Christmas Gift Ideas from Etsy
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Christmas Gift Ideas from Etsy

I am finding it hard to believe we are already in the last week of November.

I have been saying it all year, but this year has flown by.

More and more every year I seem to gravitate towards buying handmade gifts, this is perhaps due to my love of Etsy.

So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite finds to see if I can help you come up with present ideas for this year.

Unique Box Featuring an Intricate Honeycomb and Bees

Unique box featuring an intricate honeycomb and bees

This box from Basically Wooden just jumped off the page at me.

Made in the UK, this shop has such a huge range of wooden items.

From this beautiful honeycomb box to steampunk-inspired items, storage, games and more there is a lot to discover.

This particular item comes in at £35, with each side of the box being slightly different, including the lid.

Labrador Silhouette in the Snow Pet Bauble

Labrador Silhouette in the Snow Pet Bauble

For all you pet lovers out there, then Elaine Charters Crafts is the shop you need.

These beautiful acrylic baubles are available with a range of designs on the front. In fact, not all of them are dogs; cats, horses, fairies and humans are all among the range.

What's more, they aren't going to set you back a fortune with the price starting at £7.60 and going upwards depending on the specifics wanted.

Large Skull Candle

Large Skull Candle

While I'm sure this option won't be for everyone I have to admit I love it.

These skull candles are made of soy and are vegan friendly.

They come in a choice of scents and colours, although I have to admit I'm not sure if I would want to light it or just have it on display.

Coming from Ember Candle Co, this large skull candle comes in at £15.

Cutting Board Rustic Edge Olive Wood

If you know someone who loves being in the kitchen then this rustic edge olive wood cutting board, might make for the perfect present. Isn't it a beauty?

Coming from Kate Chesters Art, a store which specialises in the mix of resin and wood chopping board. It makes for a real piece of usable art for the home.

Chopping boards are avalible in a mix of colours and shapes, so do have a look round the store if this one isn't to your fancy but you would like something

This particular chopping board comes in at £45, however higher and lower costing ones are up for grabs in the Etsy store!

Gold Leaf Gilded Agate Drinks Coasters

Gold Leaf Gilded Agate Drinks Coasters

I absolutely love agate, I think it is such a beautiful stone and very versatile if you think about it's use as coasters too.

Kyla London offers these coasters in a range of edge gilding colours and agate colours too!w

This particular set of 4 comes in at £10.

Other items in this shop include bookends, napkin holders and candle holders all made using a range of different stones.

The Cup of Courage

The Cup of Courage

I've included items from Katie Abey Design before on my lists. I think her shop is just so much fun. (Also if you love pins check out her collaboration with InnaBox.)

I think we all need a little extra courage in our lives from time to time and this mug is the perfect reminder of that.

Featuring a whole host of animals and courageous quotes, this mug comes in at £7.50 and I would love to find it under my tree.

20 Pom Pom Fairy Lights

There is nothing quite like a good set of fairy lights and these from Dizzy and Dotty Gifts are so cute!

These come in a whole host of different colours from these grey and pink to orange and grey.

It costs £18 for a chain of 20 and I think they offer something very different from your everyday fairy lights.

Just image them wrapped around the headrest for your bed.

Singing Bowl

Singing bowl

I absolutely love singing bowls, getting them to sing can be a bit tough for me at times but I love hearing them once they get going.

This particular bowl comes from Fabasia.

A store which stocks all sorts of items from across Asia and has some beautiful items in stock.

This particular bowl is a medium size (11cm diameter) and comes in at £26.99.

So there you have a few things I am absolutely loving from Etsy, is there anything in this list you would love to find under your tree?

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Christmas Gift Ideas from Etsy

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  1. Amy Simpson

    Ive been buying from Etsy this Xmas,and i love it x

  2. robin rue

    I want that pom fairy light!! It is so cute. I am always amazed by all the cute stuff i find on Etsy.

  3. Candy

    Those Pom Pom fairy lights would be wonderful for my granddaughter. Etsy always has unique gifts.

  4. Gwendolyn M Mulholland

    My favorite are the drink coasters. Those are an awesome gift and something useful while being beautiful.

  5. Anonymous

    I love the coasters and the cutting board! I also love Etsy and wish I had more time to browse around. They have so many talented sellers on there.

  6. Kita Roberts

    These are great gift ideas. I especially like the rough cut Olive wood cutting board. The grain is so beautiful.

