Adagio Tea - The Perfect Drink

Adagio Tea – The Perfect Drink Competition

It is a bit of joke in my family that I probably run on tea, most of the time I stick to breakfast tea, but I have been adventuring out and trying to try different blends. So I was thrilled when Adagio Teas got in touch and asked if I would like to try out some of their blends, of which they offer a whole host.

Adagio Tea – The Perfect Drink

Before I agree to any collaboration with a new brand, I always like to have a good look around their website and one of the first things that jumped out at me as they offer a selection of “fan blends”. These are blends that are made to represent characters from the show, with each tea coming in a cute little tin which has images of the character or “potions” on the front.

Of course, me being me I had to go for the Doctor Who selection and was kindly sent the sampler set, which includes a sample of each of the 6 blends for £19.

Selection of Doctor Who Teas, with Tins from adagio teas

Hands up I may have squealed just a little when I took these tins out there box, I mean who could not just love them (and be a Doctor Who fan). However, I was not prepared for the tea inside, not only does it smell amazing but it looks really quite pretty as well. Just check out River Songs blend! Which I can't tell you more about because you know spoilers darling.

Selection of Doctor Who Teas, with Tins from adagio teas

One thing I find about blends of tea is you often don't know which ones you might like and paying out a whole host of pennies to find out you aren't a fan isn't a great plan. So what really interested me about Adagio Tea is they offer sampler packs. These sampler packs are collected into groups of teas with a similar ingredient, for instance, Nuts and Seeds, Earl Grey, Berries, Honey Bush and more.

Mug of Adagio Teas by a book on a bench table.

Each sampler set contains 4 teas and each packet can make 10 cups. The prices on these sampler sets differ but they start at £6 and go up to £24. The bulk of them cost between £6 and £9 however, which I think is a great price for enough tea for you to sample and see what it is like.

I was kindly sent 6 of the different sampler boxes and I am still slowly making my way through them, I have to admit though there is one thing I have found in common with them all so far; the ingredients all look such good quality, they smell amazing and even when I'm not too sure about them being quite to my taste I cannot fault how full of flavour each tea has been so far.

Photo of Adagio Tea in a glass mug, with diffuser behind, tea on spoon to the front.

If you are worried about how to seep the tea, never fear, Adagio Tea offer the ingenuiTEA, this is a simple to use device, you just add a teaspoon of your selected blend, leave it to seep for as long as the directions instruct (do check this as it differs from blend to blend) and the pop the ingenuiTEA on top of your favourite mug and out comes the tea. Simple.

Personally, I have been really impressed with Adagio Tea, I am definitely going to have to try their English Breakfast blend in the future.

If you would like to try some Adagio Tea you can, of course, check out their whole selection on their website. However I, of course, mentioned a competition in the title and Adagio Tea have been kind enough to offer me a ingenuiTEA and a set of 6 sample boxes to give away to one lucky winner. All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is let me know by using 8 words or more:
What tea would you most like to try? To make the comment into 8 words you could perhaps tell me why it's your favourite OR where you would drink it. 

Adagio Tea

Good Luck!

I received the products mentioned in this post free of charge, however, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


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Adagio Tea - The Perfect Drink

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  1. Laura Jeffs

    I love Earl Grey Rooibos, it’s just as nice as normal earl grey but it’s caffeine free , so it’s healthier

  2. Petra

    I always love trying new teas and Earl Grey is one of my favourites so I would really love to try their versions of Early Grey (Moonlight & Bravo).


    I really like fruity teas as I find them refreshing. But I have to admit to being truly British and having a traditional English cuppa tea late afternoon, I don’t know why, it just tastes so right at that time of day!

  4. Rena Plumridge

    Definitely earl grey I love it

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Berry flavours – always find them so refreshing and great to share with friends

  6. Amy

    I’d try the lemon meringue green tea! That looks delicious!

  7. iain maciver

    I love tea this would be just perfect to try out different flavours

  8. Annabel Greaves

    I love delicious Earl Grey tea, it is lovely to drink on a break in the garden

  9. laura stewart

    love the sound of the lemon meringue green tea

  10. Sean

    Looks interesting, always love trying out new tea’s, so here’s hoping to win the comp!

