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Competition Wednesday: Win a Cadbury Giftset

I always struggle in the early months of the year.

This is the time of year my mental health hits rock bottom, the dark and cold has got to much and I just can't take much any more.

So with it comes blog neglect.

I'm going to try and get off my behind and blog (or well sit on behind and blog). However, I'm struggling to think of things to write about.

I got an idea the other night just as I was drifting off. It was of course gone by morning.

That said I couldn't let Wednesday go by without a competition and here's quick-firere, Instagram catch up to win some chocolates!

Happy boxing day everyone! πŸŽβ € β € How was your Christmas Day yesterday? I hope you had a good'un!β € β € This little guy is a grum and the person who made it is an anti-suicide/mental health artist ( @grumreapur ) and he scuplted this. How lovely! I've had it for a while but kept forgetting to take a photo of it. He represents enjoying each and every moment in life as “we never know when we might dance with the reaper”. What a lovely thing. Just thought I'd share it today!β € β € ——————–β € β € #BoxingDay #MentalHealth #UKBlogger #BloggersTribe #LifestyleBlogger #BloggingGals #BloggerLife #Blogger #TheHappyNow #NothingisOrdinary #ThatsDarling #DesignInspo #BBlogger #BBloggersUK #PursuePretty #PrettyLittleIiinspo #OnTheBlog #FBlogger #FBloggersUK #ProductReview #FashionBlogger #WearitLoveit #FlashesofDelight #SkincareProducts #SkincareTips #LifestyleBlog #BloggersgetSocial #ProBlogging

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It's New Year's Eve! πŸŽ†β € β € I suspect a lot of you won't see this tonight because you'll be out celebrating into the dark of the night, just like bats do! πŸ¦‡β € β € You guys know I LOVE @lilycharmed who I owe a huge thank you to for sending this to me! Isn't it stunning? Thanks so much guys! Definitely check their company out, they sell such beautiful and unique jewellery!β € β € Have a great new year! WOOOO! ❀️⠀ β € —————–β € β € #NewYearsEve #Jewellery #UKBlogger #BloggersTribe #LifestyleBlogger #BloggingGals #BloggerLife #Blogger #TheHappyNow #NothingisOrdinary #ThatsDarling #DesignInspo #BBlogger #BBloggersUK #PursuePretty #PrettyLittleIiinspo #OnTheBlog #FBlogger #FBloggersUK #ProductReview #FashionBlogger #WearitLoveit #FlashesofDelight #SkincareProducts #SkincareTips #LifestyleBlog #BloggersgetSocial #ProBlogging

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Omg omg omg πŸ˜β € β € You might remember I did a post about @agniprasadaburning who creates these amazing pieces of pyrography art. You should definitely check her out, the things she creates are INCREDIBLE! These have made the perfect addition to my home.β € β € How's your Friday going? πŸŽ‰β € β € ——————β € β € #WoodBurning #Decor #UKBlogger #BloggersTribe #LifestyleBlogger #BloggingGals #BloggerLife #Blogger #TheHappyNow #NothingisOrdinary #ThatsDarling #DesignInspo #BBlogger #BBloggersUK #PursuePretty #PrettyLittleIiinspo #OnTheBlog #FBlogger #FBloggersUK #ProductReview #FashionBlogger #WearitLoveit #FlashesofDelight #SkincareProducts #SkincareTips #LifestyleBlog #BloggersgetSocial #ProBlogging

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December Boxcitement πŸŒˆβœ¨β € β € Have you guys tried out @boxcitement? I mean, the picture alongside the name says it all! The items I received in my December box were just amazing. We've got a necklace, calendar and even badges! I looooove little goodies like these. Like I've probably said a million times, there's nothing like receiving a box and opening it with a a mixture of surprises waiting inside!β € β € Have any of you used Boxcitement before? Do you use any other subscription boxes? Were you given a subscription as part of a Christmas present? Let me know! 🎁 β € β € —————-β € β € #SubscriptionBox #FlatlayForever #UKBlogger #BloggersTribe #LifestyleBlogger #BloggingGals #BloggerLife #Blogger #TheHappyNow #NothingisOrdinary #ThatsDarling #DesignInspo #BBlogger #BBloggersUK #PursuePretty #PrettyLittleIiinspo #OnTheBlog #FBlogger #FBloggersUK #ProductReview #FashionBlogger #WearitLoveit #FlashesofDelight #SkincareProducts #SkincareTips #LifestyleBlog #BloggersgetSocial #ProBlogging

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There's a bit of a catch up of some of the things I've been sharing on instagram. However I am sure you are all wondering just how can you enter to win?!

