Advent 2018 Day 10 – Scaramanga Ella Saddle Bag

Advent 2018 Day 10 – Scaramanga Ella Saddle Bag

Happy Friday.

How quickly has another week gone by? I have to admit I am amazed that in just over a week we will be celebrating Christmas itself!

Let's hope Santa brings you everything you would love this year.

I have to admit, when it comes to giveaway prizes, I can sometimes feel a little bit jealous that I have to give the item away.

Today is one of those days, because, oh how I would love to own one myself.

I really feel like today's prize is just beautiful and I am over the moon this company have agreed to work with us.

I should admit was lucky enough to be given a choice of items from Scaramanga to choose from, so I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed that you will feel the same about this prize as I do.

Scaramanga Ella Saddle Bag


Started over 10 years ago, Scaramanga began when Carl Morenikeji found an old, iconic leather satchel while in India and feel for the quality and feel of it.

Soon after an idea began forming in his mind. What if he could bring together people with the talent of making bags of this quality? Allowing them to use traditional techniques and tools, while creating modern leather items.

At a similar time, Carl began sourcing vintage furniture and that is what Scaramanga is today.

An original lifestyle brand that mixes handcrafted leather items, with the supply of vintage furniture.

It is well worth reading through Scaramanga's ethical policy which goes into things such as how they treat their workers, how they source products and more.

Scaramanga Ella Saddle Bag

Ella Saddle Bag

The Ella Saddle Bag is a newer addition to the collection at Scaramanga.

Made from hunter leather, it includes an adjustable strap, magnetic clasp and additional zippered front.

While when it comes to size you are looking at: H27.5cm x W30cm x D7.5cm (11 x 12 x 3).

I think you will agree this bag has been made in an iconic style. Which when mixed with the unique look and texture that Scaramanga achieves, it really offers something unique.

To me, this is a bag that can be used all year round, for special occasions or everyday life. However, do remember to look into the care instructions to keep your bag as pretty as possible.

Scaramanga Ella Saddle Bag


So how could you be in with a chance of winning this gorgeous bag?

Well all you need to do is pop over to the Scaramanga website and let us know using 8 words or more:
What is your favourite item they sell and where would you use it?

Please remember as this competition is running over multiple websites to not only leave your name in the Gleam widget but also let us know which website you entered via so we can track down your comment.

Advent 2018 Day 10 – Scaramanga Ella Saddle Bag

Good Luck!




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This article has 170 comments

  1. Solange

    I like the Women’s Leather Backpack and I would use it for days out.

  2. christine goody

    I love the Britt tote bag, I would take it shopping and also when I go out to the golf club.

  3. Catherine S

    My favourite item is the Leather Duffel Bag. I would use it for weekends away.

  4. Vivien Taylor

    LEATHER TRAVEL JOURNAL, Because it will create the lovely sense of anticipation when planning a trip, and will be a pleasure to use.

  5. Iris

    I love the LEATHER AND CANVAS BACKPACK FOR WOMEN and would use it for trips out

  6. cat h

    I love this MINI SOHO LEATHER BACKPACK, perfect for work days when I need to move around between offices

  7. William Gould

    The 6 drawer Console table would be perfect in the bedroom my wife has taken over for all her knitting, sewing and other crafts!

  8. Lynn Neal

    Soho Leather backpack is my favourite such a useful and stylish bag!


    Love the Mini Soho Leather backpack, it’s gorgeous.

  10. laura stewart

    love The 6 drawer Console table 🙂

  11. Lindsey Stuart

    I absolutely love the Leather Saddle bag in leather, it is very nice, I love the colour and the size, Perfect for all of my outings, shopping 😉 Lovely

  12. Ursula Hunt

    I love the leather tote bag and I would use it every month when I go and visit my daughter and grandchildren

  13. Darrell Perry

    Loving the MEDIUM VINTAGE LEATHER MEN’S SATCHEL – 15 INCH. Just my style

  14. Sue McCarthy

    I like the Camel Tote bag which I would use for shopping.

  15. Valerie Seal

    I love all these bags. I think the ella saddle bag is the one most suitable for me.

