Features for Making your Rental Property Stand Out
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Features for Making your Rental Property Stand Out

Looking to rent out your property but struggling to find tenants?

Make sure the appearance of your property isn’t the reason why tenants stay away.

Consider these tips when preparing your rental home to make sure your property stands out from the crowd.

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First impressions

A clean, inviting and bold exterior will grab potential tenants’ attention and ensure your property stands out for all the right reasons.

First impressions count, so if tenants are unimpressed by your home’s exterior, it’s unlikely that they’ll choose to rent your property.

Take a little time to care for your home’s exterior.

Outdoor spaces should be decluttered and tidy. If you have grassy areas, make sure lawns are mown, free from weeds and look lusciously green.

Try your green finger by adding flowers or shrubbery to bring colour and a pleasant fragrance to an outdoor space.

Apply a fresh coat of paint to doors, windows and walls if needed to brighten up the exterior.

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Update the kitchen

Today, the kitchen is the most valuable room in any home, so you can add value to a home with a little renovation.

A kitchen must have an attractive work surface that is suitable to work at. Storage space is also important to a kitchen, as is efficiency and work surfaces that can be easily accessed.

If your budget allows it, replace your property's old kitchen and think about any structural changes that could improve the space.

Consider upgrading plumbing fixtures in the kitchen to keep them stylish and functioning. Upgrading kitchen surfaces is expensive but can add value to your rental home and keep it modern.

Look to the light

Lighting can really change the feel of your rental property, so make sure you eliminate dim and dull spaces.

Change light fittings to make rooms more vibrant and contemporary. Look to enhance natural light wherever possible.

Investing in aluminium bi fold doors is one way to guarantee open light space in your rental property.

Such a feature adds value to your property, while the doors can really showcase what the home has to offer, giving it a spacious appearance and highlighting outdoor views.

Period features

Whether your home is traditional or modern, period features can create attention in your rental property.

If your home already has period features, don’t neglect these. Restore features such as period fireplaces and Victorian tiles to make them look their best and your property memorable.

Adding features such as moulding to your home can add character and make sure your rental property stands the test of time by combining both classic and modern features.

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Adding technology to the property can appeal to modern renters and make your home different from the rest.

There is a growing trend for smart technology, with 43% of Britons having some form of it in their homes.

Adding technology features to your rental property doesn’t have to be complicated. Try installing a smart thermostat or fixtures that can be controlled by a smartphone.

Improving your residence to let with technology can really make it memorable to potential tenants.





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Features for Making your Rental Property Stand Out

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