5 Things to Think about When Buying a Car

5 Things to Think about When Buying a Car

Buying a car is a huge thing.

But the whole process can be quite overwhelming.

To try and make things a little easier for people looking to buy a new or used car anytime soon. I have come up with 5 things to think about when buying a new car.

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Think About Cost

One of the first things you are going to want to do is think about how much money you have to spend.

As well as the cars cost price, you want to factor in; insurance, tax and the cost of keeping a car going, such as fuel and future MOTing and service costs.

Some people may want to look into things like extended warranties. Such as these warranties for Hyundai.

Take A Test Drive

You shouldn't just buy a car on how it looks.

You need to think about how you feel once you are sat inside it as well.

How does the seat feel, the wheel, is it easy to get in and out of.

Does it include the features you would like (although remember cost with this point too).

Taking test drives will offer you the chance to really get the feel for a car. Some centres even allow a weekend test drive, where you can borrow the car for a whole weekend and really get the feel for it.

Close up of a car wheel

Check Out Reviews

What do real people think about the car? What do the experts think of it?

Do people find issues after a while? How much fuel does it consume?

You can often find all these questions and more answered around the internet.

Bloggers often even take cars for a test and they can be a great source of knowledge when it comes to real people who aren't experts trying cars.

How Are You Going To Pay?

Before you head to the dealership it is worth working out how you will pay.

Cash, card, credit?

Sometimes if you are buying used and want to pay in cash you can cut an extra deal with them about the price.

While this isn't possible buying new, it will at least help relieve some pressure, when you're trying to remember everything you need to.

Back End of a Grey Car

Check The Cars History

If you are buying used then you need to check the cars history.

The DVLA allows you to check for vehicle information from MOT history to SORN status for free online. If you want to know more than you can pay, which if your going to spending a lot is worth it too.

After all, this can help you a lot with the decision and will help flag anything suspicious.

So there you have just a few things to think about when buying a car. However, also remember when buying a car making sure you have someone to deal with the boring maintenance through the duration of having the car is very important. You need to find some who has great customer service and someone that offers services like alloy wheel repair from whoops.

I would love to hear your tips though, so please do drop them down in the comments! 





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5 Things to Think about When Buying a Car

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  1. Amy Simpson

    Great tips x

  2. robin rue

    I think it is very important to take the car for a test drive. When I was shopping for a car that is what helped me narrow it down.

  3. Treasure Every Moment

    Fantastic tips – I usually rely on my Dad to look at the cars for me, but I do really need to stand on my own two feet with this 🙂

  4. Candy

    Don’t forget to check the insurance and how much it will be per year. Have factor in all costs. Plus what it will cost to drive and maintenance

  5. Karen

    Great post! Of course, we all know to think about cost and test drive, but too many people forget to go online and read reviews about cars. Those reviews come from people who have actually owned them. It’s a key point in my opinion.

  6. Terri Steffes

    I should have thought about number 1 a bit more. I bought a BMW which I could afford, but EVERYTHING is more expensive, even a simple oil change. That gets old.

  7. Emma @ Adventures of a London Kiwi

    This is such a helpful guide – I need to buy a new car soon too!

  8. Alli Smith

    I always check reviews before buying a big-ticket item like a car. Of course, these are all great things to think about before buying a car.

  9. Kate

    Great tips here. We’re looking at getting a new car next year, so bookmarking this!

  10. Laura Dove

    Great advice here! I never have a clue what to ask when buying a new car, I usually take my dad!

  11. Rebecca Smith

    We definitely considered these when we bought our car recently. So important to consider these things before you put down that payment.

  12. Kara

    We are looking for a new car but struggling to find the time to actually look at them……so many choices

  13. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    These are smart tips to consider when buying a car. Checking the car’s history is essential to make sure you know what you are getting into!!

  14. Farrah Less

    This is very helpful especially to those first time buyer. I just paid-off my car and I am not buying anytime soon. But I have who is looking for a reliable car and I will share this to her to atleast give her an idea.

  15. Amber Myers

    Yes, so important to keep in mind. I always try to find the best deal when I’m buying a car. I ask tons of questions and do lots of research.

  16. Alyssa

    So true about the test drive! My husband took ours for a test but I didn’t try it. And turns out I really dislike the way it drives. Ugh!

  17. Ashley

    We are looking at getting a new car in the future. It’s been an awhile so these are good reminders.

