5 ways to save money on your weekly shop

When it comes to expenses one of the highest has to be the weekly shop, but there are ways to try and keep it down as long as you are up for not just grabbing and instead taking some time and thinking about what it is you are picking up each week.

Here are five simple tips that might just make it easier to save a few pennies each week.

1. Don't buy pre-packed fruit.
Sometimes it seems easier to just pick up that bag of bananas that cost a couple of pounds, but have you ever thought what they might cost if you put them on the scales and weighed them like the un-bagged bananas? Well quite likely they would cost a lot less than the amount you are forking out – so put down pre-packed fruit and veg, grab some lose and save yourself a pretty penny over the year.

2. When it comes to basics by own brand.
We all have basics we need in the cupboard such as flour, rice, oils, herbs, sugars, tins and well you get the point, have you even thought about switching down a brand in them or cutting right back to the basic option? You might be surprised that you just don't notice the different in taste and by just how much it saves you.

Row of shopping karts outside the supermarket.

3. Stick to your list.
We all know the temptations of slipping off the list, but remember the list is made up of the things you need; so before you go throwing in those extra bits, stop and think – do I really need this? Or is it just costing me more than I might otherwise be spending?

4. Meal plan.
Think about what you are going to eat for the week and just buy for that, it will both save on waste food and save you money, because you won't be throwing away so much.

5. Think about freezing.
There are many foods you can freeze these days and if you're worried about something going out of date or you happen to see a great cut on in the quick sell section, pop it in the freezer and save it for a day when you can use it.

And an extra one for luck, don't forget to look around for coupons, there are many places that allow you to find coupons online, for instance you check out some Sephora printable coupons right here and of course keep your eyes open while shopping, as sometimes you can even find them on the edge of shelves.

So there are five of my top tips, but what are yours?

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  1. Sonya Cisco

    I have found online shopping saves me money as I buy what I need rather than getting distracted by offers on stuff I didnt come in the shop for!

  2. Ninjacat

    I too online show and this helps me save money I try and stick to a set amount and stuck on when and where /i need to

  3. Tess D

    great tips – like the first two comments I do my main weekly shop online as I find it easier to stick to my list and keep an eye on the total x

  4. Shell Louise

    I shop online and get it delivered as it saves me money. We also buy the value brands for basics like rice, pasta, flour etc and I always go through the trolley before checking out to make sure everything in there is what we really need 🙂

  5. Rachel

    Freezing food is one thing I never ever do, I just hate having to thaw it and defrost it x

  6. Pam Francis Gregory

    Planning meals means that you buy only what you need.

  7. Stephen - BeautykingUK

    Some good tips there. In our house to save money on the shopping my other half leaves me at home. I triple the bill as I’m the most horrific compulsive buyer! Stephen :o)

  8. sam fernley

    I’m terrible for chucking extra items in! Especially in Aldi with their weekly specials. We save money by being organised with our coupons and cashing in Nectar points.


    We shop at Aldi and Lidl for most essentials. This seems to save us an awful lot of money.

  10. angela hamilton

    I have started writing a list and sticking it to it, I also find online shopping is best for deals and sticking to what i need

  11. Kara

    Great tips – I also look for vouchers in papers and online

  12. lisa prince

    i spend a fortune doing weekyl shops this is why i tend to do mine monthly with veg , milk and bread top ups

  13. Allison Sherwood

    This is really useful as I am really trying to find ways to save money

  14. VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood

    Really useful tips. I love making shopping lists, keeps me on track.

  15. Bex Smith

    pre packed fruit is definitely where we fall down lol. Plus I meal plan but then deviate so wildly… oops!

  16. Rebecca Barnes

    I like the downshift challenge – where you ‘downgrade’ an item you would normally buy as a brand item. See if the family or yourself notice a big change and decided whether to stick or go back to branded.

  17. Carrie Talbot-Ashby

    This is great, thanks 🙂 With a large family I am always looking for help in saving the pennies, so this is really useful for me xxx

  18. Sarah Franks

    Thanks for the tips – I’ve just the fella into going to Aldi, and we need to do a blog post about it. He was a Waitrose aficionado before that, but once he saw the savings combined with the great taste of a lot of their food (e.g. the mediterranean stuff we eat so much of!) he was so converted I think he went back by himself 5 times in one week just to stock up on more food!


    thanks for the tips

  20. Andrea

    Great tips. Every penny counts these days. We have been die hard Aldi shoppers for years.

  21. Lauren | Belle du Brighton

    I try and do my main food shop online to avoid being drawn in by special offers that aren’t that special!

  22. Charly Dove

    What a great post, lots of really good ideas. We definitely spend too much (especially on top ups) and waste too much too. We should probably look at other places to shop too!

  23. Globalmouse

    “Stick to the list” there’s my downfall right there…I’m always seduced by offers (I don’t need) and cakes!!

  24. Nayna Kanabar

    Some really good tips, you are right precut and prepacked food is so much more expensive.

  25. Agata @BarkTime

    I shop other way around… I buy what is on special offer and then create meal plan around it

  26. Ickle Pickle

    Great tips, thanks for sharing. Kaz x

  27. Lucas Austin

    Those are amazing ways to save money, but don’t you think that buying from street store are very old thing. In these fast forward life every one preferred online shopping at online Shopping is both convenient and, cost-efficient way. Online Shopping is best way to save money as they provide discount voucher and best deals.

  28. Tori Gabriel

    Some awesome tips here. I agree that a list is so important. I also try to list it in the order of the shop so I’m not darting all over the place.

    My biggest tip would be never ever shop hungry!

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