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Day 2 – 3

I went to the dentist on Tuesday for some reason in the middle of the normal lecture I get on you should stop smoking it will really help your teeth and gums I decided to declare, I'm going to stop.. And I haven't smoked a cig since then. My brain feels like well a complete mess, I can hardly think straight, and the cravings although not as bad as yesterday when they were reducing me to tears are still bad, my arm keeps wanting to move to the left while I'm sat on the sofa and grab a cig and lighter, and just light on up.
Not sure how long this is going to last, will I manage it or will I lose the plot and start again? Anyone want to have a bet?

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  1. alana_haukka

    Hi sweetie, if it helps, on a stop smoking thread on the beadie forum I visit most people said cold turkey gets better after just a few days! I reckon Artie will help keep you rather distracted though ;-)So hang in there and let him entertain you tee hee *hugest hugs* xoxox

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