Advent 2018 Day 5 – Cadbury's Chocolate Giftset

Advent 2018 Day 5 – Cadbury’s Chocolate Giftset

Christmas Image Lights

Wow, it's Friday we are one week down on our giveaways. Both Bex and I hope you have enjoyed our prizes so far!

We won't be posting one over the weekend. Honestly, we did do the first year we did this, but it got a bit much running 7 days a week.

So last year we took the step to run Monday to Friday only and it gave us those 2 days to enter competitions ourselves (instead of promoting our own and just spend some with our families).

This year I've played around offering a few things for giveaway and hands up I've noticed one thing goes down amazingly, without fail, each time and that is chocolate.

So I thought for this Friday giveaway I would throw in my hat and offer up a prize from me to you all.

Christmas image holly and pinecones


How is your Christmas prep going are you ready yet?

I hands up am not your ordinary blogger, who has everything done in October, because by the end of November, Valentines' emails are hitting our inboxes (no joke). Nope, I leave it all till the last minute.

That said, I went to see some of the family this week, as we often do before Christmas.

It was a bit of a shock, we took Sal with us bad sadly she was quite unwell. We came home and took her to the vets and they think she has cancer. I don't know what to do or feel at the moment. I've not really logged on to the net.

Thankfully I have a lovely VA who looks after my Facebook and Instagram so they are still running, but other than that I just want to snuggle up with Sal and hold her and not let go. Not believe the reality is she may not be with me much longer.

It doesn't help I'm not even ready for Christmas, I'm not even sure I want Christmas anymore.

Anyway, enough of me rambling here's how to enter today!

Christmas image baubles hanging on a white tree


To be in with a chance of winning today's prize, let us know using 8 words or more:
How is your Christmas prep going? Are you nearly done, or do you leave it all to the last minute as well? What are you hoping Santa drops off under your tree this year?

Please remember as this competition is running over multiple websites to not only leave your name in the Gleam widget but also let us know which website you entered via so we can track down your comment.

*The photo in the below Gleam is for illustrative purposes only, I cannot be sure what will be available on the website when I come to order, however, it will be of at least equal value.

Advent 2018 Day 5 – Cadbury's Chocolate Giftset

Good Luck!




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Advent 2018 Day 5 – Cadbury's Chocolate Giftset

This article has 188 comments

  1. Anonymous

    My Christmas prep is going well and I’m nearly done. I’m hoping Santa drops off a laptop under the tree this year.

    • Solange

      I somehow managed to completely miss my name from that comment. Desperately need that new laptop!

  2. Susie Wilkinson

    My Christmas shopping was finished in November, and yes, I do feel smug about it! (I’m not usually this organised!)

  3. Margaret GALLAGHER

    No where near ready – always the same – come the big day itself I’ll be organised

  4. JaSh

    I’ve got presents pretty much sorted(a year round thing), just a couple left to buy for the family. I wouldn’t mind receiving a Cloud Appreciaton Society Umbrella and book, Im kinda weird =D

  5. Hayley Cooke

    Not ready – at all! I’ll be organised on 24th lol

  6. Darrell Perry

    I am not as organised as I should be. Still have quite a lot of presents to get, but I’m pleased with my present choices so far. I’d love to find a couple of theatre tickets under my Christmas tree this year.



  8. Leela

    I’ve started to prepare the cookie dough so far. I have so much to make!

  9. Lisa Day

    I seem to have done a fair bit but still have loads to do.I’m in present buying mode and making lists for what’s to get,what’s to come,what’s needed,ect. No decorations up yet though.

  10. Anonymous

    I have nearly finished my christmas present shopping but have to complete my food order for the big day, i

  11. Ursula Hunt

    I have nearly finished my Christmas present shopping but have to complete my food order for the big day, I am hoping Santa is kind to me this year and leaves an iPad under the tree for me

  12. Jen oconnell

    The prep is getting there! Tree hopefully going up this weekend! I would love Santa to bring me some new clothes

  13. Angela treadway

    getting there, once its all done i can chill out!x

  14. maria ROGERS

    I am actually all organised and ready for once, last year, everything got rushed in the last few days before xmas as I had that awful aussie flu throughout December. This year festive frolics may now begin!

  15. christine Goody

    Hi, not worried about the present buying and everything. Pretty chilled. Will get to it soon. I have most presents, it is just the wrapping to do now.

