Gardening Week: Unboxing


The last part of this week has been pretty sunny, so we decided to try and get some work done in the garden – the first thing was to obviously mow the meadow like lawn which had sprung up in the last few weeks of rain, but after that the fun really began.

Not too long ago I was sent a trio of gardening products to try and help the garden looking great for summer and this coming week along with another product, I shall hopefully give you a little insight into our few days in the garden.

The three products I have to introduce to you today; are all from well-known brands – the first of which is: Resolva. A brand that offers some of the best weed killer in the UK, with many different types available from ones that will kill everything (plants you love and grass included), to those that can target weeds on your lawn, while making sure your grass isn't left for dead.

If you are a bit of a green fingered failure like me, then Gro-Sure is a brand that might be able to help, they again offer a number of different help your plant grow varieties including manure, compost, liquids and mixes. Each of which contain nutrients to help nourish and feed your plants, hopefully helping you grow stronger, healthier plants.

Last up on the list is Aftercut, this product as you might have guessed focuses on the lawn, the one in particular we were sent helps keep your grass healthy, while aiming to kill moss and weeds – which with the extra mossy grass we have will hopefully be fantastic. The end result is of course that hopefully you will have a beautiful green garden that you can admire all year around.

Personally I am looking forward to hopefully getting down and green in the garden and getting the garden just perfect for a summer season of reading, relaxing and perhaps the odd BBQ.

Have you been getting your garden ready for summer?

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  1. lindsey bluff

    we really need to do something with our garden, its full of moss, clover and weeds. Will look forward to seeing the results you get!

  2. Rachel

    I wish I had a garden instead of pots on a terrace x

  3. Coolchillmom

    Ohhh I am a total black thumb so definitively I need all the help I need
    Products like these make all the difference for me

  4. maria

    Good luck! I need to make some of my own week killer. My ditch gets weeds so quickly and it is very pricey to buy at the store.

  5. Danielle

    I may use some of these in my own garden. I need to spend more time out there.

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I hope your gardening goes well. I don’t have a garden in my yard because it’s mostly shade!

  7. Rosey

    I am a bit of a green fingered failure too. 😉 I’m working on it though, and blog posts like this help. The more info. the better chance I have at an eventual success. 🙂

  8. Annie {Stowed Stuff}

    Hubby goes to Lowe’s just about every Saturday to get stuff like this!

  9. Vivienne Wilkes

    Definitely could do with some Resolva for my garden!

  10. Amber Nelson

    This stuff definitely comes in handy we have found! We just started gardening this year!

  11. Amanda

    I miss having a yard! Even on days where it includes pulling weeds!

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