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Degustabox August 2014


August has been one heck of a month and not in a great way, as well as all the car trouble, my USB failed me and I lost a lot of photos, now normally I have more than one copy, but I had borrowed my Dad's SD to take the pictures and instead of transferring to my computer and USB I stuck it straight on USB and wiped the SD for Dad. When I went to get them back off my USB, the USB had kicked the bucket, which left me in panic mode. Thankfully my Dad has his head on straight and managed to get the local computer shop to bring back the photos to his SD, so quite a bit of money down and a lot of panicking later I am finally able to blog about items for which I originally lost the photos.

Anyway with that explanation out of the way let's get on with a very late look at Augusts Degustabox – for anyone who hasn't come across these boxes before, they are a monthly subscription box costing £12.99 including delivery. Each box features a mixture of items, all of which are sold at pocket friendly prices so could be easily added to your weekly shop.

There were 2 boxes that went out in August, both contained a slightly different assortment but both were just a fantastic as each other.

First up we have:

Zeo Drinks
I actually wrote a blog post on Zeo almost a year ago now, they are a refreshing, natural soft drink with a tingle when you taste. My favourite of the three still has to be crush which is a blood orange, lime, lemon and orange mixed with fruit and botanicals. One of the other great things about Zeo is they are low in calories with a bottle containing between 45 and 59 depending on which flavour you go for.


The Berry Company – Special Tea Drinks
A family run company, The Berry Company specialises in making drinks using super fruits, at the moment they sell a total of 7 ‘super fruit' drinks and the range has just been expanded to include four new tea drinks, each of which takes a type of tea and mixes it with a fruit or berry. In my box I received Black Tea – with Elderflower and Lemon, to be honest, I personally wasn't a fan and it isn't a drink I would buy myself – however I would be interested in trying their super fruit range to see what that is like.


Hornsby’s Blueberry Cider
One again this wasn't something I tried, as I don't drink alcohol. So these went to my parents of them to try, my Dad was a bit worried about giving it a whirl as apparently (naughty Dad I have) drank a little too much cider one day in his teens and hasn't touched it since. Anyway daughter – embarrassing Dad time over, apparently this went down really well, they both said the blueberry covered the fermented apple taste and it would be a drink they could both see being brought by themselves in future.


Maggi Packets
There were four different packets available from the Maggi range in the boxes, with each box getting at least two different types (and a total of three packets). Each one contains all you need to make a delicious sauce for your meal sadly we haven't got around to trying these yet but I am definitely looking forward to giving the Piri Piri Chicken a try!


Portlebay Popcorn Kracklecorn
From a small company in Devon, Portlebay Popcorn looks to bring new and distinctive tastes; all of their popcorns offer something slightly different from the “norm”. I'm a salted popcorn lover and I found these all very different, the sweet and salted was a little more sweet on the whole than I liked, while the bacon and maple syrup had a very sweet kick to it as well. However the chilli and lime which I really thought I wouldn't like was quite tasty and something I would definitely give a try again.


Blueberry & Chocolate bar
A natural chocolate snack bar Frank comes in five different flavours, all the bars contain the patented ENERGYSMART which is a natural combination of carbohydrates and fruit-juice concentrates, which helps provide longer lasting energy release. Personally I wasn't so sold on the blueberry and chocolate flavour, but then I am not a huge fan of blueberry, I would quite like to get my hands on the oat and chocolate and double chocolate variety and give them a whirl.


Green and Blacks – Lemon
Green and Blacks are one of those chocolate brands I just love to munch on, they do one of the most delicious white chocolate bars available. None of us have however had the lemon bar before and as it is mixed with 60% dark chocolate I just knew just the guy this had to be given to. I have to admit I didn't get much out of him for a while on how it tasted other than yum yum yum. However it apparently worked delightfully together with the lemon adding a delicious edge to the dark chocolate.


Dr Oetker Eton Mess Sprinkles and Violet Crystals
These two cake toppings offer a completely different type of topping from any I have seen before, especially the Eton Mess Sprinkles which includes meringue pieces and freeze dried strawberry pieces, while the Violet Crystals are coloured sugar crystals with a slight violet flavouring. I really wanted to make some cakes for this post, but with everything going on I sadly didn't get around to it, but I am definitely looking forward to whipping some up and adding some sprinkles.

So there you have the last Degustabox – once again I think it offers great value for money and if you fancy getting your hands on one, make sure you act fast as the next payment is taken on the 10th of the month.

Keep up to date with all thing Degustabox on their:

What do you think of the idea of Degustabox, is it something you would like to try?

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  1. Ellen Stafford

    I love the look of the Zeo drinks. Would love to try them one day. I would also love to try the pop corn. I like sweet and salty popcorn. Can’t imagine what Bacon and maple syrup would taste like 🙂

  2. Emma

    I saw these advertised recently in Bavaria too, it would be a nice surprise each month I guess! 🙂

  3. Kara

    It really is packed full of great stuff – hubby is eyeing up the cider, but still can’t get my head around the name lol

  4. börnin mín

    I have heard such good things about them, I’m still undecided though about the surprise element!

  5. Rachel

    Love the popcorn, I had Waitrose own bacon and maple syrup version and it was amazing x

  6. Kate Thompson

    Ooh we just recently tried the Zeo drinks, they are currently on offer at Ocado. My kids loved them!

  7. VaiChin @Rambling Through Parenthood

    Ooh, that looks like one box I would have really loved! Nice idea to surprise yourself each month.

  8. Foz

    Those Zeo drinks look interesting!! and love Green and blacks!

  9. Faye Reed

    I might look into these boxes. I’m a right foodie and love boxes like this, I get the youbeauty discovery ones at themoment.

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