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7 Unique Engagement Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple


He got down on one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked a very important question — and she said yes! You’re so excited for the new couple, but now you face the dilemma of figuring out the perfect engagement gift. This list compiles awesome and heartfelt ideas for engagement gifts that your friends will be so excited to receive.

  • A Toast They Won’t Forget

No doubt someone will purchase the cliché champagne glasses, so why not provide something to fill them with? Personalized champagne bottles will allow the happy couple to toast to their milestone. Send the bottles directly to their door or take them wrapped up in a bag to the engagement party for a present that will surprise and delight. Choose from a variety of brands, and personalize the label with your very own message, their names, or an image of your choice. They will definitely want to keep the bottle after sipping its contents, meaning you’ll be providing an instant memento that will remind them of their wonderful time.

  • Wedding Planner

The weeks after an engagement are an exciting time, but after the celebrations die down, the real work begins. The couple will be working hard to plan their upcoming festivities, so help them out and get a beautiful Wedding Planning journal to keep them organized between now and the big day. This will help them plan the day of their dreams, and is a practical gift they’ll get plenty of use from. The lucky bride or groom can record necessary dates, contacts, and more within its pages, and after the wedding is over, they will have a beautiful book to look back on in later years.

  • Tickets Galore

If you know the couple like the back of your hand and have some inside knowledge on the types of music or theater productions they like, surprise them with a pair of tickets to a local show. They’ll get a night out on the town to take a break from exhausting wedding planning, and be so appreciative that you took the time to find something they love.

  • An Address Stamp

While handwritten letters have fallen prey to the convenience of instant emails, the newly engaged can still look forward to a variety of mail-necessary tasks. From save the dates, to wedding invitations, to thank you letters after the fact, they’ll be sending a whole lot of post. Make it easy on them with a handcrafted stamp of their names and preferred address. Order a customized stamp from a company like Stampoutonline.com and give them a gift that’s thoughtful and practical.

  • The Makings for a Cheese Board

If the couple in question loves all things cheesy—and I’m not talking pink hearts here—then assemble a package for the makings of their very own cheese board. Grab a gift basket of cheeses and meats, then personalize a cheese board with their names or the always classic “Mr. and Mrs.” Wrap it all up with dedicated cheese knifes, both for cutting and spreading, and send it off. This unique gift is sure to be a hit, and they’ll get use out of it every time they throw a dinner party. Plus, who can say no to the allure of an herbaceous, melt-in-your-mouth cheese?

  • Help Them Destress

The couple will be hard at work planning their upcoming nuptials, and depending on the size of event, they may be feeling the stress in the days leading up to it. Help them take a load off by booking a couple’s massage with a local spa resort. They can spend a day soaking in the aromatic luxury of a classic massage, and have quality time together that will give them a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of planning.

  • Cookbook

Whether the future groom is a chef that loves to whip up new creations in the kitchen, or it’s the soon-to-be bride with the constant hankering to try out a new recipe, a cookbook will delight the newly-engaged couple and give them some delicious ideas that may become house staples. There are a variety of cookbooks for the occasion out there, like The Newlywed Cookbook, which are filled with scrumptious recipes for future meals. Practical and fitting for the occasion, a cookbook is a tried, true, and thoughtful gift the couple is sure to love.

One of these ideas is bound to delight your newly-engaged friends, and congratulating them on this exciting time is easy with a thoughtful present that they will get so much use from. Peruse this list and find the perfect gift for them!

*This is a collaborative post.
*Wedding photo from Shutterstock.

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