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Another Wednesday has rolled around, it seems like the weeks are flying by quicker than I can blink. This week, I finally pick up my new contacts so I should be able to see a bit better, my Keratoconus has progressed to a point that my eyesight in one eye cannot be corrected by glasses. However, due to how contact lenses work they remain an option to correct my eyesight for now. Of course with the progressive nature if Keratoconus, I do worry that I may end up having to have a cornea transplant, sooner rather than later at least in the one eye.

Anyway enough doom and gloom, this week I thought it would be a nice way to kick start the summer, by giveaway £25 worth of Amazon vouchers for one lucky winner to spend on whatever they wish!

So how can you be in with a chance of winning? Well all you need to do is let me know:
What do you have planned for the summer?

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  1. cheryl hadfield

    Looking forward to spending quality time with my family hopefully outdoors in the sun

  2. glenn hutton

    Nothing planned as of yet as finances are tough at the moment

  3. Tracy Nixon

    We will plan a few days in advance when we know what the weather is going to be like. No holidays planned but we live right beside the beach so spend alot of time down there when it is hot – having picnics and paddling in the sea!

  4. Alica

    We are having our council house revamped and I cannot wait! New kitchen, bathrooms, windows etc. I am not looking forward to the mess tho! 🙂

  5. Abigail Cullen

    Currently on holiday in Benidorm, shall be finishing off the conservatory when back home. 🙂

  6. Carolle Wieler

    Hopefully another break to Cornwall in late August, love it so much, weather permitting!

  7. Jen Schofield

    A holiday to Wales

  8. ramblingmads

    Well I’ve just started a new job but We’ll definitely squeeze in some days out and a few bbqs before it gets cold.

  9. clair downham

    a family holiday thankyou

  10. Michelle Wild

    Nothing, so I hope the sun shines again soon.

  11. Margaret gallagher

    Planning lots of days out in our local area -should be fun

  12. Diane Wareing

    My daughter and granddaughter are over from Australia so I want to have lots of fun with them while I can.

  13. laura banks

    we’re going to majorca

  14. Anthony Harrington

    Our little Grandson is coming to stay with us, counting down the days, can’t wait!

  15. emma walters

    looking forward to meeting up with family for a week in devon x

  16. melanie stirling

    We don’t have any current plans,everything we do is last minute depending on my health and what work my husband has on.

  17. Fiona

    We’re hoping to go camping if the weather is OK!

  18. Nikki Hayes

    We’re off to London in late July for a short break – can’t wait :o)

  19. Helen W

    No plans as yet, but we might find something last minute.

  20. Amelia Kennedy

    Lots of work in our garden and, hopefully, a holiday in Devon late summer x

  21. Lorraine Tinsley

    A week in Spain and then a few day trips to keep the kids entertained

  22. Zoe C

    Lots of family days out, not going to plan too much this year, just going to be spontaneous days out

  23. Sarah N

    No solid plans, but hopefully the weather will be nice for some days out.

  24. rebecca h

    other than working! we are going to have a BBQ with family and friends and a trip to London!

  25. Kim Neville

    Our family holiday to Crete and fun days out to theme parks

  26. Caroline Hemple

    Lots of camping trips and a family wedding to look forward to!

  27. Tracy Clark

    Looking at this weeks weather not a lot apart from getting wet lol

  28. Solange

    Looking forward to our family holiday to Florida.

  29. Ailsa

    A lot of childcare juggling but a trip to the Lake District at the end of august

  30. S Edwards

    Resting my leg which is badly injured

  31. Karen Barrett

    I have my family visiting from Australia this Summer.

  32. Heather Haigh

    No particular plans, just taking it as it comes.

  33. Marc Chivers

    Nothing yet

  34. Phil Darling

    I’m planning on sorting the garden out

  35. Hassni

    I may doze under a shady tree.

  36. Janice

    I hope to go camping a few times

  37. Bob Clark

    A trip to the Dusselldorf Fair to celebrate summer in style – German beer and sausages !!

  38. Suzanne Jackson

    No plans as yet

  39. Lee Ritson

    Got a little caravan holiday with my partner and our kids at the beginning then a few trips to the zoo 🙂

  40. kim jackson

    lot’s of days out as there are a lot of birthdays 😀

  41. Rob Hutchinson

    What I have planned for the summer is… absolutely nothing.

  42. Susan Smith

    Apart from a holiday, living at the seaside, there is always plenty to do and see, we all enjoy the beach

  43. Gabby Evans

    going to devon with my sis and family cant wait!

  44. Emily Knight

    We’re getting married this summer – so excited!!

  45. paul

    Nothing at the moment .

  46. MM

    We have a family holiday booked for August, but nothing until then!

  47. Lynn Bellamy

    I’m touring around Scotland with an opera for the summer, and then I’m taking myself off to Zante in my 10 days off!

  48. Tammy Tudor

    A family holiday to Tenerife and lots of days out to the beach and park

  49. Kamara

    A couple of trips! Budapest, Valencia, Santorini. Excited for all three!

  50. M Dean

    Redoing the patio

  51. Nicola W

    Lots of BBQs and walks in the sunshine.

  52. Laura Jeffs

    No special plans, apart from our holiday in August to the Amalfi coast in Italy

  53. Jade Adams

    Some little adventures and a trip back to Spain to unwind.

  54. Sharon Worsley

    A family holiday and loads of nice days out

  55. Jessica Quinn

    A trip to Cornwall, lots of barbecues and days out in the sun hopefully!

  56. Heather T

    We will be going to visit my Mum & Dad on their boat on the river

  57. Katie W

    A lovey day out with my friends, featuring Pimms and Mojitos.