Well all you need to do is let me know using 8 words or more:
What is your favourite Instagram picture and what would you like to see more of?

Cadbury Giftset

Good Luck!

Please note image is for illustravtive purposes only, depending on stock when the competition ends the prize could differ.




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  1. Hayley Parry

    December Boxcitement is my favourite post 😊

  2. Tracy Nixon

    I love the Grum – from your Boxng Day Post! He looks like a little ghost!

  3. Hayley Parry

    Would love to see more like December Boxcitement 😊

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Love the pics of Sally especially the Christmas one
    Just keep doing what you are doing

  5. Iris

    I love seeing pictures of Sally the Christmas one is beautiful

  6. clair downham

    i love any pics of sally your dog and would love more competitions

  7. Andrea A

    My favourite Instagram picture is the grum and I’d like to see more competitions.

  8. Abigail Cullen

    I really like the pyrography art, with the animals on, really nice.

  9. Gemma Hendry

    sleepy Sally picture is just beautiful, love seeing more of her

  10. Andrea Dimmick

    I loved seeing the pyrography, as I just bought a tool, so if you get to show more, that would be a great

  11. Naila

    I like the December boxcitement post and i would love to see more beauty related pictures.

  12. Susie Wilkinson

    Definitely Sally! Bless her, it was good to see on Facebook that she’s put on a bit of weight, every day with her must be so special x

  13. christine goody

    I always enjoy seeing pictures of Sally, your dog. Animals, bless

  14. Solange

    My favourite Instagram picture is the guinea pig and I would like to see more of him.

  15. Leela

    The wood burning nesting dolls are absolutely beautiful. That is some amazing talent right there.

  16. Anthony Harrington

    I love your pet pics, Sally is adorable bless her, hope she is doing ok.

  17. William Gould

    I love all the pictures of Sally! She’s a beautiful dog!

  18. Ursula Hunt

    I love the dog picture, being a lover of dogs, more pet pics for me anytime

  19. iain maciver

    love your dog photos they are amazing,fab giveaway

  20. Mark McCaffery

    My favourite was the article about pyrography, absolutely amazing.

  21. Lynn Hughes

    Nice prize

  22. Margaret Mccaffery

    I would love to see more of the pyrography, truly remarkable stuff.

  23. Sarah Mccaffery

    I love the Lily Charmed pictures and would like to see more of those.

  24. Iris Tilley

    I like the animal photos they always make me smile. Daily quotes are great too

  25. Jane Willis

    I love the bat necklace, that looks beautiful, but I’d really love to see more photos of Sally.

  26. Joo Dee

    the december Boxcitement and more comps/giveaways please

  27. Laura Pritchard

    I love the bat necklace, it’s so unusual and cool!

  28. Donna Caldwell

    Love seeing Sally

  29. Karen Langridge

    I really like the look of the pyrography art, I would like to see more unique ideas like that x

  30. Katie

    December Boxcitement is my favourite! I would love to see more reviews and competitions

  31. Catherine Bullas

    I liked the crochet elephant. More comps and giveaways please.

  32. Chloe Taylor

    I love the December Boxcitement! Great idea to prepare for Christmas! I would love to see more recipes, product reviews & daily life photos. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  33. Annabel Greaves

    I love the December boxcitement

  34. Lynne O'Connor

    I loved the picture of the grum. I’d love to own one of them. I’m interested in reading about your battles with mental health and find them really helpful

  35. Anonymous

    I like your photo of the December Boxcitement. Nice to see what is inside. I like reading your different reviews of different products

  36. pete c

    the pyrography art picture is my favourite – so clever. just want more of the same.

