Fathers Day 2018
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Father’s Day 2018

This year seems to be passing by quicker than I can keep up with and now we have Father's Day just around the corner. You may well have noticed I've not been up to reviewing much of late, I am having issues stringing sentences together and even took some time off earlier this week. However, I couldn't let this time of year pass without a quick rundown of some ideas for this special day.

Fathers Day 2018 Max Louis Creative Personalised Print Wahl Beard Trimmer and Beard Oil Gift Set Personalised Charging Station Personalised Father's Day Socks From The Dog

Personalised Print from Max Louis Creative

As well as being pretty awesome social media managers Max Louis also do a lot of work with images and they have a wonderful collection of image types that are just waiting for you to personalise them for Father's Day. Just have a look at the one they put together of Sally for me, isn't it great! I love how they have enhanced the fur details around her face and I most definitely cannot wait to pop it up on my wall.  The prints come in at £12.99 – £19.99 depending on size for an oil style print (same as this one) and come unframed, so you can pick the perfect one to go with your photo once it arrives.

Wahl Beard Trimmer and Beard Oil Gift Set

If you ask Ash, beards are definitely in and if your after someone thing for a bearded fellow this then Wahl set may be the perfect gift idea. The beard trimmer boasts a running time of 120 hours and is completely rechargeable, while the oil will help keep the beard, whatever its length, in tip-top condition.

Personalised Charging Station

I have to admit I've seen so many personalised charging stations out there, but this one feels like it really has something a little different to offer. I love how it includes the personalising of both of a photograph and some text underneath. It has been cleverly designed from just two pieces of wood which slot together and includes cavities and indentations for all sorts of items.

Personalised Father's Day Socks From The Dog

Shout out to all those pup fathers out there. We, of course, can't forget you and these personalised father's day socks from your favourite pup are just so adorable. I am 100% tempted to make these Ash's present from Sally for this year, after all, I think every dog owner Daddy needs a pair in their life and don't worry they are customisable on both feet, meaning you can change Daddy to the recipient's name if you would rather.

What do you think of these items for Father's Day, does any part, in particular, take your fancy?

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Fathers Day 2018

This article has 85 comments

  1. sarahjane24carter

    My father would absolutely love the charging station he is always on his phone I love the fact that you can put a personalised photo on there too x

  2. Candy

    Like all your chooses for Father’s Day. My husband wants a new type of power tool this year.

  3. Tasheena

    The beard oil would be perfect for the Mister. I had no idea they even sold it.

  4. Liz

    A personalized charging station sounds like a cool idea. Father’s Day is so soon! I got my dad a gift card to a store he likes.

  5. Tammy

    Love the charging station. My husband could use that for sure!!

  6. Melissa Chapman

    I love Wahl they make great clippers and trimmers which my husband loves to use. I also like a good charging station which we all need.

  7. Rachel

    Whoops! I need to get on this . . . Father’s Day is almost here! It will be nice when the kids are old enough to take care of this on their own. 😉 I’m not sure why, especially since we don’t even have a dog, but those socks are my favorite! They’re just fun and cute. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Tara Pittman

    I love the gift of a personalized charging station. My husband would love this as a gift.

  9. Everyday Made Fresh

    You’ve picked out some great things. I always get my husband a video game or new movie for holidays. There is something always coming out that he wants.

  10. Sara

    These are the best collection I have seen for father’s day. And when it comes the special day, we should prepare something special and you offered the best choices, thank you so much

  11. Joan Cajic

    Love the charging station, I would have also gone for the beard oil but hubby decides to shave everyday because of work.

  12. Amber Myers

    Ooo I think I need that charger station for my husband. He’s forever losing his phone, so he’d have a place to set it.

  13. Jeanette

    My has been can definitely use a new trimmer! The one he has works all right but it’s getting old and not nearly as reliable. That might be a great Father’s Day gift.

  14. Anonymous

    What a great list of ideas! The personalised charging station sounds good. Thank you for sharing this!

  15. Annie Cho

    I totally agree, this year has flown by! Thanks for the amazing gift ideas!

  16. Marysa

    These are neat ideas. It’s nice to have some unique gifts instead of the usual things. I need to get busy doing my Father’s Day shopping!

  17. Terri

    Fathers Day is rapidly approaching. I got my cards but not my gift. Your gift list has inspired me!

  18. Rachel

    I’m torn on the beard oil. I think it would be a great gift for him, but I think he would think I was encouraging the beard.

  19. Summer Mitch Ryan

    I think the socks are cool. My hubby would surely love them.

  20. Emily

    I think all of these gifts are great ideas! I always struggle with what to get my husband for Fathers day. I really think he would like the charging dock, it is functional and with it being personalized it is special to him.

  21. Emma Walton

    Why are mothers and fathers day presents so expensive. I have always encouraged my kids to spend a little money and a lot of time instead of just throwing money at the people you love.

  22. Bradley C Finnearty

    Personalized items are a great Fathers day present. I like personal gifts. Home made type things are the best.

  23. Andrea

    these are all such wonderful gift ideas. my brother and i are getting my grandpa socks ordered with jokes that he has been telling us since we were little and also all of his sayings. im sure he would like that. and i just thought of it from the socks you have here.

  24. Sara Welch

    I have had my gift picked out for months. I am so excited to give him his present!

  25. Patricia-Ann Que

    i love this ideas! very practical and unique. im sure any dad would appreciate and enjoy this!

  26. Chubskulit Rose

    I got my husband a similar charging station when he graduated from his Master’s degree. These are some great gift ideas.

  27. Heather

    I don’t know why Father’s Day is such a hard holiday to find gifts for. These are all great ideas!

  28. Shilpa Bindlish

    Anything personalized is token of love for the person. I loved the charging station from your list.

  29. Anosa Malanga

    My top picks would be the personalised charging station and the personalised socks! I would want to have the same thing for me as well. Lol

  30. Kara Guppy

    I love the charging station – that would be perfect for Hubby’s desk

  31. Linda Hobbis

    Mat would love the personalised charging station. The kids are always draining his appliances!

  32. Nancy at Whispered Inspirations

    My hubby needs a charging station! Thanks for the great ideas. I still need to buy a gift.

  33. Alison Rost

    All are brilliant gift ideas for father’s day! It’s sometimes tough to shop for the men in our lives so it’s good to read posts like this. Love the personalized charging station!

  34. brianne

    These are such great ideas for Father’s Day! I haven’t even started shopping yet!

  35. Erin Sluka

    The socks from the dog are a fun idea. I love the charging station too

  36. Ricci

    It sounds like you have pretty much every Dad out there covered with this git guide! Great post!

  37. Brit Strawbridge

    Oh I love these ideas!! The beard trimmer is genius! & I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a charging station!!

  38. Hayley Warren

    I love the print of Sally, she’s the cutest! I’m still not sure what to get my dad.

  39. CurlyWhippedTee

    These are some great ideas. I love the charging station and my dad would too. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Heidi

    Great ideas. I think my favorites are the charging station and the socks. (They’d be from the kids, though, since we don’t have a dog.)

  41. Ali - We Made This Life

    I always struggle with what to get my husband for father’s day but a couple of these look like really great options so thank you!

  42. toughcookiemommy

    These are some great gift ideas for Father’s Day. My husband is not easy to purchase gifts for so I know he would love these.

  43. Jeanette Leighton

    Can’t go wrong with personalized items with the grandchildren on 😊

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