  58. Alison Johnson

    Lots of work in my garden. Building a patio, a path & removing a deck area. Will try to get a few days out in between.

  59. Lorna Ledger

    the usual stuff working, but also going to Portsmouth, my Nephews b-day and my Daughters 17 xx

  60. Alana Walker

    Steeling myself for 6 weeks with the kids and being 7 months pregnant! Hope to get away fror a seaside break at some point.

  61. Andrew Petrie

    I will be doing a lot of fishing on the local riverbanks.

  62. Marc H

    Not a thing and i’m okay with that.

  63. sarah birkett

    This summer? not much really. A friends wedding, my 50th, my husbands 60th, my sons graduation, my daughters DofE at Buckingham Palace and lots to do in the garden.

  64. leanne weir

    a family holiday thanks

  65. Alexandra oliver

    festvals and bbqs…lots of fun!

  66. Claire Nutman

    After getting married last month, we will be on a shoestring this summer so not much lol

  67. Tee simpson

    Not much really. A few days out and a few playdates

  68. Ruth Steel

    Nothing planned but will hopefully have some days out.

  69. Sophia Miller

    I’m going to the US for a month. It’ll be my first time going to America so Im very excited

  70. Emma Ellams

    Going on holiday to Snowdonia, never been before so I’m super excited

  71. Connor Hassall

    I’m going on holiday to Cuba and I can’t wait.

  72. Lydia A

    I’m hoping to redecorate my bedroom and spend lots of time outdoors.

  73. Jo Carroll

    Hope the new contacts work out for you. I’m sure you have but have you seen this site? https://www.keratoconusgroup.org/

    We’re off for four days on one of the cheap and cheerful holidays from the papers next week…so hope the weather is good. x

  74. Lori Darling

    Panning to visit our local historical sites

  75. Jane Davies

    Lots of long days at the beach, best thing to do with kids. It’s free, fun and keeps them active outdoors 🙂

  76. Jade Hewlett

    I’m going to London for a few days

  77. Allan Smith

    Nothing yet :/

  78. Emma Gibson

    No holiday as of yet, so we’ll see.

  79. Rachael G

    Lots of day trips – hopefully spend some time at the beach too if the weather is nice!

  80. Ritchie

    Break to Cornwall.

  81. Vicki D

    A few trips to the beach, days out at local attractions, hopefully some bbq’s in the garden and a festival or two if my bank account permits lol

  82. Ross Hanney

    Heading to Wales!

  83. Alice Dixon

    Looking forward to quality time with my children as my eldest starts full time school in September, hoping to gave a few good days out, beach, theme park, park, farm etc

  84. David Williams

    Reading, watching dvds and playing online bridge.

  85. laura stewart

    a weeks camping in devon x

  86. Michelle smith

    Going to visit my daughter and grandaughter

  87. Anneka Spencer-Futter

    I have to work 🙁 looking forward to the bank holidays though 🙂

  88. Amy Bee

    Hopefully booking lots of holidays! Fingers crossed!

  89. Helen Tovell

    Simple family fun, picnics on the beach or down the park

  90. Susan Lloyd

    We are planning a month in Florida, plus lots of days out.

  91. Tasha Hamilton

    Going to spend some time at the seaside

  92. Pam Francis Gregory

    Week in Devon

  93. Maggie Coates

    Nothing planned as yet.

  94. William Gould

    We’ve already had our holiday, so it will be gardening and hopefully a few days out!

  95. Valerie Seal

    We’re having our annual family holiday in Mablethorpe!

  96. Sarah Carter

    Me and my Fiance are going to Barcelona during summer

  97. Elizabeth

    Bit of travelling up and down the country to see a band I really like.

  98. Michaela Hannah

    We will be having lots of family days out and maybe a trip to see family down south

  99. Nina C

    Family holiday, chilling and not to fall out with my teenager (too many times!!)

  100. Catherine McAlinden

    Some new toys for the garden, and we will spend most of our time out there!

  101. Sue McCarthy

    I’ll just be spending time in my garden, always lots to do!

  102. Jennifer Wlodyka

    We will be spending most of the time in the garden

  103. Carolynn Woodland

    Two weeks camping in Cornwall

  104. joanna butler-savage

    a week at the coast

  105. Roger Turbin

    Nothing yet.

  106. Graham Ross

    A holiday toScotland

  107. Lisa King

    We have lots of days out in Norfolk planned

  108. Helen Humphries

    I’m planning on having a huge clear out and tidy esp. of paperwork which I know isn’t the usual thing people look forward to and plan ha!

  109. Tracy Newton

    We are having a family holiday.

  110. Natalie White

    No holiday this year sadly but we’ll be hoping to have lots of BBQs! 🙂

  111. Rachel

    I am off home to visit the parents and my nieces and nephews for a long weekend and it is also my birthday this month whoop x

  112. Tiffeny Brown

    Just moved into a new house and first baby is due in October, so this summer will include lots of diy projects and shopping trips! 🙂 x

  113. iain maciver

    staying at home

  114. Julia Lawson

    I’m holidaying in my home country of Scotland and going to Stirling for a week with my niece, at the end of this month 🙂 Looking forward to it, I’m my elderly mum’s carer so don’t get a lot of time to myself – my sister is looking after her for me when I’m away. Can’t wait for the break and being able to relax and have fun without thinking about household chores! Oh and I’m planning on getting a Nintendo Switch next week too 😀

  115. terri kelly

    moving house – hopefully somewhere with a nice garden 🙂

  116. Becky Duffy

    Spending time with my daughter, Going to Brighton for a couple of days and hopefully enjoying the good weather 🙂

  117. katie

    spending time in the garden and hopefully some barbecues

  118. pete c

    a week away in Majorca and a few nice weekends at home (in the garden)

  119. Caroline Hunter

    We’re having a BBQ for all our friends over the August Bank Holiday 🙂

  120. Simon C

    We’re hoping to move house this summer! (just got to find the right one first)

  121. Andrea Fletcher

    A holiday to Whitby and lots of days in the garden and having picnics with my grandson.

