KimsCravings)

    Such great products for those in need. It’s great that they have these types of available now.

  47. Sarah Ann

    It’s amazing the changes that can be made and equipment now available to help people around the home. My mum has had some rails added to her bathroom and to now know she can enjoy long soaks in the tub again and not worry makes me feel so much better too.

  48. dearmummyblog

    My mummy could have done with grab rails when she was recovering from surgery. This is a fascinating insight into your daily life – thanks for sharing x

  49. Samuel frodo

    Your strength and ingenuity is really inspirational. These are all so practical ways to make getting around the house easier for a lot of people facing similar challenges.

  50. Rachel Evans

    Hi Sarah, I think it’s great that you’re talking about this. I have a friend who developed a health condition and she was very resistant to using helpers like these – I think she was embarrassed or didn’t want to lose her independence. But I think these tools are great for helping people to keep their independence πŸ™‚

  51. Aashima

    It is so great you’ve found so many ways to work things out. Sitting high in kitchen is actually good, I have thought of doing it myself too. great post.

  52. Bethany

    I have to agree with the bathroom being the most easiest to adjust for a disability. I love the picker thing, my grandad uses that in the garden, but using one for the home aswell is such a great idea.

  53. Blair villanueva

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I think we have a harness in the bathroom (we installed it coz mostly accident happens in the bathroom. Very educational post.

  54. lavandamichelle

    I get my daughters to hep around the house ever since they were younger, but I feel I’m a bit lucky because they never really complain. They put on some music and have fun while they are cleaning! Thanks for sharing, lovely post! πŸ™‚

  55. What Corinne Did

    I am happy you found ways to adapt your homes to make your life easier. it’s not always so straightforward and often costs a fortune. I am in a flatshare and I am not think it could host anyone with disabilities due to the lack of equipment. Thanks for these behind the scenes!

  56. umesh Kumar Bhardwaj

    Thank you for sharing, this post is helping us know what happens in people’s lives, many people are struggling

  57. Emma C

    Really good tips for people who need help getting around – thanks for sharing

  58. paula cheadle

    I made the mistake of not trying out my new mattress when I bought a new one, it had to go back as it was too soft, now I try everything before I buy. Being disabled people don’t understand that you have different needs

  59. Kirsty Fox

    Very interesting post, I think I might get a stool for the kitchen, I suffer with back problems and often find standing while cooking makes it worse.

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