5 Ways to Deal with Unexpected Expenses

We all end up having times where we have unexpected expenses to deal with.

However, could it come at a worse time than when you have just bought a home?

When you are looking to make a new start and have a whole host of new expenses to deal with?

The answer is probably not.

So I have come up with some ideas to help you deal with unexpected expenses, not matter the reason.

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Expect the Worse

OK, this one takes a bit of pre-planning and isn't possible for everyone.

After all, so many of us live paycheck to paycheck.

However, if you can, putting a little bit away each time you get paid into a separate account can really make a huge difference when the unexpected happens.

Even if it only covers part of the costs.

Sell, Sell, Sell

We all have items in the home we no longer use. So why not have a sort out and see what you could sell.

Holding a car boot could quickly bring in some extra pennies.

While Facebook selling pages and eBay are great ways to try and raise some income when needed.

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Borrow From Family

Again this is one option not everyone will be able to do.

However, if you have family around who you can talk to about such matters, then why not turn to them and ask for their help.

Yes they might not be able to lend you a hand, but you will never know unless you ask.

Ditch a Planned Purchase

Going back to having just moved home.

If you have a purchase planned you could perhaps put off for a while, then do it.

This will open up funds for the emergency and doesn't mean you will never do the original plan. It just means you put it off for a while.

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Take out a Loan

If worst comes to worst, then you can always look to take out a loan.

While it definitely isn't the first cause of action I would seek, if you are in need of money and all other avenues are exhausted, then spend some time looking into the best deal you can get on a loan and set up a plan to budget for repayments in the coming months.

So there are a few ideas on how to deal with unexpected expenses, I do hope they help some of you if the worst does happen.

However, what about you, what is your top tip for dealing with unexpected expenses? 




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5 Ways to Deal with Unexpected Expenses

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  1. Candy

    All of your ideas are a good place to start. Hard living paycheck to paycheck so advice on emergencies repairs or anything is important

  2. Gisele

    I’ve always had a savings account of some kind but when I was younger there were times I had to turn to my parents. I was blessed to have resources to get me through some tough times.

  3. Jeanette

    It’s definitely been a lot of on planned expenses in the last couple of months for us. We are dealing with it a little at a time. One of my favorite ways to solve these problems is selling stuff. If I can find something to my house to sell I will sell it.

  4. Anonymous

    We do have a savings account just in case. But it’s not a huge amount so if a huge expense comes up, I would have to sell some stuff! I already coupon to save. I love to find a deal!

  5. Mdaisi

    Thanks for the advice. The is really awesome especially if you’re living paycheck to paycheck and expenses keep piling up. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Anonymous

    I believe in building up an emergency fund that is used for purposes such as this. I have a 1000 in such a fund. When I use a bit, I replace it as soon as I can.

  7. Tara Pittman

    Even the best savings plan can leave you short. These are great ideas for when you need cash.

  8. Hannah

    Some good ideas here. This can be very stressful when it happens

  9. Anonymous

    Sometimes if an unexpected and costly illness comes along, you do need to do all of these steps. We’ve had that happen and we sold some stuff we didn’t need or use.

  10. Ronnie

    Really great tips for desperate moments! I’m actually beginning to sell items that we no longer use and I plan to put the money aside as an emergency fund. We don’t need them yet, but better safe than sorry!

  11. Califf Creations (@CaliffCreations)

    These are good suggestions. Unexpected expenses are always tough and there is never an easy solution.

  12. Krish

    Discipline is what helps a long way in financial management…
    Nice suggestions….try to stick to.plans..
    God bless you

  13. Paula Schuck

    I wish I knew this answer to this one. We save and save and then we get hit by a ton of unexpected expenses and that wipes me out for a bit and then taxes hit me and I swear it’s impossible to build that emergency fund.

  14. kumamonjeng

    Selling unwanted thing is great idea, as it is not only help recycle thing and also create more space for our home. These day selling thing are easy, there are so many platform online to help us to get rid of unwanted stuff.

