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Deluxebite Logo I think it's pretty obvious by now that one thing my family never say no to is food. So I was really excited when we were contacted by the people over at Deluxebite to see if we wanted to try one of their monthly boxes.

Each month Deluxebite sends out a box containing 5 delux food samples and costs £20 (postage and packaging included) or you can sign up for 6 months upfront giving you a free box or for a year with 2 free. Alongside you receiving a box Deluxebite also donates a free meal to a hungry family right here in the UK through their partnership with Trussell Trust.

Deluxebite March 2013 The lovely people over at Deluxebite kindly sent me their March box to have a look at – and I have to say I am really rather impressed it contained:

1. Rossini Chicken and Pork
This marinade includes a unique mix of fennel, star anise, dill, bay leaves, black pepper and orange I haven't got around to trying it yet but I'm actually really looking forward to it as it does look like it would really some flavour to a nice bit of chicken or pork. Although ingredients have to be sourced from across the globe they try and make sure all fair trade and where possible are sourced from as close to their location in Exeter as possible.

2. Cotswold Gold Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil
This award winning oil is produced on a family farm in the heart of the Cotswolds where they have been farming for over 40 years – they make sure that only the highest quality oil is placed into each bottle.

3. Munchy Choccy Seeds with Chilli & Ginger
Yet another award winning company included in the box, the idea of Munchy seeds was originally developed by the owners Grandmother over in New Zealand but the company is based with her and her husband in East Sussex. The Choccy Seeds take Sunflower and pumpkin seeds and mixes them with pieces of crystallised ginger that are then coated with chilli chocolate. I have to admit at first I wondered if I would be over whelmed by the flavour of chilli but in fact it is just a hint and adds a gorgeous edge to these munchy seeds.

4. Cornish Orchards Lemonade
Made in Duloe Cornwall alongside all manner of other ciders and soft drinks, and I have to say there lemonade is delightful; honestly me and my Dad managed to grab a glass each and ended up having a bit of a kerfuffle over who got to drink the last little bit, as it most certainly is one of the nicest cloudy lemonades I have ever tried.

5. Black Garlic Blac Garlic UK
I'm not going to even try and pretend to know anything about Black Garlic because I honestly know nothing – I'm sure I have seen them in the shops in the years before but as someone who's not much of a fan of Garlic anyway it's not that surprising, so this little black beauty has gone to my Mum to see what she can do with it.

I have to say overall I really like the concept of this box brining English brands to your front door every month the fact they support a UK charity helping people on our own shores – something we ourselves or someone we know and live might need to access one day.

Having looked through previous boxes online they really offer a great mix of brands and I shall definitely be keeping an eye on them to see what they bring out in future.

To find out more about them or to order yourself a box check out their website.

What do you think of the concept of Deluxebite, is it something you would like to try out?

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  1. Nicola Terry

    I think the concept is a great idea but personally I think Deluxebite have ruined it. I was a customer when Deluxebite was Larderbox and loved it. Got amazing full sized products which were always used. Then they got bought out and became Deluxebite and now I will not renew my membership. They now give out smaller ‘deluxe samples’ and I feel that for £20 it is not worth that. Although March was one of the better boxes since the changeover, the other boxes were disappointing, in my opinion, to the Larderbox boxes. In February they made the mistake of putting the prices on their literature and it showed the box was worth less than £9.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      🙁 that’s not good – I’ll have to keep an eye out on what they bring up out in future to see what they include. Hopefully the fact that this one is better is a step towards them working out the kinks for those of you who were previous customers:) xx

  2. Stacey Roberson

    It’s nice that they donate a meal for each box they send out. I love the variety in each box – love to try new and different meals

  3. Nikki

    That is really neat that Deluxebite sends you yummy food AND helps out families in need. I’m not sure what black garlic is either but I love to cook and I bet it would be fun to work with.

  4. Denise Taylor-Dennis

    We have programs like this in the US too, I like to see a company helping those in need.

  5. md kennedy

    Now this is a box for my hubby! He is so NOT into the “green” boxes but is a big foodie – everything in the box you received he would love. Now, do they ship to the US or Canada??