  122. Spencer Broadley

    Planning some BBQs for friends and a week in Cornwall

  123. Sam McKean

    We’re going camping in Devon!

  124. Maria Hackett

    Taking my toddler twins on theirs first holiday abroad 🙂

  125. simon tutthill

    plenty of days out including a lovely holiday to france later in the summer

  126. Laura Pritchard

    I’ll be working as normal but I have odd days off to cover childcare so we’ll take lots of day trips…and we’re going glamping in Hampshire.

  127. Angela Treadway

    bike rides, trips to the park x

  128. Rebecca Nisbet

    My wedding whoop whoop!!

  129. KK

    Probably just spend it at the beach.

  130. SarahP

    It’s birthday season in the house so lots of birthday outings and hopefully a few bbqs!

  131. Rhia Drew

    Planning lots of day trips to the seaside!


    A wee holiday to France to see some good friends will be tops

  133. claire woods

    Holiday to Cornwall / days out locally.

  134. Mary Brothwood

    We went to Center Parcs last weekend with 10 family and friends, and stayed in one of their treehouses. It was beautiful, and great to see the kids enjoying nature rather than computer games!
    There won’t be any more holidays this summer, but we will have some lovely days out and try to make the most of any sunshine! ☀️

  135. Lorraine Kirk

    Hopefully lots of time in the garden and a trip to Suffolk for some fun on the beach!

  136. Val Swift

    We are moving house as soon as the kids break up

  137. Janet Birkin

    No plans so hopefully sunning in the garden

  138. Gemma Found

    Off to Orlando

  139. Margaret Clarkson

    Spending time on the beach and in the garden

  140. Ruth Harwood

    not a lot, but might be booking last minute holiday xx

  141. Lisa Parker

    Nothing planned at the moment as things are tough financially x

  142. John Ettery

    Oh just relaxing in the garden for now, off to Military Tattoo in August.

  143. Joanne Darnell

    Trips to the park

  144. Leanne V McKenna

    Lots of walks, bike rides and picnics. There are some free events going on like an open air cinema in a local park close to us so we will be getting involved in those too.

  145. ashleigh allan

    Lots of family days outs!

  146. Lucy Major

    I am going to go on a nice beach holiday 🙂

  147. Elisabeth Ries

    We’ve booked a week in centre parcs – it will be the first time we have visited, just hope the weather is ok!

  148. Nuala R

    family holiday to Devon

  149. Helen Stratton

    A few days out, a trip to the theatre and a holiday at the end.

  150. Sara Goodman

    A trip to France & I can’t wait!
    Thanks for a super giveaway x

  151. Louise King


  152. Hannah Smith

    I went on holiday earlier in the year, so having a staycation this summer. Hoping the weather stays nice and sunny 🙂

  153. Rich Tyler

    Holiday to Poland & Hungry!

  154. Emma cook

    Swimming and walks with my 4 month old son. Kind of limited with a baby ??

  155. Judith Allen

    Very little really, it is fun to catch up with my daughter though, she’s moved again. To a flat with her boyfriend, enough room to do yoga, so she’s really happy.

  156. Rebekah Summers

    Getting ready to start university

  157. Ellen Sheppard

    Just work really, we had a holiday at Easter this year so no more holidays until next year 🙂

  158. jo liddement

    Lots of d.i.y to do. Have steps to build in the garden and a shed to be put up and work on our chimney and then lots of painting indoors.


    Unless I win a Euromillions jackpot somewhere along the line, I have absolutely nothing planned for the summer, except for working, housework and walking the dog! If I do unexpectedly become a millionaire, my summer will mostly consist of shopping until I’m dropping!

  160. Julie

    I don’t really have any plans. Staying awake linger than an old lady would be nice though.

  161. katrina walsh

    We’re off to Tennessee to celebrate my sons 21st

  162. Richard R

    Holiday in Northumbria with the family


    lots of family days out, hoping to visit family in wales x

  164. Amie

    Sunbathing, exercising and planning a big holiday to Italy!

  165. Liam Bishop

    Lots of playing in the garden. Hope it’s a hot one!

  166. Michelle Ferguson

    Going on holiday to Fuerteventura but not until September.

  167. Mark R

    Lots of work in the garden, walking in the Lake District, and a few day trips to the coast for beach combing

  168. Fay

    Apart from work, all I have planned is to take my niece to GoApe!

  169. Ana De- Jesus

    Well at the moment my summer is pretty vague. I quit my full time job as of this weekend and have entered a few blogger competitions so who knows what might happen?

  170. Catherine Stewart

    Going to Cornwall on Friday for a long weekend, and also have been amazingly lucky to get tickets to the ladies’ final at Wimbledon! ?

  171. Victoria Shiel

    Days out with my two children,their birthday parties,a helicopter flight booked for me & my best friend & finishing it off by going to Bingley music live festival (which is local to me) to see my favourite band Kaiser Chiefs plus many more

  172. Lynsey Buchanan

    We are going to a few family friendly music festivals this summer.

  173. charlotte

    were hoping to go away although if we do it will be a late thing! fingers crossed

  174. Lisa Wilkinson

    We are going to Wales for a long weekend

  175. Jess | The Indigo Hours

    I’ve got a month off between finishing my current job and starting back at Uni in September which I’m looking forward to! I’ve just booked a week in Vienna as well, I can’t wait!!

