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Advent 2018 Day 1 – Lily Charmed

Lily Charmed Images Christmas Personalised message card. Pear Necklace Two Turtle Doves Necklace Stag Necklace

Happy December!

How are we here already? How is it almost Christmas?! Can someone just slow this month right down for me as I can't keep up!

As we have been doing for the past couple of years myself and Rebecca from Futures have teamed up again to offer you the chance to win some great goodies in the run-up to Christmas.

This year also saw the launch of our blog UK Lifestyle Hub, so you will also see these competitions featuring over there as well!

On the first day of our advent competitions, we have teamed up with the amazing Lily Charmed.

A brand that I myself am really a fan of and of course feature quite a bit here on Life in a Break Down.

We have been lucky enough that they have offered us not 1 but 2 prizes to giveaway today!

Which has to make it double happiness right?

Lily Charmed Images Christmas Personalised message card. Pear Necklace

Lily Charmed

Have you been over to the Lily Charmed website of late?

If so you may have noticed they have had a makeover and doesn't their website look absolutely amazing!

Streamlined, sleek and easy to navigate is the order of the day.

For those of you who are new to Lily Charmed, let me tell you a little about them.

They are at the heart, a family business. Set up by Lucy Lee at her kitchen table, right here in the UK. She now works alongside her husband Johnathan, sister Jessica and cousins; Becky, Poppy and Emma.

They pride themselves on their quirky designs, which are completely different to ones you will find elsewhere.

I mean they sell a custard cream charm! IT IS FABULOUS!

PS. 2018 has been amazing for this company so I am so proud we are seeing the year out with them.

After all, they opened a flagship store in China and were seen being worn by Jodie Whittaker while promoting Doctor Who! That's without mentioning Lucy Lee presented Lily Charmed on QVC and SOLD OUT!

Lily Charmed Images Two Turtle Doves Necklace Stag Necklace

Lily Charmed for Christmas

Lily Charmed offers jewellery for all occasions.

Be it a birthday, anniversary or just because.

You will find something to love.

What's more, they completely come into their own at Christmas, offering the chance to include personalised cards (something they offer all year around as well), with certain jewellery pieces.

Meaning you can really give friends and family something special.

Pear and Turtle Doves

Lily Charmed Competition

Of course, I mentioned a competition.

Lily Charmed have kindly offered us their Pear Necklace and Turtle Doves Necklace, in homage to the first two days of the 12 days of Christmas.

We will be drawing two winners for this competition with the first name out of the hat choosing which necklace they would like.

So how can you enter? Well you need to do is pop over to the Lily Charmed website and let us know using 8 words or more:
What item that Lily Charmed sell do you like the most and where would you wear it, or who would you gift it to. 

Please remember as this competition is running over multiple websites to not only leave your name in the Gleam widget but also let us know which website you entered via so we can track down your comment.

Advent Day 1 Lily Charmed

Good Luck!

This post contains affiliate links.


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This article has 113 comments

  1. Lesley Bradley

    The Personalised Rose Gold Plated Flamingo Necklace is groovy! If it was mine I think I would wear it all the time!

  2. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Elephant pendant is my favourite – so many beautiful things it’s hard to choose one

  3. Sharon Hingley

    I would buy the Silver Robin necklace with message. I would wear it all over Christmas to show dad just how much I am missing him when he looks down on us over the festive break.

  4. Iris

    I love the silver elephant jewellery set and would wear them for going out

  5. Amy Simpson

    I love Lily Charmed x

  6. Amanda Gregory

    I love the silver lovebirds necklace. It would probably get worn all the time.

  7. Jade Bremner

    I’m not sure which but I’m swaying more towards the flamingo necklace as it’s pretty funky

  8. maria ROGERS

    I really love the silver ‘forget me not’ set which I would prob keep for myself

  9. Sandra Clarke

    I would gift the Silver Jigsaw Stud Earrings to my sister. She is currently crafting with used jigsaw pieces and has just made a Christmas Wreath with them so the earrings would be perfect.

  10. christine Goody

    I love the hummingbird necklace and would keep it for myself. It reminds me of the hummingbirds I saw in Barbados.

  11. iain maciver

    love the silver elephant jewellery

  12. melanie stirling

    I like the silver horseshoe bracelet. It is so pretty and I would give it to my niece who is mad on her horse riding.

  13. Susan B

    I like their sterling silver feather range, especially the large feather necklace. It would be a rare treat for myself.

  14. Laura Todd

    I’m loving the silver branch ring, really unique & I would wear it everyday.

  15. Angie McDonald

    I love the Personalised Shooting Star necklace – I’d love to gift this to my niece as she loves everything to do with space

  16. Christina Palmer

    I love the Personalised Silver Snowflake Necklace and I would keep it for myself because I ove silver and it is very pretty

  17. Angela treadway

    the forget me not necklace. i would keep it as a little treat for myself x

  18. hannah igoe

    I love the personalised silver robin necklace and I would keep it as a treat to remind me of someone special who loved robins and passed away ear;lier this year.

  19. Marie Evans

    I like the Personalised Silver Fairy Necklace ,I would wear it everyday, And I would be a bit selfish & keep it myself .