  7. Sarah Roberts

    l love the Honeycombe box! l love Etsy l had a dolls house last year (always wanted one) and they do the most beautiful handmade items for that wonderful site for inspiration.

  8. Patricia-Ann Que

    wow this is seriously a great list! Love how unqiue and cool they are!

  9. Tara Pittman

    I need to explore Etsy more when shopping for gifts. Those stones are so pretty.

  10. Adventure Bound Blog

    I love Etsy! for myself and for gift giving. The pet ornament is a great idea – I bet lots of people would love that as a gift.

  11. Brianne

    That Labrador Snow Bauble is so adorable! I have a couple of friends who have Labs and they would love this!

  12. Jenn@engineermommy

    I love these Etsy gift ideas so much more than the run of the mill big box stuff. Those coasters and cutting board are so unique. Theyd make a fabulous gift!

  13. Teresa

    I really enjoy shopping on Etsy quite often, there are always such unique gifts to purchase. The only problem I have is it takes so long for shipping. I wish this would speed up!

  14. rhian westbury

    That chopping board looks so nice, I love the idea of having a nice thick chopping board x

  15. Amber Myers

    I love these ideas. I shop on Etsy often. In fact, I’ve already bought 3 presents from there. Those coasters are so pretty.

  16. Tasheena

    Etsy is one of my favorite online sites. Love these gift ideas. I have to check out some of these shops mentioned.

  17. Kay

    Love all of these ideas! I especially like the unique box and the cup of courage. Super cute

  18. Annie Cho

    My favorite are the coasters made of agate stone. It’s so gorgeous!

  19. Rosemary

    What unique gifts. I’m particularly drawn to the singing bowl and the cup of courage. I’ll definitively be dropping hints for the holiday using this list. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Heather

    I’m such a fan of Etsy. I try to buy there when I can. It’s fun to give a unique, handmade gift.

  21. Anonymous

    Etsy has all sorts of cute stuff. It’s one of my favorite online stores btw. I loved the doggie ornament, definitely perfect for animal lovers. Thank you for sharing!


  22. Emily

    These are all great gift ideas! I love Etsy and shop there a lot for home decor and jewelry, I like the idea of looking for unique and personal gifts from there.

  23. Sundeep

    Those Gold Leaf Gilded Agate Drinks Coasters are looking so amazing and creative too. I love all the above gift items they are unique and different. Thanks for sharing with us.

  24. Chubskulit Rose

    I love that honeybee comb box, it’s quite unique. The Christmas ball with lab in it is beautiful too.

  25. Charli Bruce

    I love that skull candle, my mother in law would absolutely love it for Christmas too! I can’t believe I never think of buying Christmas presents on Etsy x

  26. Terri Steffes

    My sister in law was talking about a singing bowl last week. Now I know what that is!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      They are so beautiful – lovely things to have, I first came across them years ago at a Christmas market and the guy was amazing at playing them and all the different tones.

  27. ricci

    Gift giving is my love language and I love buying gifts from Etsy! Not only are the gift unique and one of a kind but you are also supporting small businesses!

  28. Romina Tibytt

    this ideas are really cute. I will be buying gifts from Etsy, thanks for the recommendations!

  29. Brittany Vantrease

    I have a few friends who would love the skull candle. I’ve never heard of a singing bowl. How intriguing!

  30. Mary Edwards

    I love all of your suggestions. Etsy is one of my fave places to shop for the holidays.Love the personalized stuff best!

  31. Claudia Krusch

    Love all the gifts! But, the ornament and the cutting board are my favorites!

  32. Fatima Torres

    Such odd, yet interesting gift ideas for the holidays. I like the rustic wood one the most.

  33. Rachael

    Lovely list of gifts, I like Etsy but I don’t shop there much. Singing bowls are beautiful. The cup of courage is really cute!

  34. Bindu Thomas

    Simple and cute Christmas gift ideas! That cup is really nice.

  35. Rachel

    That bee box would be perfect for my Sister who loves anything like that! Great picks! xo

  36. Heather

    Excellent gift ideas! I love shopping at Etsy and just found some super cute things for our Elf on the Shelf there!

  37. Casey

    Wow, these gifts ideas are all great! I just wish my friends and family can buy one or two items from the list. I must send this to all my friends and family… Heehee… Thx!

  38. Anonymous

    I don’t know why but I have always loved boxes. And that honeycombed box is beautiful.

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