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Christmas Picks from Boohoo

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Christmas Picks from Boohoo Plus Ivy Filthy Animal Xmas Jumper Plus Jess Christmas Wonderland Pj Set Plus Lola Xmas Pudding Jumper Plus Maria Christmas Piping Trouser PJ Set

I can't decide if I feel festive yet or not, I keep bouncing between OH YEAH CHRISTMAS IS COMING, and oh my goodness, how is it nearly Christmas, my birthday is in like a couple of days, where did this year go. SEND HELP!

We went out to Lichfield yesterday and they had put out there Christmas tree in the middle of the Three Spires, which always makes the city seem like Christmas is on its mind. I can't remember the last time I treated myself to some Christmas clothing and I have to admit Boohoo* has some awesome looking items on it's Christmas range.

Plus Ivy Filthy Animal Xmas Jumper

There is something timeless about the original two Home Alone movies and of course the love of wearing jumpers that feature the line Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal* is a nod to the second film where the line is used (the first film features the line keep the change ya filthy animal, both heard when Kevin is watching the “Angels” films). So if you fancy getting onto this trend, why not jump at this particular festive offering.

Plus Jess Christmas Wonderland PJ Set

I don't deny that I spend a lot of the time in my PJs, often they are the only clothes that don't hurt my skin quite as much, so I have day PJs and night PJs and of course, any great PJ lover needs a pair or two that are Christmas themed. Personally, I think this Christmas Wonderland* set is just perfect for this holiday season and they look mighty comfy as well.

Plus Lola Xmas Pudding Jumper

One of the best parts of Christmas dinner has to be Christmas pudding and if like me you love the pud, then why not show your love with this Xmas Pudding Jumper*. Also, check out the pom poms on it, I mean if it isn't your quintessential Christmas jumper perfect for the office party I don't know what is.

Plus Maria Christmas Piping Trouser PJ Set

Did I say I love PJs? I did? OK then! Let's not be surprised by the fact another pair has turned up on this list. This pair for me is the perfect Christmas Eve / Christmas morning set. Offering something really quite pretty but completely festive as well. What's more, the Christmas Piping Set* offers long sleeves and trousers to keep you warm.

So there are 4 awesome Christmas clothing ideas from Boohoo, why not treat yourself if you see something you like?

What is your must-have Christmas clothing item?

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  1. robin rue

    OMG that filthy animal sweater is just too awesome. I HAVE to get one. It’s so funny!!

  2. Sarah Honey

    The Filthy Animal Sweater is humorous! Would love that for an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!

  3. Alli Smith

    The Wonderland PJ’s look so comfy! And, of course, the filthy animal Christmas sweater is adorable. It’s perfect!

  4. Heather

    The red sweater is my favorite. These look so fun and festive.

  5. Candy

    Always get new jammies on Christmas Eve. These would be great to open up and wear.

  6. Amber Myers

    I love these picks. I think I need that Filthy Animal sweater. It amuses me. Those PJs look comfy too!

  7. Jeanette

    Those pajamas looks so comfortable! I am always looking for comfy pajamas and it would be fun to get some Christmas themed ones.

  8. Joanna Everyday Made Fresh

    I am bouncing between the same things…Yay, and how on earth is it already time?! These are all really cute picks!

  9. tara pittman

    I just love the last pair of pjs. I think they need to be added to my wish list.

  10. Margaret Gallagher

    Loving the style
    Something to suit everyone

  11. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    These are great picks for CHristmas. I love all the pajamas. During the cold months, I love to stock up on warm, cozy pajamas!

  12. Melanie

    I love a good jumper dress but loving the Christmas pudding jumper. I want it x

  13. Jessica Taylor

    I’m the same atm, I can’t decide if I’m getting excited too early or not haha. Loved this selection, everything looks so comfy!

  14. Starlight and Stories

    The Winter Wonderland PJs are definitely my favourite, I might have to treat myself ready for the big day x

  15. Anita

    Wow! So much to choose from! Very unique and festive!

  16. Laura H

    I adore the last set of Christmas Piping Trouser PJs – they are so cute but also look silky!

  17. Lisa

    Those PJ’s look like something I really want to cuddle up in for a movie. But that sweater is just too much. I love it.

  18. Cynthia Nicoletti

    Like all your picks. Love the sweaters they look so nice. I really have to start thinking about my Holiday Shopping.

  19. Lian

    I have to have an ugly Christmas sweater to wear on Christmas Eve. There is something so nostalgic about wearing them.

  20. Rhian Westbury

    Those PJ’s look great! I have been looking for a nice pair for a while and I completely forgot about Boohoo x

  21. Marissa Zurfluh

    Oh my lands, I want that filthy animal shirt. My husband says that all the time.

  22. Wendy Polisi

    You chose some really cute stuff. I’m all about the Christmas jammies and those are perfect!

  23. Erin

    This are such great finds for those who are plus size! I can imagine it can be hard to find cute clothes but not anymore! I remember when I was big, I could hardly find ANY cute clothes at all!

  24. Nichola - Globalmouse

    Ha ha that Plus Ivy Filthy Animal Xmas Jumper is brilliant. I have to watch Home Alone about 15 times every Christmas as it’s my oldest’s favourite film (we’ve already watched once this season) and he howls with laughter when that part of the film is shown so he would love it if I got this!!

  25. vikash

    The black sweater is my favorite. Very unique and festive!

  26. Carolle Wieler

    I love the Christmas Piping Set PJ’s, so snug and comfy looking, ideal for the Christmas spirit. These clothes are one of the things I love about Christmas-bright funny and festive clothes that you don’t mind wearing, no matter how silly you look! They really add to the holiday atmosphere and I love checking out Christmas jumpers, too. Boo Boo have hit the festive spot yet again and I love it.

  27. Leigh Anne Borders

    Oh my! I have never heard of them before. I love the stuff though. I want that filthy animal jumper.

  28. Lindsay - Shrimp Salad Circus

    I love the Christmas sweaters! I usually make mine, but these are so fun.

  29. Lindsay - Shrimp Salad Circus

    Ooh I’m so pleased to see that these are all available from Boohoo in the plus size section! xxx

  30. Ali - We Made This Life

    I love the first jumper! I wanted one last year but never got around to buying it. I’ll have to get it now!

  31. Amy

    I was looking at the Boohoo Christmas jumpers the other day, some of them are so cute! I love that Christmas pudding one x

  32. Shira - FlyingKids

    Really liking your choice of PJ’s!

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