  37. Carolle Wieler

    I love the @lilycharmed necklace, so detailed it looks real and I want one!

    • Carolle Wieler

      Forgot to comment on what I would like to see more of-definitely more beauty posts, perfume and toiletries, etc.


    I loved the inspirational quote. I would enjoy a quote for the start of each week.

  39. Sarah Roberts

    Pyrography art is definitely my favourite! love any post with different and quirky gift ideas!

  40. Ali Duke

    I love the picture of the bat necklace, I love stuff like that. It was interesting to see what was in the Boxcitement box too, I’ve toyed with getting one for a while.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I’ll try and share this months as well if that helps πŸ™‚ I get the odd sub box and wondered if I should share or not – sounds like the answer is yes, I guess I worry a lot on sharing as I buy them myself and I worry people will think it’s an undisclosed advert and it’s not.

  41. Lisa

    I really enjoyed the blog post about AgniPrasadaBurning that does the wood burning and how beautiful it looked with her designs.I also love reading about and seeing your pets.

  42. Emily Hutchinson

    Definitely Boxcitement, I love enjoying other people’s surprises!

  43. Emily Hallett

    I love the picture of the wooden Russian doll with animals on it. So well made and pretty. I’d love to see more things like that – unusual and creative.

  44. Christine Taylor

    December Boxcitement was my fave and I’d love to see more as they’re fun x

  45. Emma Hutchings

    i like the grum – apart from the fact that it’s dead cute and an amazing piece of art, I also appreciate the background of it. positive messages

  46. katy P

    I actually really like your grum and I’d like to know more about that. It’s adorable.

  47. Emma Leeworthy

    I absolutely love the bat necklace from Lily Charmed. Just looked at their website and I’ve found lots more lovely things which I want to buy!

  48. Kate Loader

    I loved the picture of Grum and the meaning behind him.

  49. Sandra Fortune

    Love the pics of Sal and your tattoo designs . I have to say Lily Charmed too since I won the gorgeous bat necklace . It’s so unusual ,well made and looks fab on had lots of comments . x

  50. Ceirios Matthews

    What a great read!!:)

  51. Helen B

    I like the inspirational quotes, more pics of the guinea pig please πŸ™‚

  52. Steph J

    I love the pyrography art! I’m big into crafting and art and love seeing quirky new things like that.

  53. Claire D

    Ooh the boxcitement stuff looks great! I’ve not heard of it before but will definitely check it out. Would be great to see more things like this.

  54. Heath Gutowsk

    I like the pyrography art. A lovely technique, and beautiful products.

  55. Liam Bishop

    I do like an inspirational quote, anything to help me get up and go in the morning rather than scrolling through my phone when I should be getting ready!

  56. comp

    winner winner chicken dinner

  57. Keith Hunt

    We are a pet heavy family so lots of more dog photos.

  58. Karen Barrett

    The Pyrography animal art photograph is my favourie

  59. Anonymous

    The @agniprasadaburning is incredible, very talented and amazing pieces of art!

  60. Mike Cuss

    December Boxcitement was a great idea !

  61. Sheena Batey

    Sleepy Sal of course. More animal pictures please.

  62. christine shelley

    Never heard of Pyrography art, and would love to see more of the creations

  63. Inga Andersen

    You can never go wrong with pet pics. Sally is gorgeous!

  64. Anni Large

    I love the Lily Charmed bat necklace post! I love bats! I’ve browsed the Lily Charmed store before but never actually bought anything or had anything bought for me. Might treat myself!

    I’d love to see more photos of Sal! I’m not a dog person (have a dog phobia) but Sal is adorable, and clearly so loyal. πŸ™‚

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Lily Charmed are amazing honestly I have so many bits from them now and they really live up to a great quality. It’s a family business as well, with them designing their own charms and items.

      Aww that’s amazing I had to read your comment out to Ash as actually, that has really touched me, I know what phobias can be like so for you to say that has really made me smile. Thank you.

