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Batiste dry shampoo are bringing out a new range – Batiste Tones all the same wonderful benefits of giving you a lovely clean fresh feeling to your hair would expect from them but also including a hint of colour. Great for covering up those unsightly grays (sadly I have many of these coming though and I'm sure using batiste will prove better than pulling them out – my usual method) or for when you need a quick something to cover your roots.
Batiste Tones
They are bringing it out in 3 different tones, light and blonde hair, medium and brunette hair, and dark and deep brown hair.
For the past week I have been trying out the dark and deep brown one, and have to say I'm liking it, I have in the past tried the same sort of thing brought out by other companies and have found the transfer of the colourant awful, I remember waking up one morning and having a lovely brown pillow from one when I had used it as a pick me up on my hair before a night out. And on the better days I play with my hair so much and often found lovely brown patches on my hands, I just looked like I had been making mud pies or something similar. But as of yet I have had none of these problems with the batiste range. I feel quite confident using it at night before I go out, or randomly playing with my hair.
It most defiantly brings together all the brilliant quality's of batiste dry shampoo and throws in this wonderful added extra.
Have you given there new Tones range a try? What do you think?
Keep the nozzle about 30cm from your hair and spray into the roots. Massage through with fingertips and brush through – it’s quick, easy and convenient.

NEW BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO WITH A HINT OF COLOUR £3.05 from Boots, Superdrug and all good retailers and pharmacies.

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