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Are you a perfect driver?

Learning to drive can be amazing, it can also be incredibly frustrating or at least I know it was to me. I refused to take my driving test till long after I was ready and when I finally did start taking them, I worked myself up into such a state I did things I had never done even on my very first lessons (hitting the tyre on the curb on a reverse park – only on my test).

But of course the learning doesn't stop when you pass your test, after all as a learner you aren't allowed on the motorway and you no longer have the security of someone sat next to you with a spare break should anything go wrong.

I remember when I passed my test I was so excited about getting my own car, we actually went and picked it out that afternoon, but it wasn't until a few weeks later I got to actually call it my own.

That's when I panicked, it was so different to the car I had learned to drive in and that was just the inside, I completely forgot it was a different shape and size which lead to me grounding it on a curb in a car park, one of the first times I visited the supermarket.


When you learn to drive every little mistake feels like such a big thing and even more so those first weeks and months after passing, each bunny hop and stall feels like you are the worst driver in the world.

But the truth is while we all get more used to driving, there is no saying that it will never happen again, as no matter how long you have been on the road, those silly mistakes are bound to happen from time to time, such as leaving the car in gear when you turn on the ignition or accidently stalling it. You just get more used to it and learn to deal with those little things as well as you did everything else you learned in your lessons.

These days companies realise not all young drivers are bad drivers and companies such as More Th>n are giving you and me a chance to prove it to them, by installing a black box in your car and in return? Well you could save up to £750 just by proving yes we all make mistakes but on the whole we are great drivers.

Do you have any stories of any silly things you did just after passing your test?

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  1. Kim Styles

    I am 52 and learning to drive- I have my test on the 23rd July and have bought a car which I practise in with my friend next to me. I did a intensive residential course but failed the test at the end. From my experience I don’t think anyone should do an intensive course because unless you are natural driver I don’t believe you can experience enough in one week to be a safe driver, if you pass the test at the end. I am glad I failed as since then I have learnt how to read the road much more and have experienced little blips and learnt from them -here’s hoping I pass the next one

  2. Carmen Perez (listen2mama)

    I have always loved driving, it gives me a tremendous sense of freedom and I have never understood how some people never learned (such as my MIL)? However, I’m terrified of our daughter getting her permit in 6 months, not sure how I will deal with that hurdle!

  3. Dogvills

    I am not a good driver, too. I was very nervous when I took the test and a little lousy, but I did pass it.

  4. Jeanine

    I don’t drive! I’ve driven once before when I was going to go get my license but I didn’t bother going. I’m too anxious and nervous for it, I stick to my subways and streetcars!

  5. Emma

    I’ve only just started learning to drive and I find the first fifteen minutes of each lesson really nerve wracking as I get back into the controls of the car. And I completely agree, every mistake feels like the worst thing in the world, and I constantly feel like I’m a nuisance to other drivers – but every driver has been in the same situation so I guess I shouldn’t worry!

  6. Pam

    Every new driver is prone to some silly mistakes. It’s nice that companies are letting people prove that they are better drivers than most people think they are.

  7. aimee fauci

    Yes! I didn’t Yield and paid the consequence of losing my car and having to get back on the school bus. It was not a silly mistake but a dumb and careless one.

  8. Tom Morrison

    I like to think that I am 🙂

  9. Amber NElson

    I was always so nervous to drive once I learned how to.

  10. Lady Lilith

    Wow. Getting my license. Brings back memories of the good old worry free days.

  11. Ann Bacciaglia

    I took a six week drivers class when i was learning to drive. My kids are both licensed drivers now. I made sure they did the same type of classes as i did. It helps with their insurance rates as well.

  12. The Mid-Atlantic Foodie

    I remember after I passed my test I got out of the car and literally did cartwheels around it. Haha!

  13. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Here where I live, we are known for being bad drivers. Not just after we get our licence, either – it’s a life long thing.

  14. Michele

    My high school actually had driver’s ed courses back then and yes I took it! I’m sure I gave my teacher/instructor more then a couple of gray hairs. I did manage to pass the test on the first try–I think the guy who was testing me knew I’d never get better at parallel parking so let that little matter go. Now I am almost 65 and strangely enough although I am a pretty good and very safe driver I still can not parallel park!

  15. Maureen@ADebtFreeStressFreeLife

    I’m a pretty good driver unless I”m in reverse. I shouldn’t be allowed to back up.

  16. Scott

    I don’t know that I’d like a black box in my car. You never know how the data is going to be used.

  17. Catherine S

    I wouldn’t want a black box in my car. We are currently teaching out son to drive and I am about ready to just enroll him in a driving class. He has been having a hard time with it.

  18. Amanda Ripsam

    I am one of the few adults out there with out a drivers license really didn’t need to learn when I lived in Toronto with the pubic transportation how it is there. I do need to learn how to drive and I am 32 years old. I am dreading the experience but I do know I need to do my best to learn everything before getting behind the wheel near other drivers on the high way. I have had some lessons in a parking lot and that is easy. Your attention has to be on so much behind the wheel especially when there are children in the car.

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