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5 ways to boost your savings this year


Last year Ash and I finally paid off our debt and I may have had a little party. Paying it off early, of course means we have spent out less in the long run due to not having to pay any more interest and so that saving can be better invested elsewhere.

But paying off debts isn't always something everyone can do – so here are five ideas to help you try and save a few pennies this year.

1. At the end of each day put your small change into a piggy bank (or similar), you will find you don't miss carry around those pennies and you will surprised how quickly it adds up.

2. Save a certain amount each week – think even as little as £1 a week all year would save you £52, enough to make a really difference when buying your Christmas dinner.

3. Sell your unwanted goods, as they say one man's trash is another man's treasure, so why not when the good weather hits, head down to your local car boot, you might be surprised by how much you come back with.

5 ways to boost your savings this year

4. Give something up – do you call into Starbucks most days to grab yourself a drink? Well stop and take your own from home (or even swap to buying bottled drinks with your weekly shop), you'll save yourself a pretty penny in the long run.

5. Shop around – whenever you are buying something big, take some time and shop around, you will probably find it somewhere else cheaper and you could pop those all-important pounds into savings.

But what can you do with those saved pennies, well how about looking to open a savings account or ISA to make sure it doesn't get frittered away with your everyday spending's.

What are your top penny saving tips?

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  1. nessjibberjabberuk

    I’m a former financial adviser and I say all of the above are great tips. Any debt paid off quicker will save you so much money (and worry).

  2. Jo Smith! (@carsonsmummy)

    I’ve started making my own coffee’s of a morning and taking it in a “not a paper cup” travel mug… I’ve saved such a lot of money!

  3. WhatLauraLoves

    Some great tips to follow here, especially about buying drinks with weekly shop. We get ours from my friends cash and carry and save so much! xxx

  4. Wendy@BlushandBarbells

    congratulations on paying off a debt! That’s a wonderful feeling.

  5. Ryan Costello

    I agree wholeheartedly about paying debt off quicker. The minute I made a conscious effort to do so was one of my better decisions, and when I became debt free it was an amazing feeling.

  6. Erica Price

    Some good tips. Sometimes I think having an aim in mind helps too.

  7. ninjcat

    I am saving up my sainsbury nectar points towards Christmas dinner this year

  8. Jen Walshaw

    We have a piggy bank that we put all our copper in at the end of the day

  9. Pam Francis Gregory

    Make your own lunch for work each day – Even “meal deals” cost £3 – That adds up to a lot each year!

  10. Emma

    Some great money saving ideas, would love you to add to fabulously frugal which is our money saving linky.

  11. Globalmouse

    Great tips and it’s always amazing to get to pay off debts. I really need to get selling stuff, I have lots of it around that’s waiting to be photographed and uploaded but I never seem to get any further….I need to get moving!

  12. Kara

    We try and pay a bot extra off out mortgage every month so save on interest charges

  13. Michelle

    I really need to start saving, I think a small amount each week would be a good start 🙂

  14. Dawn Henson

    Some Great Tips which I really need because I am so bad at saving

  15. Anne Wallwin

    some great tips to help people – there is something we can all aim at.

  16. Emma

    This month my Mortgage is £38 a month cheaper and I’m in the same house with the same length Mortgage, just paying less for it. So that it currently £456 better off a year for buying the same thing, wahoo.

    I am also only vacationing through the Sun deals this year and sorry but the 4 kids had Laptops and crap last year, so no big massive expenses when next Christmas comes.

    I also watch what I do with my grocery spend, my clothes always come from sales, buying out of season is great. I don’t run with the sheep anyway.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      That is fantastic go you!!

      Nothing wrong with a Sun holiday! I mean why pay full price when you can get one for that much – I really should start taking advantage myself.

  17. Jeanette

    I have done all these things LOL. We have earned some extra money because of it it’s definitely the way to go when you need to find a way to stretch a dollar.

  18. Pam

    We always save spare change to spend on gas for road trips during the summer. We also like to buy gas gift cards at our local grocery store. We always need gas, but if you buy the gift cards at our grocery store then you get a percentage off your groceries too.

  19. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I have a piggy bank and I do drop all my coins in there at night. The last one I had took me 4 months to fill up, but I was really surprised at how much I have saved just by saving coins!

  20. lisa

    These are all such good ideas. I need to start saving a little each week and see how much it adds up at the end of the year.

  21. aimee fauci

    Stay home is my best tip for saving money. Even a simple trip to the grocery store can break your bank!

  22. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    These are great tips. I always shop around. I never buy from the first place I see.

    • Liz Mays

      I should probably start doing that more often. I’ve never spent a lot of time comparing prices and I’m sure it could save me a ton.

  23. kate andrews

    Great tips

  24. Travel Blogger

    Great tips! I always think I don’t have enough to save when so many bills need to be paid, but I always have spare change, and I always have a dollar or two to get a treat. If I gave that up and put my spare change in a savings account I know I would have lots. I am working on doing that this year.

  25. Jaime Nicole

    I am trying to think what to give up and coffee is the only thing I can think of. I don’t know if that would be worth the savings though – I might get a bit grumpy!

  26. Lady Lilith

    I always put my spare change in a jar. It really adds up. I do not plan on spending it, right now we will keep it into a real emergency.

  27. Amanda Tempel

    Awesome tips! I could definitely benefit from some saving tips this year, with the new baby.