  20. Solange

    I love the hummingbird necklace and I would wear it on Christmas day.

  21. James Travis

    Jewllery looks nice

  22. Karen Langridge

    I really like the snowflake its seasonal but looks delicate and rather lovely too! x

  23. Karen Tranmer

    I would love the hummingbird necklace, I would wear it out and about every day

  24. A S,Edinburgh

    I like the Silver Laurel Leaf Ring, and I would would wear it wherever I was going, day and evening; it would be a beautiul touch of elegance for everyday activities.

  25. Susie Wilkinson

    The Personalised Gold Plated Deer Necklace would be perfect for my work colleague, she’s deer mad after a trip to Scotland!

  26. Shelley Jessup

    The little bee is my favourite I have a few bits of nature jewellery so it would match perfectly for my day wear.

  27. clair downham

    i would get the shooting star charm hooped earrings for my daughter thankyou

  28. Emma Briggs

    I love the Gold Plated Gingerbread Man (but all the jewellery is beautiful, especially the Christmas selection). I would gift this to my lovely mum.

  29. Tracy Nixon

    I love the silver cat charm and would gift it to my mam, as she has just recently lost her dear 17 year old cat.

  30. Ursula Hunt

    I love the personalised silver tree necklace that I would gift to my daughter

  31. Ruth Harwood

    the silver angel wings necklace is gorgeous!!

  32. Christine Taylor

    I’d love the personalised Silver Unicorn Necklace for my daughter Lily x

  33. Sandra Fortune

    Love the silver fairy necklace and the elephant necklace . Love their jewellery I’d have a treat for me

  34. kerri copeland

    anything with elephants is always awesomee

  35. Laura Wheatley

    I love the childrens personalised giraffe necklace, just because I know my daughter would adore it

  36. Isabel O

    I really like the personalised silver cat necklace and I think I would wear it to the Christmas dinner I am going to.

  37. Ashleigh Allan

    I like the silver branch ring for my self

  38. Carole Nott

    I love the personalised-9-carat-gold-and-diamond-open-star-necklace – perfect for anytime

  39. Anonymous

    I love the Angel Wings necklace. I’d keep it for me and wear it on Christmas Day.

  40. James Travis

    Silver ‘forget me not’ set, make a good christmas present

  41. Katrina Adams

    The Silver Unicorn Necklace is just darling. I would love to wear it for everyday use just to add a bit of whimsy to my life.

  42. Valerie Seal

    I love the silverbranch ring, to wear on both casual and social occasions.

  43. Michelle Ferguson

    I love the personalised july birthstone necklace which I would keep for myself.

  44. Hayley F

    I adore the Personalised Silver Hummingbird Necklace. I’d wear it myself with everything x

  45. Susan Trubey

    I like the lovely personalised silver unicorn necklace.

  46. S.Otoole

    Personalised story book necklace

  47. Elzbieta Znyk

    Engraved rose gold plated horizontal bar bracelet, it would be great gift for my sister.

  48. kelly wheelhouse

    I love the personalised silver elephant necklace and I would gift it to my mum for Christmas 🙂

  49. Kathy Cakebread

    the silver lovebirds necklace

  50. Hekna

    I really like the silver branch ring and I’d probably want that for myself!

  51. Lorna Ledger

    Love The Rose gold Feather Stud Earrings, so pretty I would wear them alot they remind me of my lovely daughter

  52. Mark Mccaffery

    I would gift the Personalised Gold Plated Bee Necklace to my mother.

  53. KATHY D

    I would love the Silver Bee necklace and would wear it just about everywhere as it is so cute

  54. Elizabeth Smith

    I’d like to win the personalised turtle necklace for my as it is rather quirky, just like her!

  55. Catherine Stewart

    Love the personalised silver moon necklace

  56. Margaret Mccaffery

    I would buy the Personalised 9 Carat Gold and Ruby Wishbone Necklace for my mum.

  57. Amy Bondoc

    my favourite animals is an elephant so id chose that necklace and id wear it every single day

  58. Angela Kelly

    I love the Silver Star Cluster Stacking Ring, it would be delicate and pretty enough to wear everyday.

  59. Allan Fullarton

    Silver lovebirds necklace looks lovely.

  60. Mandy Betts

    The personalised shooting star necklace – as I love space

  61. Jessi

    I love the elephant one, it would make the perfect gift

  62. Lee Ritson

    I’d buy some of the sterling silver charms for my missus. Probably the animal ones 🙂

  63. Fiona Johnstone

    I love the personalised silver soaring bird. I would give it to my sister to remind her she can do anything.

  64. sheri Darby

    Personalised Birthstone Satellite Chain Necklace is so pretty and would make a lovely gift for my daughter

  65. Hannah S

    I’ve wanted a necklace that I can wear everyday for ages and the Gold Plated Initital necklace would be perfect!