  16. Louise Heaton

    I love the antique marwari horse heads

  17. Sandra Fortune

    I love this bag and also the medium vintage leather satchel bag

  18. Laura Wheatley

    I love the vintage jewellery boxes <3 they just look fab

  19. Keith Hunt

    Large Leather and Canvas Backpack For Men looks good for a day at a Disney park for all the family bits.

  20. maria ROGERS

    hubby would love the vintage train signs

  21. lisa dolatowski

    I love the Medium Vintage Leather Satchel With Front Pocket, this would be the perfect bag for my 2019 travel adventures, I am hoping to visit Germany for the first time and I think this would be perfect for carrying around my essentials while still looking very stylish.

  22. Laura Todd

    The Lou Lou Leather Tote bag would be my pick

  23. Sarah Cooper

    I love the leather satchel. Would wear everywhere.

  24. Helen Tovell

    The TERRACOTTA PLANT POTS SET OF 3 and I would put them on the window sill in my bathroom

  25. Joo Dee

    the travel pouch would be really handy for holidays!

  26. Danielle Spencer

    I love the CANVAS & LEATHER HOLDALL FOR WOMEN it would be perfect when we travel up to see the in-laws.

  27. iain maciver

    love the Leather Saddle bag my wife would love it

  28. Zoe C

    The leather saddle bag, I would use it for everyday use

  29. Andrea Fletcher

    I like the Women’s Leather Wallet and I would take it shopping.

  30. Sandra Foreman

    Leather saddle bag 12 inch I had one of these when I was a teenager and absolutely loved it would love another one now

  31. Rebecca Brown

    I have my eye on their vintage leather satchel

  32. Annabel Greaves

    I love a woman’s leather bag, that I would take with me out and about

  33. A S,Edinburgh

    My favourite is the Large Leather Vintage Flight Bag, which I would use any time I needed a bit more space to carry things while out and about.

  34. Jen oconnell

    I’d go for the leather satchel – it would be perfect for work

  35. Kelly glen

    I love the saddle bag and would use it everyday. It would be very useful.


    The Leather Saddle bag , Id use it everyday, everywhere

  37. Marycarol

    Love the black leather Bella handbag – gorgeous and perfect for shopping, work, everyday x

  38. andrea tinkler

    love the Leather Saddle bag in leather, just my style

  39. Susan B

    is gorgeous and I would use it in my bedroom.

  40. Elena vB

    I love the Britt Tote Bag, I would use it to carry my course book in 🙂

  41. Anonymous

    JEWELLERY BOX – I would display it in my bedroom and use it for my jewellery.

  42. Louise B

    I love the Weekender Bag as I love travelling to visit friends and new places for short weekend trips where my carry on suitcase is too big and a backpack isn’t as pretty.

  43. Ashleigh Allan

    The Soho leather backpack for on holiday would be good

  44. Kim Neville

    I like the THE LOULOU LEATHER TOTE. Perfect size for travelling

  45. Rich Tyler

    Vintage jewellery boxes would be lovely for my wife, she’d deffo use them

  46. melanie stirling

    I like the woven wool rug,it’s colourful and I need one for the living room.

  47. Elzbieta Znyk

    LEATHER TOTE BAG I would use it every day, when I go to college, shopping or just for a coffee with my friend.

  48. Margaret Gallagher

    MINI SOHO leather backpack is my favourite – that’s liable to change as there are so many beautiful things

  49. Ruth Harwood

    I would use this as a little notebook when I’m out and about and little ideas pop in my head or i need to make a note of an appointment xx

  50. Claire Woods

    CANVAS & LEATHER HOLDALL FOR WOMEN – I’d use this for short breaks away when I don’t need much luggage with me.

  51. Maggie Coates

    I like this leather tote bag. It would be handy for work to take all my bits and pieces in.

  52. Jo Hutchings

    I like the mini satchel with front pocket I’d use it for work.

  53. Anonymous

    I’d go for a small Overlander satchel bag – I’d use it on my commute to work, to store all my daily needs

  54. jo liddement

    I love the vintage look of the Small Wooden Desk and as i don’t have a proper desk this would be ideal for my own use.

  55. Lorna Ledger

    LEATHER AND CANVAS BACKPACK FOR WOMEN – it’;s very LEATHER AND CANVAS BACKPACK FOR WOMEN pratical and lovely so I would use it for most days

  56. Kim Carberry

    I love the Woolly Blankets in Blue! It would be fab for snuggling on the sofa watching a film!

