Great Holiday Trips to Take for a Short Break
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Great Holiday Trips to Take for a Short Break

With September upon us and autumnal weather knocking at the door, you might be hoping to treat yourself to a short break or two before the big seasonal events start to loom on the horizon. While you might be hoping to grab a few more rays on the beach or tick some more things off your city sightseeing list, here are some exciting ways to spend a weekend break in the UK.

Overnight at the Zoo

Have you ever wanted to go to the sleep to the sound of the jungle or the savannah? There are several zoos around the country that offer overnight stays for couples or families, in particular, Whipsnade Zoo invites guests to stay in their Lookout Lodge. Neighbouring the quieter rhinos and reindeer, guests can expect a peaceful slumber but should expect to be awoken by the sound of nosier residents including roaring lions!

Snooze Amongst Ancient Artefacts

Ever wondered what a night at the museum is really like? Now you can with overnight sleepovers at some of the UK's best-loved museums. While the majority of the events are aimed at children and their parents, keep an eye on local museum calendar for the adult-oriented evening and overnight events including late night tours and sleepovers.

Great Holiday Trips to Take for A Short Break 2

Luxury Lodges and Caravans

Glamping may be the luxury version of camping, but the wobbly towed caravans can't hold a candle to the modern-day luxury caravans. Offering large expanses of space in addition to great amounts of storage, you'll be comfortable in a luxury caravan for a short or long break away. With plenty of beautiful locations around the UK like the examples found here you can even invest in your own holiday home and have somewhere to visit whenever you fancy a break. Holiday caravan sites tend to have lots of entertainment for all ages with well-maintained facilities, making it a great family-friendly destination in all seasons.

Stay and a Show

For those, who love some involved theatre, consider a Murder Mystery overnight break where you must team up with other guests to find out the murderer of a professionally carried out play before the evening is through. Alternatively, if you prefer something a little faster paced, take part in a live Crystal Maze experience where you can put both your mental and physical skills to test. If you'd rather a seat away from the action, consider a theatre-stay package available for popular West End shows including Lion King, the King and I and Wicked.

Drifting on Water

If you're tired of sleeping on solid ground, why not consider a stay on a boat? The United Kingdom offers a whole network of waterways so there are no end of houseboats and narrow boats available to hire, even a Beatles themed yellow submarine! Fall asleep to the gentle rocking water motions while safely docked in a wide choice of beautiful and exciting locations. You won't need to worry about catching your own dinner as modern-day houseboats are well designed, often featuring full sized kitchens.

Great Holiday Trips to Take for A Short Break 2

Sleeping in the Trees

Did you know there is a whole host of tree houses in the UK designed for overnight and short stays? Not only can you sleep safely above ground in the beautiful green canopies of nature, but you'll be surrounded by lots of stunning British wildlife too. Choose from tree houses overlooking moors, lakes, forests or valleys, there's always somewhere new to visit.

Feeling inspired for your next short break away? Forget the hotels and give the B&Bs a miss and instead treat yourself to something that you'll be excited to talk about with your friends and families.

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Great Holiday Trips to Take for a Short Break

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