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Etsy Halloween Image 1 Wooden Halloween Jack O' Lantern Zombie Troll Flower Pumpkin Pin Badge Dog Bandana

It hard to believe we are in October already and there have been some great scary and spooky bits hitting the internet. Perfect for those who celebrate Halloween, as well as those who love something just a little bit different, with a side of spooky and Halloween at Etsy in particular is not going to disappoint.

I recently took to Etsy*, one of my favourite online stores, to see just what their amazingly talented crafters had cooked up this year and I have to say I was definitely not disappointed. Check out some of my favourite finds:

Wooden Halloween Jack O' Lantern – £24

As someone who can't carve pumpkins anymore, I am loving this wooden Halloween jack o' lantern* alternative. I can just imagine popping a battery operated candle inside and putting it outside my front door, where I am sure it would get a few second glances.

Zombie Troll – £25

This Zombie Troll* is a hanging decoration and something I could see hanging over / standing on the curio shelf I am trying to put together in my bedroom. If this Zombie Troll doesn't take your fancy but you love the style, never fear as the shop is full of all different polymer clay delights, from vampires to cats and mummies to pumpkins.

Flower Pumpkin Enamel Pin – £7.50

If you want to go slightly understated and cute with your Halloween dress up then this flower-crowned pumpkin pin* may be just what you have been after. This particular enamel pin comes in at 40mm in size, so it's large enough to be seen wherever you place it.

Halloween Dog Bandana – From £4 (price depends on size ordered)

I can never forget Sal, after all, she loves joining in with celebrations and this wonderfully spooky Halloween dog bandana* in black, covered in pumpkins, skulls and bats is most definitely going to make her stand out from the other dogs in town.

Etsy Halloween image 2 Creep It Real Ghost Badge Pet Glow in the Dark Ghost Life-Size Skull Candle Clay Vampire Bat

Creep It Real Pin – £13

I'm not sure I should be calling this Creep It Real Pin* adorable, but I really think it is. With its little ghostly look and its fun play on wording, it is definitely something I could see myself wearing in the run-up to Halloween.

Pet Glow in the Dark Ghost – £3.10

Have you ever fancied owning a pet ghost*? Well now is the time, each one of these cute little ghouls, has it's own personality, as they are made to order and after spending some time in the light will glow away once the dark arrives.

Skull Candle – £20

This life sized skull candle*, has been cast from a real skull, perhaps making it even more spooky. It is made using paraffin wax and has a burn time of up to 120 hours. This candle is most definitely going to make for a talking point in any home.

Polymer Clay Vampire Bat – £1.25

Last but by no means least is this cute little polymer clay vampire bat*. Measuring just 3.5cm this bat has a flat back and so can be used for so many different things, be it scrapbooking your after Halloween party photos or making cards for the day itself.

So there you have some of my favourite items you can get for Halloween at Etsy, what do you think of them, is there any that take your fancy?

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Alli Smith

    Etsy is the best and I could browse for hours! I really like the wooden Halloween Jack O’ Lantern and the dog bandana is too cute. Etsy has so many great items for Halloween.

  2. Heather

    I love the wooden Jack-o-lantern. I have metals ones that I love and skulls all over.

  3. Helen Hobden

    Etsy is great isn’t it, for finding unique seasonal items. You’ve picked some lovely things – the wooden lantern is my favourite 🙂

  4. Anosa

    Etsy is one online shop that I am yet to take a liking to. I am loving these bits and bobs you’ve selected especially the lantern

  5. candy

    Amazing all the different and unusual items we can find on etsy. You have found some great picks and some fun picks.

  6. Tomi C

    That Pet Glow in the Dark Ghost is too cute. It would make a cute little Halloween gift. Etsy is a great place to find unique gifts.

  7. Margaret Gallagher


    Halloween beauties
    ALWAYS have the best selection of fun gifts

  8. Kitty

    I am definitely gonna buy some stuff from esty this halloween… 😀 I love esty and it has a lovely collection for any occasion 😀

  9. Jeanette

    It is always fun to see how creative people can be. Etsy is a great place to see how creative people can be and I love supporting people like this.

