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I wore braces myself for many years, mostly as my bottom jaw was misaligned so they had to bring it forward, but I also wore train tracks for a number of years just to straighten my teeth up as well.

My first brace I had when I was around 10 and it was definitely more of a torture device than anything else. I tried my hardest with it and one night after many weeks of trying, I fell asleep with it in, only to have my parents wake me up as a I was screaming; it was agony. My dentist took one look at it, said I didn't think they used this type of brace any more as they are so painful and referred me onto another orthodontist who make me a much easier to live with brace.

Forgetting the torture device, I had three different braces, the first realigned my jaw, the second was train tracks and the last I wore into my adulthood at night to stop everything retuning to where it originally was. I think out of all three I hated my train tacks the most, they were so obvious and everyone could see the bright silver blocks that had been attached to my teeth.

Often back then people would choose colourful elastic bands to make their braces look a bit funky, but I remember I always went for clear as, as much as possible I just wanted them to disappear.

At the time the idea of invisible braces were just coming onto the market and here we are coming on for 20 years after I got my first brace and things have once again come on so far. Options like the Invisalign® range are easily available from clinics such as Ollie & Darsh and can help to fix many dental problems, not just the straightening of teeth.

For me the ability to have had a more invisible brace would have helped with my confidence and I am pleased to see that options such as this are becoming more easily available to all, for people like me who want their smile seen, not the metal in the middle.

Did you have a brace as a child, how did you find it?

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  1. Michelle

    I didn’t wear braces, but my brother did – he hated it, but he ended up with amazing teeth after the end of the treatment. It’s great that they have invisible ones these days.

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I had metal braces when I was younger and they were horrible. If my kids ever need braces, they are getting the Invisalign ones.

  3. Rachel

    When I was younger it was the big metal tracks or nothing, so I went with the nothing option due to vanity! x

  4. mellissa williams

    I remember the dentist saying I may need a brace when I was young but I am so glad I didn’t need one in the end. It’s great that you can get invisibile braces these days!

  5. Sonia

    I had braces on my top and bottom teeth, they were just silver metal ones back then no funky coloured bands for me x

  6. Erica Price

    I always lived in fear of having braces as well as my hideous glasses as a teenager.

  7. Tori Gabriel

    I had a brace as a kid but luckily it was only a retainer. My teeth still aren’t aligned despite me using the brace but I hate to imagine how they could have looked without it.

  8. Amanda Ripsam

    I am 32 years old and I really wish I could have gotten braces as a child. I might need to get them one day but the cost of them is outrageous.

  9. Pam

    I didn’t have braces, but both of my kids did. Theirs were much more subtle than I remember people having when I was young.

  10. Catherine S

    I didn’t have to wear braces, but one of my sisters did. I am sure she would have preferred invisible braces.

  11. Theresa

    My daughter had the metal kind, but I think she would have much preferred Invisalign. Those brackets are a pain to have fixed every time they break!

  12. Renna

    Oh god…..I have a big mouth guard Tyrone thing that I was supposed to wear all the time too stretch my jaw (I actually never wore it at school, only at home on my own and to sleep in. ) then when I was 15/16 I had a brace fitted….worse time of your life! Thankfully it was the clear attachments, but, I still had them when I joined collage …. Not a good look back then.
    My friend 17 wanted to be a model, so she had a brace fitted, metal ones, and it was fine. Probably easier to have a brace when not at school!
    then another friend who was 32 a few years ago, had an INvisalign brace so she had straight teeth for her wedding.
    I wish I could have had that at school…….
    I think one of my kids will need a brace, but these days I’m not worried. I will go into debt to get her the best out there.

  13. Stella Kashmoney

    No I didn’t but I have friends that did, even in teenage years.

  14. Daniella

    I had a removable brace and I rarely wore it which I regret now because my teeth are awful. I would love to have a brace now as a adult.

  15. Liz Mays

    Oh those braces back in the day were a nightmare. I had them too. I use invisalign now and it’s much better.

  16. Kelly Hutchinson

    I had braces when I was 13 and now my daughter, who is 16, has them. They were no fun for me nor are they for her.

  17. Amber NElson

    I had braces and now my daughter has braces!

  18. Dogvills

    My sister wore braces, back then and I can seed how it tortured her. Now it’s my son’s turn to wear braces and we’re seriously considering Invasalign.