  16. Iris

    To be honest I don’t have to much to organize just the girls presents and for the nephews and nieces. Us adults decided a few years ago not to do presents anymore just one secret santa, so much less stress. We always go over to Switzerland to stay with my family for Christmas and we do all the food preparations together.
    So sorry to read Sally is not well x

  17. Mainy

    Last night I got the lists out and had a massive spree online so I’ve made a big dent in the pressie buying. I normally forget at least one person completely so I also have to buy a couple of emergency presents 🎁
    Mainy x

  18. Margaret Clarkson

    I’m usually very organised but this year I had a holiday in November and then took on full time temporary work, so I’m very behind in my plans!

  19. Mike Cuss

    I always leave it to the last minute but am often lucky and snap up some real bargains !

  20. Matthew Morgan

    All presents purchased apart from my wife’s, I feel some panic buying coming on


    I am all done . I hate leaving things to the last minute . I avoid the bad weather , and the crowds by getting it all done by the 3rd week of November .

  22. Karen Langridge

    I feel like I am quite organised this year, but we have had to be as my mum has been unwell so we needed to focus on her recovery! x

  23. S.Otoole

    All bought and finished only the wrapping left to do, like to get done early as I hate the queue.

  24. clair downham

    i havent started yet but plan to make a big start at weekend

  25. Abigail Cullen

    Some of the decorations are up, all of the food we already have got and I only have a few more presents to get.

  26. iain maciver

    not ready so far probably be close on December the 23rd

  27. Lindsey Stuart

    I am really organised this year, I have most of my shopping done, I only have to buy some sweets, selection boxes and stocking fillers 🙂

  28. Christine Taylor

    I don’t have to do any as we’re visiting family this year 🙂 hooray x

  29. Sandra Fortune

    Very slowly and steady as it does stress me out there’s lots to do I’m not over fussy about what I get under the tree I get more pleasure in giving them

  30. Emma Briggs

    I’m making all presents this year but I have to admit it might be a last minute rush to get everything done! I’m hoping Santa comes and gifts me a few extra days!!!!

  31. Christine Sutherland

    Nearly done…….. I think. No food shopping required as going to my daughters for Christmas Dinner

  32. Jo B

    Always used to be last minute, last couple of years we’ve been more prepared but seem to be a bit behind this year. It’s coming round so quick. I really want to start wrapping soon – planning on doing it bit by bit when kids are in school.

  33. Annabel Greaves

    I have done a lot of the shopping but are still to put up our tree

  34. T Brailey

    I am doing quite well this year. This means I have at least started. I would love to receive a voucher for a slap up meal. Hope that is what will be under my tree.




    Hmmmm well it’s not going that well, but I have written and Hand delivered some cards. I’m hoping for some Posca Pens

  37. Sue McCarthy

    I don’t have many people to buy for so I’m just about done for presents. Plus I’m on my own and veggie so no roast dinner for me – I have pizza!

  38. andrea tinkler

    Bought all the presents and now just needing the food which i will get a couple of days prior to the big day

  39. debbi ruskin

    Very little Christmas prep done here as my son is autistic & too much change is stressful for him so we keep it very low key

  40. Janet Matthews

    Getting there very slowly

  41. Jane Willis

    I’ve bought all my presents. The next task is to get to work on writing the cards.

  42. Andrea Fletcher

    I have bought all the presents, made the christmas cake, just need to make mince pies. I am hoping to find some fluffy slippers under the tree.

  43. Kevin000

    I’m going to finish my Christmas shopping next Thursday

  44. Abbie

    My Christmas prep is going very well finished all my shopping in November and brought all my cards last year just the wrapping and writing left.

  45. Hayley F

    I’ve done all my Christmas shopping, just need the motivation to wrap it up x

  46. Kelly Wheelhouse

    I’ve actually just finished my Christmas shopping today! All the decorations are up and we are ready for the big day 🙂 It’s my son’s first Christmas so I’m really excited for this year! I told myself I wouldn’t get him too much as he’s so young and won’t understand, but I can’t help myself! He has more presents than he needs haha

  47. Eileen Sumner

    Cards written, presents wrapped and no food shopping as I will be staying with family

  48. Ashley Murray

    My prep isn’t going too badly! Halfway through the Christmas shopping which is a record for me!!

  49. KEV C

    my xmas shopping is already done, the only job left to do is send out the cards, that will be done this weekend 🙂

  50. melanie stirling

    I have still quite a bit to get, I am very much a last minute person!

