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I love shopping online, it opens me up to a whole world of brands I wouldn't be able to shop otherwise, however it can be daunting. That is of course unless you have a favourite go to shop, as there is just so much choice, meaning you never quite know where you should look first and that is where Fashiola can help.

A one stop search engine for all things fashion, it includes a whole host of well-loved websites such as ASOS, Ax Paris, Boohoo, Kipling and Oasis to name just a few and allows you, with just one search to browse the shelves of all of them. So you can quickly and easily compare the items each has in stock, helping taking the time out of shopping online.

However Fashiola doesn't stop there, one of my favourite aspects of the website has to be the fact it includes a sale search. This innovative feature checks a whole host of retailers to see what they have on sale and the best bit is you can choose the amount of discount you want it to search for. So if like me you have little to spend, but really want to buy something that doesn't look cheap you can set the search parameters for up to 90% off.

You might just find yourself surprised by what pops up, at the moment I can see items which will at 90% save you anything from just a few £1s off, right on up to £100s off.


The fun doesn't stop there though, how many times have you come across the perfect outfit, been sure you will remember exactly where you found it all and then forget? Well never fear as Fashiola offer a Stylebook area where you can sit for hours putting together your favourite outfits and accessories and it cleverly links off to the website of origin for the clothing and lists price – so refinding those gems is finally, really simple!

What do you think of the sound of Fashiola, do you think you could find it of use?

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  1. julie booth

    Hi- Yes I already use Fashiola- great website

  2. Jaime Oliver

    I love the sound of the style book area .. I forever forget!

  3. Erica Price

    I’m loving the sound of a sale search – perfect way to save money.

  4. Abi - Angel Eden Blog

    Never seen Fashiola website before, off to take a look 🙂

  5. Jen Walshaw

    Ah I need to get my post wrote up, thanks for reminding me! I used the sale search function.

  6. Michelle

    I’ve never heard of Fashiola! I love the idea of a sale search area – who doesn’t love a bargain?


    This looks like a really useful service to help save money while keeping on-trend with the latest fashions.

  8. Tina Holmes

    What a fantastic website, it’s looks great. Will be checking this out asap.

  9. Laura

    Sales are the best, although I seem to spend more to make up for it!

  10. janet humphrey

    never heard of this before, have now marked it as favourite – great idea 🙂

  11. Lucy Dorrington

    A sale search?! How fantastic, that sounds so much easier than trawling through separate websites!

  12. lisa prince

    oh i do love an affordable online shopping store,

  13. Jo Hutchinson

    Brilliant a sale search.

  14. Rachel

    Ive never heard of Fashiola but it sounds like somewhere I should be looking x

  15. Dale Hunsberger

    Looks like a great website – going to have to check it out! Thanks!

  16. Nayna Kanabar

    What a lovely website, I must check it out,

  17. Kimmy

    Fashiola sounds like a great site- they know us so well, don’t they? I wish there was something like this internationally! 🙂

  18. Michelle

    I haven’t heard of this before, I’ll have to check it out! xx

  19. Margaret Lee-Roberts

    Sounds a great website. I always worry about buying shoes on line, as I’ve made some terrible mistakes.

  20. Globalmouse

    This looks great, I haven’t heard of it before so thank you for the introduction!

  21. George Worboys Wright

    It’s a good idea but I always forget to use it! I should bookmark it so it’s always staring at me!

  22. Diane Wood

    I have already signed up and used the Stylebook and I’m discovering a whole new range of clothes retailers – but shush, don’t tell my fella!

  23. oana79

    Definitely, my wardrobe needs a good revamp and this sounds like the place to start! Thank you for sharing.xx

  24. Kara

    I love the idea of putting together my ideal outfits

  25. Ickle Pickle

    Oh I will have to tell my biggest sis about this – it looks good x

  26. Emma | TheMiniMesAndMe

    Sounds like a fab idea. Reminds me a bit of polyvore x

  27. Clare Nicholas

    Loving the sound of this, off to look

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