  57. Carole Nott

    I love the Leather Tote Bag – this would be so useful all the year round

  58. Kerry H

    I love the canvas crossover bag and would use it in work.

  59. Mark Johnson

    MEDIUM OVERLANDER LEATHER SATCHEL would be great for carrying things to the office

  60. Hekna

    The saddle bag is lovely and would make a great day bag

  61. Zoey Peskey

    I’d love the WOMENS BOHO LEATHER BACKPACK perfect for our next holiday travels

  62. Helen J

    I like the laptop bag for women, I use a laptop every day for work so this would be much nicer than my rucksack!

  63. HannahP

    I love the Medium Vintage Leather Satchel – and I’d use it everywhere!

  64. Susie Wilkinson

    I really like the Women’s Leather Backpack, it would be ideal for my shopping trips into my local town.

  65. Angela treadway

    i quite like the womans leather wallet x

  66. Carolyn Collins

    I love the
    Black Leather Bella Handbag.
    It is casual but smart enough for an interview.
    I would use it for a theatre day out as it could store my programme and sneaky lunch.

  67. Sheena Batey

    The Bella Leather Handbag would be fantastic to use whenever I am out shopping in town

  68. Clifford Sherwood

    Soho Leather backpack is my fav

  69. Laura Pritchard

    I’d pick the Leather Duffle Bag and I’d use it on weekends away with my boyfriend.

  70. Helen Fowler

    Mini Soho Leather Backpack is gorgeous

  71. Nikki Hayes

    I love the Leather Tablet Case and I would use it to protect my beloved iPad Mini when I am out and about – gotta admit I’m using a cheap case from Poundland at the moment 😀

  72. Emily Smith

    I do love the Black Leather Bella Handbag which I would use every day and the Weekender Bag for little trips.

  73. Lorna Roberts

    The woven wool rug would look great in our living room.

  74. Mrs Sarah Roberts

    l adore the large leather tote bag, perfect for get aways

  75. Diane M Gooding

    I love the Bella handbag. I would use it everyday. I carry a lot with me when I leave the house.

  76. Adriana

    I really like the the leather duffle bag,It would be nice for trips.

  77. Nancy

    I like their bags. Would use for my camera equipment.

  78. Elizabeth Smith

    Loving the WOMEN’S LEATHER BACKPACK and I think it would become my default bag, never having managed the art of travelling light I’ve never managed with a delicate handbag!

  79. kimberley ryan

    I really like the leather duffle bag

  80. Carolle Wieler

    I love the Bella leather handbag. As it is so special I would use it for every occasion I have an opportunity to show it off.

  81. Michelle Ferguson

    I love the mini vintage jewellery box which I would put on my dressing table

  82. Liam Bishop

    Love their iPad messenger bag, would be great for carrying bits around at the weekend.

  83. Rachel White

    I live their furniture range.. that vintage blue trunk is gorgeous. . Perfect for the end of my bed!

  84. S.Otoole

    The Leather Rucksack and I would use when I go out doing photography

  85. Karen Barrett

    LEATHER TABLET AND TRAVEL POUCH, perfect for our planned trip to Australia

  86. Lyndsey

    Love the leather saddle bag, i would use it for uni

  87. Julie Waldron

    I like the Canvas Foldover Bag. I would use it for everyday and on vacations.

  88. Christine Lockley

    I love the “Laptop Bag for Women” it’s sleek and stylish and I’d use it everyday

  89. Ken Ohl

    I think my wife would love the leather saddle bag she would enjoy this

  90. Zoe Lester

    I love the leather saddle bag, would be useful when out and about when I don’t particularly want to take my massive bag

  91. Arabella Bazley

    I love them all, I want them all. I love the men’s bags. I love the Overlander Leather Satchel, I love the university survival set which I would use to death carrying my laptop around. And the little leather satchel keyring is a wonderful detail. The upcycled bulkhead lamps are fab too, I love the industrial look.

  92. DeAnna Keller

    I really like the LEATHER TOTE BAG HAND10502.
    I would bring itwith me when I travel.

  93. T Brailey

    I love the leather duffle bag and use it during weekends away.

