Gear Best Baby Egg

Gear Best Baby Egg: Review

A while back the lovely people at Gear Best reached out to me to see if I would like to review their Baby Egg Machine, the name had me wondering – what on earth is this? It looks like some sort of kitchen blender? However, it is actually a face mask making machine, which uses a mix of water, fruit or vegetable juice and a collagen peptide (active peptide) capsule.

The machine comes with a main mixing unit, face mask cooling tray, measuring jug and 10 collagen peptide capsules to get you started. It does come with a power cable however, it doesn't include a UK plug and when I asked my Dad what adaptor I would need, he got very worried about it and suggested just buying a brand new UK figure of 8 cable. As he has spent his life working as an engineer I decided that was the best thing do (they can be brought cheaply from Amazon, if you don't have one lying around already). The unit itself however is completely CE compliant.

Gear Best Baby Egg

I was worried that it would be hard to use, the instructions have been changed to English and don't really flow that well. However, once I got the hang of how it works and didn't add too much juice and water as I did the first time it is actually really simple.

To use you want to make sure the unit is put together properly, this includes having the face mask tray in the correct position, as the machine will not work if it is out of place. Into the top of the machine you want to add 50ml of water and 20ml of your choice fruit or vegetable juice. This is added in two parts with the machine beeping once when enough water has been added and again when enough juice has been added. The instructions do suggest adding 30ml of water, then the juice and then the rest of the water, I've taken to premixing it and just adding it like that, so I know it is well mixed.

Gear Best Baby Egg

After the second beep you want to add the capsule, place the cap back on and then start the machine going. The rest of the process is automatic, you will find the mixing part of the process takes a good few minutes so just stand back and wait, a sound will then beep before the liquid mask is realised and again when the tray is ready to be moved. You want to make sure you keep the tray flat while the mask sets.

The Gear Best Baby Egg makes a gel feeling sheet mask, which once you have the combination of all ingredients correct can be simply lifted from the tray and placed onto your face. It was personally surprised by how cooling, moisturising and soothing the mask felt.

Cleaning of the Baby Egg is really simple, all the compoinents come out of the machine and come app art so you able to clean them with a damp cloth (may of the parts have electrical components so do not immerse in water).

Gear Best Baby Egg

If you are worried about it just having 10 uses never fear as the capsules are easy to replace you just need to find collagen peptide / active peptide capsules, which you can get from Amazon or even the supermarket.

Personally I was really surprised by this machine, I thought it might be a bit of a gimmick, but it is actually really easy to use and makes some really nice masks, one of my favourite so far as to be the apple juice mask, that gave my skin a wonderful pick me up.

I would definitely suggest this to people who wanted a way to make masks at home, although the outlay price of the Gear Best Baby Egg is £69.90, once you have it you can make masks as often as you want, so in the long term it way well save you a pretty penny, depending on your normal expenditure on face masks.

If you want to know more about the Gear Best Baby Egg or fancy treating yourself head over the the website now.

What do you think of the sound of the Gear Best Baby Egg would you like to try and make your own face masks with it?

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  1. joanna

    This sounds great I’d love to make my own masks at home so this would be really handy.

  2. LaaLaa

    Wow, this is amazing. Very handy and interesting, I like the idea behind this and having a sheet mask at my convenience is ideal. x

  3. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That is so cool! I have never seen a mask like this before. I can’t wait to try it.

  4. StressedMum

    I admit I had no idea what this was before I started reading, but how great is this, I need one of these, just need to persuade my hubby that I need one too x

  5. Stephanie Merry

    I’ve never heard of this before but I really want one! Would love the chance to make my own face masks – the apple juice one sounds fab x

  6. Dani

    Oh my goodness these look so fun to make!
    Would definitely give this product a go at some point, I love face masks 🙂

    Dani x

  7. Tara

    I really really want to try this! Looks fab and I love a good face mask.

  8. Rachel

    What a really fabulous idea this is. I love the little template that is used to make the mask x

  9. Jenny

    I’ve seen it all now! Seriously though it looks fab if you like face masks

  10. MsPrettyLThings

    Love! Love! Love this! When I read the title first of all I was like ‘how baby are these eggs?!’ but now I get it! I would love to give this a go – face masks are so relaxing.

