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Advent 2018 Day 4 – Kleen Kanteen Insulated Food Canister

Welcome to the 4th Day of the Futures / UK Lifestyle Hub / Life in a Break Down Christmas advent giveaway!

I am really struggling with the fact Christmas is almost here and I'm still not ready!

One thing you might have noticed about my blog this year is I've not done many gift guides. Yes, I've written a few off my own back, from my favourite stores. But I've tried to keep it to that.

I certainly haven't gone all out with review based ones, as I have in previous years.

The reason being; 1) I've had enough issues getting things done and reviewed this year and 2) I honestly find them so stressful. How much should I write?! Should I keep it quick and snappy or go in-depth? Is my post just the same as everyone else's who's been sent the same item?!

So this year I decided to keep my tradition of doing the giveaways but when it came to gift guides I would simply post items I liked if I fancied it.

I hope people will understand my reasonings and if you want to see some gift guides just give me a shout and I'll point you to some fantastic blogs who are doing them.

Anyway enough with my explaining onto today's giveaway!

Kleen Kanteen Insulated Food Canister Header

Klean Kanteen

Today we have teamed up with the fantastic Klean Kanteen.

They are a family owned business with a mission! Back in 2004, they introduced the first stainless steel, BPA-free, reusable water bottle.

From there, they have created a high-quality range of reusable products. To help people be more eco-friendly in their everyday life.

One fact I found interesting about the Klean Kanteen is they offer every single member of their staff 24 hours annually to volunteer with! How amazing.

Insulated Food Canister

I think perhaps this is the perfect prize for Christmas.

We all use plastic or styrofoam packaging throughout the year.

Think about the times you get a takeout, it all comes bundled in such things. Often we just throw this out or perhaps keep some in our cupboards just in case.

However, no more!

Klean Kanteen has come up with a 16oz completely reusable insulated food canister, which can keep your food, hot or cold for up to 8 hours.

This leak-proof, easy clean, BPA free product, even includes a recycled cardboard insulated lid. So they have been thinking about how they can help the environment from use to construction.

To find out more about the Insulated Food Canister or buy one for yourself for £34.95 just click the link.

However, one of you will be winning one for free.



So how you can you be in with a chance of winning this amazing container?

Well, all you need to do is head over to the Klean Kanteen website and let us know using 8 words or more:
Other than the canister itself what is your favourite item they sell and why?

Please remember as this competition is running over multiple websites to not only leave your name in the Gleam widget but also let us know which website you entered via so we can track down your comment.

Advent 2018 Day 4 – Kleen Kanteen

Good Luck!




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Kleen Kanteen Insulated Food Canister Header

This article has 112 comments

  1. Susie Wilkinson

    The multi-colour 5 piece straw set is brilliant, they’ll last forever!

  2. Solange

    I like the Insulated Tumblers as they can be used for coffees or smoothies making them very versatile.

  3. Tracy Nixon

    As I’m a huge coffee lover, I love their Insulated Wide 20oz (592ml) flask for on the move coffee!

  4. Iris

    The insulated tumbler 20oz would be perfect for my daughter to take her hot drinks to uni. But really I love everything on klean kanteen as there is no plastic

  5. Gemma Holland

    I like the look of the insulated tumblers

  6. Anonymous

    I like the Union Jack wide neck flask to take my soup out with me to work!

  7. maria ROGERS

    I like the eco friendly multi coloured reusable straws, so handy!

  8. Laura Todd

    The colourful straw set looks great, unusual so would like to house these in my kitchen

  9. Lynn savage

    I like the large Insulated TKPro, would be great to take a hot drink on my hikes.

  10. Sandra Fortune

    I like the kids insulated food canisters and drinks flasks they’re great for little ones who are fussy about school dinners

  11. Hayley f

    I love the 5 Piece Straw Set – Multi Colour A’s I’m trying to change from plastic straws to metal. Thankyou x

  12. melanie stirling

    I like the Limited Edition Union Jack water bottle. I like the design and I use a water bottle every day.

  13. LOUISE


  14. Kat C

    I would like the 5 Piece Straw Set – Multi Colour, as I like to use straws for cold drinks – I have sensitive teeth – and reusable ones are more environmentally friendly.

  15. Ailsa

    Love the straw set. One for all of us in the family !

  16. Brad Start

    I do like the look of the 4 Piece Bottle Brush Set as it is a great way to ensure that our multi use bottles and cups are really clean in an environmentally safe way.

  17. Jen oconnell

    I love the look of the reusable straw set – I’m getting more conscious of all the plastic being thrown away

  18. christine Goody

    The five piece multi coloured Straw set, are everlasting straws and I love them as it helps the environment.

  19. Matthew Morgan

    My favourite is the TKpro canteen, perfect for warm drinks after a long walk with my dogs (me not them)

  20. S.Otoole

    The 5 piece straw set look great, anywhere any time wash it and carry on.