  11. melanie stirling

    I like the sound of the peach tea,I’d like to drink it on a summer’s morning.

  12. Kim Neville

    Would like to try the green teas of china as my favourite type of tea and refreshing to have at home

  13. Solange

    I’d most like to try the Earl Grey tea as it’s one of my favourites.

  14. Suzanne

    Ginger tea whilst relaxing in the garden would be refreshing at the end of a long day.

  15. Andrea Fletcher

    I like Earl Grey but would love to try something different and would drink it in the garden,

  16. Andrew Robson

    I do like ginger – so I would go for that blend

  17. Katie

    I love trying all sorts of different flavour teas. I’d love to try the matcha blueberry.

  18. Alice Dixon

    I love different flavoured teas, I’d really like to try berry creme compote

  19. Theresa

    Earl grey for me!

  20. pete c

    I`d choose Spiced Apple Chai as it sounds a tasty derivative of a tea I`m already familiar with

  21. Lorna Ledger

    I love Matcha and Early Grey, I love my first cup, when the house is quite, and the day is yet to start

  22. Susie Wilkinson

    I’d love to try the Lemon Meringue Green Tea, I like lemon in my tea, so this would be the perfect blend!

  23. Diana

    I would love the Doctor Who set! We’re huge fans! David Tennant is my favorite <3

  24. Elena kase

    If tea is high quality and tastg Iwould love to try any variety as there is nothing better than delicious cup of tea..
    If there is fermented tea.I make my own kombucha which is great probiotic and starter made with good tea taste divine.fingers crossed.

  25. Sandra Fortune

    I love my English Breakfast tea but do like fruity and herbal teas . I think they’re refreshing in the warm weather .

  26. simon tutthill

    It has to be the amazing earl grey especially with some gorgeous soya milk

  27. Alexandra Armstrong

    My other half is a tea fanatic!

  28. Lucy

    English breakfast although I love any kind of tea! Haha

  29. Ren Taylor

    M6 favourite tea is Earl grey but i love any tea as long as its made well

  30. Claire Glace

    Always loved a nice Assam and i do like to drink decaffinated as much as possible to avoid the jitters lol….many thanks

  31. MM

    My favourite tea is green tea. Though i do sometimes like a fruity tea such as Raspberry and Cranberry. I find that it makes a nice change.

  32. mark cameron

    green tea with mint

  33. Jasmine

    Peach tea sounds delicious!

  34. Aidan Clark

    Earl Grey – as it varies so much from blend to blend. A good one’s amazing, a bad one’s hard to drink.

  35. Dean T

    Well the lemon meringues tea sounds bonkers but interesting so i would love to try that

  36. Bethany Smart

    English breakfast tea is always my favourite but definitely up to try some new things!

  37. darren hay

    I love Assam and Breakfast Tea

  38. Caroline H

    I’d love to try the lemongrass tea. It’s one of my favourite smells in the world and I cook with it a bit, so I’m sure I’d love to drink it!

  39. C Tee

    You can’t beat a good cuppa

  40. Ellie Wood

    I always enjoy breakfast tea, because I can drink it at any time of day

  41. Rebecca Brown

    I love zesty teas, so their lemon meringue green tea sounds incredible!

  42. Sheena Batey

    Lady Grey is my treat . It has a a citrus tang to it and is very refreshing

  43. Rory McDonald

    I love the warmth ginger brings to tea so I would like to try adagios version. Also interested in the Rory Pond tin as a Rory myself always great to see a reasonably rare name get its moment to shine

  44. Janette

    I would love to try the berries tea. Sounds nice and refreshing for sampling on a warm afternoon in the garden.

  45. Ms C Bryan

    Assam or English Breakfast


    Oh wow did I read irish tea cinnamon and aniseed? No that one I would like to try, bet it smells amazing too.

  47. Dale Dow

    Earl Grey, it is one of my favourites, I would have it first thing in the morning

  48. The Furnshop

    This is awesome. I am always in favor of trying new things. I am definitely going to try this Adagio tea. Thanks for sharing.

