5 tips to help you sleep

Sleep is something I have a love hate relationship with, when I go to bed at night I know I only fall asleep quickly as I take medication that helps me, without it I suffer badly with insomnia. Then there is the fact I suffer with fatigue, take this Sunday just gone, I slept for over 14 hours which leaves me feeling sometimes like I miss out so much on life.

I was recently sent this article about how waking up early can help fuel your wellbeing and while waking up early might be something I can only dream of, perhaps the tips I've come up with to help me deal with sleep, will help some of you wake up with more of a spring in your step.


1. Switch Off
Electronics are great, it's wonderful to natter to your friends on the computer or if you so happen to like to, play computer games. However doing them just before you sleep can leave your brain running in circles, so switch off half an hour or an hour to before you head to bed.

2. Stop the caffeine.
I live on tea, but around 6 or 7 in the evening I switch to decaffeinated, personally I can't really tell the difference when it comes to taste and we all know how caffeine itself can help keep us awake.

3. Keep your room clutter free.
A peaceful and clutter free room can help you relax more, while for many it seems like a good idea to have a TV in your bedroom sometimes it can turn it into another living area, instead of a room for resting.

4. Use a room spay.
We all find different fragrances relax us, for me it is Lavender and so I often use a pillow or room spray before I go to sleep to help soothe and calm me.

5. Set a regular bedtime.
This is a hard one and one I don't stick to as much as I should, but we can and do get used to going to sleep and waking up around the same time, so getting yourself into a routine can really help in the long run.

So there are five tips from me, but what about you, what helps you get a better night's sleep?

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  1. Cathy Glynn

    I feel your pain, it’s so difficult to sleep at times. Thank you for some useful tips x

  2. Leila Benhamida

    I struggled to sleep in the past. But since I read the U can make you sleep from Paul Mc Kenna and listen to the hypnosis CD it has been wonderful. Works so well.

  3. Jen Walshaw

    I do all of these, but unfortunately insomnia still gets me when I least expect it

  4. Erica Price

    Good tips – must do something about the clutter – I have a big pile of stuff that needs to go to the charity shop.

  5. Michelle

    Great tips – the one I really need to work on is the screen free time for an hour before bed – I know it interferes with my sleep, but I can’t help it >_<

  6. Sonia

    Oh that DOGGY IS ADORABLE! I don’t have trouble sleeping at all but my partener does so I’ll suggest these to him xx

  7. frankie clarke

    This is definitely what i need to hear, im starting a new job tommorow and definitely sleep has been on the back burner compared to the worry of whats in store for me!
    Thankyou 🙂

    Frankie Boo Blog

  8. Michelle

    I am also have periods of chronic insomnia. One thing I’ve found that helps me is some of the mindfulness/relaxation apps you can get on phones these days. Great tips, good sleep hygiene is essential I think.

  9. sam fernley

    Easiest thing for me to get to sleep is to open a book, snoring within minutes. Really want to squeeze that doggy’s paws 🙂

  10. Rachel King

    I’ve suffered from insomnia off and on for a long time. I’ve found that while nothing ‘cures’ it, it helps me to have a wind-down routine, including reading for a short while before I try to go to sleep.

  11. Ness

    I work so late at night that falling asleep isn’t a problem but the getting up in the morning certainly is!

  12. Jason Tolliss

    What’s this thing you call sleep? Not had a solid nights sleep in years.

  13. liska @NewMumOnline

    Oh such good tips. I follow all of them apart from the spray one (typo there by the way). But I know lavender is fantastic. I only have 1 caffeinated drink a day now.
    Liska xx

  14. Martina Evans

    I will try and remember these tips tonight. Thanks for the post


    Great tips, particularly switching our techy gadgets off & that includes the telly in the bedroom. I listen to a bit of music now & read for a bit instead.

  16. Karl Borowy

    need more sleep

  17. Judith Luscombe

    I am fortunate I usually sleep well but now and again I have one night where I cant sleep but I do find that Kalms Night work for me but its so annoying as its always a night where I have to get up early the next day to go to work never a day when I can lie in.

  18. Globalmouse

    Aw what an adorable dog. I have the opposite problem, I need more sleep!! Great tips for people who suffer though, I can’t imagine how awful that must be.

  19. Fritha Strickland

    the keeping a un-cluttered room is such a good one, I just need to implement that in ours now! x

  20. Beth Graham

    I’ve heard that you shouldn’t eat before going to bed but I’m always hungry on a night time and won’t sleep through unless I’ve snacked. I have a routine I stick to and I think that helps for me.

  21. Rosie Corriette

    I LOVE a good room spray! Whilst I don’t suffer with insomnia I completely sympathise – just one night of no sleep on Tuesday with Boo in hospital and I’m still paying for it now; I feel as if I’m unplugged x

  22. Amy Squires

    great tips and i would really try them however with a toddler it doesn’t seem to matter what I do! I wonder if these work on her! P.s that doggy is SO cute!

  23. Michelle

    I’m sorry to hear you have insomnia lovely, you’ve included some great tips 🙂 xx

  24. Sonya Cisco

    I am lucky that I only ever suffer from insomnia in times of great stress – and my tip then is talk radio – it stops my brain getting into a pointless thought loop in the middle of the night.

  25. Nicola

    This is a great post, I recently wrote one similar to this called ‘Seven Ways to Have a Better Night’s Sleep’:

  26. carly

    Hi, great post! I need to do thee things more really as i am not sleeping well lately..and one thing I’m always doing is scrolling through Twitter and Instagram and playing games on my phone right before i switch out the light :-/ lol

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