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Yes its Christmas Countdown time again! This week we are visiting A Few Home Truths yet again this is another great UK based company. From the artwork produced in their Liverpool studios, the frames made in Yorkshire to the packaging from Birmingham everything is sourced from within the UK.
A Few Home Truths, deal in personalised artwork from love notes, to Birthday pictures, family pictures, to gifts to remember a new-born, local history and house history there's something for all. But of course this is Christmas Countdown so I'm going to show you just a few of my personal favourite Christmas items.
Personalised Victorian Christmas Letter – £15
A Few Home Truths Letter from a Victorian Child at Christmas
Written to your children from another in 1885 in her hometown, this letter along with included activity set help the past spring to life.
The set includes:
1. a two page letter personalised with your child's name and a reproduction vintage map of the area. The writer of the letter shares you child's name and tells of making Christmas decorations, an old style Father Christmas and looking forward to the big day; beautifully and engagingly written direct to your child.
I will make sure that if your chosen location has changed its county name then the correct 1885 county is used.
2. a reproduction handwritten Victorian Christmas card
3. instructions on how to play a typical parlour game
4. instructions on how to make a typical Victorian Christmas tree decoration – the cornucopia
5. an A4 colouring sheet for your child to record their own Christmas traditions
The contents are put in 2 envelopes; the main brown one with a reproduction 1d stamp
I love this idea, I know as a child I would have adored getting this type of letter as I was so into the past – I think I've mentioned it before but I told my parents at the age of 3 there was no santa and I knew it was them (stubborn child I was) so this would have suited me down to the ground in more ways than one. To be honest if I received even one now in the mail I would be completely over the moon.
Personalised Santa Note For Child Print – £24 (A4 unframed)
A Few Home Truths Christmas Delivery Note
The delivery note is amazing, personalised with child's name and age to nearest month, directions to make sure Santa and his reindeer reach the right place with X marking the child's location (other countries are available), the reason the child has been well behaved, if you don't have a chimney no worries Santa could always enter via magic key, your choice.
You can grab this in two fantastic colours red and blue or blush pink and lavender, both have a snowflake watermark to add that little bit of extra enhancement.
You can grab the personalised note for just £4 more in a framed A3 print.
Christmas Traditions And Memories Print – £22 (A4 unframed)
A Few Home Truths Personalised Christmas Traditions Print
Take a few minutes and think what do you do each year at Christmas? What are your Traditions. What would you put onto this print?
With the reto vibe going on this is my favourite – I love the idea of having your family traditions written down, for me I would go for the A3 framed (£26) and bring it out year after year. I think my traditions would include: Decorating the Tree, Filling the Stockings, Opening Presents, Christmas Dinner, Pulling Crackers.
Remember to check out A Few Home Truths fully range on their website, at Not on the High Street and of course give them a follow on Twitter.
What do you think of A Few Home Truths, which one is your favourite?

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  1. Rose

    I love all of these, I feel all christmassy and excited now. Great ideas!! Rose xxx

  2. LO_TS

    Those gifts are so cute – love the first idea with the letter! 

  3. Samantha Ripley

    some lovely ideas, i love the delivery note

  4. Shelley Jessup

    What a fabulous idea! I like the traditions one & may purchase one.

  5. Sabrina Moscon

    great post!
    new follower!

    i’m having a giveaway, come and check it out! 🙂

  6. Sarah Bailey

    Yay glad you like them as well 🙂 

    I’m feeling so Christmassy already it’s so bad! xx

  7. Sarah Bailey

    I wish I had, had one when I was a kid! They are too cool! xx

  8. Sarah Bailey

    Aww let me know if you do I would love to know what you had put on it 😀 xx

  9. Sarah Bailey

    Thank you 🙂 Popping back over to you now xx

  10. Sarah Bailey

    Yay I love your traditions they made me smile so much – I had forgotten about Xmas movie marathons that always has to happen and cracker jokes – sometimes my Dads are just so much worse LOL. x

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