5 Must Visit Swimming Pools in the Midlands
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5 Must Visit Swimming Pools in the Midlands

I've loved swimming for as long as I can remember and while it isn't something I can do as I once did, it doesn't mean I sometimes don't like heading to the pool and floating around. After all, it can really help ease my pain.

However, if you and your family or friends love swimming and fancy donning your swimming costumes sometime soon, here are some great pools around the Midlands, which you might just fancy trying out.

Alton Towers Water Park, Alton – Staffordshire

Alton Towers is of course well known for its theme park, but did you know it also has a water park? Situated inside the Splash Landings hotel, this water park includes a whole host of flumes, a lazy river, a bubbly wubbly pool and so many more water based activities. Offering something for everyone, no matter the age.

Midlands Open Water Swim Centre, Kingsbury – Tamworth

If you fancy a dip in the great outdoors then the Midlands Open Water Swim Centre, maybe the perfect place to try. This man-made lake includes a 500m marked out course and can be used for training, relaxing or learning, in beautiful surroundings.

5 Must Visit Swimming Pools in the Midlands

Waterworld, Stoke – Staffordshire

Waterworld is an indoor tropical aqua park, including a whole host of activities from bubble pools to help you relax to the Space Bowl, one of the most loved rides at this park. If that wasn't enough they also have an outdoor seasonal pool and interactive jungle house, making for the perfect day out.

Droitwich Spa Lido, Droitwich Spa – Worcestershire

Droitwich Spa Lido is one of the UK only remaining open-air salt water pools. Offering a 40m pool, wet play area, sun terrace and cafe, it is no wonder many people choose to buy season passes to this fun filled lido.

Cotswold Country Park & Beach, Cirencester

OK, I'm pushing it a bit with including this one, but there is so much going on here, so if you don't mind travelling a bit further it really is a must. New for 2017 they have introduced Wibit Aquaventure, which offers 20 different action-packed obstacles to over come. Alongside their beach, watersports area, lakeside pizzeria and more.

So there are some exciting water parks to explore from me to you, but how about you, do you know of any great ones I have missed?

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Margaret gallagher

    Great suggestions
    Pity I don’t live nearer

  2. candy

    Wonderful you have so many different fun water parks to go explore and enjoy. Water parks are big hit around here because it gets so very hot.

  3. Kimberly

    These sound like great places to visit! I wish I lived somewhere near them!

  4. Jeanette

    I love going to public pool because usually they have a slide or two that the kids can go down and you can relax. We take a tour of all the places around us and every public pool we can go to. Is cheap entertainment and it’s fun.

  5. Alli Smith

    All of these pools look amazing! My family loves to swim and if I lived nearby, we’d visit them all. I’d love to visit the man-made lake.

  6. The Jedi Wife

    My boys love swimming and would love a water park! I don’t live anywhere close to these but your suggestions sound fun!

  7. Doria

    This is so funny, I was literally just reading about the Midlands last night when we were researching potential new locations! Thank you for this 🙂

  8. Patrick

    That would be quite a drive for the cheetah and I to make. But it sounds like one has a lot of options here. Do the pools cost anything to get into?

  9. Olivia Thristan

    Waterworld is my favourite swimming pool around the Midlands, it’s sooo much fun for everyone. Never really heard of the others apart from Alton Towers!

  10. Denay DeGuzman

    What fun swimming pools in the UK. I would love to visit the location with a salt-water pool. Right now I’m soaking in the beautiful feelings of summer. It’s hard to say goodbye to swimming and sunshine as we head into fall and winter.

  11. Jacqui Odell

    I would love to visit the midlands sometime just in general. I know my kids would love these pools. (Heck..they love swimming period!)

  12. Cheryl

    These look like fabulous places! I wish I lived closer:)

  13. Rose

    It’s always nice to have spots to cool off in. We have our favorite spots too. They range from the pool, beach and waterpark.

  14. Tomi C

    One of the best swimming places we’ve ever visited is Blue Hole in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The kids had fun diving off the cliffs.

  15. Barb W.

    A great vacation, for us, always includes fun in the sun and water! Great resource list!

  16. Amber Myers

    These all look like some great pools. My daughter is all about the pools! Whenever we go somewhere she wants to swim.

  17. Natalie

    I count myself lucky to have a pool in my backyard! Sadly this summer has been quite cool here. Good to know about these pool locations!

  18. Claudia Krusch

    These all sound like great places to go swimming. My kids spend as much time as they can in the pool in the summer.

  19. JDaniel4's Mom

    These all sound wonderful. They would be such fun to explore.

  20. Anosa

    The Cotwolds one is the closest one to me I need to check it out but on any given day the local gym is good too.

  21. Ophelia Tang

    These swimming pools sounds awesome. I will definitely keep these spots in mind when I visit in the warmer weathers. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Susan R

    We used to live in the Midlands so I found this a very interesting read. I like the sound of the bubble pool at Waterworld. For me the most important thing when choosing which pool to go to is how crowded it is so I tend to go at off-peak times

  23. Mel

    We’d definitely have to hit one of the pools if I came to visit you one day!

