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5 Items Sally Would Love

A lot of you know that I have a doggy soulmate. Her name is Sally and she loves play time even if she's getting toward the older side of life. More about Sally can be read here. I was poking around Amazon looking for some new doggy toys for Sally when I came across 5 items that sally would love. I thought maybe some of you have a doggy soulmate in your life as well and would like a peek into this list. Check them out!

Doggy Fun Box

This dog box* comes with toys, and all natural treats! It's great for taking the pup along in the car or going to the park! I think sally would like the rope ball the most. Not to mention of course she would love the treats.

The Ultimate Dog Walking Kit

The ultimate dog walking kit* comes with 570 extra thick dog waste bags, a nice carrying tote, a bag dispenser with a clip and a tennis ball. If your dog loves going for walks as much as my sally does then this is definitely something that you should invest in!

Doggy Birthday Cake

Obviously, our canine friends can't have the same cake we have. But with a birthday cake toy* it is almost the same thing, right? Treat your pup on his or her special day, they will love the squeaky toy!

5 Items Sally Would Love

Soft Fleece Tug Toy

Most tug toys are made with hard rope, and they are rough on my hands and sally's teeth and gums. There's a solution to every problem and the solution to this problem is the soft fleece tug toy*. Just as the name suggests it's made of fleece that's soft AND durable!

Personalised Wood Toy Crate

A personalised toy crate* is the greatest addition to any dog home. How cute would it be for your pup to have their own toy box? I'm definitely considering getting one for Sally!

Our dogs only live for so long, but for them, we are in their life from beginning to end. The best way to keep the middle of that timeline fun and happy is to treat your pup to some cool products every now and then. It's also worth remembering places like Wagglepets can help you stay on top of the unexpected with insurance, food and fun.

The 5 items Sally would love are all great for any dog. Which one do you like the most?

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  1. Jennifer Haden

    Aw, I bet Sally would love those items too, along with alot of other cute doggies 🙂

  2. kira c

    I have a cat but she would probably still play with dog toys! haha She definitely needs a personalised crate for all her random bits!

  3. Pam

    That toy crate is too cute. What a great place to store all those dog toys that get scattered around the house.

  4. Harriet from Toby & Roo

    Sally is such a cutie! I love the happy birthday cake toy – too cute! H x

  5. Tori Gabriel

    I love dogs though I would never have one as they are far too much work. I have the next best thing. My sister in law has a doggy so I can treat him and make a fuss with none of the work! Result!

  6. Eloise

    some day I’ll get a dog… still researching for the best breed for my family (highly allergy prone kids in my household!) loving the dog items you’ve picked!

  7. Rhian Westbury

    Some really cute ideas here, love the idea of the monthly box of goodies for your canine friend. I’m sure Sally loves these x

  8. Jeanette

    Once we get a dog again (which I absolutely can’t wait for) I am pretty sure that most of the stuff you mentioned above will be at our house.

  9. The Nice Nest

    I think our old boy Henry would enjoy a game or two with the fleece tug, looks like it would be easier on ageing teeth and limbs than the rubber pulls. Some good items here for dogs and dog lovers!

  10. GiGi Eats

    Doggy birthday cakes make me laugh.

  11. Life as Mum

    Aw 🙂 I am sure she would love them! They look like great treats for pets

  12. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I can’t say that I had ever heard of a doggy birthday cake before. That’s an original idea for the true dog fans of the world!

  13. Jenn

    These all look like fun dog gifts. Our dog is an older basset hound, the only thing that interest her now is food. Food is her favorite thing. Kinda like her mom(me).

  14. Liz Mays

    Oh she’d have a lot of fun with this stuff! I’m loving the cute birthday cake squeaking toy!

  15. Colette

    Love the idea of the personalised toy crate. I might have to get one of those for Thomas when we finally get the utility sorted!

  16. Helen Clark

    I’m sure Sally would love all of these things. The toy box and birthday cake toy are adorable!

  17. Stella Kashmoney

    The birthday cake toy sounds like a great dog treat x

  18. Jeanine

    My pups would love all these too. I would really love to get my pups a doggy fun box. I think they deserve it and would love love love it! Mind you, they’d love all of this!

  19. Brandy

    Sally really knows good products when she sees them, huh?! These look like great choices!

  20. Bonnie @wemake7

    Those look like some really great items Sally would love. Great list, I think my moms dog would love them too.

  21. Brittany

    This all looks like great toys for dogs. I bet Sally is one happy pup!

  22. Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche

    I wish my Pip could play with soft toys but she chews them up in ten minutes!

  23. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    I think my cats would like most of these too haha

  24. dominika

    Haha! I absolutely love the Happy Birthday toy!

    Great idea!


  25. ana

    Aw bless! Is Sally feeling better now ? I know she was poorly but hopefully some doggy birthday cake will make her feel better!

  26. Laura H

    Aww for a second I thought Dog’s could get real birthday cakes too! At least they have an alternative 🙂


    for me actually all these items are great for dogs.. and persolized toys are so cute ideas

  28. Heather S-G

    These are all great treats for the furry friend in your life. I love the crate, but that seems like it would be more for me…so I’d take the tug toy to go with it. 😉

  29. Terri Beavers

    Awww, I’ve just fallen in love with the Personalised Wood Toy Crate. Just like that. I’ll have to go check them out because I could use one for Peanut.

  30. Jasmine Watts

    I love dogs and Sally is so cute!! These are really great fun items and I’m sure sally would love!!

  31. Amy Hunt (Purely Amy)

    I used to always clip a doggy waterbottle to my bag when we went out, I really hate to see thirsty dogs on long walks… Great picks sarah! x

  32. Dina Demarest

    Aww I know that our pup would love these items too!

  33. Vidya Sudarsan

    What a nice selection of items for dogs! I really like the happy birthday toy the best!

  34. Miss Kitty Kaos

    I think you should spoil Sally and get them all! We are going to get a rescue dog when we move so are super excited X

    Miss Kitty Kaos – Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

  35. Tanya Brannan

    Sally – What a cutie! I think she deserves all these great items 😀

  36. Charli

    I bet Sally would really love all of these! I miss having a dog but our home is just too tiny to have one so we have cats instead… Pretty sure they think they are dogs themselves though haha! Xx

  37. nicol

    the birthday cake is so cute! i can imagine the smile sally would have

  38. Susie Wilkinson

    I love the toy crate, unfortunately though, I’d have to put my dog in it as he doesn’t play with toys, so there’s none around anymore!!!!!

  39. Psychic Nest

    Hi Sarah,

    Sally is such an adorable dog! The happy birthday plushy is my favorite, I think she would love it! You are so lucky having such an amazing dog, I hope one day I will have one too. 🙂


    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Hi Zaria,

      I definitely am – she has been my rock and is my dog shaped shadow – I cannot imagine life without her 🙂 I hope done you perhaps manage to get a dog yourself 🙂


  40. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    A doggy birthday cake! Oh I would love to see that!

  41. Deborah Nicholas

    So cute!! We have two cats and more often than not they just turn their nose up at everything lol

  42. bev

    amazon is great for doggy toys. Misty spends a fortune on there!

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