  176. Ashleigh

    Catching up on work, trying to go out on as many days as possible and relaxing!

  177. Tracey Ryder

    we are going to Florida and doing the Theme parks

  178. Julie Howarth

    Nothing planned yet but hopefully some family days out and BBQ’s

  179. Alix Smith

    We’re off to Cornwall for 2 weeks with the kids and my in laws (I know – i’m not sure either!) and then back home to get my daughter ready for starting school in September!

  180. Emma Salter

    I plan to do as many free/cheap things as possible. We are also planning on going camping.

  181. Emilie Curry

    I’m on maternity leave so hopefully lots of fun with my two boys!

  182. beeblossoming

    I will spending most of my summer working as I need to save for university, but I have also booked to take my boyfriend on a penguin-feeding experience for his birthday in August, and we will hopefully visit the sea-side too. I’m very excited

  183. tammy westrup

    Looking forward to my son being off school for a family holiday and days out

  184. Soph H

    Travelling to Spain and France

  185. Krzysia

    I never like to go away for Summer. There’s too many people wherever you go. Instead I’ll stay home and enjoy my garden (early in the morning or at night when it’s not so hot). I’ve got lots of hobbies to keep me amused as well.

  186. Kimberley Ryan

    The first couple of weeks of the school holidays are going to be quite hectic. We are driving to Disney Paris for a few days, then on to Benayes to visit relatives. On our way home we are stopping off at Stonehenge and camping for the night followed by a visit to Longleat safari park

  187. Susan Nisar

    We plan to go East, South, West and North during the holidays…a staycation challenge.

  188. claire griffiths

    lots of day trips out

  189. maureen findley

    a family camping trip

  190. G Keegan

    Lots of fun with my children before my daughter starts school!

  191. Simon Tinsley

    Finding time to see the Mucha exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool

  192. maria dhillon

    planning a trip to Italy with some friends

  193. Anca

    Lots of events. We’ve already been in a short holiday and, hopefully, we might go on another one soon.

  194. calvin

    Taking a trip to Venice

  195. Stevie

    We’ll be having a riverside picnic on a nice day.

  196. katie head

    Nice days out with my little boy 🙂

  197. Caz

    Ice cream


    Hoping to go and see my mum and dad for a couple of weeks

  199. karen T

    I’m hoping for a couple of trips to the beach and I have a meerkat handling experience in August

  200. Laura Todd

    Hopefully a holiday!

  201. lynn neal

    Long warm lazy days in the garden!

  202. Sheila Reeves

    Been on my summer holiday – so now it’s ust pottering in the garden, trying to keep the plants alive!

  203. Jemma Dwyer

    lots of days out with the family 😀 X

  204. Sandra Foreman

    Hopefully time off with Grandkids

  205. Nicola McC

    A break to Butlins with my little nephew.

  206. Victoria Hemmings

    Not much planned, few trips to local-ish farms with my daughter and a birthday celebration for my hubby! 🙂

  207. Susie Wilkinson

    I haven’t been able to sort out my annual leave as yet, but I hope to get some time off and have a few day trips to the seaside.

  208. Victoria R Morrison

    Try to lose a few pounds – as every summer!

  209. Jules Eley

    I have planned lots of fun in the garden with the kids and friends, BBQ’s, music and food!

  210. Mel Turner

    Holiday to Wales

  211. Leila Benhamida

    I was lucky enough to win a family holiday Tenerife. We are travelling in August.

  212. Joanne Heath

    We are going to Scotland for the week ?

  213. Rachel Craig

    Trip to Scarborough. Thanks to fiancé organising the treat for us.

  214. Susan Trubey

    Visiting every castle in Wales.

  215. Helen Costello

    We are having a family summer in our caravan in the Lakes – Cannot wait for some relaxation time! Hope you have a great summer x

  216. Jayne Townson

    Lots of walking, gardening, BBQs and some family day trips out. I hope that you enjoy your summer too. xxx

  217. susan hoggett

    No big plans but hopefully we’ll get out for some nice days out locally

  218. Jodie A Green

    were planning loads of day trips and visits

  219. Angela Kelly

    My summer holidays start soon and my only plan is to catch up on my sleep.

  220. Lindsey Martin

    We’ve just moved into a bigger house with a garden… So mostly gardening for us this summer!

  221. Ryan Savage

    Hopefully moving into my first house!

  222. Bryan Murphy

    Going for days out at the races

  223. Jacqui Allen

    I’m mostly hoping to spend some time lazing in the garden but I’m going to try for a little weekend city break with the other half a some point during the Summer.

  224. natalie smith

    we plan on going to the beach a few times

  225. Tina Glover

    Looking forward to time off with family and getting organised at home. lots of clearing out to do whilst Im off for a few weeks x

  226. rosie w

    This summer I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends.

  227. COOP

    Music festivals

  228. Jocarworld

    Little holiday in Spain. Can’t wait!

  229. Alice O'Neill

    After the stress of moving house in August I’m going to relax and enjoy the sun !

  230. Christine Lockley

    We’ll be having a quiet Summer at home as hubby just out of hospital bit hoping for a few day trips and lots of get togethers with family, as long as there’s lots of love and laughter it’ll be a good Summer

  231. Emma smiley

    A lot of clearing out cleaning and redecorating and plenty of fun days out

  232. Helen Legrys

    I want to go down to Wiltshire and walk around Salisbury Plain……

  233. Megan Clark

    Camping in scotland with some friends for a week!

  234. Fiona Sanderson

    My boyfriend and I just moved into our first home and it is quite run down. This summer is time to tackle the jungle that is the garden!

