Advent 2018 Day 8 PhoneHug

Advent 2018 Day 8 – PhoneHug

Happy Wednesday!

How is it Wednesday?

How am I still not ready for Christmas?

So many questions, so little answers.

However, for today's advent prize, we have perhaps found the perfect way to stop dropping your phone. A question which I have long pondered on.

As come on I cannot be the only one out there who seems to be forever picking their phone up off the floor.

Made by PhoneHug, this really is a way to make sure your phone is safely hugged.



Have you ever dropped, damaged or lost your phone?

Not anymore…

PhoneHug® a funky phone accessory, made from food-grade silicone rubber, it stretches around the top and bottom of your phone securing it tightly.

The robust loop allows you to connect to a carabiner and lanyard, or just hang it up!

Fitting the vast majority of smartphones, PhoneHug® attached to a lanyard helps you to keep hold of your phone, so you can now wear your phone from your belt loop, your wrist, around the neck, or attached to a handle bar in the gym, leaving you to have your hands free and phone safe.

PhoneHug® helps to prevent the silent drop of your phone on the grass, or the hard crack as the screen goes on a hard surface. Attached to a bag handle, PhoneHug® makes it easier to locate your phone, rather than hearing voicemail kick in as you finally find your phone…

Simple and easy to use, fitted or removed in seconds, PhoneHug® is the only phone holder that has a strong and roust loop, grips tightly to the phone and is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones. Available in eight colours with a range of lanyards to choose from.

PhoneHug® is popular with those who love the gym, outdoors and adventure, people have said they don’t know how they managed before they had PhoneHug®

Rachel Ellis, wife of Para Cyclist Matt Ellis says;

“A large portion of Matts training is on a turbo trainer which uses an app to track his progress. He has previously dropped a phone onto his wheel during a sprint effort and the phone ended up in several pieces.

Due to his eye condition he needs the phone close to be able to read the data. Using his PhoneHug® he can securely attach the phone to the handle bars, read the data clearly and complete his efforts with confidence his phone is safe. 

The carabinar clip that comes with PhoneHug® is fantastic when we want to attach our phone to our bag whilst at the gym or at the track.

I particularly like being able to use the lanyard whilst at the side of the track, this means I can cheer Matt on whilst capturing photos and video footage.

It is great knowing that I'm not at risk of dropping my phone in the stands or onto a hard surface. 

Having 2 young children and three dogs means there are a lot of opportunities for phones to get knocked out of our hands.

We can now keep phones secure with us using the lanyards or even hang up out of reach of the little ones. “

Young woman with dog on a sunny day sitting in high mountains and take a picture on smartphone.

Anna Hulme Personal trainer says;

“I am a Personal Trainer and the PhoneHug has become a vital part of my equipment when I am out with my clients, I now have my hands free while out running and it is so easy to get to my apps on my phone, to use my stopwatch etc. Cycling is easy and even when I am not working I always know where my phone is. A PhoneHug is a must for everyone.”

Feedback from a customer;

“You know those things you never knew you needed till you’ve got one of them? This is one of those. Brilliant idea!”

PhoneHug® was established when two friends, Sam Fairbrother, a former commercial photographer and Geoff Barke, a concert runner, (now husband and wife) had a conversation around the kitchen table, voicing their concerns about phone theft and loss in their own industries, along with the many personal accidents that had occurred with their phones.

They discovered 3 million of us here in the UK damage or brake our smartphones every year and have spent £5 million on repairing them in the last 2 years, in addition, 500,000 of us here in the UK have our phones stolen every year!

Sam and Geoff know how stressful and time consuming a lost or damaged phone can be and believe PhoneHug® can reduce the unsavoury experience by helping people keep hold of their phones.

Giving back is a large part of the teams drive, to date PhoneHug® has helped a number of charities including; Trees for life, Balkan Underdogs; Help for Heroes, Future Dreams, South Manchester Rehome & Rescue, Girl Guide volunteers and local fundraising events. They look forward to helping more communities, charities and environmental projects.

PhoneHug® is environmentally aware and uses compostable cellophane on all lanyard products and aims to be using compostable packaging for all products by 2019.

For more information visit



Would you like to be in with the chance to win yourself a PhoneHug?

Well, all you need to do is pop over to the PhoneHug website and let us know using 8 words or more:
Which is your favourite colour PhoneHug and what's the worst accident you have had with your phone?