  15. Anonymous

    I have no patience so sell anything – I guess I will make a terrible salesman 🙂

  16. Sundeep

    I always look for these kind of tips to save money. I have lots of unexpected expense and try to control but failed each and every time. Hope these tips will help me out. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  17. Laura Dove

    Great tips! I hate unexpected expenses, our car died on us the year before last and we had no money to buy a new one. Thank god my parents helped us out or I dont know what we would have done!

  18. Stephanie JEannot

    Very good advice. Yup! So much things that I can get rid of. I started decluttering already. The fall always seems like a good time for that.

  19. Heather

    Oh we have had a whole year of unexpected expenses and yes we just bought a new home and definitely not the time for that to happen. I am hoping next year in 2019, we’ll be able to save more than we are right now.

  20. Natalie

    Selling products you no longer need and that are still in good condition is a really good way to make some cash. This reminds me I should put one of my designer bags up for sale.

  21. Alex Gladwin

    Great suggestions. I always ensure we have money put away for any unexpected expenses.

  22. Brittany

    These are definitely the facts of life. Unexpected expenses come and it’s so important to be able to manage. We definitely are good at the “sell, sell, sell” tip! That’s always our go to! Stuff is stuff and we don’t need it.

  23. Kita Bryant

    I am thankful and blessed to have such a supportive family. That is usually who always helps me out in a pinch.

  24. Anosa Malanga

    In case this happens, probably cutting some parts of the budget and eliminate the ones that should be purchased but not too important will be my top two. Then when it still not enough, then try borrowing with family or friends before going to a loan.

  25. swathi

    Thanks for sharing the tips, yes asking to to family will be always good.

  26. Elizabeth

    We tend to take money out of our food budget when we have unexpected expenses – living off what we’ve already got in the house instead of buying in new food. It’s amazing how much money you can save that way, and there are no worries for the terrible interest rates on getting a loan.

  27. Alvin

    I don’t like unexpected expenses but one of the things we do if we cannot borrow from relatives is to either sell or pawn an item.

  28. David Elliott

    The unplanned expenses are always the toughest ones to deal with. I hate it when having to borrow or cut other things out. But you just have to do that sometimes unfortunately.


    I do hate it wen the unexpected happens and you need to find money to cover it. Selling items can help. I try to keep some money squirrelled away for such events as loans are something I will always avoid.

  30. Heather

    Unexpected expenses are my least favorite thing! These are great ways to handle them!

  31. Becky Jarratt

    I have two current accounts and transfer a specific amount over from the account my party goes into every month. I try to only spend what I’ve transferred, meaning I am able to save a little each month.

  32. Melanie

    This post really does highlight the fact that we should save a little and try to nor live from pay check to pay check where possible x

  33. Nichola - Globalmouse

    I do try to put together a little contingency fund but I raid it too often!

  34. Ruth I.

    I had some unexpected expenses before and it’s really a challenge. I’m lucky that my parents are near and I can ask for help anytime I need to. Thank you for these tips!

  35. katrina

    This post could not have come at a better time- the husband is off work sick and we are struggling so i have taken to your advice of sell sell sell. Ebay is getting me through right now.

  36. Sally Akins

    It’s really hard work building up a savings fund, but that buffer is so useful, even if it’s not a massive amount. I’m always worried when my car goes in for its MOT!

  37. Kiwi

    I have an unexpected expense now as I have to fly into a state earlier than expected and get a hotel. Great tips and it does suck when you have to dish out more money than projected.

  38. Nicole

    These are all really great tips for unplanned expenses, adn you are right – we have all been there! I’ll have to keep these all in mind, thanks for sharing!

  39. Betzy Cuellar

    I tend to have plenty of unexpected expenses and use the sell, sell method.

  40. Becca Wilson

    These are some really great tips for when life throws some unexpected things your way. Money can certainly make you stressed if you don’t have enough for the bills.

  41. Kara

    It is horrible struggling for money – I tend to have a clear out and sell things, but have just withdrawn my top cashback money as have had to help Kian with university

  42. kylie cre8tone

    Thanks for sharing all the tips to deal with unexpected expenses.. It’s really good financial planning to handle the situation..

  43. Karen Morse

    No matter how much we prepare for everything, we’ll encounter unexpected expenses from time to time in our lifetime. I agree with the ways that you shared, you can definitely earn from these!

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