  10. Mimi Green

    The Zombie Troll is very festive and super cute. My kids would totally get a kick out of this.

  11. Aishwarya Shenolikar

    I absolutely loved this collection!! Dog bandanna was more adorable than spooky though! And favourite would definitely be the skull!!

  12. corinne & kirsty

    Everything is so cute and pretty! I love the flower pumpkin pin! so so cute! something I could defo get! xx corinne

  13. melissa major

    These are some amazing halloween picks on Etsy! Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, I need to get the dog bandana

  14. Angie

    I am all about Etsy, and equally about Halloween! You found such cute stuff, I’m digging those skulls especially!

  15. The Jedi Wife

    I’m a crafter myself (as a hobby only), and I love perusing etsy to see what people have created. I love Halloween and surprisingly haven’t seen what my favorite shops have come up with! I’ll have to remedy that immediately!

  16. Isabel

    I love etsy, you can find pretty much anything you want on there! I think the bandana would suit my mums dog, she has a pug/sausage dog cross and he looks cute in whacky outfits! 🙂

  17. Akamatra

    I love to see what other etsians are making for Halloween! I only carry two necklaces in my shop, a Jack-o-latern and a skull.


    Oh wow that skull candle look fantastic. It would be perfect for my yearly Halloween party! There seem to be loads of great items this year, love the troll too!!!

  19. Lima حليمه (@Fashionicide)

    I am a massive fan of Etsy. You find wonderful treasures on there which you simply cannot find on the highstreet.

    There’s so many lovely bits and bobs you’ve listed on this post. I’d have to say my fave is the skull candle. It looks simply EPIC.


  20. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    These are fun finds at Etsy. I always find amazing stuff on the site that I have to have. These are perfect ofr Halloween.

  21. Jenn

    These are so fun. I haven’t shopped Etsy in a long time. The zombie is my favorite. so cute.

  22. Pam

    I love Etsy. There’s something for everyone on there. The Creep it Real pin is super cute.

  23. Dogvills

    These are all great items for Halloween. I think I would like the skull candle. Definitely value for your money right there – 120 hours? That’s 5 days! Wow.

  24. Amber Myers

    I love everything. I shop on Etsy often. I’m always in awe of what people can create. Plus I find unique gifts on there!

  25. Patrick

    I thought the pug came in 4 different sizes,I kept looking for the link so I could check that out….the pet ghost is pretty adorable…..

  26. Melanie

    I love hallowen so much! With Etsy i can find great articles! It makes my shoppings more easy!

  27. Michelle Gwynn Jones

    That zombi troll is adorable. It is time to start halloweening!!!

  28. Marysa

    That little bat is adorable! Etsy is awesome, it is easy to spend hours on there looking at stuff. Good reminder though to get started on some holiday shopping.

  29. Claudia K

    So many fun Halloween decorating ideas. I love the Zombie troll and the candles. Halloween is a great time to be creative with decorations.

  30. Cheryl

    Omg that zombie troll is so cute. I love Etsy!

  31. Lilinha

    I also can’t believe it’s already October, this year has flown by! What a lovely selection of Halloween items, I also find the pins cute! 🙂

  32. John F

    Halloween is such a fun time of year and there are some great ideas here. Even better to find products by independent suppliers through Etsy.

  33. Ann Bacciaglia

    i love etsy. there are so many great options. i need that bandana for the dog, it looks awesome.

  34. Emman Damian

    I love the halloween dog bandana. Perfect for my little puppy. Thanks for the tip.

  35. Rhian Westbury

    Some of these bits are so cute, I love all the badges and the wooden jack o lantern is so cool x

  36. Ana De- Jesus

    Aw I love the Halloween dog bandana although that might mainly be because its got a cute picture of a pug which I love. Etsy has some wonderful bits x

  37. Cristina Leau

    I love the pins. I would buy the all. Etsy s a great place to find handmade stuff that are great.

  38. Baby Isabella

    We’re addicted to Etsy at the moment and love the Creep It Real Pin! Great picks and we could spend a fortune stocking up for Halloween!