Please remember as this competition is running over multiple websites to not only leave your name in the Gleam  widget but also let us know which website you entered via so we can track down your comment.

Advent 2018 Day 8 – PhoneHug

Good Luck!




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Advent 2018 Day 8 PhoneHug

This article has 58 comments

  1. Michelle Carlin

    I love the Hot Pink one – my worst phone accident was when my phone died after a roller coaster ride – I didn’t even realise it had hit the side of the train 🙁

  2. Rich Tyler

    Green Glow-in-the-dark PhoneHug®, worse was when i dropped my phone on the pavement on Christmas Eve – worst time ever, no where was open to fix it!

  3. Lisa Day

    I like the glow in the dark phone hug.The worst accident i had with my phone was when i dropped it and it fell into the toilet.I hadn’t had it that long either.I had to put it in the airing cupboard and tried putting it amongst rice to try and dry it out.

  4. Tracy Clark

    The purple one is my choice of colour, the worst thing that happened to my phone was I was getting out of the car and I dropped it as soon as it hit the ground the back battery cover came off and the wind blew it away

  5. Laura Todd

    I prefer the black and orange one, not too many accidents with my phone over the years gladly, worst was when I dropped it getting out of car then it got ran over, end of phone I’m afraid.

  6. laura stewart

    would love the purple one please x

  7. Ruth Harwood

    Love the purple! The worst thing that happened with my phone was when I left it on the shelf at the top of the stairs, went to the loo, and the cat jumps up and knocks it all the way down the stairs while I watch helplessly!! Smashed screens are not good!!

  8. hannah igoe

    I love the hot pink and I pretty much launched my phone down the stairs from the top to the bottom

  9. Helen Tovell

    I would pick the red one and have personally never had an accident with my phone touch wood

  10. Carole Nott

    I would always choose the black colour option – and i am so careful with my phone and have never had a mishap!

  11. Liam Bishop

    I like the black one. I once threw my phone onto the end of the bed where it proceeded to bounce end on end all the way down the bed and then straight off it into a pint of coke. Couldn’t do it again even if I tried!

  12. Solange

    I like the hot pink one and I once dropped my phone in the bath.

  13. leanne weir

    I would love the purple one please

  14. kelly wheelhouse

    I really like the purple one 😊 I’ve been fairly lucky with my phones and never done too much damage to any of them. Although when I was 16 I had a Nokia music phone and I cracked the screen after I threw a hairbrush in the air and it landed on the phone 🙈

  15. Elaine Kidd

    I like the black the best. I once managed to drop my phone down the toilet.

  16. Michelle Ferguson

    I love the hot pink one, never really had much bad luck with my phones, the dog chewed a couple of phones but they still worked.

  17. maria ROGERS

    tough choice between hot pink or purple, yeah I know, I am such a girlie! anyway last year my iPhone ended up in the washing machine and I had a complete meltdown as my whole life is organised on it, did not know if I was coming or going!

  18. Danielle Spencer

    Green Glow-in-the-dark PhoneHug, I’m quite good with my phones, although I once threw it as a wasp landed on my hand.

  19. Louise Heaton

    I love the green-glow-in-the-dark one! My Alaskan Malamute, Nakoma, used to get on the bed every night and morning for cuddles and it was during one morning’s 3 hour cuddle-in, I discovered he had laid on my phone and rung one of my friends using up all my real credit rather than my free credit I usually have!

  20. iain maciver

    I love the black and orange one great product

  21. Kerry H

    I’d like the black one for work. I bring my phone into store rooms and worry I’ll forget where I’ve put it down!

  22. Anonymous

    I think I would choose the plain black phonehug. And it’s hard to choose one phone accident from the MANY MANY I have had over the years haha. I am so clumsy. But I think the stupidest one was probably when I washed my smartphone in the washing machine!

  23. Hekna

    I think I prefer the black one. I’ve dropped my phone just walking along the street, which was fairly disastrous as I cracked the screen!

  24. T Brailey

    I would love a Black one. I think these are fantastic ideas. I have a habit of keeping mine in my back pocket and my worst accident involved it falling down the toilet. I have also left my phone in places and dropped on the floor many times. These are great.

  25. Allan Fullarton

    Green Glow-in-the-dark PhoneHug looks great.

  26. Clifford Sherwood

    I dropped a concrete lintel on it and smashed it to pieces, irony is my phone was in my pocket but got away with a very sore leg.

  27. Susie Wilkinson

    I would love a black phonehug, no problem with it clashing with any outfits! I’ve actually been very lucky with my phones and have got away without any incidents to date!

