5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cosy This Winter
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5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cosy This Winter

In the past few years, I have really started to feel the cold.

It's an odd feeling for me to not be able to deal with cold weather. As it was never something that bothered me in my younger years.

One of the hardest things is my body is unable to regulate its temperature. So if I'm cold I just keep getting cold or if I'm hot well it just keeps on going up.

Over the past couple of years, I've come up with all sorts of ways to try and keep myself feeling warm and cosy at least while I am inside; from layers of blankets to hot waters bottles and extra layers.

So, with the word snow being whispered across the UK, I thought now was a good time to bring up some of those ideas with you. In the hopes, we can all be a little cosier this winter.

Feet in wool socks warming by cozy fire

Cuddle Up

Cosy nights in front of the TV or with a good book can bring up a great time to cuddle up with the family, huddle under some blankets and feel warmer.

It not only allows you to spend quality time with loved ones but allows you, to not have to turn the heating up another notice – win, win!

Keep Moving

This is one I struggle with as some days moving at all just isn't on the cards.

However, it is 100% true, you are going to feel colder just sat around than if you are up and moving.

So, if you're feeling the chill and have some jobs that could be done, jump up and get working on them to help make you feel warmer.

Feet warming at fireplace with hands holding coffee

Think About Accessories and Furnishings

Blankets, cushions and hot water bottles all come in as obvious accessories and furnishings we should think about when it comes to staying warm.

But how about your curtains? They can actually help keep warmth in the home, however, if they hang over your radiators, they may be doing the exact opposite!

So, make sure they are the correct length to help keep your home warmer.

Close Doors

Making sure you close doors around the home can really help keep the heat in.

Making this a really simple technique that can help us all.

After all, it is so much easier to heat one room than the whole house. While draughts and coldness are kept well out in the areas you hopefully aren't using.

Play with Scents

Scent can play with how we feel in the home, so introduce scents to help uplift you. Candles or items such as the Scentsy Go can really help change the mood.

With Christmas on its way, there are some really great winter scents to play with such as cinnamon, gingerbread and spiced apple.

The choice is really yours.

So, there you have some ideas on ways to help bring a snug and warm environment into your home.

However, what about you, what is your favourite way to make sure you stay feeling cosy? 





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5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cosy This Winter

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  1. Iris Tilley

    It’s true moving around foes help but I need a remote control for closing doors lol

  2. Derek Wilson

    There are some great draught excluders on the market to cover the gaps at the bottom of your doors, Many are designed like animals (snakes, crocodiles etc) so the kids can play with them when they’re not in use!

  3. Denise walton

    Great tips I do agree to keep moving it definitely helps

  4. Joan

    I love scents and colours once I change those two, it really helps to make it feel more cosy.

  5. Candy

    All your suggestions are wonderful. We keep blankets and throws around and slippers or warm socks

  6. Alissa

    Thanks for al wonderful tips! It gets chilly here in Chicago too!!!

  7. Jessica

    I make my home feel cozy by wrapping up in my blanket that warms itself. I also wear a onesie( I know but yes an adult onesie) and I let my puppy cuddle with me. Movie on and cozy as can be I am lol

  8. Gillian McClelland

    I love feeling cosy with lots of blankets, my dog 🐕 continually opens my living room door. I have tried to train her to close it again but it’s not working.

  9. Hanh Nguyen

    Cuddling up is all I do these days haha! Love your tips! It’s soooo cold here in Sweden!

  10. Irene Murdoch

    I am always cold so good tips for keeping cosy!

  11. laura wheatley

    I love a nice blanket to cuddle under. I don’t usually feel the cold a lot but have been really cold this week

  12. Rachel

    Great suggestions! Nothing beats cuddling up with a hot chocolate! xo

  13. Rhian westbury

    I love a good snuggle in bed before going to sleep, it definitely warms me up. I have a massive crochet knit blanket and it’s so warm, I use that a lot too x

  14. Jane Gorton

    Sarah, great tips. I, too struggle with the cold & heat which I never did before. I normally get a hot blackcurrant drink and a nice cuddly blanket and watch something nice – our 4 dogs also keep me warm!

  15. Latte Lindsay

    I don’t think it’s your age, I think the weather is just getting worse every year. At least, that’s what I tell myself as I pour a hot water bottle and pop the heating on (again) 😀

  16. Mayah Camara

    I am not a fan of this season by any means. I do what I can to make the house warm and cosy. For me scented candles, good books and hot drinks always works.

