Beauty Lust List

Beauty Lust List

It feels like forever since I sat back and treated myself to some new beauty products and I really think it's time to update a few bits, so I have been virtual shopping around the shelves of Urban Retreat's Beautique and here is my lust list; a list of things I will probably never have the ability to buy, but oh I so do need to have them in my lift.

Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette – £56
I fell in love with this the moment I saw it, the gorgeous brown tones which come in a mix of matte to shimmed, make for one the most gorgeous palettes I have ever seen. My only issue would be I don't know if I could bare to use it, if I had it in my hands.

Clive Christian Traveller Set for Women – £185
At just 10ml each this tiny bottles are just so cute and a great way to try these three Clive Christian fragrances. This set includes No 1 for woman which is said to be the highest priced perfume in the world costing £450 for 50ml, so this is a really unique chance to try something that was made in a limited quantity.

Essie Nails Pen & Inky – £11
There is something about the colour of this that just jumped of the page at me, a beautiful cool teal that could go with so many outfits come autumn, most definitely a must add to my nail varnish collection.

Laura Mercier Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara – £19.50
If there is one item I don't like going out without it has to be a good mascara and I am always up for trying another one and this one from Laura Mercier which is said to build, sculpt and style, sounds right up my street and comes in choice of black onyx or coffee bean.

So that's my lust list for beauty products at the moment, but what about you, do any of these take your fancy?

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  1. The London Mum

    I absolutely love that essie colour! I love beauty lust list 🙂 x

  2. Teresa Bowen

    I love those perfume bottles. They would just look good on my dressing table.

  3. Cathy Glynn

    That eyeshadow palette looks so lush Sarah, oh to have an endless purse and to be able to treat ourselves 🙂 x

  4. Rachel

    Oh wow, now that hourglass palette is just delightful x

  5. mellissa williams

    That eyeshadow palette is stunning, I think I am in love! It’s a bit pricey though, so I will have to get saving…

  6. Natasha

    Essie always has such nice colours out! I’m lusting over a bars blush at the moment 🙂

  7. Mummy Ms memories

    Wow, I can understand why they are on your lust list with those price tags! I can never understand why perfumes can be so expensive!

  8. Foz

    Love those perfume bottles, although I would never pay that much!

  9. Victoria - WTPP

    Essie always have perfect colours! That’s a gorgeous shade for autumn! x

  10. Helen Dickinson

    Love this list! I would adore the eye shadow palette myself! I love the colours that it is made up from.

  11. Kim Carberry

    What lovely choices! Those Clive Christian bottles are just gorgeous!

  12. Liz Mays

    These are some great ones. The mascara would be a nice one for us to try out.

  13. Pam

    I love a good mascara. I have heard great things about the Laura Mercier one.

  14. Joanne

    I’m not much of a make up wearer but I do love nail Polish! Nice list x

  15. Anushree Ganguly

    It’s weird , but I am not a fashion person but what I need in my life just now is those perfume bottles and the travellers set .thanks for sharing x

  16. Sonia

    Oh I love that Essie Nail polish, gorgeous colour x

  17. Daniella

    The colour of that Essie polish is perfect! That LM mascara sounds amazing too!

    Daniella | Freshly Pressed Beauty

  18. gemma

    The nail pens look fab

  19. Sian @ QuiteFranklySheSaid

    I love the Hourglass palette but £56 – eek! Purse says NOPE!

  20. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    Oh wow, I love the look of the eyeshadow palette. But it’s very pricey I am not sure I could bring myself to use it either!

  21. Catherine S

    These all sound like great products. I don’t wear makeup or do my nails, but I will share this with my friends.

  22. A

    I really like the way the Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette looks! It’s so pretty.. Probably too pretty to mess up, which I’d definitely do.

    – A

  23. Katie

    Given the prices I can see why these are on your lust list and not in your basket! Those little perfume bottles do look gorgeous though 🙂

  24. Jeanine

    Oh that essie color is gorgeous. One of my favorites, and the shade is perfect. What a great list!

  25. Janell @ Saving You Dinero

    I have hardly every worn makeup. I have never really found anything I like.

  26. Amber NElson

    A good mascara is hard to find! That palette is gorgeous too!

  27. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I love Hourglass. That palette is gorgeous!

  28. Annie M

    Essie is such a reliable nail polish. I love that color you chose 🙂

  29. Mykidsguide

    Great picks! Everything looks so lush. I’d love to try the nail polish.

  30. Jessica

    They seem a bit pricey for me. x

  31. Catstello

    I’ve been looking for some affordable nail pens! Thanks for this, I only ever use the ones I’m bought lol

    Catstello |

  32. JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    The Clive Christian Traveller Set looks really nice but I wouldn’t pay that price for it unfortunately! Maybe with a lottery win!

  33. Anna,Dont Cramp My Style

    Oh that mascara and eye shadow pallete! Something I must have! I only recently started with beauty but this looks lovely!

  34. Deanna

    The eyeshadow palette is so pretty and so intriguing to look at, I’ve never seen one where the colour are laid out like that!

  35. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty

    I love quality makeup, it just seems to look so much better than the drugstore buys. Just wish I had the budget for it!

  36. mama syder

    Love the look of that eyeshadow palette, it looks gorgeous x

  37. Paula Schuck

    These are great products. I love to try new beauty products.

  38. Ann Bacciaglia

    My Daughter and i love to paint our nails. The nail pens make it so easy to do designs on our nails.

  39. Ickle Pickle

    I have to admit that I cannot remember the last time I bought beauty products! Oh a quick dry nail varnish to try from….. Poundland!! Fab list if you are into beauty. Kaz x

  40. The Mini Mes and Me

    The perfume bottles are beautiful but I couldn’t justify spending that amount on something so tiny!! xx

  41. Veronica

    k would love the perfumes! Those bottles are so cute

  42. Maureen

    That Essie polish is so pretty. I love that color for fall!

  43. Fariha N.

    These are all great, but I would really love a contouring kit. Right now, that’s what I lust for and would splurge on if I find a good one!

  44. leonii amber

    ah look at those pretty perfume bottles quite prices but i would keep those bottles forever!

  45. Ninjacat

    Those bottles look so very pretty

  46. Fritha Strickland

    I love Essie nail polish! that reminds me I’ve not done mine for ages! x

  47. Jen aka Muminthemadhouse

    I love the look of those bottles, but wow the price!

  48. lisa prince

    oh i do love the look of that essie polish

  49. Phoebe @ Lou Messugo

    love love love the Essie teal nail polish!

  50. Kara

    I adore the colour of that nail varnish

  51. Erica Price

    I really like that nail colour – that would call out to me too.

  52. Bex Smith

    Ah, you’ve just reignited my want for an Hourglass product, that palette is GORGEOUS!

  53. tanya

    ooh, i need a new mascara after my 2 year old discovered mine this afternoon!

  54. Globalmouse

    I absolutely love that petrol blue nail polish – beautiful colour….I hardly ever wear nail polish but might have to invest in some of that!

  55. ellen beck

    I adore Essie polishes. I hink they flow so well and really stay on quite some time. I would love to give those a try.

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