  51. Ashleigh Allan

    I’m totally organised all bought and wrapped

  52. Carolle Wieler

    Just the food shop next week to do, can’t wait till the day. Think I like the dinner bit the best! I was hoping for a diamond solitaire ring but that might not be this year, doh!!!

  53. Laura Todd

    I’m 90 percent done so hopefully get finished soon so no stress at xmas, just relax with the family & enjoy the festivities.

  54. Giusy

    Fab prize

  55. Ali Duke

    My Christmas prep is not going well this year, I am so far behind!

  56. Debbie Wilce

    We’re not doing much for Xmas this year, it’s been a terrible yrar for us. My hubbys brother passed away at the beginning of the year from a bleed on the brain, my hubby fell apart and started drinking, thankfully he eventually started to open up to me before it became a real problem. My Dad passed away on 19th Sept. My youngest son left home to live in China so we won’t be seeing him this year and my eldest lives in sheffield (we live in Cornwall) so we won’t be seeing him either. We’re going to send the boys something and all the neices and nephews who are quite young, but as you can imagine no one in either of our families have the stomach for it this year. Me and the hubby are just going to be on our own and have a quiet day. We have several neices and nephews and have nearly all their pressies so don’t have much to do, have posted a parcel to my son in China and will br posting a parcel up to Sheffield for my eldest son this week.

  57. Rachel Arnup

    All done & dusted for me, so that I can enjoy the run up to Christmas stress free!

  58. Helen B

    The rooster is on order, DS has decorated the tree and we plan to visit a Christmas market next week. Job done 🙂

  59. Katie

    I’ve got loads left to do. This year is a nightmare as my husband has broken his leg.

  60. Glenn Jones

    My Christmas Prep started back in October, The tree is up, the presents bought, wrapped and tied neatly with a bow. The cards are all written and sent. The only thing to do now is enjoy some Christmas movies with some delicious Cadbury’s chocolate! Merry Christmas!

  61. Laura Pritchard

    I’m almost there – just waiting for lots of Amazon deliveries! I’m hoping to get a sweet funny first present from my new boyfriend.

  62. Ruth Harwood

    I’m one of those last minute kind of people – got a few pressies but most will be bought in the week before christmas! and as for the decorations… I have two very inquisitive and active cats, they’d be destroyed in seconds lol!!

  63. Danielle Pooley

    I haven’t got all the presents yet, the house still needs abit of festive decoration.

  64. Claire Woods

    I still have presents to get but happy to leave it until nearer Christmas. No decorations up until next week. I’d like a Take That calendar for Christmas.

  65. Sheena Batey

    I am getting there. Done a bit of shopping today and the tree will go up tomorrow but I dread writing out the cards.

  66. Lyndsey

    I am so last minute! I hope I get some perfume under the tree as I have ran out

  67. Isabel O

    I actually have all of my Christmas shopping finished which surprises me because I’m normally still doing my shopping at this time of year!

  68. Kathy Cakebread

    Nope only got a few things lol

  69. Kim Carberry

    I have bought everything now I just need to wrap it all. Eek! I hate wrapping!

  70. jessica waugh

    Decs are up! Half of gifts are bought. im so behind this year, life took over. Trying to get myself organised haha. Under the tree im hoping just to have some stuff to make my little boy happy. Nothing else matters!

  71. Hekna

    I’m not as prepared as always, but am almost there. I usually have everything bought by November, but have a few extra bits to get.

  72. Christine Caple

    I still have loads to do. I’m hoping for a new watch.

  73. Kim Neville

    Have 1 more presi to get then I need to wrap them all 😁

  74. Ellen Stafford

    I am getting there. I’ve done most of the presents shopping 🙂

  75. Lynn Neal

    I am nearly finished now just one or two tricky gifts left to find!

  76. Robyn Clarke

    I have a few things but I’m really stuck, my kids haven’t asked for much and I don’t want to buy things just for the sake of it. I’ll probably end going shopping next week and buying clothes in the next size up and other things they might need throughout the year.

  77. Daniel Harrison

    I went out with the intention of buying gifts yesterday. I may or may not have forgotten to buy any…

  78. hannah igoe

    I would love a spa day under the tree, my Christmas prep is nearly done just a couple of things left to wrap

  79. Elizabeth Smith

    Well so far I’ve only got the dogs presents so I’m starting to panic

  80. Laura Turner

    I’m halfway there with the present buying and am midway through making my own decorations for the tree this year. There’s gold and silver leaf everywhere!