  65. Stacey Carnell

    I love the boxcitement! more like this πŸ™‚

  66. Chloe brill

    the dog photos

  67. nicola dean

    I love your doggy photos. More posts about mental health.

  68. Ellen Stafford

    I love the pictures of Sally…..she is a cutie.

  69. Amy PJ

    I love the photo of Sally, always nice to see more of her! My dog is a total snuggler too.

  70. Emma Salter

    I love the pyrography art. Unusual art is always of interest to me.

  71. Corinne Henson

    Well I’m super noisy so I love to have a look at whatever pictures are being shared. Love seeing all the lovely wares on Instagram that you’ve shared, definitely businesses to follow x

  72. Louise A

    I like seeing pics of Sally, having 2 dogs myself I can relate

  73. dai

    holy flippin yum

  74. Melissa Greco

    My favourite is the December Boxcitement, but I’d like to see vegan products!

  75. Emily Egan

    I really enjoyed the boxitement post! I love seeing things about subscription boxes even though right now I can’t afford thwm

  76. Sue McCarthy

    I like the animal Russian Dolls, so different to the usual ones. And of course the photo of Sally.

  77. T Brailey

    I like Boxcitement as it is the surprise I find great. I would love to see more of goal setting and organisation. I love making lists and checking things off.

  78. Christine Sutherland

    Love to see photos of animals of any kind

  79. laura stewart

    i love the Sally at Christmas πŸ™‚

  80. Louise Reeks

    I love the pictures of your dog. Me and my dog have separate blankets which we both get on sofa at night with

  81. Anonymous

    i love the boxecitment pic the most, but love seeing photos of your dog Sally xx

  82. Theresa Wakeley

    I would like to see more home decor and accessories πŸ™‚

  83. Justine Meyer

    I love the be who you are quote on your instagram

  84. Anonymous

    I love the bat necklace, I’d like to see more of that kind of thing

  85. andrea tinkler

    I love your dog Sal. Such a special relationship we have with our pets.

  86. Martin Langley

    Discovered pyrography art last year and was instantly fascinated by it – love seeing more examples of this.

  87. zoe brown

    love the Sally at Christmas

  88. kathy cakebread

    I love your pictures of Sally the dog. I think I would just like to see more of them!

  89. Judith Allen

    Those pyrography Russian dolls are lovely. Not sure what I would do with them, but they are very beautiful. I’m hoping to read some positive posts in 2019, it’s not going to stay dark, gloomy and cold for ever. Yay for fluoxetine, my long time friend.

  90. gemma bell

    Love the pictures! keep it up! πŸ˜€

  91. SianiD

    The picture of Sal – love pet pics, they always win

  92. Lindsey Stuart

    I really enjoy seeing all the pretty and cute pictures of Sally on my feed, She is adorable! The quotes are great too.

  93. Laura Wheatley

    @agniprasadaburning nesting dolls, I love them and love her other things too <3

  94. leanne weir

    Love the pics of Sally at Christmas. Please carry on as you are!

  95. Rich Tyler

    It’s all about Grum! all your IG posts are great though

  96. Geri Gregg

    More stuff related to mental health would be great, as I can guess many others like myself look up to them. It’s nice seeing happy family photos

  97. Claire Nutman

    The wood burning nesting dolls is my fave, would like to see more of Mother Nature, many thanks…..

  98. Laura Banks

    love the pictures of your dog they are so cute

  99. Kim Carberry

    Gorgeous photos.
    I love that bat necklace. It’s so cute.
    I hope you’ve had a great start to the year x

  100. Valerie Seal

    On flicking through I had to go back and look at ‘The Glum’ and find out all about it’s history.

  101. Christine Lockley

    So many great pics esp love the ones of Sally, keep doing what you’re doing, it’s all fab!!

  102. Rachel Craig

    Sally looking cosy:- ? Wrapped in blanket. More photos of Sally.

  103. Sarah-Jane

    All the photos are stunning, but Sal is of course the star of the show!

  104. Lisa Mitchard


  105. Kayla Bennett

    I like the picture of the grum! It is a very interesting piece! (:

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