  66. jules Eley

    Silver Snowflake earrings would be my choice for my youngest daughter, they are simple but stunning and perfect for Christmas time

  67. Sandra Foreman

    The personalised silver planet necklace is gorgeous and I would wear it everyday

  68. Nikki Stewart

    I’d love to win the gold and diamond open star charm necklace for my mum, she would love it! x

  69. Zoe C

    The silver story book necklace, my daughter loves reading so would be perfect for her

  70. janine atkin

    i love the storybook necklace and id keep it for myself

  71. Sarah Cooper

    Gingerbread man necklace

  72. Carrie H

    I’d choose the North Star earrings for my mum. She’s lucky enough to live in a “dark sky” area and loves watching the happenings in the night sky.

  73. Penny Ford

    Personalised Angel wings necklace. I would gift it to my granddaughter Faith as it’s beautiful like her.

  74. Megan Kinsey

    I love the personalised silver and sapphire hummingbird necklace. It’d look great with a simple black dress.

  75. Kim M

    My sister keeps bees – the Personalised Silver Bee Necklace would be perfect for her x

  76. Lorraine Tinsley

    I love the personalised silver unicorn necklace, I’d love to give it to my daughter Isabella for her 7th birthday

  77. Rich Tyler

    The silver branch ring would be lovely for my wife

  78. Monica Gilbert

    The children’s ballet shoes necklace would be perfect for my daughter. She has a show in February, and this would be a lovely keepsake.

  79. Emma Hussain

    Engraved heart necklace for my daughters

  80. Kirsteen Mackay

    I really love the Gold Plated Lion Head Charm and I’d gift it to my animal mad daughter.

  81. Rachel White

    I’d choose the turtle doves necklace or the silver fairy necklace. . Everything is lovely though

  82. Rebecca Hussey

    I love the personalised robin necklace. I’d love to wear it over Christmas

  83. Jo Hutchings

    I love the silver infinity necklace I’d wear it for date night with my husband.

  84. caroline kelly

    Love the silver snowflake

  85. Theresa

    I love the Personalised 9ct gold and Sapphire Bee Necklace, apparently so does the rest of the world and their Auntie as it is sold out! If it weren’t, I would wear it all the time but particularly enjoy wearing it while doing the gardening :0)

  86. Adrian Bold

    I would love the Silver Jigsaw Cufflinks for myself.

  87. Carol Boffey

    love the infinity necklace

  88. Gaynor Vincent

    I would love the silver soaring bird necklace and I would gift it to my neice

  89. Joanna Nichol

    I love the silver forget me not set and would wear it on Christmas day!


    I’d love the Personalised Silver Large Angel Wings Necklace for my daughter in memory of my granddaughter who was born sleeping last June

  91. Jessica Barber

    I love the personalised silver linked circles necklace – it’s gorgeous! I’d gift it to my sister.

  92. Anna Ling

    Ah those lovebirds are beautiful

  93. Helen Tovell

    I would pick the hummingbird necklace for myself as it reminds me of my holiday when we saw them in the wild

  94. Michelle Carlin

    I love the silver pengion charm – my youngest absolutely loves penguins.

  95. lisa bell

    I love the unicorn studs I would wear then every chance I could

  96. Dawn Brodribb

    The silver Birch ring is stunning! I would wear it everyday as it reminds me of nature x

  97. Rachael Obrien

    I’d gift the silver ‘forget me not’ to my 13 year old daughter for her to keep forever xx

  98. Laura Skinner

    I love the silver robin necklace, i’d wear it as much as I could. We went to see a medium earlier this year and were told that my nan sends a robin sometimes, so we often think of my nan with robins 🙂

  99. Donna Tomlin

    I really love the silver angel wings necklace

  100. Kim d

    I love the Tree of Life necklace and I’m looking for a present for my niece when she has her first baby in March. This would be perfect

  101. Dawn Samples

    I like the Children’s Personalised Birthstone Charm Bracelet for my daughter x

  102. Jeanette Leighton

    I love the hummingbird necklace in silver

  103. Faye Long

    I adore the silver bee necklace and ideally I would get matching ones for my best friend and I as we have a private joke about Bee’s which we have had for more years than I can remember and have kept coming back to for almost our whole life. The thing is that no one else would ever get the joke or find it remotely funny, and that’s the joy of it!

  104. Leeanne Clifford

    I adore the Personalised Silver Robin Necklace and would wear it everywhere! My mum loved robins and she’d always say it was about to turn cold when she saw the first robin of winter

  105. Mrs Sarah Roberts

    l love the Silver personalised Hummingbird necklace for our youngest daughter.

  106. Amy Jo McLellan

    I love the gold plated feather necklace – I think the detail is really lovely and it would go with so many different outfits.

  107. Victoria Bazley

    I’d love the silver hummingbird necklace and I’d wear it with a tea dress at a summer party.

  108. paula cheadle

    I love the 2 lovebirds necklace, has I love birds

  109. Dawn Dowds

    Think the unicorn for my niece, gorgeous!

  110. Catherine Whitlow


    Would love this for my dear friend who always puts others before herself. It would be lovely treat to let her know how appreciated she really is. X

  111. Tammy Neal

    Silver Robin necklace with message beautiful necklace x

  112. Robyn Clarke

    I love the Childs personlised initial silver chain, I would give it to my daughter for her birthday.

  113. Lia Burns

    I love the personalised silver crown necklace, I would gift it to my mum

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