  81. Louise Comb

    I’m as prepared as usual, for this near to Christmas. We have done lights and the tree. We’ve bought the Christmas TV guide. I’ve planned what to buy as pressies, though haven’t bought any yet. I haven’t written a single card yet ***PANIC!*** but I hope to do them over the next few days XXX

  82. Maggie Coates

    I’m halfway there. I’ve written cards today and got some presents.

  83. Lee Ritson

    I’ve done the majority of it but I still need to pick up some bits for my daughter 🙂

  84. Nikki Stewart

    I’m almost there with my shopping but haven’t wrapped a single thing yet! I’m not looking for anything under the tree this year, I much prefer to give than receive x

  85. Zoe C

    Pretty much done, get a lot of Christmas presents through the year, keep an eye out for bargains

  86. Caroline Hunter

    I finished wrapping all my Christmas presents today and it feels great!!!

  87. Caroline Hunter

    I finished wrapping all my Christmas presents today and it feels great!!!
    I’m hoping for some new perfume under the Christmas tree this year 🙂

  88. Louise A

    We arn’t bothering with presents this year and its taken a lot of pressure off. One of my bugbears though is out of the way and thats writing Christmas cards. All were written and posted on the 3rd but I still have the tree to put up.

  89. Rich Tyler

    Done Christmas cards, still yet to finish present shopping though, leave it till after my little boys birthday nomally….

  90. Amy PJ

    We keep it simple, don’t buy for many people, so the our preparation is nearly all done.

  91. Ashley Phillips

    The kids are done (i think) need to lay it out tomorrow while they are at school if I feel like I need to get them anything else it will only be craft bits form the £1 shop. I’ve asked my mum and my partner for an air fryer so if they don’t work together and get one they’re both of my Christmas list next year lol

  92. Mark Johnson

    nearly all xmas shopping complete better than most years

  93. Sarah B-H

    Christmas prep is going absolutely awfully this year. I’m usually done by the end of October but still have so much to do and haven’t even started writing Christmas cards!

  94. R

    Christmas preparations are not going too bad my tree is up presents have all been bought they just need wrapping, I would love some Liz earle skincare under my tree .

  95. Liam Bishop

    Got the last present at the weekend. Now just onto eternal wrapping!

  96. Katrina Adams

    I’m doing fairly well this year. I have wrapped as I’ve gone along, ordered most of my presents and everything is ready to be sent in time for Christmas.

  97. Sarah Summers

    I’m finally all finished just the odd bits to wrap then I can relax

  98. Anonymous

    No where near done need to get motivated

  99. Johanne Currie

    I’m all done 😋😋😋😋

  100. Lorna Ledger

    i am nearly done, just got to wait until next pay day to do my daughters, which will be money so not hard! And food shop!

  101. Anonymous

    about halfway not had any time

  102. Elzbieta Znyk

    I have almost everything still to do, I don’t expect anything specific, I will be happy from surprise!

  103. Allan Fullarton

    Still a long way to go!

  104. Helen Tovell

    Done plenty still plenty to do lots of list and delegating

  105. Michelle Carlin

    I’m doing reasonably well at organising my Mum’s preparations, but haven’t got very far on my own yet!

  106. Jo Hutchings

    I think I’m just about done. I don’t like to be too rushed because I like it to be an enjoyable experience.

  107. zoe brown

    all done now just bit of food to get now

  108. gemma hendry

    ive been done for a while, love to be early

  109. JoyWinn

    85% of presents bought,all wrapping to do & then I can concentrate on food shopping🙂

  110. John Shakspeare

    Got everything. I give and get chocolate as presents. You can’t go wrong with good chocolate :-).

  111. Richard Rowley

    I have some done but being a typical bloke I will still be buying Christmas stuff on Christmas Eve!

  112. Chloe Taylor

    Christmas prep is going very well! Presents are wrapped and cards wrote, the tree is up with other decorations, just got to do the christmas food shopping next week. I’m hoping for a cosy dressing gown & some delicious chocolate under the tree x

  113. Jayne Barnes

    It is going great, I have organised what everyone is having, anything no perishable I have bought and I have a list to go out very early Christmas Eve to buy the rest. All sorted!

  114. Michelle Ferguson

    I have finished all of my present shopping, just have some left to wrap and a few cards to write.