  94. Karen Usher

    Loving the mini soho leather backpack £100, perfect size for my laptop and I could take it everywhere with me, work/holidays. THe bag is very versatile.

  95. Carol Boffey

    love the leather duffle bag

  96. Anonymous

    Black leather wallet with coin pocket, need a new wallet, and could do with one that carry’s my change

  97. James Travis

    Black Leather Wallet with coin pocket, could do with a new wallet, and need one really that carry’s my loose change

  98. stephen holman

    i love the laptop bags, id use it for work

    for example

  99. Jo F

    I love the gemini Cross body bag. I’d use everywhere as my current bag is falling to bits

  100. Anonymous

    I love the women’s leather wallet. I would use it every time I go shopping

  101. Carole E

    I love the women’s leather wallet. I would use it every time I go shopping

  102. Roisin M

    Mini Soho backpack would be perfect for work and play

  103. greig spencer

    love the Britt tote bag

  104. Sandra Charnley

    I really like the Medium Vintage Leather Journal. I’d record every magical moment and memorable event throughout the year, as my memory isn’t as good as it used to be, so this would be great to look back on

  105. Tina H

    I love the Leather Rucksack and I would use it absolutely everywhere I go.

  106. Kat C

    I love the Soho leather back pack, I would use it cycling to work 👍

  107. Monica Gilbert

    I love the leather satchels. I’d really have to think about which one I’d like best, because I’ve always wanted a satchel. I’d use it for work.

  108. jberry

    Nothing short of stellar goods.VINTAGE WALL SHELF –
    OWIS60832 , this is the spice rack I’ve been dreaming of.

  109. Stephanie Dunmore

    The leather saddle bag would be perfect for work.

  110. Amy Briscoe

    I love the leather tote bag. I’d use it when my new born arrives in Feb so I have a gorgeous bag to carry around!

  111. Petra Hora


  112. Kirsten Murphy

    I adore Scaramanga, they’re actually based not too far away from me, they sell so many interesting things! I’ve got an eye on their woven wool rug for my living room to bring in some colour

  113. Victoria Prince

    The Large Vintage Leather Satchel 16 Inch and I’d use it every time I go into town 🙂

  114. Fiona Johnstone

    I like the leather tote bag. I’m sure I would use it every day, going to work or shopping. Looks great.

  115. sue leake

    I love the Leather Duffle Bag FLBG14027. Who wouldn’t want to look smart and classy carrying this bag. But lets be honest all of these bags are smart and classy travelling or not.

  116. hannah igoe

    I love the cement mini planter and I would get several and put different shaped plants in them and place them along my window ledge in my kitchen.

  117. Jade Jones

    VINTAGE CHEST OF DRAWERS I love his and would use it for the new babys nursery when they come along

  118. Karen Dixon

    I love the university survival pack, my twin nephews will be heading off in the near future and this would be a fab present for them.

  119. Jan e COX

    Love the Bella leather handbag


    The THE BRITT TOTE BAG and I’d use it everyday

  121. Anneka Davies

    I love the vintage chest of drawers 😍 they would go lovely in my bedroom that I’m having dedicated after Christmas

  122. Kim M

    Would love the set of Terracotta pots for my garden x

  123. Anthea Holloway

    I love the Leather duffle bag which I would use when I got to visit my daughter for the weekend.

  124. Chloe brill

    would love this JEWELLERY BOX for when i go on holidays

  125. Helena Gilbert

    The Antique Leather Travel Trunk is fabulous and would love it for my bedroom…..Great website…

  126. Anonymous

    I think I’m a little bit in love with the Antique Rustic Pine Farmhouse Table

  127. Abigail

    I think I’m a little bit in love with the Antique Rustic Pine Farmhouse Table

  128. KATHY D

    The Freya Leather backpack. perfect for been I am pushing my mother in the wheelchair. Practical and out of the way

  129. Charmaine Dance

    I love the Leather Saddle bag it would go with everything

  130. Hazel Rea

    I like the The Freya Leather backpack but I think I might like the Leather Saddle Bag even moe!

  131. Mary Baldwin

    Medium Vintage Leather Satchel 15 Inch With Pocket & Handle is my favourite and would be great for travelling for work as I could fit in my laptop and ‘stuff’ and so only take one bag instead of two.