  235. Sinead ORourke

    I am heading to Cork in Ireland to see my family.

  236. Natasha Mairs

    Nothing much. Hoping to catch up on some reading and hopefully a few days out with the kids

  237. Christopher Read

    Visits to the seaside

  238. Janet Bennett

    Days out with the family – when its a lovely day, pack up a picnic and head for the countryside

  239. Sophie Carter

    Spending time with my three beautiful nieces. Just got back from my holiday last week so no more planned for this year, but definitely going to take my nieces camping ⛺️ ?


    Family holiday.

  241. Lynda Jones

    Some fun in the sun, holiday to Majorca

  242. felicity williams

    Tidying up our garden then having a family barbecue and a good old catch up 😀

  243. Samantha R

    We’ve already had our holiday but I hope we get nice weather so I can have lots of nice walks and picnics!

  244. MRF

    Nothing much, things are a bit ‘complicated’ at the moment 🙁

  245. Jennifer Goldsmith

    lots and lots of quality time with my boys, a trip to disneyland paris, bowling, cinema.

  246. rosie w

    I can’t wait to relax this summer and work on my garden

  247. Rebecca Barnes

    We are planning to go to Y Not Festival at the end of July – very excited!

  248. sarah clegg

    going to butlins for 3 nights this week, also lots of beach trips,bbq’s ect 🙂

  249. Kevin Pike

    Going to Cornwall in just under 5 days time! Can’t wait

  250. Emma Walton

    My best friends daughter is 21 this August so she’s hosting a garden party and I’m really looking forward to that!

  251. Eileen Sumner

    Visiting family by the seaside

  252. Christina Palmer

    Picnics in the park with my grandchildren

  253. Deb Pettit

    we are taking the grandkids camping in Norfolk, then we have a couple of weddings. Some Bbqs amd lots of chilling out,

  254. Emily Clark

    Trying to get a new job!

  255. Michelle Carlin

    We were hoping to go away for a few days, but probably can’t afford it, so making the most of having the family together for the summer.

  256. Kay Sherman

    I have 2 birthdays this summer my daughters 12th and my sons 9th so days out and parties it is

  257. Sarah Hutt

    Going on holiday to venice never been before im super excited

  258. Louise Cooper

    Finding a new job, spending time with my friends home from uni as well as family, going on picnics and outdoor adventures whilst the sunny weather lasts, writing short stories and starting to write my first novel!

  259. Wendy Jones

    rejigging the garden so we can spend more time out there. weather permitting

  260. Eileen Tingle

    To have as many days out with my grandchildren as I can manage

  261. Christine Caple

    Just some days out and time in the garden.

  262. Natalie in Turner

    Lots of BBQs

  263. A Russell

    Decorating the kitchen!

  264. Michael Rattray

    A holiday in Prague

  265. Jack Carlin

    Working to save up for uni!

  266. Kay Broomfield

    We’re planning some family days out as we’re not going on holiday this year.

  267. Victoria Prince

    An unexpected addition of a new puppy! So lots of fun with her, and trips out and about to socialise 🙂

  268. Stewart Biddle

    Enjoying life with friends and family

  269. Suzie W


  270. Sheri Darby

    We will be walking in Norfolk, Suffolk and Devon

  271. Hannah Wright

    going to spend some time with my younger sis at her uni in brighton, should be fun!

  272. Mel

    Lots of days out with the kids!

  273. Lorraine Allan

    Gardening, sunbathing (hopefully) and general chilling!

  274. Mary Baldwin

    We’re not going away, so it’ll be play dates, days at home, on the beach and the odd day out to keep everyone happy.

  275. Tammy Stevenson

    We have some days out planned and lots of fun activities like bowling for the first time with our son!

  276. Cheryl

    We’re staying at home as we’re saving for the wedding, so bbq in the garden for us 🙂

  277. Victoria Easton

    I hope to do some gardening, it needs it!

  278. michelle speight

    spenind time in the garden now its all done

  279. Louise Taylor

    A long weekend in Glasgow for my birthday.

  280. carole n

    Lots of days planned for my garden makeover

  281. Heather Brannan

    Camping in the north Scotland with the kids and praying for sunny weather

  282. Joanna Ford

    I’m off to explore Latvia

  283. Keshia Esgate

    A week in Fuerteventura!


    A villa in Bulgaria with family which includes 3 grandchildren (help)

  285. natasha lynch

    Just enjoying the summer holidays and having time off work:)

  286. Natalie Newham

    Its my birthday in 3 weeks time, so going to a local food festival with my Mum 🙂

  287. Hannah Wallington

    We don’t have any holidays planned but lots of fun days out with the kids.

  288. Rebecca Hobbs

    Finding time to do my fused glass crafting – lots of beach huts and summery inspiration

  289. Emma Thomas-Higgs

    I’ve had both of my holidays this year already so I am looking forward to long weekends away 🙂

  290. Victoria B

    It’s our 10 year anniversary so we’re going to take some time out for ourselves and have a weekend away.

  291. Emma Rawlinson

    A camping trip and a few BBQs with friends. Hopefully a day at the seaside too if the British weather is kind!

  292. Tracey Belcher

    Avoiding the crowds but time on the beach and a couple of short breaks

  293. Keith Hunt

    We are off to Iceland again

  294. Dawn Hull

    Lots of overtime at work over the Summer but hoping for a week abroad at the end of it when I have some time off.

  295. Kev C

    I’m planning on painting the outside of the house 🙂

  296. hannah igoe

    We are going camping in wales close to the beach!

  297. Kim Lam

    A holiday in Spain

  298. kirsty szekeres


  299. Emily Hutchinson

    A holiday to Tenerife in September, until then I’m hoping for nice weather so we can get out in the garden!