  17. Amanda Yorton

    I am ALL about cozy blankets and warm scents this time of year! I love a nice and cozy home!

  18. Marysa

    I struggle with our long winters too – I’m always cold! I have sewn some rice warmers that I heat up in the microwave. It’s a must especially for when I’m sitting for a while or when I go to bed and it is so cold.

  19. ricci

    Now this looks like my kind of night…fuzzy socks, a big cup of coffee, hopefully a warm blanket and a good movie! YAS!

  20. Rachael Phillips

    the ONLY good thing about winter is that you can get cosy. I get my candles lit about 5pm, the heating goes on, the fluffy socks and lots of warm drinks

  21. Joanna

    I don’t like cold weather either and I’m always carrying the radiator with me around the house. I also have plenty of blankets on the couch, for when I watch movies. 🙂

  22. Dalene Ekirapa

    It can be super boring when it’s chilly out there so you’ll find me cuddling up with a book and a cup of coffee while I watch some nice series too.

  23. Terri Beavers

    Perfect timing on this post as cold weather has hit with a force here. I’m going to try some of your tips to make my home feel cozier. I do use scent therapy during the winter months, mainly cinnamon oil in my potpourri crocks. It makes me feel like it’s Christmas every day.

  24. Kacie Morgan

    I love to light candles and incense in the fall/winter period. Great way to warm up my home.

  25. Sandra

    I have this new found scent love for lavender. I get to be so fond of it these days! It’s so soothing and just relaxing… A cup of tea or coffee would also be nice.. Just thinking about it makes me giddy!

  26. Chubskulit Rose

    I appreciate having a gym at home especially during Winter time because you can keep moving even if it’s freezing outside. Great tips you have here.

  27. Dani

    We are a big fan of fires in our fireplace during the Winter time and I am a big fan of cozy socks 🙂 🙂 I actually just love bundling up in the Winter time and watching movies and cooking in the kitchen.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I would love to have a real fireplace, we found out there used to be one here but it now has an electric one in front of it. Perhaps we should try and have it changed back.

  28. Rika Agustini

    I always drink more tea and wrap my body with thick blanket. Winter is definitely not my favorite season, because i always get sick during cold weather.

  29. Emily

    We’ve got all our favourite blankets out for the winter now and it’s so lovely to snuggle under them of an evening.

  30. Angela Milnes

    I always wondered why my husband is closing doors, now I know why. I do love the warm socks and hot drinks. Two of my favourite things on a wintery evening with the family.

    Angela Xx

  31. Emma Walton

    I read this post with great interest and now I’m in smug mode as I already employ all of these tips plus more to keep the cost of heating down and yet still keep myself warm and cosy. Now, if I can just get my husband to put on more layers instead of turning to the thermostat.

  32. Amy Simpson

    I sure love a comfy home in Winter x

  33. Anonymous

    We had some heavy lined curtains designed to keep cold out over our biggest window in our library when we lived up north. They really did work well! Good point about the radiator though! Our vents were in the ground so it was okay. 🙂

  34. Sydney

    I love these ideas! I really try to keep our candles themed around the holidays. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Lauretta

    Setting up the mood with a scent is a fab idea. I’m really into candles,oils and scents that it just excites me to see it on your list.

  36. Kristyn Nealey

    One thing we definitely do is have our doors and blinds/curtains closed when temps are below 60. We also love it when I bake because the heat from the oven just distributes throughout the house and helps with warming it up.

  37. Priscilla Stubbs

    Some great tips here. I don’t wait until bedtime to get my pjs and fleecy dressing gown on. I like to watch tv by the fire with a blanket over my legs, keeps me warm until bedtime. I always have a hot water bottle in bed.

  38. Terri Beavers

    I’ve been working on my new place to make it feel comfy and cozy this winter. I’m going to use some of your tips to help with that. I always use scent therapy when needed to give a comfy feel to a new place. Candles, wax tarts, essential oils, etc.

  39. David Elliott

    Often I don’t think about all the things like curtains which can keep in the warmth. Just reminds me I could use some blackout curtains for my room though. And I imagine it keeps the heat in pretty well too.

  40. What Corinne Did

    I love winter and autumn scents like cinnamon! It smells so good and does make a room super cosy!

  41. Anosa Malanga

    One of the things I would love to consider is playing with scents. Indeed a great way to be able to be more at ease and have some relaxing moments at home during winter season.

  42. Veronica Lee

    I am a big fan of aromatherapy and love playing with scents.

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