  115. Andrea Dimmick

    Present arent wrapped yet but everything else is ready, I’m hoping to see this hamper under my tree.

  116. sarah morris

    I’ve finished Christmas shopping just need someone to wrap it

  117. Carole Nott

    Just about half way to finishing all items on my to do list

  118. Jade Jones

    considering i had my oldest stepdaughters 10th septwmber, my oldest sons 10th october, my youngest stepdaughters 8th last month on top of christmas this month and my youngest sons 9th next month, its going pretty well 3 out of the 4 kids are sorted the 4th needs about 2 more presents and I need to get my husband something because so far ive only gotten him a controller for his console

  119. greig spencer

    all done and dusted

  120. Susan Trubey

    last minute

  121. Carissa

    I’m not very organised, I’ve still got some Christmas shopping left to do! I would love to have a new camera this Christmas, as that would come in very handy for blogging and Instagram! xx

  122. chelsey hollings

    All done for me, I like to be organised and i start at the beginning of the year.

  123. Keith Hunt

    We are working all the holidays and have a post cottage break just after the day with just small gifts.

  124. Charmaine Dance

    I like to save some of my shopping until December for that super Christmassy feel!

  125. sue leake

    leave it until the last minute

  126. Rachel White

    Yes I’m all done except for the food shop.. I’d like some perfume too please santa!

  127. James Travis

    I haven’t even started yet, probably start next week

  128. Nicki Simpson

    I Christmas shop all year round I love it! So I think I only have 1 gift left to buy now!

  129. Richard Saunders

    I’ve checked with the wife and we are ahead of the game, nearly everything wrapped and food delivery slot booked. 🙂
    Ah..i need to get her presents!!

  130. Anonymous

    I am nearly done with the buying but still need to do the wrapping

  131. Sheri Darby

    No I am in complete chaos – but it will happen, it always does

  132. Katie Walker

    I’ve got all my presents and my tree is up. Need to wrap but no prep for cooking as my mum is doing it thankfully. I am hoping for some perfume under the tree this year.

  133. Tom

    I am nearly ready with my Christmas preparation. Just waiting for 3 more gifts to be delivered so i can wrap them. Also have the list of the food I will cook.

  134. Marc H

    Done with the present buying, not wrapped a thing yet though. Still haven’t bought a tree, will get on that in the next couple of days. More organised than usual, feels weird.

  135. Neil Holliday


  136. Paz

    All the presents were bought well in advance as and when I saw something I knew would be appreciated. The cards have all been posted and invitations to various festive events are all in hand. Thanks to a wonderful family member who always hosts the family Christmas in their big house we don’t need to do any food and drink buying, I just hand over a good wodge of much appreciated cash so that we don’t feel we are taking advantage.

  137. helen rosbotham

    I thought I was doing well but life got in the way and now Im so behind! Its tricky working full time and organising christmas for the family.

  138. Steve Dickinson

    All bought, just need to wrap it

  139. A.E. ADKINS

    Currently knee deep in cards to be written, presents to be sorted and wrapped, just to find out what I have forgotten

  140. Fiona Johnstone

    I still have afew presents to buy but the ones I have bought are all wrapped which makes a change for me. I’m usually wrapping on Christmas Eve. I would love Santa to bring me the new Josh Groban cd.

  141. laura stewart

    yes nearly finished looking for to the big day x

  142. Victoria Prince

    Badly! I was organised, now I’m having a week off and I’m not….no doubt I’ll be shopping on Christmas Eve and then wrapping at 9pm as usual!

    I’d love a laptop but that’s out of his budget 🙂

  143. Chloe brill

    finished buying all the presents

  144. jules Eley

    I am not sure what happened this year but I just have not managed to get anything done on time… I am behind on present wrapping, food buying and sending cards….. eeek!

  145. Fiona jk42

    I finished my planned present buying, but I may pick up a couple of extras for my kids and granddaughter when I go out.
    Sorry to hear about Sally, when you have an elderly pet you always half expect to get bad news any time they see the vet. I hope it turns out to be a false alarm.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Thank you. I’m pretty sure they are right sadly, so we are just going to concentrate on making her comfortable and listen to what she’s telling us with how she is.

  146. Kate Sutton

    Not really ready, would like Santa to drop off a winning lottery ticket!

