Bag Me Beautiful

There are many talented artists who are running their own businesses out there these days, and just spending some time on twitter or facebook can bring them into your orbit. 
A couple of weeks a go I was sat on twitter, just being my nosey old self over on my personal account (@selene1611) which gets all the rubbish my gorgeous readers here don't want to be spammed with when I noticed @BagmeBeautiful being re-tweeted by some lovely person, of course seeing Bag and Beautiful in the same sentence had to be worth more investigation and I feel in love instantly. 
Bag Me Beautiful is run by Jackie and Karen a mother and daughter team who are amazingly talented. They are priced on time taken to paint rather than size, and believe me are worth every penny. 
Made using quality fabric paints, and able to withstand rain showers, the bags can be brought made in 2 sizes Large 40 x 38cm or Medium 30 x 30. There are a couple different types of bags to choose from. 
Standard bags – £25 (+ £4 recorded 1st class postage) 
On these bags you can personalise hair colour, eye colour and dress colour. If you want any extras added to it these will cost extra (£3 – £4.50) depending on what you want doing a list of available options is on there website. 
Portrait Bags – £39.50 (+£4 recorded 1st class postage) 
A mini-makeover of yourself, using a photograph they will make a one of bag to your likeness. Again extras can be added, if you use the contact page they will give you a price idea. 
I've always fancied a bag with me and Sal on it so I emailed off and got my quote, paid and waited.. Well I actually watched it take shape which was amazing as I cheekily asked if could share the process with you all. So here it is the making of MY Bag Me Beautiful.
Pictures used:

Bag Me Beautiful Before
And the bag in process:
Bag Me Beautiful In Progress
How amazing is it!!
Bag Me Beautiful
Sal's been showing it off already.
Bag Me Beautiful
Bag Me Beautiful can me found on Twitter, Facebook and at their website, or contacted via email on

What do you think of my bag? Do you have one? I would love to see pictures if so :).

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  1. Sarah Armstrong

    love the bag…. and your dog! xxx

  2. Olivia kirby

    your bag is fab! very life like!!

  3. Sj Wesley

    These are gorgeous, I really want one!

  4. Sarah Bailey

    The pictures just don’t cut it they are amazing such talented ladies and lovely as well. x

  5. Sarah Bailey

    They aren’t they!! I adore being able to carry Sal around with me even when she’s not allowed to come 😉 x

  6. Sarah Bailey

    Thank you!! I have to admit I adore Sal! It’s completely captured her :)x

  7. Sarah Bailey

    Thank you!! I’m very lucky to have both x

  8. Maya Russell

    Your bag is very good! I love the idea too.

  9. Sarah Bailey

    Well if you get one you must show me 🙂 Would love to see what it came out like. x

  10. Laura Carroll

    That is awesome, it looks just like you guys!! So cute 🙂

  11. Sarah Bailey

    Thank you 🙂 x

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