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Do You Love the UK?


As a child I was the world worst traveller – I'm still pretty bad today unless I am driving myself, but at least I get some rest bite while I am at the wheel. The fact that I am so bad at travelling meant that we didn't travel to far from home on holiday and I got to enjoy so many of the beautiful places that the UK has to offer.

Cornwall though has a special place in my heart – it is somewhere we visited year after year due to the fact my Mums three brothers, their wives and children all lived there. I was lucky to grow up in a close family, one where everyone accepted me as one of them, even though I was adopted.

I have many memories of staying with my Aunt and Uncle either with them or in one of their holiday lodges they ran for some time, one of my earliest memories in fact happens to be walking along the beach with my parents and them. My Dad popped me on a rock close to where the tide was coming in, to snap a quick picture; as he took a step back to take the picture, a huge wave rushed towards me, he turned and ran leaving me laughing my head of on a rock to be hit by a wave.

I still tease him about that time he tried to get rid of me (one of a couple), but of course I was fine – just ended up with a wet wellies, which was rectified quickly when my uncle tipped them upside down (with me still in them) and gave them a good shaking.

A few minutes after that I disappeared into a rock and found another beach, none of the adults could get through, so I thought it amazing fun to have my own secret beach, while my parents worried about the tide coming in.


As I got older the holidays changed, my Aunt and Uncle moved a couple of times and in my early teens had a lovely little holiday place, which included a mini-farm, large pond my Dad loved to fish and a play area, plus a train would stop at the station right next door, if you flagged it down and it ran right into the centre of Looe, thus beginning my love for it.

Looe for anyone who hasn't been there can be so busy in peak season, but outside of it, offers a lovely little place to visit – most of the shops remain open and feature a mixture of bucket and spade stores, food store and quaint little gift stores, there used to be a wonderful book store as well, one that sold rare and second hand books, which my Dad could spend hours getting lost in and I was probably nearly as bad. We even used to take Sally around Looe and she was very good walking the streets even with quite a number of people around.

Sadly I haven't visited Looe in a few years now, would be nice to back again soon and show Ash one of my favourite places perhaps one day soon I will make it.

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What's your favourite holiday destination?

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  1. Chloe

    I do love Cornwall, but I have to say Scotland has a special place in my heart. I’ve just come back from a lovely (and very hot!) few days in Edinburgh, which is one of my favourite places. I’m also desperate to explore Northumberland and the Lake District a bit more! x

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I’ve never been to Scotland it is somewhere I really would love to visit, going back a few generations my birth family were from Scotland so I would love to visit – same with Ireland my adoptive Gran was from there but I’ve never been (all the bad travelling again!) x

  2. Terry

    I would love to travel to the UK. I have seen so many posts on it. That is on the list of things I want to do.

  3. Sarah-Louise Bailey

    It’s amazing isn’t it – I don’t envy them the summer months though, must feel a little like a take over.

  4. coolchillmom

    I am a fan of the UK but unfortunately I barely know London. I need to get traveling your way again soon!

  5. Mandy@

    I studied in the UK while in College for a semester and loved it. But my favorite vacation is a cruise where I can see a number of places in one trip while also having time to relax

  6. Abigail Cullen

    I love Cornwall with its scenery and peacefulness, too be honest if the weather is good here, I wouldn’t think twice about going abroad for my holidays.

  7. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Stonehenge is one of the things on my bucket list that’s really high up! Someday I will make it across the pond to see it in real life.

  8. Amanda Love - Growing Up Madison

    We had plans to visit the UK this year. I’ve been there a few times when I was younger since I grew up in British territory so I have quite a few family members there. They all want to see my youngest so may actually take a trip there next year. 🙂

  9. becca

    I’ve never been but it’s on my to do list of places to travel.

  10. Pam

    I have never been to the UK, but I have always wanted to. It sounds amazing.

  11. Amber Nelson

    I have never been there, but it looks and sounds amazing.

  12. Lady Lilith

    I have not been to the UK but it seems like a really nice place to visit.

  13. Emma Nixon

    I love travelling in Britain, especially Cumbria. Lovely scenery, relaxing.

  14. Angie Hoggett

    I love our country, especially learning the history

  15. krystalskitsch

    I want to visit SO bad! I think it is so beautiful.

  16. Rachel Davies

    I went to Cornwall a few years back it was so beautiful, I loved it

  17. Amanda

    I have spent a day in London but that is it.

  18. laura pyper

    we love going on caravan holidays we go to sundrum castle in ayr a few times a year and we are heading to the Lake District for the first time next week 🙂 oh and ive always wanted to go to cornwall hopefully we will get there next year!

  19. olivia Kirby

    I used to love Cornwall before I had kids, but the roads to Cornwall are terrible and it’s too far away! Now, it’s North Yorkshire, only 2-3 hours away, just as beautigul and cheaper!

  20. Jayne Sullivan

    I used to go to Colwyn Bay in North Wales as a child. The family used to lease a caravan there for a week. Happy Times.

  21. Lucinda Barton

    I LOVE Looe! I think we have been every year of my life! In fact we’re off today for a trip down this weekend. I have many many happy memories or walking the lanes or rockpooling up on Hannafore point. I always dreamt of visiting George Island too. One day!!

  22. Suzanne M

    Another St. Ives fan here – beautiful place and very arty

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