  300. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    We have been glamping!

  301. Susan B

    Just days out with the children and some crafting at home.

  302. Anthea Holloway

    I shall be staying home and looking after my granddogs while their parents are away!

  303. Marrian

    I don’t have a holiday planned (boo!) but plenty of barbecues.


    We have a few things planned for this summer like family days to the beach, having a few BBQ’s, Movie nights together and going to the zoo.

  305. p2ffu

    I have planned a trip to Spain.

  306. Leanne

    I still have my summer holiday ahead! Plus I love all the fresh summer salads and enthusiasm to eat them – unlike in the winter!

  307. Melanie Pennie

    Spend some time in the garden, hopefully it will be sunny enough. Plenty of BBQs with friends and also planning our bathroom refit.

  308. jen jackson

    a family camping trip

  309. Winnie Fox

    I’ll be teaching my daughter to ride her new pedal bike 🙂

  310. nicky pearce

    a few day trips to the seaside, theme parks etc….

  311. Melanie stanbridge

    Chilling in the garden and picnics by the river

  312. Sara Davis

    a trip to Vegas

  313. Charlotte A

    Hoping to get away with the kids to Peppa Pig World and the New Forest for a few days.

  314. Ellen Stafford

    Spending time with my niece. Can’t wait.

  315. jamie Millard

    Gran Canaria, then Lanzarote, then Menorca then the Edinburgh festival.

  316. zoe brown

    unfortunately more hospital trips for us but hope to visit my lovely nephews by the seaside soon

  317. Philip Thomas Boyle

    Walking & cycling in the Lake District.

  318. Debbie Preston

    Mainly working but will have days out at National Trust properties to make the most of our membership

  319. Carole E

    Lots of decorating and hopefully lots of family time too

  320. Claire Long

    Spending lots of time with my newborn nephew. Taking some day trips to the seaside. Trying to make my garden look beautiful by growing stuff!

  321. Hayley Gibson

    Literally nothing which is really sad. I’ve used all my holiday up at work, so looks like I’ll be working all summer!

  322. Daniel Austin

    A last-minute holiday to somewhere sunny!

  323. Patricia Avery

    Holiday in the Brecon Beacons, having the grandchildren come to stay then another holiday to recover!

  324. Caroline Cordery

    Hi, I’m going to London, Glastonbury (town), and a folk festival.

  325. Mark Johnson

    Summer holiday in italy

  326. Miriam Said

    This Summer my Landlord is getting me a new kitchen and I have to plan around that, but since I am disabled I am planning on trying to be in less pain and getting some new gadgets to make it easier for me around the house and I am also planning to have more fun and playtime with my two rescue kittens.

  327. Julie Wilson

    Relaxing, walking, sightseeing and meeting up wih friends

  328. Craig Pattison

    Spending time with family and friends, having fun and hopefully enjoying nice weather

  329. Jodie W

    We have no real holiday plans, other than visiting my parents in Norfolk, maybe going for a weekend camping, just lots of day trips with my boy.

  330. Debi Newman

    To spend lots of time in the garden x

  331. Joanne Holton

    First family holiday!!! Can’t wait!!!

  332. Lani Nash

    A family holiday to Devon, a visit to see family and a few day trips to the zoo etc planned

  333. Erica Price

    Lots of time in the garden

  334. Roxanne

    New York for 10 days

  335. Jodie Cook

    Hopefully chilling in the garden with the swimming pool out if the weather is nice

  336. Sarah Parker

    lots of camping

  337. ital

    I will be visiting family and friends over the summer which will be so nice as I haven’t seen some of them in a long time.
    This would be amazing as I really want to buy some books.

  338. Sandra Fortune

    So just had trips to Fleetwood with our 3 year old grandson he’s loved it. Just Sun sea and sand makes his day though he’s hyperactive and worn us out lol. We are having a 3 night break in Robin Hoods Bay my all time favourite little seaside place near Whitby. Has very special memories from when I was little my great uncle owned the old bakehouse it was so quaint and we stayed in his house every summer. It’s a lovely peaceful unspoiled spot and love to go to see the house and his photos in the little museum. Plus the walks on the beach it’s lovely!

  339. Hannah Scudder

    Lots of days out and fun with my son.

  340. MichelleD

    A family camping trip to the lakes!

  341. Victoria Allum

    We are off on a family holiday to the Isle of Wight so really looking forward to that!

  342. Sandra Jo Siddall

    Me & my 2 children have a week away to Torquay planned for mid August and I cannot wait to put my feet up ?

  343. ruth lee

    we are going to Cornwall

  344. Cate Bestwick

    An excuse to buy even more books – yes please 🙂

  345. dana

    Relaxing in the garden

  346. Ian Campbell

    I’m making the annual trip to Knockhill Racing circuit to watch some fast and furious action in the finest racing championship in the world, the BTCC 🙂

  347. Orbitalvenatus

    I’ve got Jury Service :'(

  348. James Travis

    Already been on holiday, looking forward to the football season to start again now

  349. Samantha McDonough

    Just bought my first house so lots of gardening so I can sit out there and hopefully some days out with my nephews (aged 7 and 5).

  350. Alex Jane

    I’ll be cherishing time with my family before I move abroad in September xx

  351. angela sandhu

    A few days trips as a family

  352. Alison

    Spending time exploring the area with the family

  353. natalee gosiewski

    a coach trip with kids to great yarmouth a week in wales picnics and bbq park visits

  354. greig spencer

    few dAY trips and week in devon too

  355. Mandy Betts

    Working on my dissertation and trying to find a job… joy!