  28. Terri Beavers

    Your tips are fantastic. I need to give up several things and I know it would save me plenty of money. I’m going to work on that as well as your other helpful tips.

  29. Liz Mays

    These are great ideas. I should work with my family to write out a saving plan this year.

  30. Gem Cook

    Amazing blog post. Really useful. Thank you for sharing x

  31. Amber NElson

    Great tips! We are trying to save a little each week!

  32. Ann Bacciaglia

    These are great tips for saving money. I am trying to save for a trip this summer. I will have to try these.

  33. Sarh S

    All of these are great tips and I need to start some of them NOW! Thank you for sharing and helping others to save through out the year.

  34. Dogvills

    My goal for this year is to save more. I could use these tips.

  35. Tiffany

    I have been clean eating which saves me bucket loads of money as I pretty much cannot eat anything on the go! 🙂 I also have been selling my old clothes I don’t wear on Ebay and making good money! Great post!

  36. Jacqueline Chapman

    I’ve started planning our meals and only buying what we need to save on food waste. We were throwing so much in the bin! Some great tips here.

  37. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Setting up a garage sale would be a great way to get some extra cash. I also like the idea of making our own to go coffee at home instead of buying from coffee shops.

  38. sharon martin

    fabulous list of tips

  39. Dogvills

    These are awesome tips. My goal is to save more money this year, so I’m all about saving any way I can.

  40. Ryan Escat

    It’s great ideas to save money. This is my goal this year for my family.

  41. Janine C

    Great tips. After buying a house alone in the summer last year (and furnishing it all completely – plus some panic buying at the scary thought of living alone after coming out of a 7 year relationship), I have found myself in £6,500 of debt (this is in addition to my mortgage). I have sat down and made a 12 month budget with every penny accounted for in an Excel spreadsheet (a sheet for each month), obviously things move and change, but I will change the spreadsheet in accordance with that. I now know what I have to the penny. Next step is to put as much as I can onto my debts and I aim to have my two high interest debts paid off by the end of this year (£600 on an Argos card) and £1,500 on a credit card.

    I am going to meal plan, shop in Lidl/Aldi and make all my lunches. I am also going to start driving to work and leaving the car half a mile out of town and walking the rest of the way (I live 6 miles from work so can’t walk the whole way), but this saves on parking. The petrol I use is cheaper than the train fare and I already have to pay Tax, Insurance and MOT anyway so why have my car sat at home being paid for and not being used?

    I am also going to sell on Ebay – at my last estimate I have between £500 and £700 worth of ‘stuff’ I could sell on Ebay. This alone could clear the Argos debt!

    Good luck with your financial plans everyone. I am hoping to be debt free within 2 years. Fingers crossed.

  42. Ashleigh

    One of our biggest expenses is groceries. We always try to get to the store early to catch markdowns right away.

  43. Chubskulit Rose

    These are great tips. My kids are the ones that collects the coins and put it in their piggy bank. We deposit whatever amount they have at the end of the year into their personal savings.

  44. Charli

    Last year I paid off my loan early and I also try to save all my change, as much as I love to spend I also like to save in equal portions

  45. Seattle Travel Blogger

    This is a nice list.
    I think it is important to consider saving regardless of side debts.

  46. Tiaras & Tantrums

    We need to cut some things out of our lives this year as well to save some more money! Our grocery bill is the highest and I’m always looking for new ways to save

  47. Crystal Lopez

    Budgeting is a must in our family! Money saving tips are always a plus!

  48. Erica Brooks

    I’m going to give these ideas a try. I’m always surprised at how fast putting change in a jar adds up.

  49. Marielle Altenor

    These are really good tips. I try using cash as much as possible instead of debit and credit card.

  50. Toughcookiemommy

    I think it is so important to have a nest egg. You never know when you are going to need money in an emergency.

  51. Jessica Simms

    These are some really good tips. I feel like saving is the hardest thing most days, when you end up with another bill or need for your kids it feels like your taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

  52. April Mims

    Great tips to help save money! We’ve been debt free for several years and love it. It’s so nice to not have those extra bills that never seem to go away and it makes it easier to save that amount instead.

  53. Lisa Rios

    I think Budget planning for a year is a big task for everyone of us & it is very important that we find ways to save something as well. These are simple yet effective ideas to boost the savings & to me saving a small amount every week makes a huge difference.

  54. Tiffany

    We didn’t have debt until last year. Well I had a student loan but it was small. My husband quit his job and didn’t find another, so we used a credit card (against my wishes) which added up quickly. I feel sick just thinking about it!

  55. Jennifer Haden

    Great tips! We’ve been clearing out alot of our old stuff and selling them, really surprised at how much we’ve made, it really adds up 🙂

  56. Natelle Cooper

    Great advice thanks x

  57. Abigail Cullen

    Well done on paying your debt off, it’s always great to save a little each week, it all helps.

  58. rika

    Great tips.. we’re saving every penny now due to emergency expenses 🙁 i spend most of my money on groceries.

  59. Fads

    These are great tips. I’ve also written this type of blog post over on my blog.
    Love, Fads

  60. Gemma Massey

    These are brill tips we’ve been sorting out and selling things at bootsales every little helps and reduces clutter too xx

  61. Gemma Massey

    “Facebook Addiction Disorder” is a mental disorder identified by Psychologists

  62. Jessica Townley

    Definitely agree with shopping around….I spend ages before doing a big food shop seeing where I can get it the absolute cheapest!

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