  18. glamamom

    Coincidentally, I am in the market for a new car right now. I love all your tips! I have definitely test-driven, thought about payment, and read a lot of reviews. I’m close to making a decision, fingers crossed!

  19. Amanda Yorton

    These are great things to remember. I want a new car so badly but I know I need to wait a bit!

  20. Melanie

    We haven’t had to purchase a car in a long time. We will probably be in the market for one sooner rather than later.

  21. Marysa

    We haven’t bought a car in a while, but I think we will end up getting a new one fairly soon. It’s good to have some tips so that we can be prepared. It’s such a big decision!

  22. Heather

    We just bought a new car. This is all info I could have used last week, lol.

  23. Tabitha Blue

    So many things to think about when buying a car… but you don’t want to get stuck with something that doesn’t work for you! The history is definitely a must.

  24. Tasheena

    I really enjoyed reading this post. You provided so many valuable tips. I agree it’s so important to check the car history.

  25. Chubskulit Rose

    My husband’s next goal for next year is to buy him a truck. These tips will help, when it comes to cars, I put all my trust with my husband’s.

  26. Becca Wilson

    Buying a car can sometimes be so stressful. These are some really great tips to make it just a little bit easier and to have thoughts in mind before you go.

  27. Priscilla Stubbs

    Some very helpful tips here. A car is one of the most expensive things you will probably buy (apart from a house mortgage) so it is important that you are sure this is the vehicle for you. I always buy from a local garage as I know they are reliable and trustworthy.

  28. Anonymous

    Great Tips! If I am buying used, I always try and pay cash up front to avoid having monthly payments… I also think it’s important to do some research on these cars to make sure they are up to date and no accident history. We don’t have MOT in US, But When I lived in UK, I thought it was a great idea, we should still do it. We used to have emissions testing but they stopped that years ago.. but here we can check the car facts to make sure the car is safe and road ready with accident history or any major problems, now on the other hand. I like to ask for maintenance records on used cars to see how person took care of car and regular oil changes and such

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It is really interesting to hear how different car care can be across the world. I can’t imagine not having to get a car checked yearly, but then I am sure if someone where it didn’t happen came here they would be like WHAT no way!

  29. saurav kumar

    I really enjoyed reading this post. You provided so many valuable tips.

  30. Passportofawanderwoman

    This post is right in time, while I am planning on getting a new car. I so wanted a mini Cooper, but as I drove it, I didn’t like it. Test driving is so important.

  31. Kay

    Thanks for the tips. We are thinking of buying a new car soon.

  32. Sparky

    It’s been a long time since I purchased a car, but I remember it being terrifying! Not only the idea that the car could be a lemon, but also the thought of having to haggle on the price with a dealer.

  33. Brittany

    Great tips! Buying a car can give many people anxiety! It’s so frustrating sometimes. Thanks for this post. Love your tips.

  34. Stephanie

    Buying a car is such a big movement, these tips are great at ensuring you’re getting a good deal with your new car x

  35. Swathi

    I agree with you cost of car should be first in list while checking out for new car.

  36. Jessica Lynn Martin

    Those are such important things to think about for sure. My husband and I bought a used van back in April. My husband definitely thought about all 5 of those things. He even test drove the van that we bought twice! He took his time too before deciding on the van that we bought.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      That’s awesome! I have to admit I got my Dad to test drive the last car I was too scared haha! Now we have been slowly looking again I get him to come but I’ve got behind the wheel myself.

  37. Bella and Dawn at Dear Mummy Blog

    My mummy is sooooo bad and always buys cars based on looks – but it is becoming more and more important about the comfort inside the car, especially the seats – she likes heated seats!

  38. LavandaMichelle

    I need this right now. Taking my 16 year car shopping soon.

  39. David Elliott

    All of these are really essential if you are going to think about getting yourself a car. I know knowing how you are going to pay is imperative. And I know that you have to know the vehicle’s history if you are going to buy.

  40. Melanie Walsh

    My husband’s car needs to go. It runs fine, but it doesn’t fit the whole family. We need something larger, so it’s time to dig in and do our research.

  41. Bindu Thomas

    These are really some fantastic tips. I agree with you cost of car should be first in list while checking out for new car.

  42. Hannah Marie

    These are great tips! I am not really knowledgeable on cars so I take someone who knows more about it, my sister! haha

  43. bohemian babushka

    Good to have a list of REAL tips all in one place. Gracias for the useable, doable suggestions. BB2U

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