7 Days on the New You Diet

New You diet

A while back I was asked if I would like to try out the New You Diet plan and I jumped at the chance; New You Diet is a complete meal replacement plan that works by putting your body into ketosis, This happens by lowering the amount of carbohydrates you are in-taking so they are no longer your main source of energy, then your body starts metabolising fat for energy instead.

It can take 3 – 7 days of sticking to the New You Diet plan before you fall into ketosis and it can be hard going, I won't lie. There are a few ways you can tell that you are in ketosis such as: metallic taste in mouth, strong smelling urine, being colder, rapid weight loss and increased energy levels just to name a few things – you can also buy Ketostix which can test the level of ketones in your urine.

Personally I didn't go into ketosis, there is a couple of reasons for this, I didn't stick the plan for a straight 7 days on the trot and I also found I was suffering with one of the side effects of this diet so I added in a meal that wasn't on plan each day to combat it.

So what did I enjoy about the diet?
I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of some of the foods; the Spicy Noodle Nosh happened to be the first meal I tried and is still my favourite, the spices just add an extra dimension and make it really tasty.

The shakes (while never something I am fond of) do offer a lot of taste, so you don't feel like you are drinking watery lumps of something you can just about taste.

For me the meal bars offered the most consistent of flavouring and were the item I liked reaching for most of all as I could pretty much guess that I would like the flavour unlike some of the other items.

Other options included soup and porridge and twice a week you are allowed a snack; however I found the snack sizes to be quite large, so I actually halved them and used them across 2 days.

There are a number of the meals I didn't find that appealing but our taste buds are after all, all different so you could well find your favourite amongst my least likes.

Before you start on this diet, I would make sure you read through all the literature involved and look to have supplements on hand that are suggested (for me I definitely need to make sure I have fibre close to hand), joining the support group they offer on Facebook is definitely worth it as they are such a great group and you will find questions answered within minutes when you have issues and they are completely non-judgemental even if you have fallen off the diet cart.

When it comes to drink they do say you should drink a lot of water and I would look at their additives for flavour addition, while for the coffee drinkers your be glad to know Beanies is on the menu and for tea drinks you are allowed 250ml of milk a day or as much tea without milk as you can manage.

New You Diet offer a host of different package options and often have an offer on so it is well worth looking at their website for the latest prices, but if you fancy just trying a couple of items they can be brought separately for under £2 each.

If you decide to give New You a try, I would love to know how you get on.

What is your best dieting tip?

*I was sent a weeks worth of New You for the purpose of this review.

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  1. Donna

    My best ‘dieting’ tip…Don’t do these Fad diets!

  2. Kay

    Ooh those chocolately bars look yummy. My best diet tip would be to find a good balance between a healthy/varied diet coupled with moderate exercise. I’m not a huge fan of fad diets but if it can help kickstart you onto starting to think more about eating healthy foods then I think it’s fine.

  3. Diana Villa

    Everything looks so delicious and healthy! I have to check those out. Thanks for sharing 😀

  4. Amanda Ripsam

    My diet that I am on for gasteroparies hitial hernia gerd reflux and multiple gallstones have been working rather well, it’s smoothies with protine powders low fat low fiber limited caffine, no tomatoes. Basically soups, smoothies and liquids. I have lost weight finally but had to get sick to discover it.

  5. ourfamilyworld

    My best diet tip is to drink a lot of water. I find that it helps eliminating toxins a lot

  6. Lesley

    I am doing a nutritional program, can’t really call it a “diet” but it feels good to get through 7 days! Good for you! I’m currently on day 21! 3 weeks! I can’t wait for summer because I’m going to be buying a new bathing suit! How about you?

  7. celebbabylaundry

    Water is by far the best thing to drink, cut everything else out and you truly see the difference!

  8. Rosey

    Porridge! I don’t know what it is, but I’ve heard it in nursery rhymes. I feel like at my age I should know. 😉 I’m glad to hear you like the taste of the drinks and bars. That does help tons!

  9. Pam

    That looks very tasty. Love chocolate. My best tip is to drink lots of water and to not give up. Eat healthy!

  10. Maria

    I love that I can incorporate chocolate into any diet!! looks like an easy plan to follow.

  11. Mama to 5 BLessings

    A diet with chocolate — yum! What great advise! I need to get back on my diet.

  12. Heather

    I am about to do whole 30…but I think when it comes down to it it’s all about calories.

  13. Life as a Convert

    My best dieting tip is to have healthy options on hand and make them easy to access. Also don’t deprive yourself.

  14. alice lightning

    try to eat sensibly exercise more have a good attitude towards things

  15. Fabulous Perks

    I’m not really into dieting so my best tip world be stick with what makes you happy.

  16. Anne |

    Best dieting tip is probably if you think you’re hungry try drinking water before snacking. They say when you feel hungry you actually could just be thirsty so may not even have to consume any calories if water works first!

  17. bev

    My tip is to use a smaller plate

  18. Hayley Boyles

    Hi , I have recently lost 10 and half stone. My tip is allow your self a bit of a treat , fit the things you like into a healthy diet . I had a meal and a couple of drinks with the hubby every saturday night with out fail. I could not of done it if i hadn’t. 🙂

  19. Judith Luscombe

    I would still recommend healthy eating, although I admit I am fed up with salad.

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