  49. Pauline Hill

    Definitely earl grey love it

  50. mike anything

    I love English breakfast but always love new flavours

  51. Michelle Ferguson

    I’m not a tea drinker but I think my hubby would love the lemongrass tea

  52. Jade Hewlett

    I would love to try the berries tea as it sounds like a lovely summer tea

  53. michelle o'neill

    i love different types of tea x i drink vanilla tea all the time x

  54. amy bondoc

    i love trying new teas. my favourites are lavender and english breakfast i love having a cuppa in the garden

  55. Tammy Tudor

    It has to be the Earl grey tea!

  56. Kelly Jones

    I do like a Masala Chai, but I think the Turmeric Bliss sounds very interesting – would like to try it to relax after a gym session 🙂

  57. claire woods

    turmeric bliss because it sounds lovely and I have heard turmeric is good for you.

  58. Hayley Lynch

    I would like to try the Oolong teas

  59. katrina walsh

    I love the taste and smell of berry flavours.

  60. Ailsa

    I’d like to try the lemon grass and ginger. 2of my favourite flavours in one and sounds refreshing

  61. shellyg

    spiced apple as I’ve never tried that before and I think it must have cinnamon in and I love that. I would drink it outside in my garden with a book to read.

  62. leanne weir

    I would love to try their lemon grass and ginger.

  63. Nicole Woods

    I love fruity flavoured green tea. My favourite is mango and lychee.

  64. Anonymous

    I love drinking tea and would love to try the berries, My favourite berry one at the minute is Raspberry and cranberry but I would love to try Adagio berry to see how it compares

  65. Susan B

    Oh, my. They have the best range of rooibos, my favourite tea, that I have ever seen. I would like to drink it in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

  66. Kim Carberry

    I love these teas….I do like the sound of the Candy apple one.

  67. Cassandra D

    I like the taste of peach oolong iced tea. I drink tea at home or on the go.

  68. Chanette Kennedy

    I’d love to try their mango tea! Mango is one of my absolute favourite flavours and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mango tea before!


    The Assam Melody, which I’d enjoy relaxing in the afternoon sun

  70. laura banks

    peppermint tea as its so refreshing after a long day at work especially when you are sat in the garden

  71. Catriona Hutchinson

    I’m an Earl Grey fiend day to day but am very loyal to my brand…so far…

    Lemongrass tea sounds wonderful, especially if it were lemongrass with green tea. So refreshing.

  72. Nadia Josephine

    I love Chai Tea but i would love to try the vanilla rooibos. I drink far more tea than coffee these days and always have a chamomile before bed but i love trying new blends and flavours. Especially the fruity blends!

  73. Steph

    I like fruity teas, and something a bit different, so lemon meringue green tea sounds right up my street! Yummers.

  74. kris mc

    difficult one this but I would have to say Earl Grey Rooibos simply because I think it suits my personality best 🙂

  75. Anonymous

    The Peach Oolong Iced tea sounds lovely. I’m a bit boring in my choices for tea so this would be quite adventurous for me. A whole new world of teas opening up before me.

  76. Carole Nott

    Love to try new brands = especially those which offer health benefits like berry tea

  77. sarahjane24carter

    I would love to try the Earl Grey tea I would be drinking it at home and work as I work night shifts x

  78. sarah fielding

    The lemon meringue green tea sounds incredible!

  79. Sharon Hirst

    English breakfast is my favourite, but I’m always willing to try new flavours

  80. gillian burden

    i love fruit teas

  81. Natalie Crossan

    I’d love the earl grey because it’s my favourite kind of tea 🙂

  82. Katie b

    My favourite teas are earl grey and mint, have had a bit of an obsession with mint tea recently!

  83. Kim Styles

    wow they have Lemon Meringue Green. Doesnt that sound delightful . I would love to try that one!It my favourite pudding – I wonder if the the tea tastes just like it

  84. Rhia P

    Oooh I do love trying out new teas, and they’ve got some cracking sounding blends!

    I’m particularly intrigued by ‘Christmas Teas’ because warming spices are my favourite scents and flavours. I also love the festive season generally, and we’re half way through the year now so I can totally start thinking about xmas now, right?!

    OMG HOLD THE FORT, sod xmas I’ve just spotted their ‘Magic Potion’ selection and as both a big tea drinker and COLOSSAL Harry Potter nerd this speaks to me on a spirtual level.