  39. Anchal

    You have listed such amazing items. Etsy is the best portals for shopping. Will check these out for sure.

  40. Chubskulit Rose

    Wow Etsy seems to be a one stop shop for all occasion. Never shopped there before so I am intrigued.

  41. melanie

    Great ideas here – for me it has to be the skull candle and the Pumpkin Halloween pin 🙂 x

  42. Elizabeth

    There are some seriously creative people out there! I honestly never thought of heading to Etsy for my Halloween decorating, but I’m totally off for a browse now!

  43. Cyn Gagen

    So fun! I love shopping at Etsy. My favourites are those wooden Jack O Lanterns. They would fit in perfectly with my Halloween decor.

  44. Nikka Shae

    Aww this is so cute, Etsy has the best stuff and I can’t wait until Halloween.

  45. Esse D

    I’m not quite a Halloween enthusiast, but the zombie troll is cute to me. I also think the skull candle is pretty cool.

  46. Kirsty

    The Halloween dog bandana looks really cool and slightly amusing. I can’t imagine my Dalmatian would be too impressed if we dressed her up haha

  47. Amy Deverson

    I am loving all the blog Halloween posts recently – there is so much inspo!! All of these items are so cute – I love Etsy 🙂

  48. Emily Leary

    I already have tons of knickknacks on my desk, but the pet glow in the dark ghost in a tiny bell jar is just too adorable!

  49. Tanya Brannan

    You know what? I love all your choices, but my favourite has to be that little polymer clay bat! He is just the cutest and so cheap too!

  50. Kiwi

    I love Etsy! Its a place of endless creativity and products. I love the Creep it Real pin!

  51. Nichola - Globalmouse

    Oh I love Halloween so much so posts like this get me really excited. Those pumpkin pins are adorable.

  52. Jenny

    I love Etsy for unique and different things. Those Jack o lanterns are fab!

  53. Anosa

    I am looking for some Halloween inspiration and why I never thought of looking at Etsy. Glad I came over this post. Now I got so many ideas to choose from! Excited to conceptualize our upcoming Halloween party.

  54. Lucy | Real Mum Reviews

    Love the dog bandana! It’s great when the whole family get involved!

  55. Denay DeGuzman

    Ahhh…Etsy has just too many gorgeous things. I love your seasonal finds. I am so excited about Halloween and fun decorations. I love the Creep It Real pin – it’s small, easily stored and can be used and enjoyed year after year.

  56. Natalia

    This just reminded me that I need to do some Halloween shopping on Etsy! Love that pet glow in the dark ghost!

  57. Helen Costello

    Loving that little enamel pin and such a great price for it too. Easy is super addictive and I spend far too many hours getting sucked in!

  58. Sarah Ann

    So many beautiful handmade finds! Loving the Zombie trolls!

  59. Susan Mann

    These are so cute. I love Halloween and what great finds here. Not somewhere I’d have thought to shop. Thanks for sharing x

  60. Louise

    You’ve picked out some fab things as always, Sarah! My faves just have to be the Zombie Troll and the ghost pin <3

    Louise x

  61. Laura H

    The Flower Pumpkin pin is so cute! Would love to have some of them on my bag 🙂

  62. Harriet from Toby & Roo

    I’m obsessed with Etsy – they always have the best niche finds on there right? H x

  63. Tanya

    I love Etsy for finding unique pieces and I’m such a big Halloween fan, I really like the Flower Pumpkin Enamel Pin

  64. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    I still can’t believe we’re nearing the end of the year already, when I was just blinking from January! Oh I also looooove Etsy … they have so many great finds. I can’t get enough of these Halloween items.

  65. Wildish Jess

    Oh my gosh, I love all of the little pins. The ghost one is for sure my favorite.

  66. lisa

    I love ETSY it is awesome! I just want to buy everything LOL

  67. Rain

    everything is so darn adorable. i love etsy so much. love the troll.

  68. Lubka Henry

    These are some great discoveries. Very cute ideas!

  69. Jo Carroll

    Just when you get a little fed-up with seeing the same things a bit of internet window shopping at Etsy really cheers you up 🙂

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