A new handbag for autumn

a new handbag for autumn

Shoes and bags are just perhaps one of my addictions, I love having different choices and I am always window shopping and trying to choose what my next buy will be. If you have been around my blog for a while you will know I take any opportunity as a good reason to look for something new to buy, especially a change in seasons and this week I have been window shopping over at Spartoo for a new handbag.

BT London Yeram – £115.96
I have to admit for a long time I stayed away from tan handbags, I am not exactly sure why to be honest with you, but I have this year found a love for them and I am all for making sure my next one keeps up the trend.

Moony Mood Skimale – £38.01
To me this is probably more of a summer than autumn choice, but there is also the side of me that thinks a nice bright handbag, could help the world feel so much more cheerful on those dull autumn mornings that are on their way.

Casual Attitude Nudle – £38.97
When it comes to handbags a black one is always a staple in my books and this is one of those simple bags which could easily be used on any occasion from a day in the office, to shopping with your friends on the high street.

Braccialini Dog A Porter – £226.56
I have to admit to having a huge soft spot for Braccialini bags and have owned a number in the past, sadly this one is perhaps a bit too much for me to own, but I shall keep my fingers crossed that one day I might be able to, as I think it is just adorable.

So there you have four bags I really quite like at the moment, do any of them take your fancy?

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  1. Penny

    Just what I needed today, I am in the mood for shopping and a new bag!

  2. Renna

    Oh wow… I love the Dog a Porter bag. That is such a joy….but yes…..hugely out of my budget. But……it is lovely!!

  3. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I want one of each of those! I am a handbag junkie, so I can never get enough.

  4. Erica Price

    A nice way to celebrate the change of the seasons with a new bag. Loving the doggy one.

  5. Tori Gabriel

    Love the bags but DO NOT love the price tags! Yikes! ThinknI’ll have to stick to one expensive handbag a year.

  6. Lady Lilith

    Nice bags. They are all so adorable and cute.

  7. The London Mum

    I love how handbags can change an entire outfit! You’ve picked very different bags but beautiful ones. x

  8. Lois Alter Mark

    It was just National Handbag Day this weekend. I think I need to celebrate by buying one of these bags!

  9. Pam

    I love the bag with a dog on it! I don’t think I could pull it off but it’s so cute.

  10. Carmen Perez (listen2mama)

    These are all very nice looking bags. I have been wanting to buy a new bag recently, even though I have so many of them already and typically end up using the same ones.

  11. Louisa

    I love the tan bag despite rarely using bags myself, I’m more of a big pockets type of gal x

  12. Claire

    I love handbags, the red bag is my favourite if I had to choose one but I really love them all!

  13. Daniella

    You can never have enough handbags! I’m loving brown bags at the moment so that one would have to be my choice.

  14. Stella Kashmoney

    I love the first one in brown, and the second one in orange/red.

  15. Liz Mays

    I really like dark colors for autumn and winter. I think the tan bag could work quite well though.

  16. Amber NElson

    I love the brown! That would be a perfect bag for fall.

  17. Stephanie

    Oh I love that red one, and you’re right it’d definitely cheer up the dull morning’s that are bound to be heading our way. Fab choices and you know what, I really do need a new bag after all… 🙂

  18. MsPrettyLThings

    Love new bags – just bought a slew of ’em and now I’m tempted by that tan one. Aaargh.

  19. JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    I love handbags and shoes too – in my case, they always fit!!

  20. Jeanine

    I’m not a big handbag gal but I would love a new one. These are really pretty, any of them I’d love to add to my small, tiny collection!

  21. Diana Villa

    All those handbags look so beautiful, my favorite is the red one, I have to check it out 😀

  22. Kelly Hutchinson

    I need a new handbag for autumn so badly! I would love one in a pumpkin color.

  23. Teresa Bowen

    I want that Dog-a-Porter bag, have completely fallen in love with it but it’s out of my price range by miles

  24. sam fernley

    The dog bag is so cute, I love anything quirky like that. I always need a big bag that can cart all my stuff around in, mainly books and about 10 lip balms at the bottom.

  25. Carlee C

    I picked up an orange purse a few years back and absolutely loved how it complimented my wardrobe. I think I need to invest in another.

  26. Ourfamilyworld

    These bags are gorgeous. The tan purse would be my favorite.

  27. Jen

    Yet again I pick the most expense. Champagne taste on a larger budget!

  28. Amanda || Growing Up Madison

    I actually love the tan one. I got a tan one this summer that I just love and it’s my go to bag at the moment.

  29. Sally Akins

    I love shopping for new handbags – I really love that tan one!

  30. Catstello

    Love the new bags, that dog bag is very you!

  31. Rachel

    How cute is the Braccialini Dog A Porter handbag, aww? x

  32. ana

    I love a good bag and the pillarbox classic red tote has caught my eye! I quite like the dog print bag too!

  33. Laura

    They are all so gorgeous, I feel inspired to go bag shopping!

  34. Sonia

    I love the top 3, not interested in the dog one, it looks a bit tacky to me lol but then I’m not really a dog lover, I can’t stand Radley bags because of that silly dog. x

  35. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    Great bags, I really need a new handbag – I am just throwing everything in my changing back at the minute. I love the bag with the dog on it – super cute

  36. Rachelle

    Oh I love all of your choices! Who doesn’t love a great handbag during the chance of seasons right!?

  37. Jaime Oliver

    oh good choices i am currently looking for a new bag 🙂

  38. Ann Bacciaglia

    These are great bags. I love the Braccialini Dog A Porter bag. It would be great for my Sister.

  39. Astrid

    I don’t usually have more than one handbag that I use regularly. That being said, these bags are cool.

  40. Kara

    Trust me to fall in love with the most expensive one

  41. Ickle Pickle

    I am not a handbag person – as long as it is big enough to fit all my junk in! I do like the look of all these though – especially the doggy one! Kaz x

  42. Babita

    I love the red/orange one. For the longest time I avoided buying handbags because they would have more of my kids stuff than mine. Now that my kids are older, I can have a nice handbag for myself 🙂

  43. Sonya Cisco

    The black one is my fav – looks a decent size too which is important as am always lugging far too much stuff about!

  44. Lisa Rios

    My goodness, these are some awesome handbags in beautiful colors that any one would fall in love. The Moony Mood Skimale is something I would pick right away for its bright color & the stylish look & feel.

  45. Mums do travel

    I like the tan one best. I need a new bag as the zip has broken on my favourite one.

  46. Mummy Lala (Laura)

    Ooooh handbags! I think my favourite from your list is the Casual Attitude Nudle one. It’s more my colour and I like that it looks quite satchel like ?

    Laura x

  47. Agata

    Oh yes! Loving Braccialini Dog A Porter bag. This is now number one bag on my wish list! So cute and unusual!

  48. Fritha Strickland

    I love the look of the pink one! x

  49. leeshastarr

    I want all of these bags, the dog bag is so cute.

  50. Anthea

    ooh, I’m liking the BT London Yeram bag. I’ve got a few handbags but my constants are my Missoni and Vivienne Westward. Love them

  51. Gemma

    I like all of those! If I had to pick one and buy it i’d go for the black one

  52. Globalmouse

    I love new bags!! I feel like that BT London Yaram one has my name on it!! 😉

  53. oana79

    Loving the vibrant colour of the Moony Mood and a steal at that price, too!xx

  54. Charly Dove

    I think it’s time for a new handbag after reading this! I have a few coloured bags but I’d really love a red or aqua coloured mulberry one day. I know which ones I want, I just need the funds 🙂

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