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I love nail polish, in fact I probably own a few too many – if that is at all possible and one great thing about the season changing is, new colours emerge onto the shelves, and new trends come forward that we can delight over. 
StarGazer is of course a brand not to be beaten with its edgy colours, and attitude filled products and it has been a pleasure to be using them again.
I was sent 2 nail polishes to play with first up is 516.

StarGazer Nail Varnish / Polish 516 Grey

Trying these reminded me how much I actually like StarGazer varnishes, I actually find them really easy to apply, I can't quite put my finger on what makes it so easy for me, but hey when it's right it's right. I found with this glossy grey you could actually get away with just one coat of polish, though two just topped it right off for me. Both were for me touch dry quickly meaning I could at least get on with the lighter jobs around the place.

StarGazer Nail Varnish Polish 516 Swatches

I wasn't sure about this glossy grey before I put it on, I'm a black or white girl no middle ground for me! But once I had applied a full hand I found myself falling in love with it, this grey has by itself turned me to the grey-side and I'm even thinking I'm going to try matting out every other nail and seeing how that looks next. (Thank you number 516 you shall forever be my first grey love).
Next up we have 515 (maybe I should have done these the other way around but hey who likes conventional!).

Stargazer 515 nail varnish nail polish deep red

Looks maybe deceiving with this little beauty, it's actually a deep gorgeous red. One coat leaves more of the red showing through while two gives you more of a deep blacker colour that when the light shines on it the red shows though (as used in the below photographs).

Stargazer 515 Nail Varnish Nail Polish 515 swatches deep red

One of the best things about these polishes as well as their durability has to be that they only cost £3 (14ml) meaning you're not going to be breaking the bank when you splash out on these – though I dare you to try and pick up just one. 
If gorgeous polishes weren't enough for this post, StarGazer are full of fantastic ideas when it comes to glitzing up your manicure, along with gems, diamonds, false nails and UV Reactive top coats and they sell some amazing glitter shakers.

stargazer gold glitter shaker

These glitters work all over the body, as well of course being great for shaking on to your nails – now I'm not the greatest with nail art, and I'm sure someone else could have come up with amazing ideas but I went with the old fail safe, the accent nail, covering the good old ring finger with a nice dosing of bling. 

stargazer 515 nail varnish nail polish with stargazer gold glitter shaker

I have to say I think this beautiful copper went really well with the deep red, finishing it right off – now maybe next time I just need to be one step braver and try something new! Again these come in at an amazing £3 for 5g.
To grab yourself any of the above – or check out all the other items and colours head on over to StarGazers website.
What do you think of the above colours, are they up your street?
Queen of the Ads Ji Ji Kiki
*I was sent the varnishes and shaker to review but as always my opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Nicolthe pickle

    I like the sparkles and the red. I find the grey looks a bit like newly set cement. Are things going to come flying at my head now?
    Maybe the grey needs an accent nail.

  2. Sarah Bailey

    Hahaha only something soft ;).

    No everyone’s allowed to feel differently about things, that’s what makes people great we are all different :D.


  3. Yewande

    Gorgeous colours! Started following you through the FBL blog post hop..xx

  4. MsPrettyLThings

    I love 515 – this is just the shade for me! Another product I now need to purchase 🙂

  5. Alana_Haukka

    I like them both sweetie, lovely post!:-) I was thinking black and white would go awesome with the grey, on alternate nails, might try that with my nail varnishes later as I got some grey this year thanks to a rather fab person I know;-) hehehe. Not worn Stargazer in ages but it is a great brand!

  6. Maya Russell

    I just hate that filing cabinet grey. The red is ok thoughh.

  7. Sania Akbar

    I like Glitter Shaker, it looks pretty 🙂

  8. alex

    I love the glitter and red. They go so well together,
    I am hosting a blog hop today over at my blog 🙂

  9. Sarah Bailey

    What colours do you like? (I’m nosey lol).

    It’s an each to their own thing I think – I go in moods with nail varnish so I wear most colours at some point although way back I wouldn’t. x

  10. Sarah Bailey

    Hey!! YAY thank you so much for coming over – hopping back over to you now xx

  11. Sarah Bailey

    It’s so much fun honestly I feel so privileged to play with them – hopefully it helps people get an idea on them as well :). Hopping back to you now 🙂 Xx

  12. Sarah Bailey

    Oh no sorry 😉 Hope you manage to help hold of one xx

  13. Sarah Bailey

    Ohhh that would look good you should do it ;). Pictures if you do though please. Aren’t they fab maybe I know what to get you for Yule now 😉 xx

  14. Sarah Bailey

    Haha! Maya I have to say I love this comment just for how straight forward it is! Fantastic! x

  15. Sarah Bailey

    It really is – and so many things you could do with it! x

  16. Sarah Bailey

    Hey hun aww thank you – and thank you for letting me know about your hop I’ve been and linked up and look forward to hopping with you weekly.x

  17. Sarah Bailey

    Yay! I love how honest people are in my comments. I’m a winter dark colour girl too! Thank you for visiting my hop 🙂 x

  18. Maya Russell

    Keep smiling!

  19. Nicola Robinson

    Great post fun, dont know why but the glittery one made me think of bonfire night 🙂

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love
    if you could enter!

  20. luisa

    oh i simply love nail art. love love love it. i wish i had more time and money to spend on mine. i have this friend who is a nail art freak and i’m sooo jealous. anyway; i saw so many cool things online.. one of them is this one, though for me it’s completely impossible to do:

    i’m your newest follower. hope you find the time to come visit (and maybe follow) my blog too at

  21. Sarah Bailey

    Some people are so amazing at doing nail art aren’t they! It blows my mind – sadly I am not one of them everything I do is simple and easy lol.

    Popping back over to you now – I’ll definitely give you a follow 😀 x

  22. Tracey Marie

    Very cute nails! Especially in the last pic! Just my taste o(^-^)o

  23. Sarah Bailey

    Thank you 😀 It stayed on amazingly as well. x

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