7 Moving Hacks to Save Time, Money, and Frustration


The last time I moved, which wasn’t too long ago, I made it a point that it wasn’t going to be like the previous time, which was an absolute disaster. What I did was take to the web to read up on whatever moving tips I could find to ease the transition and so here I am now, bringing you several of those “hacks” that made the most recent a move a huge success.

  1. Cut out handles

If you’re like most people then you usually pick up a few boxes, get them stuffed, and as you’re carrying them to the moving truck, you think to yourself ‘how much of a pain it is to move.' We bust our backs trying to lift a box from the bottom but it never really occurs to us that all we need to do is take a sharp knife and cut handles into the sides of the boxes (before it’s packed) to make the lifting easier.

  1. Invite friends (but incentivize)

Friends will help when you’re moving but even the best of them will try to make an excuse to get out of the work because nobody truly enjoys it. Not only are you essentially asking them to do a whole lot of heavy lifting but it’s also eating away at their free time. Next time you want friends to help, incentivize the whole thing by treating them out to lunch or allowing them to keep one thing they like from your old place (which acts as a good reminder of the friendship).

  1. Go with a company

Is it a “hack”? Well, not in the traditional sense of these types of posts but where it does come into play is when you use the web to your advantage to score the best deals on moving services. For example, you could dig around on a site like MayFlower.com and get an idea of the going rates around your area along with the different options they have with moving (trucks, storage, etc). An hour of doing some online research can save hundreds of dollars with the move.

  1. Avoid soft, find hard

When you move into your new place you may find that you have a lot of extra space that needs to be filled. At this point you may be on a budget so your thought is to troll through Craigslist to see what you can find. One good mindset is “avoid soft, find hard” which means you should avoid any furniture that is soft (like a couch) because they usually don’t hold up well versus something like a table that can last for decades. Going this route will make sure you’re getting quality furniture for the new place.

  1. Utilize the clothes

The last time I moved I went out and spent at least a hundred bucks on bubble wrap to move all the glassware from the kitchen. Looking back it would have been far easier if I had just used the items I already had: clothes. In one such example, via Complex.com, you can wrap your glasses in clean socks, which will work perfectly when moving. You could do this with plates and t-shirts, too. They’re both going the same place so might as well double up and save while you’re at it, right?

  1. Bring on the zip ties

While we’re on the topic of clothes, let’s talk about moving the closet. Next time you’re about to pull them off the hanger… don’t. Go and grab a zip tie, piece of string, or even a belt which can be used to wrap around the neck of the hangers so the clothes stay in place. Then all you need to do is fold them over, shove ‘em in a box, and they’re ready to go back into the new closet without having to throw them all back on the hangers!

  1. Repurpose those boxes

When you’re going to be moving heavy furniture out or into the new place – take a few of the boxes, cut them on one side so they can lay flat, and slide the furniture across the floor with them. The boxes will stop the furniture from scuffing and it makes a surface with less friction which, in turn, makes it easier to move. Using the boxes also does great work when you’re trying to fit items like a couch through the door which can get hung up on the frame and possibly tear the material; a box acting like a buffer can take care of that.

There are all kinds of great moving tips once you begin digging around on the Web (here are some more, for example). I would say these seven hacks should do a good amount of the work for you and the family. Put them to good use and you’ll definitely cut down on the costs, save a good amount of time, and certainly stop those headaches (and backaches) you’re bound to get during the move.

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  1. vickie

    The first tip is honestly genius and completely spot on!!

  2. Louise McNicol

    lots of good advice here, why didn’t i think of them myself.

  3. caroline tokes

    fab advice i hate moving im hoping not going 2 move 4 long time now

  4. Arianne Mae C Capaciete

    completely spot on!!

  5. Jeanette Chalmers

    Great tips!

  6. Beth

    Not sure about putting clothes straight back into the wardrobe after moving as many of them will be creased. As for using them to wrap things, I usually save the bubblewrap envelopes from things I’ve bought on the internet and use those to protect fragile items, which is another way to do it without forking out any money for bubblewrap.

  7. Jane Gorton

    Great advice. Will remember this points when we move x

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