  85. Jay MacInnes

    Lemongrass Ginger sounds amazing – tow of my favourite spices together in a tea! Fairly spolit for choice looking at the website though!

  86. Jane Vaughan

    I’m a huge fan of English Breakfast Tea so I’d love to try that one!

  87. Anonymous

    i wouyld love to try the peach tea lovely and refreshing for summer

  88. Jill

    Earle Grey is my favourite, love the smell of it.

  89. Sheila Reeves @cakereev

    I’d really love to try Jasmine Phoenix Pearls – sounds really good, and would be great to try on a warm summers evening in the garden – I can dream about warm summer evenings can’t I? 😉

  90. Lisa Wilkinson

    The Honey Bush

  91. Rich Tyler

    Peppermint Tea is my fav, although i love almost all tea!

  92. Anonymous

    I do love any kind of fruit tea, and love taking it onto the communal balcony and sitting watching the people exercise in the gym just below lol!

  93. Nigel Soper

    Earl Grey I think as I can compare with Earl Grey teas I have drunk in the past

  94. Simone Griffin

    Berry cream compote sounds amazing! I’ve never tried that before and I bet it smells and tastes yummy

  95. Sue Watson

    I’d like to try the decaf earl grey, because it’s hard to find a good decaf tea and I love earl grey.

  96. Abby Parish

    I’d love to taste the earl grey but the lemon meringue green tea sounds interesting…

  97. Julie Edwards

    I would love to try the lemon meringue green tea, Sounds delicious

  98. Jenni

    Would love to share these with my sister – who is very into her teas!

  99. Rebecca Beesley

    doctor who collection – wow!!! Love to try lemongrass ginger. x

  100. Susan Hoggett

    the mint green tea sounds lovely and refreshing, I drink green tea every morning

  101. Alice Gilkes

    I would like to try peppermint tea because I like peppermint in general.

  102. A.E. ADKINS

    My current favourite is Sunshine Grey but am loving the sound of Lemon Meringue Green Tea

  103. sheri Darby

    I would love to try Lemon Meringue Green Tea – it sounds really interesting

  104. Jenn Gillies

    There are so many yummy looking ones, I am a huge fan of iced teas, but would love to try their Christmas tea and see how it compares to the Christmas tea I remember so fondly from my time in the US.

  105. Dave Glover

    Peach tea sounds great

  106. Sarah Roberts

    The spiced apple Chai sounds amazing! l would love to try that! x

  107. yvonne clark

    The Irish breakfast chocolate sounds delicious

  108. Jessica Powell

    I’d like to try one of the fruity teas, out in the garden. 🙂

  109. Jessica Barber

    I’d love to try the lemon meringue green tea! I love green tea and lemon meringue is one of my favourite desserts. I think this would be lovely hot in the morning, but also delicious iced on a summers day in the garden!

  110. Liam Fitzpatrick

    After weaning myself off coffee and onto tea, I would love to go and introduce some of their Earl Grey into my tea set 🙂

  111. Abigail

    Peach tea sounds absolutely lovely for summer, very refreshing!

  112. Kelly Hanson

    I’d love the matcha tea as I have never tried it before and have heard alot about it on Instagram and it sounds yummy!

  113. Eileen Tingle

    I’d like to try the Peach tea.


    I’d love to try the lemon meringue green tea – sounds delicious!

  115. Michelle Stewart

    A trip down the garden with Earl Grey

  116. Karen B

    The Doctor Who set looks fantastic – I’d have to try the Amy and Rory selections.

  117. Natasha R-M

    I’d particularly like to try the Blood Orange Iced Tea – very refreshing on a warm Summer’s day in the countryside, listening to beautiful birdsong.

  118. Rebecca Howells (@Regrash7)

    The spiced apple sounds yum!

  119. Kelly Cooper

    Irish breakfast chocolate chip tea sounds like something I would enjoy. It has my favourite things tea & chocolate.


    Never really tried anything but breakfast tea but I would like to try the Lemongrass ginger

  121. dana

    The Irish Breakfast Chocolate sounds interesting and i would love to try it

  122. Erica Hughes

    I find jasmine tea is great especially with a headache or a hangover.

