Easter at Home Bargains

Home Bargains Easter ChickHome Bargains yet again have come out with some amazing items this time it's Easter they are celebrating and with craft items and gifts starting at under £1 each you're sure to be singing your way down there aisles.

Take for instance the gorgeous fluff ball of a chick above costing just £1.99; this little cutie is suitable for people with a non – sweet tooth (or with one) age 12 months and above. It has soft touch fur and measures around 18cm making for a much more expensive look and feel (it's soooo cute!).

Perhaps you are going to be surrounded with a family of crafter's? Then never fear as Home Bargains shelves are stocked full of things to get those creative juices flowing from an Egg and Spoon Race Set, that allows you to make your own medal coming in at just 99p, creating your own Easter Cards from 89p – while making bonnets costs a mere £3.99 you can choose from a pink or yellow bonnet and each pack contains: felt fabric, pipe cleaners, ribbon, rabbit faces, pom poms, feathers and a glue stick! More of a just do what you want and see what happens person? Then maybe a craft box will be right up your street for £3.99 you can grab a box containing an array of glitter glues, pom poms, pipe cleans, foam shapes, sequins, craft sticks, colourful card and crepe paper and that's just for a start.

They of course have all sorts of things to help with that all important Easter Egg hunt including Easter buckets from 69p to make sure your all important stash is safe, to craft sets to help get the whole family involved.

As for me? Well I'm going to curl up with good old chuck chick up there, eat a lot of chocolate and have a kip!

What have you got planned for this Easter does any of these goodies sound like they would be of use to you?

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  1. Anne Wallwin

    home bargains is great for party bags!

  2. Alyssia

    I love looking at all the Easter bits and bobs in the shops! I never buy anything though… Maybe this year I will!


    This made me chuckle. It’s so cute. Even at my age I find squish soft toys irresistable and adorable.


    i dont have a home bargains near me wish i did they sell so many things there at great prices

  5. Donah

    how cute is this chick? hehe. I can’t get over how much Easter eggs I’m seeing everywhere LOL. I’m craving for chocolates everywhere I turn! haha. Where is my nearest Home Bargains? It seems I’ve not seen one around.. aww 🙁

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I know it’s so cute isn’t it!!! It’s my Easter present haha! I think you can check on there website where your nearest one is if that helps 🙂 xx

  6. Tarastalons

    That chick is SO cute I really, really want one!

  7. Emilee

    So cute! I love this chick!

  8. Angela

    This chick looks perfect for my three great nieces, I hate to give them even more chocolate than I know they will already be getting, and it’s the same sort of price as the eggs I would have bought. Already found two really cute moshi monster toys on Amazon for my boyfriends grand sons and had them sent directly to them so didn’t even have to pay for shipping 🙂
    Angela x

  9. Debra C

    So cute!

  10. Doris

    I’ve always wanted one of those giant chocolate bunnies but never got one… perhaps I’ll have to procure one for myself!

  11. md kennedy

    I’d get on a plane to get one of those chicks from Home Bargains! So cute and cuddly looking.

  12. Shelley Jessup

    Aww that’s a cute little chicky, Hudson would like that. We don’t do very much at Easter, hoping my God-Daughter will pop round with her mum as I have a Easter egg hunt for her to do. We normally find either a car boot or craft fair to go to over Easter weekend & then on Easter Sunday we have a family meal (well I don’t cos I can’t eat it but I just drink instead!)

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Haha I can see Hudson with it – did you get a Pooch Pack this month? It has an rolling egg in it it’s so funny it’s just a plastic egg shaped toy but Sal can’t get her mouth round it, it just randomly takes off lol.

      I hope you have a lovely time over Easter – I must try and find a car boot over Easter not sure if I should do a stall or be naughty and look though lol xx

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