  356. Amanda Jayne Davis

    Playing outside in the garden with the kids, a trip to the cinema, a day out to the breeze festival at our local park then a day trip to Chester zoo

  357. jessica cook

    lots of beach walks and pokemon hunting!

  358. Jane Middleton

    we have our grandchildren staying over for a week

  359. Kelly Roberts

    We are going camping, can’t wait!

  360. Chloe Brill


  361. Kara W

    Off to Italy! Can’t wait.

  362. janine atkin

    we’ll be having a few little day trips

  363. Avril Randall

    Nothing planned for the Summer but looking forward to a South Africa Cruise/Safari in January.

  364. Rebecca Powell

    Meeting up with friends

  365. Amy Lambert

    im going to Rome for my birthday!

  366. Beatrice Benham

    Lots of family time 🙂

  367. Lee Whittaker

    A few day trips and a holiday to Norway.

  368. Anni Ezmerelda

    Lots of family trips! My eldest really wants to go Cbeebies Land so we’re hoping to do that too. 🙂

  369. Charlotte Boyle

    Trip up the zoo! Park, dog walks and the beach

  370. Caroline Smith

    Lots of days out with the kids (in between work!)


    We will be married 25 years in August so we are planning a weekend away to celebrate.

  372. Sam Parkes

    Lots of funfilled outdoor adventures creating memories with my little girl

  373. Vicki Joanne

    A few days away, some work, some time with family. See friends and do a bit of decorating.

  374. Monica Gilbert

    I’m working, so it will only be day breaks. But we are going on the Harry Potter Studio Tour tomorrow, so that should be amazing.

  375. Lauren L

    Catching up with friends and lots of reading

  376. ellie spider

    not much – camping in west wales and a few day drips. We have a big holiday in September where we are going to disney world in orlando for 3 weeks so s aving for that

  377. Lucy Irving

    staying at home this year trying to sort out the garden

  378. Adrian Bold

    We’re off to Italy in August for a family holiday! Looking forward to it.

  379. Gemma oakes

    Just a little weekend away in a caravan but other than that I’m hoping for plebtly of sunshine so the kids can enjoy the paddling pool before school starts again :o)

  380. Jason Tolliss

    Getting in shape, fit and healthy

  381. Carly Belsey

    Oh bless you, that’s very sad :-(. Some people have to deal with so much.

    We have two weeks off in August with the kiddies so lots of trips to the beach hopefully

  382. Michelle Thompson

    looking forward to starting my new job and going to watch olly murs and my daughters baby shower

  383. Lucy Robinson

    Lots of bike rides and days out to the park.

  384. Cathryn Crawshaw

    Off to the seaside for a few days x

  385. Beccy Rowley

    Lots of activities to try and keep my three year old entertained over the summer break.

  386. Katie Skeoch

    We are moving house this summer, it’s all go!

  387. Vicky Robinson

    School holidays so I’m planning lots of stuff for the kids including visiting my sisters and parents 🙂 It should be fun for everyone

  388. Kirsty Sparks

    I will be working all summer then going on a Caribbean cruise and to Orlando in September 🙂

  389. Halii kinson

    A holiday in lake district

  390. Hrlc19

    A holiday

  391. Dean Boyle

    Family trip to Chester zoo ???

  392. Jo Hutchings

    We’ve just got National Trust passes so lots of family days out and exploring.

  393. sharon stanley

    All being well we’re hoping to move house so it’s going to be a lot of day trips. One to devon to the beach, a huge soft play park known as rush, waterworld, the cinema to see Dispicable Me 3 and weather depending the Black Country Museum and other outdoor activities depending on what the kids would like to do.

  394. Donald Ross

    Just now it’s savouring being where I am as come the tail end of Summer I’ll be moving to the other end of the country to start fresh and won’t be able to stop by and see the parents the way I can just now.

  395. Crystal Carrington

    We’ve had to cancel our family to Italy due to illness but we’re hoping to some exploring in the UK; cornwall and southend are looking postive. Might even attempt a boat trip to Calais!

  396. Vicki-Anne Smith

    Nothing planned at the moment – we’ve saving for our christmas holiday!

  397. Gemma Massey

    I’m going to Cornwall for a week staying in a lodge I hope it’s nice and sunny my chugs coming to I can’t wait

  398. Robyn Clarke

    My in-laws are coming over from South Africa, we have a trip to Cadbury World planned, other than that, lots of spontaneous day trips.

  399. Angela W

    We have lots planned…a family wedding, a visit to grandad, seeing in the night garden and a party for my daughters birthday. So lots to look forward to x

  400. Geoff Hibbert

    I’ll be on the beach as much as possible

  401. Michelle M

    I am a teacher so catching up with family and friends and spending time with my husband.

  402. Joanna Kasznicki

    my sons birthdays 🙂

  403. Samantha Atherton

    we’re going camping in 2 weeks, hope the weathers nice for us!

  404. sue mcdermott

    going to the beach

  405. Irene Jackson

    Hopefully nothing very much except having the grandchildren for days out. I want lazy days pottering about the garden and relaxing with a good book.


    Library activities booked, free rounders/cricket/tennis organised by our local council twice a week, a week in the in-laws caravan & we are still hoping for a bargain price to go away abroad…anywhere would be nice as long as we see sun!

  407. Caroline Shepherd

    Some family days out, playing in the park, and a week in Dorset just before we all go back to school.

  408. Wes m

    I’ll be running a 10k race for charity

  409. Dale Dow

    nothing really, just going with the flow, having bbqs and gets togethers

  410. Rachel curley

    Lots of water play (in the rain!!) probably, and days out to the beach and park

  411. Emma

    We are taking our main holidays out of the 6 week break this year so the 6 weeks off school will be spent having lots of days out doing different things.