  123. Lauren Main

    I would like to try the turmeric bliss tea, as turmeric is really good for settling the gut, and I have IBS!

  124. Kat Allinson

    I love the sound of the Irish Breakfast Chocolate. I normally drink breakfast tea or Green tea so this would be something a little different for me to try in the mornings

  125. Kim M

    Would love to try the Earl Grey Lavender – it’s the first time I’ve seen it x

  126. carol boffey

    id like totry the green teas

  127. Chirag Patel

    Lemon Meringue Green Tea sounds very intriguing and a bit weird

  128. Kyomi Johnson

    I love early grey it gives me a big boost in the morning and anytime of the day really

  129. Emma Davison

    The masala chai sounds nice. I would like to try it.

  130. Harvey Salmon

    Berries – Fabulously fragrant, fruity, packs a punch

  131. Monica Gilbert

    I would love to try the teas of Japan because I lived there for 2 years.

  132. Diana Semionova

    Would like to try lemon meringue green tea because I love meringue and I love Lemon 🙂

  133. Natasha Cross

    Peach tea!

  134. kerri copeland

    earl grey

  135. Denise Slater

    I would like to try Green tea. I’m a recent convert to drinking tea. I’ve been drinking coffee for years, but am now unable to do so. I’ve started drinking breakfast tea, and am finally enjoying it after several months, and can finally say I’m a tea drinker. Now I need to experiment more.

  136. Adrian Bold

    I like the sound of the peach tea.

  137. jacqui rushton

    Would love to try the lemon meringue green tea, it sounds amazing!

  138. Ellie Welch

    I’m a traditionalist tea drinker, I live PG Tips! my family joke I have a tea stream rather than a blood stream.

  139. Stevie

    I would like to try the Irish breakfast tea.

  140. Charlie Lovatt

    I’d try the matcha, I’ve heard great things about it but haven’t got round to trying it yet

  141. Sandra Clarke

    I would love to try the Earl Grey as that is one of my favourites.

  142. betsy ferguson

    i love earl grey, but would like to try the irish breakfast tea – my mother is irish, so i think she is bound to like this one x

  143. Hannah Thompson

    I love earl grey I couldn’t live without it to get me through the day

  144. paula cheadle

    I would love to try the green tea

  145. Tamsin Dean

    the fruit berry one sounds yummy and refreshing

  146. Tricia cowell

    I really fancy trying the lemon meringue tea. I lov fruity teas and this sounds marvellous

  147. Kirsteen Mackay

    I would love to try the Berry Blues because it says it’s ” Sweet like a fresh blueberry pie”which sounds amazing and I love berry teas.

  148. tishist

    I’d like to try the Lemon meringue tea as it’s not something I’d imagined as a tea flavour

  149. linda curtis

    i love tea and am always buying new and different flavours as its so refreshing
    id love to give the Early Grey Moonlight a try
    as you cant beat a good earl grey

  150. lindsey bray

    earl grey, with a dash of milk

  151. Kristie Metcalfe

    Would like to try the Adagio Tea, sounds great!

  152. Michelle Wild

    I am expanding my tea experiences and this would be lovely on my little excursion.

  153. Claire Little

    i’d love to try a fruity tea…never actually tasted them before.

  154. Terry Greer

    This looks fabulous

  155. sharon martin

    i’d most like to try the english breakfast or the assam harmony as these are my favourite teas to drink

  156. Adam Dix

    I like the sound of the Lemon Meringue Green Tea! I have a sweet tooth so I’m sure I’ll be a fan!

  157. Charlie Brunton

    I’d really like to try the Matcha tea! It looks so intriguing & I’ve heard that there are lots of health benefits!

  158. Amy Jo McLellan

    I love the sound of the Berries one – I’m a big fan of fruit teas so that would be perfect for me.

  159. Ro Day

    The punch of earl grey for me.

  160. Geoffroy Thomas

    I like the sound of the lemon meringue green tea

  161. James Bunce

    Definitely the matcha green tea. Sets me up for the day just perfect!

  162. Collette SR

    Although I like a lot of different teas ie Fruity flavour in the winter, herbal for ailments my go to tea would have to be the food old reliable breakfast tea

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