  132. Helen Rosbotham

    I love the weekender bag but to be honest I would probably use it everyday as I need a big bag at work.

  133. cat jamison

    vintage leather satchel. I would use it for work

  134. Adrian Bold

    I think the Antique Rustic Pine Farmhouse Table is gorgeous! Ideal for my house.

  135. jacqui rushton

    I absolutely love the Leather Duffel Bag – I would use it as an everyday bag!

  136. AnnaSSS

    I really like Bella handbag. x

  137. Victoria Easton

    Medium-Vintage-Leather-Satchel I love this, the colour and the size! I would use it mainly for shopping especially with the pockets for hiding extra bags etc

  138. MICHELLE Stewart

    Vintage leather satchel is awesome

  139. Janine Phillips

    I like the classic leather tote bag, it looks really roomy and would be great for everyday use x

  140. Rai

    Love the gemini crossbody bag – hard choice though as they’ve got some gorgeous bags.

  141. Catherine Stewart

    I’d love the leather tote bag. It’s nice and big so perfect for carrying my files and notepads around in work!

  142. Dominique Ralf

    There are so many lovely things to choose from, I recently bought some wooden heart blocks from here and they are so pretty. I would love to get the vintage love locks to display on my bookcase of things that I love.

  143. Emsey Loftus

    Now I’ve seen that Ella Saddle Bag I cant unsee it! Its my favourite thing on the Scaramanga website. So many lovely goodies on there though.

  144. betsy ferguson

    the leather duffle bag is fab and great for weekends away x

  145. Lee Hardy

    My wife would love the leather duffel bag for work.

  146. MichelleD

    Absolutely love this, the Classic Leather Tote bag would be perfect for work!

  147. charlotte wilde

    i love the look of loulou leather tote and i’d definitely use this for work, for carting all my stuff around in style!

  148. Geoffroy Thomas

    Love the saddle bag, but also love the Leather Tote Bag

  149. Francesca H

    I like the weekender bag – but for everyday not just the weekend, as it looks like it would just about fit everything I have to drag around!!

  150. Joanna Nichol

    I like the Bella leather handbag and I would use it for my shopping trips

  151. paula cheadle


  152. Anonymous

    I love the women’s leather wallet. I love how the leather is worn-in, so much better than stiff new leather!

  153. Monika Bascombe

    VINTAGE CHEST OF DRAWERS to store my cross stitch supplies


    I love the beautiful leather tote bag. It would be perfect when travelling or for weekends away.

  155. Erica Hughes

    The Bella Leather Handbag is the perfect companion for every day.

  156. sharon martin

    i like the boho womens leather backpack and would use it as my everyday handbag

  157. Dale Dow

    The Soho Leather backpack, its very trendy and could be used anywhere

  158. Caron Twyman

    I like the Britt tote bag. I’d be proud to take it shopping!

  159. Kirsteen Mackay

    The WOMEN’S CITYLANDER LAPTOP BAG is my favourite item.

  160. Nancy Bradford

    I think the Bella Leather Handbag is absolutely beautiful x

  161. Heli L

    I love the Vintage Pepsi Bottle Crate they sell. I’d use it in the kids room as a holder for books.

  162. Ruth Wollerton

    I love the classic leather tote bag – to TOTE all my bits and bobs around every day. Thanks for the chance & HAPPY CHRISTMAS xxx

  163. Robyn Clarke

    I love the LEATHER CAMERA BAG. My daughter is starting nursery in January, so I am hoping to have some time to spend with my camera and improve my skills, this would be perfect for me.

  164. Sheri Darby

    I love the jewellery box and would love to use it at home

  165. Kim D

    I’d love the antique green chest for storing things in my bedroom.

  166. Jodie Cook

    I love the turquoise Art Deco Cupboard. It would look great in my living room with purple carpet!

  167. Marie Rungapadiachy

    I actually think that my most favourite thing on the website is the Ella Saddle bag and I would use it everywhere I go and keep all my essentials in it. I love the shape and colour.

  168. Victoria Bazley

    I love the Leather Make Up Case – I’d take it with me on holiday.

  169. Lorna-Jane Holland

    My favourite is the 12 inch leather saddle bag – it would be the perfect accompaniment to summery days out!

  170. Terry Greer

    Love the saddle bag for my lovely wife Susan

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