  19. Sally Akins

    I should have had braces as a teen, but I was really scared of the pain and my Mom didn’t make me go through with it. I really wish she had because I’m very self-conscious of my teeth now. I’d love to have braces and get my teeth straight at last. Maybe one day…

  20. Annie M

    I didn’t have braces as a kid. I embraced my crooked teeth, haha.

  21. Pam

    I did not have braces as a child and didn’t really need them. Both of my sons had braces and that also was about 20 years ago. I would have loved for them to have had these type of braces. I am glad they have these available to those that need them today.

  22. Jennifer Williams

    I can remember the years of braces and the pain involved in them. They have come so far. My oldest did the invisalign and loved them.

  23. Kate Williams

    I had a brace and it was awful, a big piece of plastic that covered all my mouth, stopped me being able to talk properly and made me dribble in public. Delightful! Needless to say I chucked it and my teeth are still a mess!

  24. Kara

    My son has to have braces and I am not impressed with a 2 year waiting list. The brace options do look much better than when I was younger

  25. Louise

    I really wish I’d had braces as a child. I think it would have made a lot of difference and I wouldn’t be scared to open my mouth like I am now!!

    Louise x

  26. Ickle Pickle

    I wore a removable brace and both my daughters wore fixed braces. It is SO worth it – their teeth now are beautifully straight and perfect. Kaz x

  27. Jen

    I remember braces being something to be picked on, but now they are a fashion statement.

  28. Ann Bacciaglia

    I had braces for years when i was younger complete with head gear. I wish they had the invisible braces when i had them. My kids have been lucky and did not need to have any.

  29. Paula Schuck

    I have thought of trying the invisible braces to straighten out my bottom teeth. I would not want to have the medal kind. I would feel to self conscious.

  30. Kirsty McManus

    I’d love to get invisible braces: I had train tracks a few years ago, but I stopped wearing my retainer and they’ve re-aligned themselves. My own fault and no one else’s unfortunately! I love that that is an option now.

  31. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    I didn’t have braces as a child but a few of my friends did, they used to have different coloured bands round them which was quite cool . The new invisible ones seems a lot better though

  32. Rachel Butler

    I didn’t have braces as a kid or now as an adult, but I am a dental nurse and braces are so popular nowadays in both kids and adults. We use a system called Inman Aligner for adult teeth which can straighten teeth in a little as 6 weeks! It’s amazing how dental appliances have changed and advanced throughout the years!

  33. Ashley Gill

    I didn’t have braces but a really good friend of mine did. She actually has them again as an adult. Her teeth were very misaligned before and just doing a little maintenance now.

  34. Toughcookiemommy

    My cousin just took off her braces and her teeth look so beautiful. The transformation from them is amazing.

  35. Charlotte Braithwaite

    Funny enough. I always wanted braces when I was 16 I tried to get the dentist to give me some. He laughed at me LOL
    I gave up. But I’ve always been fortunate to have good teeth. Hopefully my kids will too.
    Thanks so much for sharing this hun. Ive noticed they do teeth whitening too so off to check that out properly 😀

    Charlotte x

  36. Kacie Morgan

    My dentist has hinted at me having braces because my wisdom teeth are impacted and have pushed some of my teeth out of line. Kinda feel like I’m too old for them now though x

  37. Rosey

    I’ve never heard the term train tracks. 🙂 My oldest son so so so badly didn’t want braces, so I didn’t make him get them. Now that he’s grown, he wishes he’d have done it, and so I wish I’d have pushed the issued. 😉

  38. Katie Reed

    I remember my best friend had pink and lime green rubber bands in her braces. She also had rubber bands that hooked to the sides and every once in a while she would open her mouth and one would go flying across the room, lol. So glad there are other options now!

  39. Ali

    I had such hideous teeth that I was one of the first in my class to get braces which wasn’t so bad as they were off quite early. I was the same as you – I wanted them to disappear so always went for the clear bands.

  40. Michelle Cheeseman

    I had railway tracks on the bottom and a clip in one’s on the top. All I remember is constant sores and ulcers from them rubbing on the side of my mouth. No pain no gain I guess!

  41. Laura

    I never had them, but I always wanted them! I know… Odd child!

  42. Jaime Oliver

    I am such a sicko but i never had a brace but always did want one!

  43. Sonya Cisco

    I had braes as a child too – it was uncomforatble and I didnt like how I looked. My daughter had them too, and they were much improved by then. My son will have to have them in the next year or two and I hope he wont find it too unpleasant.

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