  11. Kathryn

    I would definitely not have had a clue what this is by the look of it or by the name, but I love anything crafty and I adore face masks so this sounds such a fun product xx

  12. Catherine Sargent

    This sounds like a great product. I would like to make my own mask at home.

  13. Sarah

    I absolutely love making my own masks at home so this really appeals to me!
    I’ve never heard of anything like it!

  14. Brandy

    That’s so cool! I would love to be able to make my own face masks!

  15. Liz Mays

    This is such a neat system. Experimenting with a bunch of different combos will be a ton of fun.

  16. Rhian Westbury

    I would never have guessed from the name it made face masks. Seems like a great concept but as you said quite an expensive outlay to begin with. x

  17. Rachel

    This looks amazing, I wondered what this machine did. I didn’t think it would be face masks! That’s so cool that you can make your own! xo

  18. MJ.L

    Wow this is really cool! I love face masks!

  19. Ann Bacciaglia

    This is a fantastic idea. I will have to pick one up for my Daughter and I to try. I know she will love it.

  20. Meagan

    I have never heard of this before. What an interesting idea.

  21. Baby Isabella

    Totally intrigued with the title of this post! Thought it was something to do with babies and making eggs!! Hahaha. It actually sounds like a quirky machine, not something that we’d use (my mummy isn’t a fan of face masks) but the beauty bloggers might go nuts for it xx

  22. Kiwi

    I love a good facial mask I didnt know you could make your own like this. I would of loved for you to show a close up of the after math of the creations and how they actually worked on your skin. Cute concept but I still dont know…

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I did try really hard to get a picture of it the trouble was by myself, camera in one hand, slippery mask in the other – it turned into a bit of a disaster and a wasted mask as I managed to drop it on the floor in the process..

  23. Sarah, Things Sarah Loves

    I’d never heard of anything like this before! I sometimes make my own masks and I really should more, because at least I know exactly what is going in them.

  24. Toni |

    This sounds amazing! Love that it’s so easy to use. I think this will be a great gift idea for moms!

  25. Sheena Tatum

    What a neat concept! I’m not going to lie, I thought it was for babies at first, haha!

  26. Kristi

    The name sure got my attention. Is there good directions for oily skin or dry skin and how often to use a mask? Would be helpful for teenagers to have that.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      The instructions aren’t all that great – they have been translated to English and are a bit bitty. That said there is a section in the back that goes into different fruit and vegetables and what they do to help the skin. x

  27. Hannah

    This is so cool! I’ve never heard of anything like this before x

  28. Sam | North East Family Fun

    What a fab idea – sometimes it’s definitely worth investing in something a little more expensive to save £ in the long term x

  29. Melissa @ The Staten Island family

    what a fantastic machine! I love that you can create your own beauty product at home and know exactly what is in it– my teen would LOVE this for Chanukah!

  30. Joyce Brewer

    Ok, so do you flip it up and hold it to your face, or what?
    I’m a little confused.

  31. Melanie Edjourian

    I must admit I didn’t know such a thing existed. What a great product!

  32. Olivia Thristan

    I’ve never even heard of this before, but it sounds SO cool! I think I need to get one in my life 😀

  33. Amanda Love

    Wow! That’s pretty amazing! I’ve never seen a machine that could make facial masks before. I wouldn’t mind trying this one out!

  34. The London Mum

    Wow, what a strange machine, but how great as well. I’d love to make my own face masks at home.

  35. Lyndsey

    Wow this is such a cool idea, and you could use some really beneficial ingredients creating your own mask and you would know exactly what was in it!
    Great review!
    L x

  36. Our Family World

    What a cool machine! This is my first time to seen this. I also love using mask to care my skin.

  37. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    How fun is this! I must admit, I haven’t worn a face mask since I was about 12, but I would like tot ry one again.

  38. WhatLauraLoves

    Oh wow this is certainly so different to anything that I’ve seen before! I love face masks so it could be perfect for me xxx

  39. Charli Bruce

    I have to admit I clicked on this thinking what is this going to be about and then I was pleasantly surprised. I actually think its a great little concept and the fact you can make sheet masks is brilliant… I’m so asking for one for Christmas! xx

  40. ana

    This is the coolest invention I have ever seen, I would love to make my own face mask!

  41. Rach Ferrucci

    I never heard of this. It sounds so cool and I’d love to try it!

  42. Robin Rue

    This sounds like such an awesome way to make different masks. I am loving that there are so many choices.

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