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Etsy Wishlist June 2017

Etsy Wishlist June Teal Necklace. Resin Wood Pendant, Alternative Doll - Labradorite and 22ct gold nugget with Sterling Silver Embroidered hoop art

One of my favourite places to shop has to be Etsy, it is full of amazing handmade and vintage items, put together by some really talented people. So every now and then I try and pull together a list of some of my favourite items I've found of late, while I wistfully dream of one day owning them for myself. Here is my latest one:

Resin and Wood Pendant

I had no idea how beautiful resin and wood could look together when designed by someone who has incredible talent and Tor from Artful Resin, has completely changed the way I look at such items. He masterfully manages to make these incredible pendants alongside rings and bottle stoppers. I can only imagine how wonderful they feel in the palm of your hand, alongside how beautiful the two different types of material look together.

Little Green Ghost

Pins and Needles are a shop I came across a while ago actually and they offer a whole host of alternative, collectable items, (if you are in mine and Bex's general natter Facebook group, you may actually have seen me post a couple of Victoria's makes last week). I'll try and post the ones I already own in my Lately I'm Loving post, but next on my list just has to be this little green ghost.

Labradorite and 22ct Gold Nugget with Sterling Silver Ring

I absolutely adore rings and Etsy is full of some amazing designs, this particular design fromΒ Pastel Print Keepsakes, really caught my eye. Made using a labradorite gemstone and a 22ct gold nugget, it really is an eye catching piece and the fact they can be worn together as stacking rings really makes for the perfect partnership between these two.

Embroidered Hoop Art

My walls are pretty full, but I can always try and find the space for something new and this embroidered hoop art from Brier Bay Designs looks like it could make for the perfect addition to our bedroom. I love the contrast between the black and white on this particular hoop and do find that because of the shape hoop art can slot into those spaces you wouldn't otherwise know what to do with.

So there are a few things I've loved on Etsy of late, do any of these items catch your eye as well?

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  1. robin rue

    That little green ghost is SO darn cute!! I love some of the cute things I happen across over on Etsy!

  2. Alli Smith

    The pendant is gorgeous! It’s unique and beautiful! I could spend hours on Etsy. There are many talented artisans that I haven’t discovered yet.

  3. Rose Cottrill

    The embroidered hoop art is beautiful. I notice the succulent there, that’s my current obsession lol.

  4. Lauretta at Home and Horizon

    I love vintage items. I cant wait to check what else they offer. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nicole M Caudle

    I have a new obsession with hoop art. I’ve found a few on Etsy that I just absolutely adore!

  6. colleen

    Etsy is the coolest place to look for unique things. Love it!

  7. Christy Maurer

    I love looking at etsy! They’ve got such unique items. That little ghost is adorable!

  8. Franc Ramon

    The little green ghost looks like a really cute and cool collectible. The ring and pendant can also be a good memorabilia.

  9. Jessica@HappilyHughes

    I love shopping Etsy, there are so many fantastic shops and you can find truly amazing and unique items. I just love the resin and wood pendant you found, this is so very gorgeous! I am going to have to have a look at the Artful Resin shop.

  10. Shannon

    Such cute items! I love that etsy items are handmade and support small businesses.

  11. Corinne & Kirsty

    Lovely wishlist. I really like the embroidered hoop art! There are always so many beautiful things on Esty, so hard to make a choice! xx corinne

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It is a lovely art hoop isn’t it, I have to admit I am the same there is so many amazing things on Etsy I just love window shopping on there.

  12. Denay DeGuzman

    What great Etsy picks! The pendant you have your eye on is so lovely. Isn’t it awesome how many beautiful things are available on Etsy? Once I dive in and start searching and scrolling, I discover so many fabulous things. My own wish-list is always much longer than Santa’s list!

  13. Jessica Taylor

    My etsy wishlist is seriously a mile long. I need to check out a few of the shops you mentioned because they sound great!

  14. Jessica

    I love shopping on Etsy! I have a big wishlist of things mainly for my kids. Out of your items, the hoop art catches my eye. I like the design of it.

  15. GiGi Eats

    THAT little green ghost though, ha! It’s just so cute!

  16. Heather Johnson

    That little green ghost is too cute! I have been considering starting my own Etsy shop to sell wreaths in.

  17. Gingey Bites

    Such cute items! I love Etsy too and often use it for Christmas and birthday presents. I love the pendant and the ring!

  18. Samantha Bye

    That pendant is stunning! I’m always looking for new bits of jewellery away from the high street, so thanks for sharing!

  19. Melanie

    Wow…some fab pieces here. My fav is the resin and wood pendant πŸ™‚ x

  20. Shevoneese

    The pendant is beautiful. My best friend would love this for her birthday. Thanks for sharing I was racking my brain on what to get her.

  21. Marlene Wetch

    I am proud of you. If I made an Etsy wishlist it would be much longer than this! I love that little green guy!