  21. iain maciver

    like the large Insulated TKPro, would be great

  22. Angela treadway

    insulated tumbler looks fab. would love to win x

  23. Kate Buckley

    I love the insulated tumbler which kept me going when my twins were teeny and made sure my drink was still hot for so much longer than using a normal cup

  24. Alan Critchlow

    Limited Edition ‘Union Jack’ Insulated Wide 12oz (355ml)

  25. andrea tinkler

    TKpro canteen ould be great when i go out with the dogs

  26. Andrea Fletcher

    The insulated wide bottle.

  27. KATHY D

    I love the Insulated Tumbler 20oz (592ml). Ideal to take your drink with you on the go – wherever you go

  28. Sharon williams

    Love the insulated drinks cannistwrs. Perfect for my daughter who Does so much sport and needs to drink lots of liquids

  29. Rachel Craig

    Limited Edition Union Jack Insulated 12oz, wide. Useful and practical.

  30. Laura Loo

    I love the insulated tumblers. I have been eyeing them up for a while

  31. Katie

    I like the insulated tumbler because I am always forgetting my tea!

  32. Claire Woods

    Insulated Tumbler 20oz (592ml) because I’d use it on days out.

  33. Ruth Harwood

    love the thermos as they would be very useful on journeys to see friends that i’m planning in the new year – rather take my own coffee than pay over the odds!!

  34. Lyndsey

    Love the TKpro it would come in handy

  35. Fiona jk42

    I like the 5 piece re-useable straw set, would be perfect for my granddaughter

  36. Emilie Curry

    I like the Classic 27oz water bottle, its perfect for keeping me hydrated at work and on the go. The lemon curry colour is my favourite.

  37. Hekna

    I like the idea of the 5 Piece Straw Set. Be great for the kids.

  38. Kim Neville

    I like the Insulated Classic water bottle. Perfect to keep my water nice and cold on my walks

  39. Robyn Clarke

    I love the The Insulated Wide 16oz coffee cup, I have the smaller one and its brilliant! Sometimes I find it works too well and my coffee is too hot.

  40. Arabella Bazley

    I love the limited edition Union Jack versions, go Team GB!! And the 64oz “classic” is so smart you’d be looking for things to put in it. Personally I’m thinking margaritas on the beach because it’s definitely big enough to share!

  41. hannah igoe

    5 Piece Straw Set – Multi Colour we have been rethinking about our plastic uses but the kids still love straws these are the perfect compromise

  42. Anna Nicamhlaigh

    4 Piece Bottle Brush Set, perfect set for cleaning all the bottle bits, ridges, cap and a lot of other awkward bits

  43. Elizabeth Smith

    What with the highlight on single use plastics my eyes were drawn to the straws

  44. Anonymous

    I like the baby bottles and small food containers for my young granddaughter

  45. John Tunnicliffe

    I love the TKPro 1L bottle. Often have to go on long hospital appointments.

  46. Nikki Stewart

    I love the 5 piece straw set, they’re a great idea and would be very handy

  47. Zoe C

    The Insulated TKPro 32oz , my husband works outside and always needs a hot drink!

  48. Lorraine Tinsley

    The growlers look brilliant, you need ice cold alcohol at parties and when you go camping

  49. Louise A

    My favourite are the 5 Piece Straw Set – Multi Colour. I use straws every day when I drink milk (the child in me I suppose) and though I do wash them every day it would be nice to have some that are environmentally friendly

  50. Rich Tyler

    Insulated wide bottle me thinks

  51. Mark Johnson

    Insulated Tumbler 16oz would be great for take away coffees and keeping them warm

  52. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Large insulated TKPro – perfect gift for my brother

  53. kerri copeland

    insulation is great fr my partner

  54. Katrina Adams

    I really like the insulated classic bottle they have.

  55. Lorna Ledger

    Insulated Tumbler 20oz would be great for keeping drinks and soups warm, love it!

  56. Stacey Turner

    I love the TKpro for many reasons. The main one being 100% plastic free

  57. Elzbieta Znyk

    INSULATED BOTTLES it would be perfect for taking coffee away with me.

  58. Michelle Ferguson

    I love the multicoloured straws as guilty of using plastic straws

  59. Helen Tovell

    I like the 4 Piece Bottle Brush Set as some reusable bottle so can be so hard to keep clean and germ free

  60. Hannah Wood

    Would be the insulated tumblers

  61. zoe brown

    i love the insulated tumbler be great for my coffee due to disability its perfect for me to be able to used

  62. Rebecca Mercer

    i love the insulated kids bottle, would be perfect for my kids

  63. Sandra Foreman

    Insulated TKPro 16oz would be perfect for taking soups to work

  64. kelly wheelhouse

    I love the 5 Piece Straw Set – Multi Colour. I feel like they are a wonderful way to cut down on plastic straws! And they are less than £10!