  147. Mark T

    My Christmas prep is mostly done. Just need to buy the roast meat for the dinner. I hope Santa brings me a PS4

  148. Christina Tuffin

    Hello, I am so sorry to hear about Sal (your dog?) What a horrid time of year to learn news like that. Lots of love to you and Bex XXX

  149. Geoff Hibbert

    Finished everything in November – hoping for a new laptop

  150. Jane Green

    It started well but its now ground to a halt, need a kick up the backside to get moving.

  151. Toni Pearson

    Shopping is done, just a few more bits to wrap, and a menu to plan for New Years Day party. Merry Christmas

  152. Sharon Hirst

    Done, wrapped, cards written. Just food shopping to do.

  153. Emma Hussain

    My Christmas prep is almost done. Two more things to pick up and that’s it

  154. Rai

    I haven’t done anything yet. I work nights and haven’t had the chance. I’ll have to try and get presents tomorrow, as then I’m back at work Sunday night and I’ve only got one night off between then and xmas day. Ha can’t see christmas happening this year.

  155. Catherine Bullas

    I still have lots to do, with 5 kids it seems never ending!

  156. Tricia Bingham

    i have nearly finished just a few more prezzies to buy and wrap

  157. Holly G

    I feel like we are usually quite unorganized but I think we are doing well this year! We only have 1 or 2 people left to buy for and a bit of wrapping up to do x

  158. Carol Boffey

    have to get a few more things

  159. David Greenhalgh

    Despite all my good intentions I always do my shopping at the last minute

  160. Leslie Evans

    Going Badly, I spend far to much time attempting to win competitions.


    A prezzys bought and wrapped. Would like a new kitchen for xmas but I think I’ve been naughty

  162. Adrian Bold

    I go to family for Christmas so I don’t need to worry too much about food etc – just presents. And I don’t really start shopping until the week before – so next week I’ll start.

  163. Anonymous

    Sort of finished, feel like there is still plenty of time. Hoping for lots of bubble bath as I can’t have a bath without it

  164. Claire Nelson

    Almost all done now, I just have the local cards to complete. I am hoping for some perfume under the tree.

  165. Angela Kelly

    I have everything ready for Christmas now. All that’s left is to get next week at work over with and everything can start.

  166. Judith Allen

    Not done anything about Christmas, and I don’t care. My daughter is 28, lives in London with her partner, and is too busy to think about it. Too busy with yoga and training to be a yoga teacher, teaching and performing belly dance, and working fulltime. Her partner is a chef, so works all hours. As they do. I’m sorry about Sally, our beautiful furkids don’t last long, we still miss our lovely Max and he’s been gone years now.

  167. Danielle Spencer

    My Christmas prep is going okay, most of the presents wrapped, just a couple more to buy. I’ll be writing my Christmas cards out this evening. My father-in-law already bought me my new toaster which I had asked for this Christmas.

  168. Gaynor Vincent

    Really behind with everything this year – just dont seem to have the mojo

  169. Nicola Dow

    Well I thought I was prepared but I am so not! I will still be running around on Christmas eve x

  170. Louise Heaton

    I’ve got the presents I need to get….No idea what I’m eating Christmas Day as I’m cat sitting for my friend.
    And me? I’m hoping I’ll have a lovely MacBook for Christmas….One can always hope! lol

  171. Jessica Barber

    Everything has been bought and half of it is wrapped… doing better than I usually am!!

  172. janine atkin

    id still got loads to do

  173. Ann Skamarauskas

    Still to get started on Christmas prep, although I have ordered the Xmas cards 🙂

  174. Debbie Preston

    I’m fairly organised as cards sent and wrap presents as buy but still got the ‘difficult’ people to buy for. I would like a fitbit

  175. Lucy robinson

    Nowhere near ready. I’ve got loads of Christmas shopping still to do.

  176. Laura Findlay

    I’ve still got a little bit more to get and all of my wrapping to do. I’m hoping for lots of chocolate this year x

  177. Scott Fallon

    Nearly done, just a couple mote presents to get.

  178. sharon martin

    i’m nearly done just the pressies to wrap and some food bits to buy

  179. Jessica Slater

    We collect throughout the year and just have a couple of presents left to wrap and give.


    Am not ready for Christmas at all after being ill with bronchitis for the last two weeks

  181. Jeanette Leighton

    I thought I was but theirs always one more thing to get

  182. Marie Rungapadiachy

    I am afraid that I am so disorganised this year. My Christmas prep is not going as well as it should.
    I would love some artist materials at Christmas.

  183. Tammy Neal

    I’ve done all mine and all the presents wrapped x

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