  412. Raych Bonness

    I’m off to Budapest for a city break!

  413. Lia Burns

    I’ve just had baby number three so we are still trying to find our way a little. We are going camping in two weeks in Wales!

  414. Anna Brown

    Days out and BBQ in our garden with family.

  415. Sarah Fielding

    Lots of adventures in the great outdoors! Hopefully it will be sunny 🙂

  416. Jodie Pether

    Volunteering with LLDD adults, hopefully also seeing friends and trying new things

  417. Clare Hubbard

    Staycation and desperately trying to keep my boys out of mischief!

  418. Chirag Patel

    road trip in france

  419. Tamsin Dean

    lots of day trips and the odd night away exploring more

  420. debbie freer @harveysgirl04 twitter

    Not Much probably a lot of days out in Cromer with my family and trying to find a job 🙂

  421. mark richardson

    Going to the Reading festival and then on holiday to Croatia.

  422. Simone Griffin

    Lots of day trips – like picnics in the park and swimming x

  423. yasuort

    Going to Grenada and viewing the Alhambra!

  424. Joanne smith

    Plenty of day trips with the dog, as long as the rain holds off

  425. Henry walker

    Holy moly do I need this holiday, what a year it’s been. This would be a dream come true for me and my girlfriend. She is the best thing in my life and needs to enjoy yourself…its been a hard year for her. I hope we win, but good luck to all!


    Lots of outdoor fun with the kids

  427. paul jackson

    staying at home hopefully with some days out

  428. Amelia Mccreith

    Holiday with family and lots of University work to be getting on with

  429. Francesca H

    Same as ever – working!

  430. Sheila Howes

    Looking for a new home!

  431. Sheena Read

    Currently enjoying time off work for the summer.

  432. Penelope Edwards

    Fasting to improve my health.

  433. Lydia Graham

    Just walks and days out in the local area. As I home educate the children we have our days out and holidays during term time when it’s quiet

  434. chloe brill

    going to the new forest

  435. Linda Curtis

    long dog walks and iv trying to take up jogging even tho im finding it very hard

  436. sarah burton

    Couple of holidays, day trips to London and movie Tuesdays

  437. Debbie Johnson

    I don’t have a planner, because like you, having Fibromyalgia, I have to just do things when I feel upto it x

  438. Emma Louise Elliott

    I don’t have anything planned yet, just hopefully enjoy some good weather xxx

  439. Gillian McClelland

    My plans are to loose weight and be more active

  440. Sue Price

    We’re lucky enough to live next to the sea so we’re having a staycation! Lots of time spent on local beaches with the kids and also having some some relaxing reading time there too. Also will be doing some fundraising for the RNLI and helping our keeping our beaches clean ?

  441. Aaron Milne

    Just put me down for a bit of R & R

  442. LoobyLee

    Taking a trip to sea special friend I haven’t seen in 15 years eek!

  443. Heather Tinkler

    Making the most of any sun camping in the lakes

  444. Nancy Bradford

    We are alternating holidays to save with childcare costs and trying to do as much local activities as possible.

  445. Jade Pawley

    In the middle of helping doing my parents house out to help them get moving house! So it’s pretty time consuming!

  446. Ben Robb

    helping my mum paint the outside of her house + fence + sorting out her garden

  447. Karen Dixon

    Long walks on the beach

  448. Ali Duke

    Lots of days out and trips to the beach

  449. Carol Phile

    Finish writing my book

  450. Ellie Wood

    A big move to London, and then I suppose an explore

  451. tishist

    I’m planning a huge clearout this summer

  452. Tal L

    Just got back from a family holiday

  453. Zoe Warren

    A little family holiday to the Isle of Wight. Fossil hunting on the beaches, visiting the Needles and the Donkey Sanctuary, plus anything else we can fit in!

  454. Tammy Artherton

    lazy days x days out x time with the children xxx brilliant xxx

  455. Stacey Gahan

    We’re working to a budget so lots of trips to the park, cooking, crafts etc

  456. Josh Gough

    Arizona coming up

  457. Laura Mugomezi

    We are going for a uk holiday and spending time as a family.

  458. Rebecca Hussey

    We are taking the kids to cbeebies land in Alton towers for a couple of days

  459. Hazel Rea

    I plan to go bodyboarding as often as the sea conditions are right. It’s great fun.

  460. Angela L Paull

    We’ve a wedding on Friday and then we head off to France a few days later for a couple of weeks – can’t wait!

  461. jacqui rushton

    A US road trip!

  462. Nicki simpson

    I’ve recently started full time work and so I will be spending my nights and weekends having fun with my daughter and trying to make the most of the lighter nights x

  463. Jane Gorton

    Looking forward to not do the school runs! Great prize, thank you x

  464. Matt Brasier

    No solid plans, but hopefully the weather will be nice for some days out.

  465. Rachael C

    Lots of time with my little girl!

  466. Meryl Thomas

    Gardening, and decorating the kitchen

  467. Scott Fallon

    Relaxing and spending time with family and having fun

  468. claire little

    lots of family time

  469. Marie Rule

    I have planned just to have lots of quality family time.

  470. Kate Davies

    Days out at the zoo and seaside, playing in the garden and crafting and reading on rainy days.

  471. Rachael O'Brien

    Trying to learn to drive ! Really want to pass asap so I can take kids places and my daughter to college.

  472. Paula T

    We are fortunate enough for my mum to have a caravan so will be visiting the seaside a lot x

  473. Monika Bascombe

    Im taking kids to weston super mare and to Poland for a week

  474. Michelle Pierce

    A family holiday to sunny Blackpool

  475. George Wright

    A staycation visiting local attractions!

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