  65. Carole Nott

    I like the Insulated Tumbler 8oz – this would be useful for when on the go

  66. Jade Jones

    love the wide growler but omg they need a better name

  67. Anneka Davies

    The insulated tumblers look amazing, perfect for a coffee on the go 👍🏻

  68. Tom B

    The Insulated TKPro 32oz (1000ml) would be perfect for my fishing trips.

  69. Rachel White

    Love the multicoloured straws great for the kids!

  70. Geri Gregg

    I love the straws as they’re reusable and have a variety of colours to choose from

  71. Keith Hunt

    The TKPro thermal Kanteen looks good for long road trips in my motorhome

  72. Donna Lawton

    I like the union Jack flask

  73. Angela Kelly

    I like the look of the insulated water bottles. That would help keep my water from getting tepid at work.

  74. Matt O'Reilly

    The multicoloured straws, because it means I can reuse my straw and not add to the ever growing plastic issue.

  75. Stev Rigby

    The Insulated Reflect 20oz because it has a retro appearance and hols a full pint.

  76. Fiona Johnstone

    I love the TKPro Kanteen. It would be great for my husband when he’s working outside.

  77. Anonymous

    I like the insulated tumbler because I work in a school and never get chance to finish my coffee.

  78. Gemma Middleton

    I like the insulated tumbler because I work in a school and never get chance to finish my coffee.

  79. Jennifer Morris

    Their reusable straws as I’m trying to cut down on all the unnessasery plastic I use

  80. Lucy Carter

    I love the insulated bottles as they are perfect for a day out.

  81. Nuala R

    I like the Insulated Wide 16oz because i love taking a hot drink to work and the bigger the better 🙂

  82. Rosie Holloway

    I like the 5 piece straw set – so much better for the environment – and my 15 year old daughter is actually requesting metal straws for Christmas.

  83. Louise Heaton

    I love the multi-colour 5 piece straw set-I love anything multi-coloured and practical!

  84. Caron Twyman

    I like the Union flag flask. Fingers crossed, everything looks great.

  85. Catherine Stewart

    The Union Jack water bottle- I always have a bottle of water on me!

  86. Geoffroy Thomas

    The steel pint, as they are useful for picnics and days out.

  87. toni pearson

    love the kids sports bottles. Love their durability, and that no one else at school will have the same one, so they wont get lost/mixed up with others

  88. Liz T

    I like the Insulated Wide 12oz (355ml) in sunny yellow because it is useful, portable and yellow is my favourite colour.

  89. Ruth lee

    The reuseable straw set looks great my boys would like using them

  90. Lauren Main

    The five piece multi-coloured metal straw set is just perfect! Great alternative to the rubbish plastic ones!

  91. Allan Wilson

    The 20oz Insulated Coffee mug would be the business for my hours commute to the train station.

  92. paula cheadle

    I love the Insulated TKPro 32oz has I would use this bottle every time I go out, has I use a smaller one at the moment

  93. Sharon Timmins

    The 4 piece bottle brush set is a must for me

  94. Aaron Milne

    love – Insulated Growler 32oz (946ml) – looks so cool and oh so useful

  95. Monika Bascombe

    I like Insulated Tumbler 20oz (592ml)
    it would keep my coffee warm and thats all i want in life – warm coffee

  96. Charmian Filewood

    colourful straw set catches my eye, it just looks funky and obviously it is useful too

  97. Chris Fletcher

    I love the insulated growlers, great for taking cold drinks with you when out and about! Great for the beach.

  98. Cheryl

    An insulated tumbler to keep my tea warm 🙂

  99. Annabel Greaves

    The insulated bottles are really useful and great for transporting

  100. Kirsteen Mackay

    I love the insulated tumbler because anything that keeps hot drinks hot for more than 15 minutes is a fantastic investment.

  101. Kate Loader

    The Stainless Steel Straws because they can be reused over and over

  102. A.E. ADKINS

    The boys would love the Stainless Steel Straws, great for the environment, dishwasher proof but sadly I suspect they would make great pea shooters!

  103. Joanna Nichol

    I like the Union flag flask as it is very patriotic!

  104. Adrian Bold

    I love the Limited Edition ‘Union Jack’ Classic 18oz as it looks great!

  105. janine atkin

    i love the union jack bottle. it would be great for work

  106. kim d

    I like the Classic 18oz bottle because it’s the brightest green of all the products and this is my favourite colour

  107. Donna Tomlin

    I like coffee so the insulated tumblers would be good

  108. Gaynor Vincent

    im loving the metal straws – perfect to repalce plastic single use ones

  109. Rachael Obrien

    Coffee canister ! Great for the hour nursery runs x2! Love they are plastic free too !


    Love the insulated water bottles, they sound great

  111. Craig Hindle

    5 Piece Straw Set – Multi Colour

    Is my favourite as like colours and it’s healthier for teeth

  112. Chris hindle

    5 pack metal multi coloured straws as want to change from plastic

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