  24. Ruth I.

    Your list of suggestions is great. I’ve never went to any but I would love visiting it with family and friends.

  25. Helene Cohen Bludman

    These look like fun summer destinations. I’m sad that summer is coming to an end.

  26. Ana De- Jesus

    I love swimming and I am glad that the pools can help alleviate a bit of your pain. I have chronic back and joint issues and I find the water can help soothe them. I would love to go to the Cotswolds x

  27. Sandy N Vyjay

    These are all lovely pools. Great to visit with the kids during summer and have a whale of a time.

  28. Jen Lawrence

    Great List! We haven’t been in the pool as much this summer but, I’ll have to try and go a few more times before the weather starts to change.

  29. Hannah Marie

    Those are pretty great list! I think Droitwich Spa Lido, Droitwich Spa – Worcestershire is my favorite.

  30. Sue Reddel

    These are some terrific suggestions for pools in your area. Hope to visit there someday to check them out.

  31. five little doves

    Oh wow so many fab swimming pools! We are up north and our choices are a little more limited!

  32. Kim

    What fun pools! And a great idea for the end of the summer!

  33. David Elliott

    These do sound like really great swimming places to go to. I feel sad it feels like we have lost a lot of them here. Not sure why.

  34. Chubskulit Rose

    We don’t have a swimming pool in our home so we go to public swimming pools during summer. I am glad that there are many out there to choose from.

  35. Jacqueline

    Well I don’t know any of these pools and I’m from Northampton. I am now living in Toronto and I’ve been here for awhile now. Nevertheless when I return to the Midlands, I’ll keep these locations in mind 🙂

  36. Gloria

    Aren’t you my saving angel! I am living in Hampshire and going to visit my niece in Worcestershire the next week. Was looking around for fun water parks and pools to take her to since my sister can’t afford to take her on vacation this year. Thank you SO MUCH for this list. <3


    That’s a fair few fun sounding pools in the Midlands. The Alton Towers and Waterworld ones sound good. My kids would really love them I’m sure.

  38. Francesca

    I’m like you I love swimming!! Most of my childhood was me in a pool of some sort hahaa on holidays that’s where I’d always be found literally all day!

  39. hannah

    I’m not a swimming person, but these do look very good

  40. Christiana

    What a great list .I would really love to visit everyone of them . Soon

  41. Catvills

    Thanks for the list. Although we don’t live anywhere close to those places, we still find time to go to water parks during the summer. I think me and my kids were mermaids in our past lives. 🙂

  42. mai nguyen

    I wish it had more image because those place are very far away from my house so I want look it through the picture.

  43. stephanie

    It’s hot days like this that makes me wish I lived closer to these places x

  44. Agata

    I love swimming too. I was hoping that once we move we will have a pool here, well, for now, we have fairly small 3m one but maybe in a year or two, we will get a proper size one 🙂

  45. Elizabeth

    Who knew there were so many pools and waterparks in the Midlands! Spoiled for choice, you are! 🙂

  46. Nina

    That’s awesome that you have so many options to stay cool in the summer. Although right about now, the weather is cooling down, right?

  47. Angela Bethea

    These are all excellent suggestions. I also like swimming too and we have a favorite place for a relaxing and fun getaway whenever we love to swim.

  48. Emily Leary

    Great list, my two love swimming and a change of location is always nice. I’m so pleased to see how confident they are in the water compared to how I was at their age!

  49. nicol

    the Cotswold one is shouting my name. it’s those obstacles that are shouting my name right now. one day!

  50. Nicole

    These all sounds like great places to visit! My son loves swimming, he was hesitant at first but then he got the hang of it! Love finding new places for him to try out! Thanks for sharing!

  51. Jennifer L

    Wow I just love these amazing swimming pool/centers! I’d love to experience the Midlands Open Water simply to have the luxury to swim and train if I wanted too. Kind of wish we something like this close to me.

  52. Angela

    All of these amazing pools in the midlands look awesome! I would love to visit all 5. I wonder which my kids would like the most???

  53. Vicki D

    These are all great choices, we absolutely love water parks it’s our number one thing to do during the holidays

  54. AMY Wright

    Great article!

  55. Ashleigh Allan

    Great post. I really want to take the kids to Alton towers

  56. fiona waterworth

    must be nice they shut our pools now they charge a fortune up here

  57. Daniel Bragg

    I have not been to Alton Towers in so long, thank you for reminding me!! My next summer is already shaping up to be amazing haha!

  58. Natalie z

    We have never been to this area before. However we are always looking for new places to go!

  59. Life as Mum

    Great list here. I have heard Alton Towers Swimming Pool is really good!

  60. Jennifer Hatfield

    Thank you for your suggestions. Great list of water parks for summer.

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