  22. fashionmommy

    I’ve only just discovered Etsy when I was searching for a basket bag, I love that cute ghost pin.

  23. Claudia Krusch

    That Labradorite ring is gorgeous. I have found so many amazing things on Etsy.

  24. Pam

    These are great picks. I love Etsy, you can always find something unique and beautiful to buy on there.

  25. Amber Myers

    I so love Etsy! I find so many amazing things from there. I love that green ghost–too cute. That hoop art is unique and would be a great gift.

  26. Josselyn Radillo

    so many lovely things over etsy!! i love everything because it’s so unique

  27. Maurene Cab

    I’ve seen a lot of beautiful handmade crafts on Etsy. I also love that little green ghost.

  28. Lisa

    My daughter would go nuts over that little green ghost! I’m definitely going to put it on my Etsy wishlist!

  29. rika

    I love Etsy. I had to stop browsing because i didn’t want to spend any more money.

  30. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

    Etsy is awesome and it would be so nice to go shopping there right about now. These are all lovely items! That pendant is so dreamy.

  31. Stephanie Merry

    I love how many amazing things you can get on Etsy, that Embroidered Hoop Art is just beautiful! x

  32. Chemady

    I really like the embroidered hoop art. There are many choices to make while shopping at Esty.

  33. hannah

    These look great. Out of all them the green ghost is my favorite

  34. Jaime Nicole

    I love that resin and wood pendant! Etsy is so great for finding unique and quality pieces that are mass produced.

  35. Yaya

    The pendant is stunning. I’ve only bought digital items from Etsy recently, but I have a mile long wishlist as there are so many creative shops on there. x

  36. Rebecca Swenor

    This is a great wishlist of items for June 2017 from Etsy. I also love rings and will have to check these out for sure. The stackable one are awesome because they can be worn alone or together. Thanks for sharing these awesome items.


    its a great chance to shop at Etsy is the place to look for unique things

  38. Lynnette

    Etsy sure dies have some great finds. I normally shop there for event planning.

  39. liz Cleland

    I love finding great unique gifts on etsy!! Such a wild selection of talented people

  40. David Elliott

    The little green ghost looks so cute. I would love getting something like that for my daughter.

  41. Emma Gough

    it’s truly amazing what they can do with resin and how pretty they can make it look – that pendant is lovely – Labradorite is one of my favourite gem stones – the different colours it gives off when it hits multiple light sources is stunning!

  42. Jenni

    I love the Resin and Wood Pendant! It’s so pretty and unique

  43. Lilinha

    I really like the ring with labradorite gemstone and a 22ct gold nugget. It looks so gorgeous and unique. Would love to have one! πŸ™‚

  44. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    I love Etsy, there are always so many wonderful finds on there! That silver ring is lovely, very unique πŸ™‚

  45. Rachel Craig

    Nice items, and seems there is great variety.

  46. LaSHawn

    I love the resin and wood pendant! It’s so unique. I always forget how much i love Etsy until I go on there to get something!

  47. Nikka Shae

    Oh! Very nice items I’m such a sucker for accessories.

  48. Anvita

    the embroidered hoop art is something I have been looking for. I was recently in India and it’s the in thing there these days with a lot of indian fabrics

  49. Lauren

    Ahh I love Etsy so much. I always want like everything I find on there though…it’s a problem ?


    The ghost is adorable. I know my eldest daughter would love hat. I also love that pendant it’s really pretty and would make a wonderful gift.

  51. Deborah Nicholas

    I love unique jewellery and knowing something is handmade just for me makes it even more special – i love those rings!!

  52. Baby Isabella

    My mummy could waste hours and loads of money shopping on Etsy and it’s her favourite obsession and much cheaper than NotontheHighStreet. She loves the Little Green Ghost that you’ve picked! Very cute!

  53. Terri Beavers

    I do love your Etsy wishlist, that green ghost is so cute. I’ll have to check out these sellers to see what all they have to offer. I buy a lot of homemade soaps on Etsy, and I need to broaden that to other things as well.

  54. Evelina

    I am in love with the embroidered hoop art, so pretty! Would look great on my wall.

  55. Emily Leary

    I think my husband would love the Little Green Ghost! It’s hard for me to visit Etsy without ending up spending 20 minutes on it!

  56. Tamsin

    The resin and wood pendant is right up my street! I’m tempted to buy it. Darn you temptress lol x

  57. Megan

    Etsy is a dangerous site! There are so many unique items.

  58. Candice Nikeia

    Esty has such amazing finds! I love all these pieces in your wish list! Esty is actually where I bought my website!

  59. Becca Talbot

    I’ve never actually bought anything off Etsy yet, but I love browsing it – as soon as I have my new house I’ll be buying loads of things πŸ˜› x

  60. Vicki D

    Etsy is my second home…..I love the resin and wood pendent. Just beautiful!

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