  28. Lesley Bambridge

    I’d love the purple. I dropped my hone when we were walking the dog on a rainy day. It was found a few weeks later dead as a dodo I’m afraid.

  29. Kate Sutton

    Black because it looks better

  30. Carol Boffey

    has to be black

  31. Laura Turner

    I like the pink phone hug best. I’ve ruined my phone twice by dropping it down the toilet. Both times it was in my back pocket and I forgot when I pulled my trousers down and it fell out. It was a very expensive mistake to make.

  32. James Travis

    I would have the black one. The worst accident was when I dropped it on a wooden floor and it made my screen go funny.


    I’d love to win a Hot Pink Phonehug for my daughter as my grandson has already put a phone down the toilet

  34. Geri Gregg

    I love the purple one. I dropped my new phone on a night out the same day I got it and cracked the screen- I didn’t have insurance on it!

  35. Ruth lee

    I like the hot pink one, my dog got hold of it and cheewes it!

  36. Rachel White

    Hot pink please. . I thought my screen had broken when I dropped it.. luckily the “cracking ” was only on the protection layer.. phew!

  37. Fiona Johnstone

    I like the orange one. Nice and bright. My phone fell out of my pocket when I was getting out of the car, then I stood on it. No coming back from that I’m afraid.

  38. Angela Kelly

    I prefer the plain black. Once, I had my phone in one hand and a glass of water in the other. I swear, the phone actually jumped out of my hand and landed straight in the glass. I couldn’t have done it if I tried!

  39. Erica Hughes

    I like the orange one. I’ve had a phone down the toilet episode.

  40. Fiona jk42

    I like the black phonehug. I’ve had several accidents, all caused by my son borrowing my phone. Once he dropped my phone in a glass of beer, another time he dropped it on the driveway and my husband ran over it.

  41. jacqui rushton

    I really love the hot pink one, definitely my favourite

  42. Gaynor Vincent

    Loving the purple phone hug, great idea, just what i need!

  43. Victoria Prince

    My favourite is definitely the Green Glow-in-the-dark PhoneHug! The worst accident I ever had with my phone was when I dropped it on my way back from town and didn’t realise (it was dark and I had loads of shopping). Thank goodness the person that found it managed to turn it on and get my info to get it back to me, because it had a smashed screen and was totally dead when I went and picked it up. That was very traumatic (and expensive!)

  44. Wendy Stanger

    The hot pink one as would be noticeable and mean I couldn’t loose it so easily!! Worse disaster was dropping it in bath

  45. Megan Williams

    I would go for purple. A past phone of mine has unfortunately ended up in the washing machine and was unrepairable!

  46. MICHELLE Stewart

    Black I too have had my phone down a public toilet gross


    I love the Purple PhoneHug after all i adore everything purple and it looks like an amazing idea x

  48. niamh sheridan

    Love the black one

  49. Emma Middleton

    I love the hot pink phonehug, it’s so cute. I dropped my phone face down with the cover open, it has lots of cracks and holes in it and still got over a year toll my next upgrade, oops

  50. Matt O'Reilly

    Favourite colour is black. Worst accident, my phone flew out of my hand, hit the kitchen door and fell onto a tiled floor, smashing the screen in the process.

  51. Charmian Filewood

    The purple one. Two days after getting my Samsung S9, it slipped out of my hand as I was going through the railway station, but not content with cracking on the concrete floor my stride managed to kick it away too so scratched it to bits!!

  52. janine atkin

    i like the purple one. i once dropped my phone in the toilet

  53. Adrian Bold

    The purple one if my favourite. I once dropped a brand new £500+ phone out of my pocket exiting a car and totalled it…

  54. Tammy Neal

    I like the glow in the dark phone hug.The worst accident i had with my phone was when i dropped it and it fell into the toilet x

  55. Suzanne Sendell

    I like the glow In the dark hugger
    I dropped my phone whilst I was cleaning the bath, It only went In a small amount ofwater, I left It In a bag of rice but It never worked again

  56. Anonymous

    I prefer the black and orange one, not too many accidents with my phones. I once dropped one down the toilet (after I had flushed) it was in there for a milli-second, and some how, when I dried it off it still worked

  57. Theresa Thomas

    I prefer the black and orange one, not too many accidents with my phones. I once dropped one down the toilet (after I had flushed) it was in there for a milli-second, and some how, when I dried it off it still worked

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