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I did warn you I would be back with more from the fabulous Rex London and today I am back with the first of hopefully many.

As most of you know I'm fighting to move into a more appropriate home so when I was offered the chance to review a doormat the image of one of Dotcomgiftshop's fantastic range nestled in front of my new front door popped into my head and I said yes! I need to admit now that I couldn't choose my favourite so I popped off a list of most liked and asked them to surprise me.

Now while I would have loved any of my list after seeing this one in real life I am dead chuffed they decided to send it.
Moustache Doormat
Mr Moustache here is mat a non-slip, made from natural coconut fibres and rubber backed.

My main concern with this mat was would the ends lift off from the floor due to the curled smaller edges but in the month of use so far it's has always sat completely flat and is in fact one the best best mat's I have used when it comes to how it lays, stays and how well it works.

With the fact it is made of natural fibres you are told you will probably notice some natural shed – but this has been minimal, and the bristles have all stayed upright with no flattening in sight. I have to say I am really impressed by the quality of this mat – and it really has shown me how putting a bit more money into a mat can mean it is of better quality all around and well worth the investment when you have a dog who insists you go outside with her whatever the weather.

Plus it's one heck of a talking point.

You can get your hands on a fabulous Moustache Doormat for £19.95.

Plus don't forget to check out there amazing winter sale which is on at the moment all products included have at least 50% off and believe me they have some great things up for grabs from bags to cards, ribbon to umbrellas and so much more.

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*I was sent the Doormat free of charge for reviewing purposes this however does not make it any less cool – or effect my opinion which is as always 100% honest.

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