  6. chelesa sims

    what nice products.I dont know if anyone in my family would actual appreciate it other than me but i love that kind of stuff

  7. Paula V

    These look great. The presentation and packaging is even lovely.

  8. Beth

    looks like neat stuff to try out. would be fun. ( :

  9. Leanne

    Yum, yum! This is right up my street. Xx

  10. Anna Memphis

    The US seems to be getting into box subscriptions — I’m waffling over one of the gourmet food ones too. Spending money on ‘surprises’ — not sure about it. Yours looks delicious though!

  11. Kate

    I would be pretty intimidated to cook with some of that- you’ll have to let us how it turns out!

  12. Debra C

    I have never heard of black garlic.

  13. Aubrey

    This looks like a great gift idea

  14. Andrew L.

    My wife always gets the Beauty Sample Boxes but this is a box I would love! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Emilee

    This looks like a very tasty box! I’m starting to become interested in all the different subscription boxes here in the US. Food is always my favorite, though! 🙂

  16. Nichole Miller Shamblin

    This would be really cool for a gift (Any occasion) and I’d be helping someone hopefully they ship to US.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Sadly there site seems to be down (thus no link in the post) but as soon as it is up and running again I shall be sure to check it out for you 🙂 x

  17. Maddie K.

    I remember when I was a kid my mom would get a box subscription to one thing or another, then it seemed to die out. In the US it seems to be coming back with a variety of boxes that one can order from. From my standpoint 20 pounds seems a bit steep (if I were to pay for that her in the US it would be around $38.00) for what you are getting. One of the other blogs I read does a versus blog post once a month between two different subscription boxes. I like that. I’ve been looking into ordering a monthly subscription box. Just not sre what I want to order.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I can totally understand it being too much – I don’t think I could realistically afford it each month myself, as much as I would like to. I do love the fact it’s all local English goodies and they come from small suppliers though. x

  18. Molly Hearn

    It seems like a great concept and if they had something here where I live I would possibly get involved. I love the donation to a family in need. we help out our towns local soup kitchen by collection donations and doing fundraisers for them.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I don’t think we do things like soup kitchens over here – at least not in the same way as you do across the pond. I love that part as well you never know when you will be in need or a friend or family member will be so it’s nice to give in my mind when you can. x

  19. Helen Moulden

    Have been thinking about signing up to a monthly subscription service for a while, so will give Deluxebite a look! Sounds yummy!

  20. Ellie

    I’ve been subscribed to DeluxeBite since February and haven’t been sent April’s box, even though I have been charged for it…. So I try to go on their website to cancel my subscription and write them a stern email and am confronted with a 404 error… seems their website no longer exists, I can’t find them on twitter or facebook and I can’t find anyone anywhere saying anything about them… it’s like they’ve disappeared! Not sure if I’ve missed something, but all I can find is reviews on their March box. Anyone anywhere got any info?

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Hey – I had someone else email me about the same thing as well – I’ve tried emailing the company but no reply so far, hope you manage to find something out 🙂 x

  21. Chris Archer

    We bought my parents a 3 box subscription for Christmas – they managed to send the first one pre Christmas(!) and then not one again until March despite me chasing and chasing them – again failed in April as per your previous comment now appear to have gone bust owing my parents a box! No correspondence back from them in 6 months – no wonder they appear to have gone through.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It’s awful I’m leaving this post up (minus the links of course) mainly so you all have somewhere to ‘get together’ on this – I’ve had a few people email me – so I’ve done some digging you might be able to claim back on your credit card for non receipt of goods so worth checking with your provider.

      Also give trading standers a phone they will probably be able to be more helpful than me.

      I really hope you all get your goods or money 🙁


  22. Stuart Briely

    Do you know if this company has gone bust? I can’t find the website and I’ve been trying to contact them as I ordered a box a month for 6 months for a friend and since February, he has only had one. They don’t reply to emails either!

  23. Kim Styles

    looks good and quite a good variety of ingredients

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