Gibsons - Buckingham Palace Puzzle: Review

Gibsons – Buckingham Palace Puzzle: Review

For a long as I can remember, I've enjoyed a good puzzle, I've found it is one of those activities that takes all your brain power which means you can switch off from everything else and just concentrate on which puzzle pieces go together. This puzzle uses one of the most iconic buildings in London as its muse Buckingham Palace.

Gibsons - Buckingham Palace Puzzle: Review

Just thinking about Buckingham Palace for a moment did you know that houses a whopping 775 rooms, which includes 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms and 19 State Rooms and it is decorated with priceless works of art, now that is quite some building.

However this isn't a building you can walk around and admire, it is of course a working building and somewhere we all associate with the royal family.

This very royal puzzle of Buckingham Palace, is made by Gibsons, an English company that since 1919 has been creating puzzles and games that all the family can enjoy. This particular puzzle takes a painting by Steve Crisp, that was painted in around mid-July and sees the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, leaving the Palace on the occasion of her official birthday for the Trooping of the Colour.

The puzzle itself is 1000 pieces and is made from 100% recycled board with each piece being perfectly cut, which enables for them to seamlessly join together (there is nothing worse than badly cut, flaky puzzle pieces).

I really think that this puzzle, is perfect for any puzzle lover, who perhaps also has an enjoyment of the royal family or historical buildings. The picture itself is a good print of a painting obviously done by a talented artist, what is more this well-made puzzle won't break the bank, as it only costs £12.99.

You can pick up the Gibsons' Buckingham Palace puzzle from either Amazon* or John Lewis.

What do you think of this puzzle, are you a fan?

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  1. Rachael

    gosh, what a blast from the past! sitting on a bank holiday doing puzzles – because I live in Wales and what happens on a bank holiday in Wales? It bloody rains. I have to say though, I’ve never had much patience and even less now, so not sure I could complete one 🙂

  2. Lorraine

    I have a puzzle already that is not completed. 500 pieces…and it is the most frustrating thing in the world! I love puzzles but at the same time hate them. Would have to complete the one I have before giving this one a try…complete 500 before moving onto 1000.

  3. joanna smith

    1000 piece puzzles scare me to death! I would love to have the patience to sit and do it, like i would have when i was 10 or so. Perhaps i should just bite the bullet! X

  4. Amber NElson

    We love doing puzzles, but with so many pieces I get overwhelmed! That looks like a fun one though.

  5. Helen Dickinson

    I am a real sucker for puzzles. I find them so much fun to do! I love the design on this puzzle.

  6. Jacqui @ Mummy's Little Monkey

    I haven’t had time to do a jigsaw puzzle in years! This would probably make my head explode though – I need a nice little 500 piece to ease back into puzzling, haha! 😉

  7. Mykidsguide

    I love doing puzzles. I love that this one has lots of colors. This is going to be a very challenging puzzle.

  8. linda hobbis

    Actually I’ve been thinking of jigsaws as a healthier alternative to Candy Crush – or perhaps adult colouring. Haven’t made my mind up yet but the kids could help out with the jigsaw.

  9. Oui Stephanie

    Oooh I absolutely love puzzles! My mum and I used to do them all the time, I prefer busy scenes and she prefers the challenge of the simpler puzzles! x

  10. Claire

    We love puzzles, such a great way to entertain the kids especially when its wet and miserable outside!

  11. Kim Carberry

    What a great puzzle….I haven’t done a proper jigsaw in years x

  12. Aimee

    Can’t lie the only type of puzzle Iv done of late are max 20 pieces maybe 24 with my diaghters. I did almost pick up an ariel one yesterday for myself not my daughter. But I put it back. But kinda want to go buy it now. Xxxx

  13. Emma

    It’s been so long since I did a puzzle that I honestly don’t remember when or what it was. Thanks for sharing this post though x

  14. Laura

    I love a good puzzle – I find it really rather calming and its great when you finish them

    Laura x

  15. Toughcookiemommy

    I remember doing puzzles with my Mom when I was a kid. We had a lot of fun together and spent hours having fun.

  16. Kirsty

    I love a good puzzle!! We nearly bought this one for my mother-in-law for her birthday!

  17. Leah

    I LOVE puzzles! This one looks so much fun!

  18. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    This is great, I love doing jigsaw puzzles. It really makes a difference when they are well made too.

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